Discover the Creativity and Craft Behind Polène Paris

A new campaign highlights three incredible artisans and takes customers behind the scenes

Since its inception in 2016, exceptional craftsmanship and creativity have been at the forefront of the Polène brand. This commitment to artisanal skill is at the heart of its ethos. For that reason, Polène has continued to entrust the design and construction of its leather goods to the talented craftsmen of Ubrique, Spain.

Polène has done what so few contemporary brands are able to do—provide a high level of luxury and craft at a contemporary price point. That is all thanks to its craftspeople, and in an effort to maintain the transparency at its core, Polène is inviting its customers behind the scenes.

The Hors Champ Project

Filmed like a journal of travel, the Hors Champ campaign offers an inside look at Polène’s craftsmen, painting a picture of life in Ubrique and discovering the creativity that is at the heart of both the town and its people, focusing on their hands to tell their story.

That creativity flows into the Polène brand, which is partly why Ubrique remains the ideal home of Polène’s workshop.

Celebrated for its excellent leather goods and unrivaled talent, Ubrique has been the place of choice for Polène’s production facilities since the beginning, and today, more than 1,300 artisans work to bring Polène’s designs to life.

While the bags themselves are designed in the brand’s Parisian studio, all the steps involved in creating and producing each design take place within a space of around 3 miles.

This includes everything from receiving leathers to dispatching orders. The town’s distinct background in leather crafting has been passed down through the generations, and utilizing local production has given Polène a unique opportunity to control its quality.

That quality is ever apparent in the brand’s bags, and touching and feeling the bags in real life further tells that story. With its new campaign, Polène is telling the story behind the bags for the first time. Discover more and learn the unique stories of its artisans via Polène.

Polene Paris Artisans Story 32
Polene Paris Artisans Story 19
Polene Paris Artisans Story 18
Polene Paris Artisans Story 30

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5 months ago

I am going to New York soon and I’m excited to visit the Polene boutique! Hope I find a new bag for spring.

5 months ago


5 months ago

I LOVE all my Polène bags! I just added the Yke to my collection for spring and summer. Best basket & leather bag! So glad I got it before it sells out again.

5 months ago

I view this as Parisienne Coach – it’s cute