So many owners of small dogs love carrying their itsty bitsy in pet carriers. But if you really want to accessorize your pooch, why not turn your dog into your bag. Sounds weird, I know, but it is do-able. Actually, the way that Pampered Puppy shows these puppy purses has me laughing. Your dog can be worn oh-so many ways, including around the waist as a fanny pack, like a messenger bag, a tote, or you can remove the straps. HAHAHA. Read on…

Shorten the straps and wear your PuppyPurse like a shoulder bag – perfect for a window-shopping excursion. Lengthen the straps to wear it across your chest for added comfort and stability on those longer walks or adventurous hikes. Readjust the straps and wear the PuppyPurse like a fanny pack – great for tandem power walking or if you just need to free up both arms. The straps are removable and every PuppyPurse comes with a set of tote handles for carrying your dog by hand. And should your pup actually want a break from all the pampering to get some exercise, you can also detach one end of the strap and use it as a leash!

Mardi Woof Puppy Purse

Since Mardi Gras is approaching quickly, why not deck your dog out in appropriate purse attire. The Mardi Woof Puppy Purse shows off color and flair with feathers and an aerated body. Buy it through Modern Tails for $59.95.

Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse

Next, if you are looking to make your furry dog look even furrier, there is the Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse. This shaggy, faux fur ‘purse’ seems so overly odd to me that I just laugh. Available for $79.95 through Modern Tails.

Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse

If you have the pup that needs to be the center of attention, why not take a look at the extravagant Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse. From the chain to the silver embroidery thread, this carrier just has me wondering if this is all real. Buy it via Modern Tails for $79.95.

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