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This or That: Prada Cleo or Prada Emblème Bag?

Which one would you pick?


Like most fashion brands, Prada has undergone many iterations of change in its over a century of business. What began as a family business with humble beginnings in Milan, Italy, is now a multi-billion dollar empire known worldwide for its timeless quality and classic appeal. In the last few years, Prada has focused on change and transformation more than ever before, honing in on its aesthetic and creating one coveted bag after the next.

Although I only own one Prada Bag, my Nylon Belt Bag, I have always considered myself to have a bit of a Prada girl inside. My introduction to the designer handbag world was largely due to the myriad of Prada Nylon bags that adorned the backs and arms of the girls at my middle school in Long Island, New York. Prada has consistently remained on my bag radar, and there is always a bag I’m lusting after from Prada’s collection, and I’ve strongly considered adding the Cleo to my collection. Still, now I’ve got my eye on the Emblème Bag too. Both bags are crafted from the brand’s beautiful Spazzolato shiny, soft leather and are ideal for day-to-night wear, making it nearly impossible to pick a favorite!

Prada Cleo

The Prada Cleo first hit the handbag scene in late 2020, debuting during Prada’s Spring/Summer 2021 ‘The Show That Never Happened.’ The Prada Cleo Bag plays on a popular Prada shape from the 1990s. Taking inspiration from the Prada archives, the Cleo line celebrates Prada’s past while reinventing the brand’s heritage for the future.

Quickly it became a favorite of the street style set thanks to its sleek shape and ’90s-era silhouette. The Cleo melds the brand’s iconic attention to detail and craftsmanship, and the idea behind the Cleo is that it showcases the evolution and reinvention of the brand. The Cleo sits perfectly on the shoulder but looks just as lovely, carried by hand.

While the design is simple and clean, it is chic and definitely a statement maker. It’s crafted from the same Spazzolato leather as the Emblème, a brushed calfskin with a slight sheen to it. It’s finished with the brand’s iconic enamel triangle Prada logo and has an interior zippered pocket and a snap closure. Retail on the Prada Cleo Shoulder Bag is $2,900 via Prada.

Prada Cleo Bag

Prada Emblème

The Prada Emblème Bag was first introduced in late 2019, offering Prada fans the classic flap bag shape in a structured, distinctive design that’s both modern and ageless all at once. The Emblème bag delighted thanks to its simplicity, impressing Prada fans both new and old. Originally, the Emblème was offered in Prada’s iconic Saffiano leather, but eventually, it was given an update both in its material and its finishing hardware. It is an update that I really like, making me give the Emblème a second look.

Updated in the brand’s shiny Spazzolato leather and presented in a macro version offering a bold, contemporary effect, the original PRADA logo is replaced with the classic enameled metal triangle logo. Elegance meets versatility with the Emblème, which, like the Cleo, is the perfect day-to-night carryall. Like the Cleo, the Emblème can be worn over the shoulder, but the shoulder strap is adjustable for multiple ways of carrying. Retail on the Prada Emblème Bag is $4,000 via Prada.

Prada Embleme

So, which one would you pick?


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  1. Biogirl Avatar

    Cleo! I have one with a flap and can be carried crossbody—best of all worlds!

  2. Jaime Avatar

    The Cleo became an iconic shape for Prada. I love it.

  3. Tiffany Avatar


  4. psny15 Avatar

    I just love the Cleo bag 💗💗💗💗

  5. Aspen Avatar

    I don’t think the embleme 1 and 2 are the same bag with updates. They’re completely different bags that share the same name because Prada sometimes gives bags vague names.