I grew up mostly living in parts of Florida. We may get a winter ‘chill’, but it is clearly nothing like a true northern winter. So when I choose The Ohio State University as my college of choice, I had no idea what I was in for. Note to any warm weather climate person about to embark on college somewhere with a true winter: anything you thought would be a winter jacket is not. You should have seen the ‘jackets’ I bought for the cold weather. They were glorified wind-breakers that kept me literally freezing. I did not understand what nature had in store for me. One of the coats I distinctly remember buying was actually rather ghastly to look at. And it also did not keep me warm enough (it was cheap). It was made with shearling.

Unfortunately for Prada, the Prada Shearling Hobo does nothing other than remind me of the shearling coat I owned in college. And that is not speaking in Prada’s favor.

I can visualize about zero outfits that this bag would possibly, maybe, kind-of, work with. This bag gets a huge thumbs down from me. I know fall/winter signifies warmer materials, but I have never been a fan of implementing that on handbags. Because then you get a bag like this, a total flop. What was Prada thinking?! I am truly struggling to see this bag as even passable. The shearling hobo has contrast trim and silver hardware. There really is just not much else I can say about this bag without really just being negative Nancy. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1,195.

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  • supriapatel

    that clatch buckle thingy is absolutely nasty, reminiscent of something on a target or urban outfitters or fake dolce and gabbana bag…also what is up with the disgusting stitching and studs..why did this have to happen…WHY

  • MAX

    the design is just wrong for me I dont think this shape of bag goes well with the materials at all maybe redesign would help but it, but it’s too late they already made this bag. Sad Prada, but better than some Versace bag though.

  • mochababe73

    Wow. I have a Marc Jacobs multi pocket bag with this exact buckle. I have never seen these in Target or Urban Outfitters.
    I love the shape of the bag, but it’s too seasonal for me to drop that type of cash.
    Maybe we should just save the shearling bags for Uggs.

  • Jill

    This does not look like it’s worth 1K… really?? it’s like Uggs… lol!


    absolutely hate it… very ugg like and it looks like a very outdated design

  • Bagolicious

    That is one butt-ugly bag. What were they thinking? Or maybe they “weren’t” thinking. They ought to pay customers to take it off of their hands. And to have that outrageous price tag on it…..give me a break!

  • PhotoGirl

    Ohio State???
    It’s OK. I like you anyway. Kind of like the bag, too.

    Go Blue! :)

    • As long as you like bags, we can get along :)

      • PhotoGirl

        LOL! Not a problem. I am a complete bag-a-holic. :)

  • tingzi

    yeah, it see too old. but it economical.

  • Linda

    No other words to say other than….AWFUL!!!!!!

  • Hermes#1fan!

    I no alot of you dont like this bag but i dont no why but i like it :D
    im usually all for prada bashing because they tend to miss the mark but in this case it just looks like one of those bags i could lug around the airport with