Polène Just Dropped the Perfect Summer Bag

Ideal for summer nights out and seaside strolls...

As the days get longer and the temps get hotter, many of us long for the easy, carefree mood that only comes when one is miles away from home and all their responsibilities. You know the vibes, the days when your only worries are what time dinner is and whether you want a frozen margarita or one on the rocks.

While most of us can’t spend a full three months on vacation, we can perfect our summer wardrobes so that even dinner al fresco on a city sidewalk echoes that same mood. And if you’re looking for a new bag this summer, Polène just dropped its newest silhouette, and it is ideal for the sunny days that lie ahead.

Introducing the Polène Solé Bag

The Solé marks a new chapter for Polène, adding the very first bag to its Plèi Collection, which puts sustainability at the forefront of its design process, utilizing leather off-cuts. Given its name from the French word for sun, the Solé features 240 pearls crafted from upcycled leather, offering a stunning beaded flower detail throughout.

Leather scraps are sorted by color and then ground into fine leather sand, which is combined with bio-sourced polymer to create soft, pebble-like beads. Every bag is made with 120 hand-tied knots, and as always, the Solé continues to focus on Polène’s quality and craft.

Fitted with a removable interior pouch, the Solé utilizes the traditional macramé technique. Leather details finish off the bag’s beaded body, which arrives in black, tan, and ebony brown. Ideal for summer nights out and seaside strolls, discover more now and purchase the Solé via Polène.

Polene Sole Bag Black
Polene Sole Ebony

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1 month ago

Nice and fun bag at a good price. I have been impressed with Polene’s new bags lately. Looking forward to going into their NYC store to try on the different styles.

1 month ago

I never purchase seasonal bags. If I’m going to spend almost $500, it will be on a nice leather purse that I can use year round.