Prada Napa Messenger Bag

A new fringe bag that has sparked all sort of debate is the Prada Fringe Tote that I once really despised and then decided I liked *on Victoria Beckham*. Between those stars are the key words. Blasphemy some shouted! But can any of us help the fact that VB looks beyond stunning in nearly anything that goes on her body?? She has that curse, and I would definitely take on that curse if anyone asked me to. But this new little rendition has me in :shock: and my opinion will surely not change at any time. Appearing as if it is straight from an episode of That 70’s Show, the Prada Napa Messenger Bag is straight up fugilicious. Sure the Prada name is flung onto this Napa leather bag, but the fringed shoulder strap is a hideous attempt at bringing fringe sexiness back. The only shot they have at making this bag partially appealing is the fact that the fringe shoulder strap is detachable. This means that when the richest of the rich happen to have a dress up 70’s theme party the bag will suit them, and then one day, they can take the monstrosity of a fringe strap off and give it to their pure bred pup as a chew toy. Gag me. Pre-order via Saks 5th Ave for $1050.

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  • Julia

    Hahaha i agree this one is just beyond bad,the other one was saved by VB but this one i am afraid is doomed hahaha just bad.

  • preppyrich69

    prada whats a matter with you gezzz

  • I reckon these bags are hot as u noe what i mean like hotter than the sun OK :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ANYWAIIZ U GURLZ SHOULD BUY ME ONE not!!!! just jokin LATAZ PEACE OWT :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • Naggy

    How horrid can they get? (ipad)