Proenza Schouler PS1 Keep All Small Satchel, $1250 via Net-a-Porter

It’s been a rough week already and it’s only Tuesday. First Balenciaga, makers of my favorite handbags of all time, decided to desecrate one of their classic bags with inexplicably bad fur trim. Now Proenza Schouler, another of my can-do-no-wrong favorites, has made a version of their usually lovely Proenza Schouler PS1 Keep All Small that I just…don’t like.

This bag is not as egregious as the Balenciaga tote, for sure, but most Proenza bags are so effortlessly cool and (in my mind at least) perfect that to see one of the brand’s classics miss the mark is jarring, to say the least. I like the shape and I like the materials when considered individually, but together? Eep.

The issue here is one of tone. Proenza has done well with its canvas PS1s in the past, and this is the same warm beige material that they’ve always used. Layering that with leather or embossed python sounds like a great idea in theory, but with this trim, they chose a color story that has absolutely nothing to do with the base color that’s sitting under it. The foundation of the print is graphic white, cool gunmetal grey and ice blue, which could look more random against a warm neutral. The fiery yellow and red-orange are the final icing on the WTF cake.

Proenza Schouler is usually a master at mixing colors and patterns in ways that make me swoon and endlessly re-plan my wardrobe budget, but I can say with confidence that this is a bag on which I will pass. That’s too bad, because with a few tweaks, it could have been quite beautiful. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1250.

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  • marinaharbour

    i actually think the bag is “fun” , I would not buy it, since if I spend that money I usually buy something more classic and that I will use a lot more. But I really like the bag and the colors!!

  • Marla

    I like it too!

  • Ada

    i actually really like this bag! Its so adorable!

  • Shayla

    Ya’ll have lost your mind. This bag is UG to the LY. You pay a months rent to wear this thing once and then try to pawn it off to some poor Floridian on Ebay. Forget it. NEXT!

  • bisbee

    Oh dear. This hurts my eyes. How could they?

  • edoardo

    The Balenciaga’s one was quite ok I didn’t hate it at all but this one is just awful…please!

  • suz


  • MilesC

    I would like some WTM cake please – but yes the bag is an atrocity !

  • MilesC

    WTF cake …oops! (not wtm)

  • Musette

    this is like Audrey Hepburn dressed in that Bjork swan dress, baggy pantyhose and some big ol’ clown shoes!

  • lintmag

    Hideous – this looks like some bag you’d find on the rack at Ross for 29.99.

    • rose60610


  • DorianGray

    Maybe before the week ends you’ll find an amazing Versace bag to complete the odd things :-)

  • pixiegirl

    I agree that the color/texture choices don’t really go together very well on this bag. I do love the painted snakeskin I hope they have some painted snakeskin SGL’s but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford them lol.

  • KellyX

    The bag is simply,.. Wrong

  • J Umm

    i dont like the canvas, makes it look cheap, if it were some sort of leather i would be all overrrr this bag,
    i really like the snake/lizard/whatever on it, the colours seem to be of the same as their aztec print woven PS1

  • yapti

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  • Shirley J

    not for me…

  • Snowvixens

    i think this is beautiful.  Maybe a I will buy it and shorthen the handle. Chic