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  • Passerine

    I guess stripes are replacing the leopard print! Mostly ok, but I’m sorry to see they’re still running (or catwalking) with that bag within a bag. I was at a Prada store in Milan last week and looked at the bag up close. It still had zero appeal. And I didn’t see a single one on the streets of Milan or Florence, even though I saw plenty of designer bags out and about, including Prada.

  • FashionableLena

    I’d be curious to see which ones actually make it in stores.
    Some of them are a tad old lady, but I did like slides 12 & 16. I liked how graphic #12 looks, and I like the retro vibe and color of #16.

  • Irene

    If I owned the one in slide 11, I think I may actually sleep with it every night

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  • mary

    those chains are too big. So gangsta

  • Daniel Wong

    still meh

  • Sparky

    Definitely an improvement. I’d like to see more than variations on stripes. Regarding the “inside bag”, I keep reading it was Prada’s biggest launch but did it actually SELL???

    The Fendis were much more exciting but you could take these to work. These Pradas have more commercial appeal.

  • seres

    The combination of the colours and the shapes reminds me if the back to back vinyl booths at ’50s American diners.

  • euliandra

    the bag on slide 1 is eye catching for me. got me curious enough to mark and do a search on this particular bag :)

  • Jerri R

    With the exception of #16, they are pretty much underwhelming. Furthermore, the stripey ones look as if they will get boring quickly.

  • Newyorking

    I regret buying the Prada double bag. It is just not that good. I don’t like the quality and Prada is the most boring “luxury” brand. This collection though surprised me, I was expecting some drab bags but the color combinations work. But Prada is still dull and has yet to blow me away. They do the same bags and the new bags are just not as attractive.

  • Cello82

    #15 is to die for!! I love the crocodile version but probably will have to make do with ostrich or snake skin.

  • Jess

    I LOVE STRIPES. I’ll take one of each please :) Prada is slowly creeping its way up to number one must have on my list…

  • QueenPosh .

    I am in the minority, but i absolutely LOVE this collection. The vertical stripes, the chunky chain handles and the new variations on the Prada Inside bag are all very modern yet classic at the same time. Love it!

  • Interesting enough to be taken to work..!!


    Stunning collection from Prada . The stripes works really well . ????????

  • Slim

    Love, love #37 photo. So chic, ladylike and very Grace Kelly!