Now that Prada is bringing back its ruched leather Gaufré bags for fall, I’m sure that plenty of women will be looking for a way to get the look without paying nearly two grand for a bag like the Prada Napa Gaufré Tote.

Luckily, fashion has conspired to provide us with an exceedingly attractive, relatively inexpensive alternative. The Elie Tahari Beverly Tote is made of attention-grabbing soft braid-effect leather, and it’ll set you back over a thousand dollars less than its Prada counterpart.

This comparison is one where I strongly prefer the less expensive option, much to my own surprise. I’ve seen both bags in person, and while the Prada is a bit more substantial-feeling overall, the Tahari bag is made out of softer leather and has a more elegant finish. The use of a pattern of ruching instead of the wide swaths employed on the Prada bag give the design a lot of visual appeal and aesthetic organization.

I wish that the Tahari bag had done something more interesting with the chain handle, but for a fraction of the Prada bag’s price, I can’t complain too much. I’d choose the Tahari bag any day of the week.

The Prada Napa Gaufré Tote is available via Neiman Marcus for $1750.
The Elie Tahari Beverly Tote is available via Bloomingdale’s for $598.

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  • merve

    Definitely pick Tahari any day of the week…

  • jen

    Wow, I cannot believe it! I actually find the Prada version looks cheaper. The Elie Tahari is much more sophisticated. Very pretty!

  • Laura

    I like the Elie Tahari better. I agree with the previous post, the Prada looks cheaper!

  • mochababe73

    I like the Tahari. I have never been a fan of this particular Prada bag. Even when they first came out, I thought that they were a little cheap.

  • 19yearslater

    I prefer the Elie Tahari as well. Coach is doing a fall bag with lots of scrunching like the Prada and I don’t understand the trend. Not my cup of tea.

  • poodle

    umm, not a fan of either….the tahari looks like a dried up prune with handles…why would anyone EVER want to wear that?!!??? the prada one looks like something my grandmother would make in a crochet class…these trends are ugly.

  • ela

    Elie Tahari Beverly Tote looks way better! and the price is better too!

  • Staci

    Amanda, I am loving most of the Elie Tahari bags that are out right now! I agree – it’s much cuter than the Prada bag.

    • I love them too. My local Neiman Marcus carries a lot of them in store and I’m continually impressed by the quality of leather and attention to detail.

  • Nee

    I dont know if its the lighting, but the Prada looks plasticky, and the Tahari is looks a lot more luxurious!

  • berta

    the Tahari, imo, is better looking, however, the Tahari is missing the leather shoulder piece on the chain strap. The Prada bag is taking into consideration the comfort of one’s shoulder.

  • Cathy

    Elie Tahari one is definitely much prettier/rich looking … although is it just me, or does it kinda remind me of Miu Miu’s ruching?

  • Ana JB

    Definitely,I will choose Tahari’s bag! Élégant et BON PRIX :)