The Polène Bag I Have Been Wearing on Repeat

An everyday essential you can wear year-round...

Considering what I do for a living, plus the fact that I’ve been collecting handbags for almost two decades, it should be no surprise that I own (and have owned) many, many bags. My current collection has been edited down a bit over the last two years but contains around 15 premium designer bags and 10 contemporary.

Of course, I have different bags for different uses, and some I reach for mostly for nights out or when I’m dressed up, and others I find more transitional. Over the last few months, there’s one bag, which I own in two colors, that has been getting the most love from me. People always ask me what bags I’m currently favoring, and lately, there are a couple, but by far, my most used of the last few months has been the Polène Numéro Dix Bag.

The Details of the Numéro Dix

Inspired by the saddlery of the equestrian world, the Numéro Dix, aka Number Ten, is defined by its half-moon shape and curved lines. Its body-hugging design is simple and soft, making it incredibly easy to wear and style, which is why I find myself reaching for it repeatedly. It’s also become an incredibly popular bag on social media. More than once, I’ve had friends send me a TikTok or Instagram reel asking if I knew anything about Polène and the Numéro Dix.

The bag is great for running around, and it looks stylish dressed up or down; with overall dimensions of 24.5 X 20.5 X 7.5 cm, it’s perfect for carrying your errand-running essentials. I’ve been able to fit a compact wallet, my iPhone, keys, a makeup compact, a granola bar, and other miscellaneous items inside for a day out and about. There’s a top zip which is key, as well as an interior slit pocket.

While the bag does arrive with two straps of varying lengths, allowing for crossbody, over-the-shoulder, or in-the-crook-of-the-arm wear, I’ve mostly worn the bag crossbody, as you’ll see below. There are over a dozen color options to pick from, and while I also own the Dix in camel, I find myself drawn to the new midnight blue lately. Purchase via Polene for $460.

Polene Number 10 Bag


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