There is a resounding theme for Prada Fall Winter 2021, and it’s one that, while simple, resonates with long-time Prada lovers: “Feels like Prada.” There is an overall feeling that embodies the Prada brand, one rooted in longstanding tradition and design. The combination of edginess and intimacy dances on the same line, melding into one, and this collection is one of the most classic Prada collections you will find. In fact, every detail exudes the Prada of the past and future.

The collections for Prada women and men designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons explore the idea of feeling, from emotions and senses to intimacy and tactility. Color is infused throughout, along with textures and textiles, which allow each item to come to life. Our focus is always the bags, and there’s a new one that I am quite excited by, and every aspect from head to toe feels like Prada, which is a very good thing.

The Prada Signaux Bag

This is a new Prada shape that I expect to quickly become a cornerstone for the brand. Tying into the Fall/Winter 2021 collection’s overarching theme of textures and textiles, a geometric jacquard motif with a sixties mood covers this ideally sized shoulder bag. The print itself is in black and white, and the study of the triangle plays on unique interpretations of the historic Prada logo.

The bag also plays with the triangle shape in the large flap top closure. The closure has an easy zipper that pulls open to reveal a spacious interior. A logo-print nylon lining and zipper pocket can be found on the interior, and I find the dimensions and shape of the inside to work really well. A differentiating touch of this bag is the adjustable leather shoulder strap, which is crafted from soft padded leather that melds into your body nicely and gives a more approachable and casual appearance than a thinner or harder leather strap.

There is metal hardware, including the Prada enameled metal logo on the flap (however, if you opt for one of the padded leather versions of the Signaux, it features a tonal leather Prada logo). The dimensions of this bag fit into that just right category for me, one that is hard to perfect, but when a brand does, it allows the bag to work for many occasions, wearers, and events. The overall size of the bag is 19 cm H x 14 cm L x 33 cm W.

The Prada Cleo Bag

At this point, you are well-versed with the Prada Cleo. This slim bag quickly became a staple for the brand, and this season is adorned in the same black and white geometric jacquard motif as the Signaux bag above. The curved lines and sloping construction at the bottom of this bag define the silhouette. The Cleo was an iconic design from the nineties, and the modern versions play on the archival design with updated elements.

The Cleo is slim and intended to sit snugly next to your body. You can carry it by hand or under your shoulder with the leather handle. There are metal hardware details, including the enameled metal triangle logo on the front and a magnetic closure to the interior. The interior features a logo-print nylon lining with a patch pocket. Lightweight and intended for pared-down carrying, the Cleo continues to be a mighty bag adored by many. Dimensions are 22cm H x 27cm W.

Complete the Look

The entirety of the collection shares the brand’s vision, with textures and patterns taking center stage and allowing the entirety to reflect the complexity and beauty of the ever-changing landscape of Prada. The end result will always feel like Prada, and you will find a very well-executed collection ready to be worn. Fitted bodysuits in jacquard-knit reflect an idea of freedom in the wearer and design. New forms of outerwear pair with more tailored and utilitarian jumpsuits, and the color palette range from bright to classic black.

From head to toe and from bags to shoes, Prada’s latest collection may be one of its greatest. The wearability of each item and deep connection to the brand’s ethos make every item feel like Prada.

Discover more of Prada Fall/Winter 2021 now!

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