Prada Tweed Printed Medium ToteOne of my favorite things about BlueFly, as I may have mentioned before, is your ability to find things there that you may have missed in their original trip through Retail Land. So before any of you haters tell me “Ugh, this is such an old bag, why are you writing about this,” I’ll remind you that some folks may have missed it the first time. And the Prada Tweed Printed Medium Tote is worth taking a look at, even if that’s all you do.

First, it’s deerskin. Any deerskin that I’ve ever been in contact with has been not only super soft (on the level of lambskin), but also thick and durable-feeling, unlike lambskin. Second, I think the tweed print on the outside is cute and kind of irreverent. It wouldn’t match with everything, but I think it’s versatile in ways that belie it’s original appearance. Its simple structure puts the pattern on display, and the shade of green used would match with most solid-colored outfits for spring. My favorite part, though, is the lining. It seems like few brands still use leather to line their bags, but Prada has come through for us with a beautiful green leather throughout the interior. This isn’t my favorite bag I’ve ever seen, but it certainly isn’t bad. Buy through Bluefly for $1364.

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  • spanish moss

    no, it wouldn’t match but would be a spot of “texture” for those of us who are afraid of prints/g

  • Julia

    I’ve never felt deerskin, but I look forward to it. I like the print- simple & cute.

  • hazel

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt deerskin, maybe I should go out and try some bags with it, it sounds nice!

  • bunny

    Amanda? how come u guys never talk about Givenchy? i thought their Saccas werre really nice and really overpriced here in malaysia, as the nylon version is 6600 ringgit, which is around 2000USD for a nnylon bag.

  • Kerstin-Muellerson

    I cannot believe this will work!