Now that Prada is bringing back its ruched leather Gaufré bags for fall, I’m sure that plenty of women will be looking for a way to get the look without paying nearly two grand for a bag like the Prada Napa Gaufré Tote.

Luckily, fashion has conspired to provide us with an exceedingly attractive, relatively inexpensive alternative. The Elie Tahari Beverly Tote is made of attention-grabbing soft braid-effect leather, and it’ll set you back over a thousand dollars less than its Prada counterpart.

This comparison is one where I strongly prefer the less expensive option, much to my own surprise. I’ve seen both bags in person, and while the Prada is a bit more substantial-feeling overall, the Tahari bag is made out of softer leather and has a more elegant finish. The use of a pattern of ruching instead of the wide swaths employed on the Prada bag give the design a lot of visual appeal and aesthetic organization.

I wish that the Tahari bag had done something more interesting with the chain handle, but for a fraction of the Prada bag’s price, I can’t complain too much. I’d choose the Tahari bag any day of the week.

The Prada Napa Gaufré Tote is available via Neiman Marcus for $1750.
The Elie Tahari Beverly Tote is available via Bloomingdale’s for $598.

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