In the grand scheme of prices, $14,500 for an entire crocodile bag is not that bad. I am not too daft to recognize that it is an exorbitant price tag, but when you look at expensive designer bags all day long your sense of what is truly expensive versus what is not changes. And here I am telling you that $14,500 is not incredibly expensive. Let me make sure to state that it is expensive, just not relatively speaking. And I love the Proenza Schouler PS1, which makes me more apt to justify the price tag.

We have already covered the crocodile PS1 and I loved it then. But now I have three more reasons to love the Proenza Schouler Crocodile PS1 and it has to do with color. Vibrant coral, ocean blue, and bottle green to be exact.

Seriously, I think the duo behind Proenza decided not to product the PS1 in these gorgeous hues in leather, rather tempt all of us into oblivion by splashing the color onto crocodile skin. In fact, it is brilliant. Make desired colors in an already desired bag to make the desirability at least double what it was before. The color infusion is rich and delicious. Any outfit will easily stand out if you spruce it up with one of these bright colors.

It all comes down to the price, if you like exotic skin, and if you like the PS1. If you don’t like exotic skin, you can rule yourself out of this bag and feel grateful that you do not need to feel yearning like I feel right now. If you do not like the bag itself, you are also free and clear. But the problem lies in if you love the bag, love the color, love the skin, but don’t have the money. I fall into the latter category. And it is awful.

I would like to ask the folks at Proenza Schouler to produce the PS1 in coral leather because I will buy it in a heart beat. Either of the other two colors would suffice as well. If you are willing, wanting, and able buy the crocodile PS1 at Proenza Schouler online or Net-A-Porter for $14,500.

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  • Paulina

    Ocean blue… :O

  • gacats

    Haha, that’s 1/2 a car in my world…..
    OK, I’ll play along. I like the coral one. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Lucky for me I don’t like exotics! They are beautiful colors…Ocean blue

  • Kristin

    Love the coral one. But do not love the price tag. (fb)

  • aidan

    OCEAN BLUE!!!!!! ahhh i’m in love.

  • annabelle

    omg…i love all colors!!!
    T.T i want them all … i guess i’ll buy it in my heart as well… (fb)

  • karolynka

    Love the ocean blue version – wearable all year long..well in my dreams I can’t walk without a dream worthy bag..right?! :)

  • Chris

    Ocean blue ! It is breathtakingly beautiful and 100% my style.
    However, the coral and the green handbag are also very beautiful.

  • Irma Tso

    OCEAN BLUE, Love at first site. I LOVE crocodile print. I am a big fan of it. I would love to buy this bag if I could afford.

  • Valentina

    The ocean blue is to die for, I could live without electricity for a while… I mean, is not that bad, the bag would stay forever in my life and the electricity would come back as soon as I settle, right? But then again, it’s crocodile skin, and I’m not a PETA member but I’d rather have one in embossed leather, to be honest.

    • Actually, that would be a great idea! Like YSL does printed suede croc print, I think that would be awesome on one of these bags too!

      • Valentina

        It wouldn’t be as expensive as this one and it would still look gorgeous I believe.

  • John

    Who would buy these? It strikes me as a bag that only really appeals to 20 somethings.

  • MAX

    I would buy blue and Green If i have $$ I dont really care about what brand. I buy the design and at this price I can only get regular leather birkin (I want it too lol).

  • Merve

    well if the last digit is not there then i’ll take the blue and coral one. If its there i’ll just drink water for a 2months and also live in the dark.

  • Annabear

    Im salivating! I would sell my first born for that coral exotic…… lol!

  • Fiona-Brasil

    Ocean blue and green….if I could or would!!!!Choices, choices!!!

  • serene

    I love how defending you are writing that this bag can be considered as “cheap” :D sounds like a conversation what I have in my head when trying to decide should I buy something or not

  • catsinthebag

    I don’t even like exotics and I’m loving the blue … wish they would produce it in regular leather …

  • Mika

    wow.. gazillion wow for the price..

  • reneeo

    Wow—I love them!

  • Jane

    Its beautiful!! Ocean blue! Well, I would take any of them if given to me. :-D (fb)

  • Mochababe73

    I don’t like animal skin (not a PETA member either) nor do I like the PS1. However, if it were in leather, I would choose the coral. Loud, vibrant colors appeal to me.
    If I had $14000 in expendable, I’d rather buy an Hermes.

  • maida pye


  • theresa

    Relative to what is this not expensive (a Nancy Gonzalez or Adriana Castro of similar size averages 3k – which is still quite spendy). This bag is the price of a car!!!

  • raw

    in my country, where there are a plethora of crocodiles, a genuine croc bag, holdall etc. goes for 30 usd max…. for that reason, i just cannot justify spending this kind of money on a dyed croc bag. they are beautiful though.

  • Sofia Nolan

    love the ocean blue one !!!

  • Sara

    Green is my favorite color, but too often with handbags the shade isn’t quite right. If only it were just a touch darker! I’m going to have to say the blue is stunning…

  • Nola

    I die for the ocean blue!

    If croc was more durable, I’d be tempted to have this be my One New Bag This Year.

  • j.g.

    brown one is on sale at net-a-porter for 10k+