So many owners of small dogs love carrying their itsty bitsy in pet carriers. But if you really want to accessorize your pooch, why not turn your dog into your bag. Sounds weird, I know, but it is do-able. Actually, the way that Pampered Puppy shows these puppy purses has me laughing. Your dog can be worn oh-so many ways, including around the waist as a fanny pack, like a messenger bag, a tote, or you can remove the straps. HAHAHA. Read on…

Shorten the straps and wear your PuppyPurse like a shoulder bag – perfect for a window-shopping excursion. Lengthen the straps to wear it across your chest for added comfort and stability on those longer walks or adventurous hikes. Readjust the straps and wear the PuppyPurse like a fanny pack – great for tandem power walking or if you just need to free up both arms. The straps are removable and every PuppyPurse comes with a set of tote handles for carrying your dog by hand. And should your pup actually want a break from all the pampering to get some exercise, you can also detach one end of the strap and use it as a leash!

Mardi Woof Puppy Purse

Since Mardi Gras is approaching quickly, why not deck your dog out in appropriate purse attire. The Mardi Woof Puppy Purse shows off color and flair with feathers and an aerated body. Buy it through Modern Tails for $59.95.

Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse

Next, if you are looking to make your furry dog look even furrier, there is the Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse. This shaggy, faux fur ‘purse’ seems so overly odd to me that I just laugh. Available for $79.95 through Modern Tails.

Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse

If you have the pup that needs to be the center of attention, why not take a look at the extravagant Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse. From the chain to the silver embroidery thread, this carrier just has me wondering if this is all real. Buy it via Modern Tails for $79.95.

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  • Ashley

    These puppy purses are SO cute. I have a small dog and sometimes I use the cute dog carriers but this idea is great.
    I don’t know how much the dogs will like it but I do :). Great find!

  • Katt

    That is evil and unusually anybody that carries there dog around like that is a total idiot and should have any pets

    • Mindy T.

      You should learn to use proper grammar before composing nasty comments. I wouldn’t call anybody an idiot if I were you. :lol:

  • Jamie Fening

    I saw a PuppyPurse on Good Morning America recently and they said that their vet said it was safe. The dogs sure look happy on the website! Wish I had a little dog.

  • Jac

    If your thinking that this purse is evil, you might not want to make too many rush descisions. Quite a lot of vets have approved this purse, and say that it is fine for dogs. Also, keeping a dog in a purse is a lot worse because they get incredably hot and humid! If you think about it, it’s almost as worse as leaving your dog out in a car! I think that this is a good idea and I’d love to try it out!!

  • Samantha

    I do not think it is unusual or evil at all. I LOVE the puppy purse, its so easy just to put my little 3 lb chihuahua in it and go shopping or do whatever. My puppy loves to be carried around in it and I think its adorable :)

  • Kim

    For those that think this is cruel for the dogs obviously know nothing of tiny dogs. These little creatures would rather be at the side of their person than eating or breathing and most of their caretakers feel the same in return. I am so very grateful for this contraption because my little one had knee surgery on both knees and would otherwise be crated for 6 weeks while she recovers. She is a former shelter pup who lives in the lap of luxury and I am so lucky to have gained such a devoted and loving companion. So on behalf of the tiny dog community if you would like to be educated make a friend the next time you see us in the park. If not please share your misguided and uncaring comments with your cat.

  • Rachel

    Ahhhh now I got my answer! After months of putting it off, i’ll get a few designs. Thank you for your honesty ladies!!! My very outgoing 4-month old toy poodle will benefit from it because I am always on the go. I’ve seen so many websites selling them in different designs to match your every mood. I am into fashion and I want my furry daughter to also take after her mommy. What a breakthrough!!!

  • Rachel

    Oh and please let me add… it’s not all about fashion… it’s the comfort of the purse (Dog models looked happy and comfy to me. Don’t see any twisted doggy faces or tongues on the pavement there) and bonding between pet parent and pet that matters.

  • Elisabeth

    How ridiculous to judge this when you don’t even have a dog. I have a 5lb chihuahua and she loves hers. She’d rather be in this than in any other carrier we have . . . including her Juicy Couture.

  • janie


  • Natalie

    I’ve looked far and wide and have done so much research looking for a pet carrier that would both be comfortable for me and for my 4 pound chihuahua. In the past I have used front carriers (which never seem to fit my little girl) and over the shoulder carriers (which are painful for me to carry around all day, and my pup always ends up smashed against the front of the carrier)…This carrier, however, seems absolutely perfect to me! I am buying one with my next paycheck!!

  • Siobhan

    This is so cruel. I dont know how you would feel about being carried around in a bag like an accessorie? :evil:
    Very unfortunate that this kind of thing occurs and that there are shallow people out there who actually like this idea!!!

  • Anita

    :mrgreen: Hahaha! This is just stupid! I agree it’s better then being stuffed in a bag all day, and they can be put down easier to walk around, but it just looks SO dumb! :roll:

  • Jennifer

    I personally think that our fur babies would much rather be with us in one of these than left home or in a hot car…or STUFFED in a purse where they are scrunched up! To me…it is no different than putting your BABY in a baby carrier and carrying your child around! They are comfortably designed with your fur baby in mind….why wouldn’t your fur baby be happy in this? Pets are meant to be our companions….don’t leave your best friend out….they want to be with you! they like to be carried around…they like to be with us…it is comfortable…so why not! :wink:

  • Charlotte

    Very cute. They are just so expensive.

  • Anna

    I’m a little apprehensive about this, but I’ve only heard good reviews from people who have one. I have a 3 lb Min Pin/Chihuahua who never leaves my side, and this would come in handy. I’ve ordered a “pet sling” from to be delivered later in the week, and if that doesn’t work out I’m definitely ordering one of these. I just wish they had a local store I could try one on and see how my dog reacts to it.

  • jessica ibacache

    all you people are nuts! pain ol’ nuts!
    can somebody please remind me of the actual time when living dogs became a fashionable accessory?
    this is an outrage, dogs should be free to walk, run and play, not be constricted in a bag or this crazy new invention that actually turns them into a bag!
    and for those who insist i dont know little dogs?
    i happen to have two small dogs and i know for a fact they would hate this new invention as it basically humiliates them, like humans dogs have feelings and emotions, next time you carry your precious accessory around in public have a close look at your dogs face and sense that humilitation.
    you all should go to hell for what your putting your dogs through.

  • Jenny

    These dog puppy purses are great for dogs. What I like best about them is the fact that they can also become a harness and leash.

  • mandy

    I think what owners should think about in terms of the purse is that a dog would rather walk as it is its natural instinct to do, hence being born with 4 legs. I understand that if you have a puppy or dog that has medical concerns that perhaps a carrier/purse is a good solutioin in that situation. The other issue becomes behavior and determining whether or not a purse/carrier would make the dog become territorial or unbalanced. The ultimate goal of having a dog is for the owner to be responsible providing their dog with rules boundaries and affection and keeping them in a calm submissive balanced state of mind. So the real question becomes…will this purse offset my dog in any way shape or form, and do you want to take the chance as opposed to providing your dog with what it needs, not what you need or think is cute…”food for thought”…

  • Bailey

    You people are retarded. Little dogs like chihuahuas do like to walk, but not for very long. They tire easily, as it takes them multiple strides to match one of yours while they keep up, not to mention the fact that the breed in general does not have nearly as much energy as most non-chihuahua owners think. If you take them any significant distance from your home, you will need to be carrying them somehow, at least part of the time. Period. Just because people are capitalizing on dog owners’ love for their pets by making these purses fashionable does not mean that suddenly dog owners look at their pets like merchandise. You would probably not be as up in these arms if they were made of black nylon and were strictly utilitarian. I’d also like to add that it’s almost guaranteed that the people who take their pets out in puppy purses are probably the most loving and caring owners of them all, who want to be by their side 24/7 and are willing to spend $60 on something a little cute and silly and USEFUL for them instead of leaving them at home and ignoring them like so many crappy pet owners do. If you don’t like them, fine, but don’t pretend you’re staking out some high moral ground just because you think they’re stupid. Read a book about animals. Knowing things is fun.

  • Samantha Jones

    Um, anyone who is commenting on here that carrying your little dog around by your side is cruel, maybe you should GET a dog and then you would know that they LOVE being carried around! Both my Yorkies love all their bags and love to go shopping with me. When we’re about to head out all I have to do is put their bag on the floor and they get in on their own! It’s so cute! So don’t try telling me they don’t love it!

  • Naggy

    The idea of holding your small dog like a purse is very cute, but I do not know how comfortable that is for the dog and would really do the research about this first. (ipad)

  • Nina

    This blog post is quite old but I have a word or two to say. First, my dog – a young Chihuahua – does NOT like to be picked up or carried around. She loves to walk around on her own four feet err paws. She also loves to go on 2h hikes, she doesn’t tire easily at all and you can see how much she enjoys it! All I want to say is that a dog purse is not for my dog or me. We’re happy without one. I can see that a lot like those open carriers which let the dog peek out or hide to her liking, those are nice and comfy especially for the smaller, younger or elderly pups. But these things above – have your dog dangle with her feet in the air? I even can’t see it when people hold their dogs with just one hand. I hold my dog like a cat properly supporting front and hind legs.
    My dog is loved and pampered to no end. But I don’t take her everwhere. Not every situation is fun for a dog even if they’re allowed. That doesn’t mean she is left alone all day long. I leave her alone for about two to four hours a few times a week, if I do grocery shopping. Leaving her in a car is a big no no for me, either she’s at home or I’m waiting with her in the car while my family is in the supermarket.
    There is no right or wrong on this – please don’t be fanatic. Know your
    dog and accept that other people and their dogs have other solutions to
    problems in their daily life.