When I can not seem to stop talking about a certain bag, it is quite evident that I want it… badly. It must be beyond evident for you all to see my love for Proenza Schouler bags, namely the highly coveted PS1. I know a two things for certain: 1) I will own a PS1 at some point and 2) I have no idea what color I want!!. The PS1 is similar to Balenciaga in that it is all about the colors. Sometimes I feel like I am awaiting a color that may never arrive, and when you ask me what color I am waiting for I actually have no idea. I just have this feeling it will come, whatever it is. But I need to learn that sometimes sticking with the basics is the way to go.

I continue to be drawn to the brown luggage colored leather Proenza Schouler PS1 and it might just be the color choice for me.

Bland you say? Well, sure, it isn’t a super invigorating color. But it is a great neutral color and a great brown color. I am very picky about the brown color family. I tend to go for black versus brown. But I am clearly craving a brown bag (remember my whole Balenciaga ordeal, follow up post to come).

Too bad about 3 days after this PS1 popped up on Net-A-Porter it was also sold out. The Proenza Schouler craze has yet to slow down. Do you think opting for a classic brown is a good way to go for the style of this bag? Buy via NAP for $1,595.

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  • lightblue84

    love the bag but it look better in blue

  • lightblue84

    ^ sorry looks

  • Amy Beth

    I like this brown and the bag would go with a lot of casual outfits in this color, but it almost looks like a men’s messenger bag. IMO, a bolder color would make it a little more feminine and a little less wild west.

  • Laureen

    I love the style of this bag, but I would definitely prefer it in a fun color like blue, pink, or yellow.

  • kim

    i adore the ps1, but since you just got the balenciaga in siegle (which is stunning btw), i would go with a different color for this bag. the deep red and midnight are great all year round colors, or if you like suede, i saw a gorgeous emerald suede one.

  • Signe

    I am in LOVE with this bag, if I had the funds I’d get it in yellow or blue!

  • carol

    i say go for it! i think for your first ps1, you should go for a more classic color, like saddle.
    i just received my first ps1 in color saddle few days ago…after i got my first balenciaga (part time in anthracite) a week ago.
    i thot i wld regret my online purchase of ps1 after my impulse purchase of the b-bag.
    but i love them both!

  • mochababe73

    I am probably the only person on this planet who doesn’t like this bag. That aside, I agree with Amy Beth that it looks a little manly.

    • louch

      Thank goodness someone else feels this way – I SO DON’T get this bag. It looks like a school satchel I carried when I was a kid.

      • Thumbelina Fashionista

        My issue with it is the long straps that must be taken out to open. I can only imagine that with wear and tear, the straps will look old fast. I know most women leave the straps undone, but that bothers me too.

  • gpc

    A little too “Pony Express” for me…

  • shoegal

    I have this bag in midnight and LOVE it! Its a workhorse of a bag but quite stylish depending on how you carry it.

  • catsinthebag

    I actually love this bag in this color … it may be a little Western, but for this style, it works for me. Get the ps1 in this color and the Bal City in a more vibrant hue!

  • Nicole

    Go for it; I love the bag and the color! I happen to be experiencing the same dilemma. I also plan to buy a PSI, but remain undecided on the size and color. I am leaning towards the large in luggage, black, or purple, but I am considering holding out longer for a black python.

  • Peg

    Yes Meg, yes!

  • Janinevs

    I think this bag in the luggage is very you. You’ve always struck me as an earthy, slightly hippy-dippy kinda gal and I think this bag is perfect for that look.

  • Treselle

    i love it in this color. perfect color.

  • Tiramisu

    Love love this bag, I don’t know about the color, but if brown is what you want, then go for it! I soooo need to get this bag 2! I’m was getting a chanel or balenciaga but I will get this instead for fall!

  • shopaholicvamp

    its a “nice” bag……but nothing stunning about it…looks like mulberry’s doppelganger to me..

  • kittenzen

    I sooooo love this bag…tho it looks manly, with the right clothes, will be with so much personality. Proenza PS1 in blue will be my next target :DDD

  • Sher77

    I bought this in black last year. I recently bought the mini messenger in saddle and black. The mini is not mini at all. It’s a nice size bag. I love them both. The saddle is beautiful in person.

  • BeautifulBasics

    I love this Proenza Bag! I have had my eye on one for sometime now. I hear over and over how wonderful they are for daily use and project true understated beauty. PS1 hear I come!

  • RGM

    I’m seriously in love with this bag! I want one! The designers did say that their inspiration was a schoolboy’s bag, striped of any ornamentations and whatnots. That’s great, I’m a guy, and I want the extra large in smoke! Perfect for school! Haha!

  • Samara

    Honestly as I keep reading this blog I laugh to myself about our similar taste in purses. I am also having a hard time deciding between the Balenciaga and the PS1. Im in love with them both. My love affair for the Balenciaga started all those years ago when the amazing Sienna Miller was seen sporting them. I craved one ever since….until the day I lay my eyes on a PS1….I might as well have died and gone to purse heaven. Now I find myself in the same dilemma I had gone threw with the Balenciagas…Which color? Black is always a good choice, but so is chestnut, or something fun like grey or burgundy…..ahh life is hard for a fashion lover let me tell you!

    • Cherie

      too many people have Balenciaga~ I think PS1 is a good choice~

  • Kit

    I didn’t fall in love with this bag at the first sight but the more think about it the more I like it. I got the orange medium ps1 last week along with a new gray Balenciaga city. I love both of them.

  • Kit

    I didn’t fall in love with this bag at the first sight but the more I think about it the more I like it. I got the orange medium ps1 last week along with a new gray Balenciaga city. I love both of them.