Prada Nappa S Satchel

The lacy Prada Pizzo S Satchel was looked at and disguarded by many. But me? I actually was drawn to the handbag. Why exactly, I do not know. Sure it is ornate, over-done, but somehow, it is this beautiful piece of lace on a handbag that captivates me. My simple style sees this as a dress-up accessory. And in South Florida, where jeans and heels make the perfect evening wear, this Prada bag is the perfect pick-me-up.

But of course there were those of you that were not impressed with the lace, and in fact wanted to take scissors to the lace and trim it up. Was it just the shape of the ‘extra’ material that irked you? Or would you like the bag with leather? Maybe Prada thought they could meet your fancy too, with the Prada Nappa S Satchel, which nixes the lace and brings in luscious Nappa leather. This bag’s ruching detail on the side will still either be loved or hated. There are top handles and a zip closure. While it is available in black, the metallic oak is much more impressive to me. But if I had my choice, I would stick with the quirky lace version. Buy the Nappa version through Saks for $1,920.

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  • Merve

    Nope leather doesnt work for me either. It looks like the bag is about to take flight…

  • LC

    LOVE it!! specially the metallic oak!!


    this bag is totally FABULOUS I love the metallic oak. I didnt mind the lace either it was cute

  • QueenMAB

    Sorry, from the top these bags look just like a Georgia O’Keefe painting and that is NOT OK to carry around with me.

  • They are called the DUMBO bags by prada–HMM wonder why?

  • Oh, no!!! These are awful. What were they thinking?

  • tt

    i love it, but if the ruchings are symmetrical , i would love it even more

  • They kinda look like clams…

  • pursecrzy

    Ugh. Don’t like this bag.

  • Sarah

    I thought the lace version was a nightmare and looked bad for Prada as a brand, but this bag is much nicer. It is much more crisp, and would be great for a special occasion bag, if a clutch is not an option, since the gold version especially stands out and is very feminine. I think the black is not a good though.

  • Stefanie

    Congratulations to Prada.

    I did not think this bag could get any worse when I saw it in lace. However, mission accomplished. The real bag is boring and the “spare” leather is weirdly shaped and so not flattering. Prada, STOP making more of these. Like now!

  • I think they are chic, but might aim for a bag that is more versatile if I’m going to spend that much money

  • k

    I actually just bought this bag but in the nylon version and it is simply gorgeous, go check the bag in a store to actually really see it; it is simple and chic.

  • nk

    I dont hate it, but I dont love it either. In a way it does just look like extra leather they forgot to cut off of the final product, but I can’t tell if I like it or not. I would have to see of worn by someone.

    I think it could be really classic without the leather ruffles too though

  • Shorty


  • MB

    The new Prada design here just misses in my opinion. They have a great history of style but I just can’t get into this one. Designer Handbags Discounted

  • emily*

    I saw this in the last issue of Vogue and thought that THIS was MUCH MUCH better than that atrocious lace thing.
    I still wonder if the ruffle trim would be annoying when you hold it?
    It’s a HUGE step up from the lace I must say

  • juju

    Still hate it. Get me some scissors.

  • radtech.dbj

    The Prada Nappa Satchel is such a beautiful accessory to woman. It is a true work of art and a must have for me! I love the soft nappa leather that is engorged with feminine details of leather embosed as a blooming flower.

  • yra

    .. it’s so chick! love it!!

  • noning

    Luv this!!! :D

  • Amy

    i own both the black and the metallic oat, i love the soft leather and feminine look, they go with everything.