Recently I was chosen to be one of Glamour’s Blogging Babes, which was quite an honor. This week Glamour wanted to focus on my wedding day accessories which was perfect timing as tomorrow is our one year anniversary. While most brides focus on their bouquet, many of my wedding day photos focused on my and my bridesmaids handbags.

As many of you know the story, my wedding day handbag was my Hermes Kelly Longue which was a surprise gift from many members of the PurseForum. It is still a gift that touches my heart and means so much to me.

Thanks to Jenny from Glamour for the feature! Read the full article here at Glamour Weddings.

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  • cge

    Wow!! I’ve never seen your wedding photos, as I’m new to purseblog. They are stunning, as are you and your husband. What a special gift from your loyal purseforum members! Happy Anniversary!!

  • BuckleButtonZip

    Congrats on the article. You looked amazing (and so did your purses)!

  • Jane

    Happy Anniversary! I love the photos and most importantly the bags. Truly ingenious to have bags instead of flowers, flowers die, but a bags are forever. I am happy to see your face Megs in the photos you usually hide your face and focus on the bags you hold. You are beautiful I would show both!!!

    • Thank you Jane!! I was so happy to make handbags be a special part of our day

      Thanks for the kind words – I am not one for the spotlight, which is why I usually just have the bag shown in pictures :)

  • An4

    Happy Anniversary Megs and Vlad! I had no idea about the wedding and tPF gift, wow, you two really have some amazing stories to tell, if you ever decide to write a book (photos inside mandatory!) I’ll be first to buy it!
    I joined tPF several months after all this happened, so I missed it, but I’m so glad I read it now.
    Megs, your reaction to that white little kelly is priceless! And Vlad is such a wonderful person, I wish you two a lot of love and a fairytale “they lived happily ever after” life :)

  • cge

    What are your plans for your 1st anniversary??! Vlad must have a difficult time finding you a gift that you’re completely unaware of (i.e., it certainly can’t be a handbag you don’t know of)!

  • Nishi621

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Congrats guys! Can’t wait for the tPF baby, ;)

    megs, I can’t read the article, when I click the link, I am getting an error message!

  • serene

    oh, our celebrity couple! :D VlaMe!

  • 19yearslater

    Congratulations, great feature. Also, congratulations on picking bridesmaid dresses that were actually attractive (no small feat). Happy Anniversary.

  • Marie

    Happy anniversary to you and Vlad! You both look amazing.

  • Karin bag4bag

    What a lovely article! It was so nice to see your wedding photos. I did not know about Purse Blog then so thanks for the chance to see your special day. How beautiful you both look. I love looking at wedding photos. Always makes me cry!! That is pure genius to give your bridesmaids clutches – and such nice ones too! What a gorgeous white Hermes Kelly Longue. I had a white clutch at my wedding for the outfit to go ‘away’ in but it was a complete shocker – a white no name with pink & purple detail !!

  • Chris

    Happy anniversary for you 2 !
    In fact, I also had my handbag – well, I knew it would be my handbag at the wedding – before I even got engaged. :-) It is from a Hong Kong Designer (nobody famous (yet), I just happened to find their shop in Soho (HK), fell in love with the bag and just knew I would use it at my civil wedding ceremony).

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful pix, great bag! Megs-you’re gorgeous! =) Congrats to you both!

  • Annette

    Congrats! My husband and I were married at the monastary too. It is absolutely beautiful there. The photos are lovely. I wish I had thought to take some with my purse, lol. I was carrying my grandma’s vintage white clutch on my wedding day.

  • Elyse

    congrats to both of you! (fb)

  • Joy

    You look amazing!