Juicy Couture Dog CarrierFace it, a juicy girl is the glam girl. Now I know all of you girls see Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and other hip celebs toting their dogs around in cute little carriers and dressing them up in cute little outfits, and I know some of you desperately want to be so posh and cute with your loveable pets too. So here is your chance.

I’ve found the perfect pet bag made by the totally glamourous Juicy Couture. I must admit I am very partial to Juicy Couture, but hey, who isn’t? This cute Juicy terry dog carrier measures 12″H x 15″W x 9″D, which will hold up to 15 lbs. So yes, you do need one of those little fluffy stuck-up poodles or such a breed. Other features include a double wrap-around zip with heart and signature “J” pull tabs and a side double-zip flap (for the poochies head) with heart and “P&G” charms, and heart-shaped push-lock closure. How utterly adorable! The bag is gonna cost you around $275, but when you have a cute little puppy who needs to be transported, what better way to carry it then in a super glam hotel-on-wheels!

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  • billyjoe

    what’s unfortunate is that the carrier is usually more expensive than the dog…. :(



    • caroline

      UR a loser and an idiot of u spend a thousand dollars on a dog…. thats insane. :evil:

      • AMANDA

        Opionions are like assholes… Everyone has one! :wink:

      • sherley

        you sound like a miserable person caroline. a thousand dollars for a dog to bring joy to your life for years is an amazing experience

      • jessica

        yorkies are expensive.
        just got one for 1500.
        the cute ones arent cheap!

  • Cindy

    Why can’t I find a direct connection to a place that sells Juicy dog carriers. And Billyjoe, Erika is right. The carriers are much less than the dogs that go in them. My little guy was $700

  • vixen

    Alright… maybe there is someone out there who would buy that. But, it seems kind of silly to me. If I saw someone walking down the street with that, I’d think it was frivolous & stupid, not cute.

  • Evelyn

    I love this bag!! I have a chihuahua and her name is Diva, so she’ll look very nice in one of these! Ebay are selling them for around 100 euros, some might not be authentic, but so what? It’s just for your dog! I love the black one, it’s not too flashy!

  • Jasmine

    The person with the carrier that cost more than the dog must not have a Yorkie, my dog was $1200. Also to buy juicy carriers, you can go to glamourdog.com,saks.com, or neimanmarcus.com. Ebay is selling alot of fake ones, but you get what u pay for and real Divas don’t buy fake bags. My princess is just not some dog!!!!

  • Lulu

    The carrier is not nearly as expensive as the dog! My little havanese was $1800, and at that price she’s worth juicy, or maybe even louis vuitton. I wouldn’t buy off e-bay just because of the risk of getting a fake, and you often still end up spending a good chunk of money on something which may or may not be authentic.

  • Rinny

    Ew? I do not like Yorkies!! I like Pomeranians! Poms are at least 700-900 dollars sometimes more and I def. want one!!

    • Sarah

      U suck :evil: yorkies rock :grin:

  • kaykay

    I think all of you girls are so flippin lame and stuck up your asses! Let’s come back down to earth…and not treat our pets as though they are our tools for showing off! You must not have much inside if the value of your dog makes you feel better than others.

  • Jade

    I don’t believe they were competing over who had the most expensive dog. I think they were pointing out their dogs cost far more then the dog carrier cost. I personally have a Yorkie that only cost $1,000 which is cheap for a Yorkie. He was cheaper because he was abused as a child and was afraid of people and not very sociable. I have been looking for a Juicy Couture carrier for him. He’s about 7 pounds. I don’t think it’s a waste of money especially since no name brand dog carriers plenty of times cost $500+. Also unlike handbags you only need/buy one dog carrier. My friend has one of them and her dog loves it. It’s quite comfortable and a lot better then being in a box with bars. Also they LOVE being able to stick their head out and look around.

  • meg

    im so confused on why you guys spent all that money on a dog? my roomate has a yorkie who is barely 5 pounds…breed standard which she bought for 450.00. i own a chihuahua who will get to maybe 4 pounds and he cost 400.00.

    hell yea i would buy a carrier for my little talen, but thats because i didn’t pay over 500.00 for my puppy.

    you all have good points but man…you sounds stupid at the same time.

    • Melissa

      Hey… where did you get your pup for $400.00? Im looking for one and Im having trouble


      • Nat

        Go to http://www.puppyfind.com, click on the breed you want and then click “location”. I wouldn’t trust having a pet sent to you….but if you find one in your state you can tell them that yoy want to see the dog first! I hope it helps. I just got 2 purebred yorkies for a total of $1,200!

    • couture

      where did your roomate get her yorkie for 500 because i have one and she was 1500 even tough i got it as a gift and didnt pay i want a male but thats to much but my little princess need a friend so please le me know

  • Lindsey

    I agree with meg, why would anyone spend that much on a dog?!?! I have a Toy Chihuahua and he is 10 wks old and weighs 2 1/2 lbs, and I only paid $325 for him. So these bags are way more expensive than my puppy. Where are you people getting your Yorkies from $1200 is outrageous and ridiculous! I’ve seen them for as low as $400 for a Toy, so that is stupid on your part to pay that much.

    • Your Face

      Maybe your dogs are so cheap b/c they come from puppy mills???? And who is to judge why we spend so much on a dog. To us they aren’t dogs they’re a part of us they’re like our children in fact they’re priceless. 1000 or 1900 or whatever amount can’t measure up to how we feel about our dogs our babies. SO SHOVE Your analysis about how ridiculous or stupid we are for spending so much! :lol:

  • andre

    well, I have a chihuahua and I paid $1400, I got it from a good place,she is healthy. and that is very important, sometimes it’s not just about the money.

  • jackie

    Well to andre,if you paid $1400, to put it nicely, you got ripped off. There are hundreds of good, healthy dog breeders that you could have purchased a chihuahua from and it appears you chose the most expensive. I have a toy chihuahua who is incredibly healthy, beutiful, and smart – all while coming from a reputable breeder – and I only payed $350. Your right in the sense that it is not all about the money but at the same time thats what your bragging about. If all you cared about was a healthy dog, you wouldn’t have stated that you paid $1400. As high as your nose is in the air, I doubt your any paris hilton so I suggest you get off your high horse. I’m not impressed with you at all and I think you lack a certain amount of intelligence that is required to succeed in society today.

  • Brittney

    I have a little Male Yorkie, and have been looking for a new Carrier. I have other items by Juicy and love all of it! My Purses are very detailed and durable. No doubt that the Dog Bag wouldn’t be just as nice. I recommend Juicy to everyone.

    • da bitch

      Why would you buy an expensive ass purse to put a dog in? What if the dog takes a shit in it or pees in it, ever think about losing hundreds of dollars?

      • Your Face

        Dogs don’t pee/poop in places that they’ll stay in. They’re smart like that. Research before you make a dumb comment. :!:

      • millie

        :roll: dogs have legs so they can walk!!!!
        yorkies were originally breed for ratting in yorkshire and therefore are working dogs so could go on all day. let dogs be dogs for heavens sake!i have 9 yorkies so know what i’m talking about. donate your money to a doggie charity if you love dogs as you all say you do!

      • HANNAH

        ya ur so right- da bitch , lol

  • Brandy

    Hi, It really depends where you live. I just bought a teacup chuihuahua. I California the average is about $900, back in Houston the average was about $400. Same quality. We also have an English bulldog and the prices are again about double, here in California. No one got ripped off.

  • lily

    i have a 2 year old chihuahua who weighs a pound and a half and she was $3,900. I think that, since i have a buetifull little dog, why not get a purse too.

  • lily

    i also think that jakie is a bit insecure about her unstable financial situation and can’t stand the fact that andre has a better dog than hers

  • lily

    i also don’t like yorkis. off all the dog breeds in the world, the yorki is the one who most often falls into the hands of taky people with no class. u all are so tacky in fact that u limit the amount of money you spend on ur preciuse animal, but then again, u all have big,common dogs which you are embaressed to take into public becuase of their capacious 2and a half pound bulk

    • HANNAH

      OMG u dont like yorkies !!!!!! THATS CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
      i have a little yorkypoo – yorky/poodle mix, so its better than a yorkie because hes smarter-poodle, nicer, not yelpy, and his ears arent pointed and he is tiny

      • Tiffany

        omg i totally agree with Hannah !! people with yorkies are not taky, thats the stupedest thing ive ever heard

    • BRITT

      GO SUCK YOUR UGLY KAKA !!!!!!!!!!!

    • BRITT

      GO SUCK YOUR UGLY KAKA !!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  • lily

    ohh, and brandy, don’t say “teacup” chihuahua becuase there is no such thing. I am closley affiliated to the chihuahua club of america and they have labeled the term “teacup” when used to describe a chihuahua as incorrect and invalid.

    • hannah


  • cassie

    I have a yorkie which is 3 pounds and she cost me 1500 from very respected dog breeder. I pay three times that because she is the best princess every. Why do people get all upset when people spend on there dogs It’s my money and I’ll spend it how I want too and with that said I’ll be getting the black carrier

  • London

    like i have a teacup Shih Tzu and her name is Paris. i got her from a well known breeder and she was 1,800. she deserves Juicy. but wat the heck she has a juicy carier for each of her juicy outfits. shes raised a spoiled brat just like how i was raised. by the way she has louis vuiton too oh and coach. i luv her soo so much. i agree wit all u pupy luvas out they deserve the best which is JUICY!

  • Debbie

    I agree with the fact that prices differ depending on the part of the country your in. But I do think that there are extremes. I think all of you guys really need to grow up and listen to yourselves, you all sound ridiculous, especially Lily. (Who has a name like that anyways?!!) Lily you sound like a spoiled, completely uneducated, little brat and I would find something else to do with your time then brag about yourself and attack others. It really makes you look a lot worse than the rest of the people on here. ~oh, and get a hobby, we don’t need to be listening to the nonsense that you type on here all day long so please find something else to do! THANKS

  • Alyssa

    i love that bag, for carring your dog… its hot!

  • Sandy

    Hi there! Not trying to get into the drama or anything but all of you are talking about your yorkies which is absolutely fabulous because i REALLY want to get one! I’ve been doing online searches and i can’t seem to find breeders or pet shops. I’m currently going to school in Davis so if you know of any breeders in the sacramento area please let me know! My home town is tustin (in orange county) if anyone knows breeders around there also let me know please! Thanks so much loves!



  • Angela

    hi, everyone i dont think its dumb to buy a dog a $300 bag , my dogs should get the best , i have to chihuahuas ,my male is 14 weeks old and 1 pound 1 oz, he gonna be no bigger than 2 1/2 pounds , and for the women that says she payed 350 for her 10 week old chihuahua, you got you chihuahua so cheap because its gonna be a big size chihuahua like 8-9 pounds fully grown , big chihuahuas are cheap the tiny ones are alot of money

    • Steph

      Tiny chihuahuas are not always expensive. I just bought mine for $350 and at 5 weeks shes about 7 oz. She will be no bigger than 3 lbs full grown AND she is blue.. It just depends on your breeder. I got her for cheap because she came from a strong background of blues and you should not breed them due to genetic problems that can occur therefore, no papers. Papers dont make your dog and neither does a Juicy bag, but it is hella cute. You can go to outlet malls (like Tanger) and get cheaper (and cuter) Juicy dog bags.. they run about $200.

  • Val

    my juciy dog carrier was a great investment. My dog loves it! It is very durable & I love the “look”. Every other carrier I have seen has been gaudy and flimsy. My dog is 3 pounds and we have the large Juicy carrier, I would say 5 pounds should be the max weight for this carrier for the dog to be comfortable. Also, as for the price concern, I got mine at Nordstroms for 50% off just because the color of the carrier was out of season :)

  • Allie

    A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. =]

  • lily

    good job, ms. frugal. i wish i could be like u…..NOT!!!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL

    • BRITT


  • a.

    where the heck do u find a yorkie 4 under 4 hundred dollars i tried and that is almost impossible!!! i have a teacup poodle and i payed 1000 4 her and that was 1 of the cheapest prices that i could find 4 a puppy!!!

  • a.

    do u guys think that these carriers willl fit a 6 pound dog!!! i no the small 1 wont but i think the big 1 might

  • a.

    this is 2 london u seem like a showoff and a bragger!!! and coach does not make dog carriers! i have checked many times and even looked on their website oh yeah.. and i bet ur louis vuiton is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kristen

      Coach does so make carries, try Coach.com … moron

  • Angela

    your right coach does not make a carrier i would have it by now lol her louie is sooooo fake you can tell , i mean come on she thinks coach makes a carrier lol

    • Tasha

      Uuh… Coach made pet carrier before but its sold out everywhere!

      • Amanda

        Coach makes dog carriers. They come out each fall and cost between $598 and &798. They only come out with one bag a year, so it makes sense that a lot of you couldn’t find one on the coach website. It you don’t believe me, just call Coach’s 1-800 number and ask. As for the price of a dog. Actual AKC certified breeders charge more for their dogs because they are closer to the standard and are more likely to have a better bill of health. Yorkshire Terriers are prone to health problems, so purchasing one from a puppy-mill, pet store, or any other non-AKC breeder is irresponsible and dangerous. No pure-bread Yorkie with papers would be sold by an AKC breeder for less than $800 and for show quality with champion blood lines try $2000-2500(male vs. female).

  • Bradlee

    If anyone is looking to buy a Juicy Dog Carrier, I bought one a few months ago before getting a dog and due to my work schedule was unable to actually get the dog. I paid $350 for the carrier but am willing to sell it for $200. It is a pink/peach suede bag good for dogs up to 6 pounds. I have pictures so if you are interested email me at blkersh@gmail.com.

  • cookoo

    i really like this dog carrier but are all your things real???

  • Wyldcelt Jenny

    My poms are rescues and were free. I don’t buy the expensive, overpriced Boutique dogs, as this could be supporting terrible ‘puppy mills’.

    Having said that I got a very nice carrier for $59.99 at a local pet store for one of the rescues who had broken her leg. During the time she had the fixator on and even after the fixator was taken off, she had to take it lightly on walking far for about 2 more weeks. So they do have their practical purposes.

  • Kristen

    For everyone out there considering the Juicy Couture bag I highly recommend it, I have the exact one and my 4 pound Chi loves it, if you can afford the dog you should be able to afford the carrier. Your baby is worth it.

  • Heather

    I am shocked at what idiots most of you sound like. Seriously shocked. I forgot people could sound so stupid and unintelligent.

  • Katharine

    i think this purse is soo cute. And if youre critisizing it, then you obviously dont care about youre dog too much. I mean, who spends their time ranting about a cute dog purse that they couldnt afford and dont want. (At least they say they dont want it. We all know better, now dont we) Shouldnt youre time be better spent on playing with youre poser-pup? The only thing I dont like about this pet carrier is its so hard to find, other than off the internet. Can you believe that there is no Juicy Couture store in LA? And they don’t even have this purse on Rodeo Drive in Saks 5th Avenue OR Niemun Markus? Or even the Nordstorm at the Grove? But anyway Im getting this dog carrier tommorrow for my dog that im picking up the day after.

    • Melissa

      if you can’t spell neiman marcus. you shouldn’t be allowed inside!!! haha. dumbass.

  • Katharine

    P.S. i think Coach made a dog carrier before, which they dont put on the website anymore because they have new styles and havent made another one in few years. But hey, vintage :)

  • jaime

    Coach has never made a dog carrier ever. the girl was fibbing when she said she had one and i think you pick what pet fit’s you i would never talk down to some one just becouse of the dog they have with that being said i have a mini yorkie i got her here in germany were i’m living. and they are cheaper here about 1000 euro’s and in the states i have seen them go any where from $1500.00 to $15,000.00.

    • Kim

      Coach did make a carrier but it is sold out just about everywhere. I checked with the Coach store in New Orleans on 6/11/07 and the clerk tells me the brand will be coming out with a new one in the fall. The one I saw was pictured at the Chicago Michigan Avenue store and retailed for around $700. It was made in the signature fabric and may have been metallic if I’m remembering correctly. I personally love Coach bags but didn’t like this one because it was too boxy and didn’t have an outside pocket for my things such as phone, wallet, etc. without having to go into where my “baby” would be. Which brings me to why I like this particular bag. It has an entirely seperate compartment for your things without letting loose the hounds when you are paying for something. I often take my dog with me when I shop and wherever I can because she is great company and I love her very much. She is a Chihuahua / Yorkie mix and weighs in at about 5 lbs. And ladies she was free from one of our local shelters. May I please urge each of you to check with your favorite breed rescue web sites and see if there is a little angel waiting to fill a space in your heart. And please let’s stop sniping at one another. We as women must lift one another up in this world and if we are too far down then god willing one of our fellow sister will reach down to us and give us a helping hand and pull us up. Help the world, save a dog, and love one another. Life is to too short to fuss, wear ugly shoes, or carry cheap bags. Cleo and I send love and belly rubs to all.

      • Melissa

        shut up

    • April

      Wrong. They did make them but not anymore. Peace out holmes.

    • Treck

      Coach made a pet carrier before and there is actually a blog about it here!!!

  • Naomi

    It everyone out here is so superficial. I haven’t got my pup yet, but I’m already going through nesting instincts. I been preparing for the arrival of 3wk old chi from the breeders. I will not mention how much I paid for her, because I don’t want to be like the rest of boasters here. All that matters is that you know where your pup comes from, and the you are ready to deal with the consequences of it’s previous socialization and health maintenance. My friends said she was expensive, but I like the fact that I can actually get to see her parents (and their pedigrees)I have however purchased the Farrah pink and gold carrier. It is gorgeous I can’t wait to put her in it! We should all love and spoil our pets to the best of our ability. Doing that doens’t necessarily mean spending money.

  • Lindsay

    For the girl who was looking for yorkies who lives in Tustin, CA if you are willing to go as far as La Habra/La Mirada there are two pet stores that I looked for my yorkie in: Pet Central/All About Puppies respectively. I ended up buying her at Pet Central in La Habra, but she was pricey. I wont put the price on here because I am afraid of being yelled at by all the mean people in this discussion, but lets just say you could buy several of those bags!

  • Rebecca

    I think the Juicy carrier is cute. But i prefer my louis vuitton. I was just recently trying to find a Donney and Burke carryier. Besides my Pink mini poodel and I have to walk in style.Duh!

    • Melissa

      omg can you spelling be any more horrendous? god help you.

  • Kiara

    To Lindsay: Please don’t recommend people to buy puppies from pet stores. Check out http://www.stoppuppymills.org and educate yourself. Get your puppies from respectable breeders.

  • hilary

    Hi,My name is Hilary Duff and i have bought a lot of juicy stuff from this company and it was not because i wanted to look good or because i wanted to look with it…..it was because my pups deserve all those cute things.Dont we all love our pups enough that sometimes we would want to dress them up?

  • Jacquelyn

    Hoping you are not insinuating you are “THE” Hilary Duff. But in the event you are, I seriously doubt she has had to purchase anything for a number of years. People of her stature and fame are given expensive gifts for the free advertising!

  • ali

    actually a yorkie is $2000

  • Angela

    stop being cheap people and buy your fur babies a juicy bag!!!

  • Yoly

    I have a chihuahua and I want the best for him b/c I love him…it is not about the name brand but the confort. I’m looking for something confortable for him to be able to take him everywhere and know that he will feel confortable…I like how this bag looks however I seen other bags that offer more things than this one…I saw one that is permitted in airplanes, and has room for his bottle or other things, and air conditioning, I guess you put something at the bottom to keep them cool in summer….things like that is what I need for him….I was reading the description on the Juicy bags and I dont see anything like that….

  • sarah

    The Juicy Bag is so cute and so worth it for your little ones. A yorkie cannot be that cheap unless you bought it from a friend or someone close. My yorkie was $750 plus shipping so altogether $1000. He will be about 3 lbs full grown and I got him from a breeder. I absulutely LOVE him!Do your research, don’t get ripped off and Idon’t think $1000 is too muc for a dog that stays that small.

  • Andi

    I just purchased a beautiful papillon boy and he should grow to be about 6 lbs. I think the carriers are perfect! only thing is that these are still our dogs. They are not children just because they are small. I treat my Jack Russell and my Papillon like children, but i still acknowledge that they want to be on the ground! alot of small breeds love the outdoors, and would rather walk than be in a carrier, depending on how long you’re out.
    After all that yes your babies are worth the juicy and louis!
    My pap was 1000 I could afford him so the purse is no major expense!

  • Tammy

    any one who bought a “toy ” or “teacup” chihuahua for a $1000 got ripped off there is not such thing as a toy or teacup chihuahua, it is just make believe stores use those terms just to over price their chihuahua’s all chihuahuas should grow up to 6 lbs if they dont they have serious health defects like brittle bones, and early deaths. a real chihuahua should have a life span of 18 years, the little ones dont so dont get ripped off by getting a toy or teacup chihuahua get a healthy one that will be about 5-6 pounds full grown any bigger or smaller is not good for their health

  • Andi

    small Chihuahua’s are and always have been prized, even in the aztec culture. It seems though that the whole argument over the dogs size is irrelevant because it ound like you have the dogs for a fashion statement, not because you really wanted a dog.

  • Samantha

    I have a pug and they are so cute. Chihuahuas and pomeranians and anything else little bitsy dogs, eww if you want to get a dog get a pug because if you want the little things you might as well get a rat I mean literally!! Come on you idiots I cannot believe you! I payed only 200 dollars and she has one three awards!!! come on!! She is the show dog of the next century! She is so worth this bag but your dogs arn’t HAHA!

    • Melissa

      one or WON? hahaha. i think you win the award for stupidest girl on this blog.

  • Yoly

    I respect your opinion and taste on wanting a pug however I dont think you should say anything bad about chihuahuas or other dogs. People like different dogs and love them. I have a chihuahua and I love him, i dont appreciate your comment. I know not a lot of people like pugs, i personally do not but i respect your taste. Don’t be ignorant.

  • Freshdausy

    I am currently bidding on one of these. I wan’t one but not only don’t want to spend a fortune but quite frankly can’t…you know the real world where bills exist well that’s where I live. I also own a small dog, not specifying breed or price because it’s about the bag right!? Anyway if you like it and can, why the heck not?? If you like it and can’t keep bidding lol and if you don’t like it oh well *shrug* there’s no accounting for taste! ;)

  • Elly

    What really matters is that we all love our dogs and cost is irrelevant as each individual has financial priorities. I just bought a gorgeous Yorkie and paid a great deal more than my 11 year old 4 lb Yorkie for whom I paid $850 in 1995. Incidentally, my older Yorkie is in excellent health and continues to bring enormous joy. Bottom line is I am looking for a pet carrier for the baby Yorkie. Recommendations for style, manufacturer and size for a 3-4 pound adult Yorkie would be greatly appreciated.

  • gracie

    I think it’s incredibly crass to say that other dogs “aren’t” as deserving of a juicy carrier as your pug. If you were half as insightful as my dog (Chihuahua) you would know that dogs and their owners share an incredibly devoted relationship- and because of this, owners of all breeds want to express their love by pampering them with the highest caliber gifts. Your dog may have “one” several awards, but clearly it hasn’t taught you anything about acceptance and compassion through your relationship.

  • Antonette

    I have a 3 month old yorkie that i just bought a month ago, yes he is a YORKIE and expensive but hes worth every penny. And for lily who mentioned that all yorkie owners are tacky and having no class, i just want to point out the fact that before you start talking sh*t, make sure you double check your spelling so you dont sound more ignorant than you already are. It doesnt matter whatever breed it is, you cant judge a person for being tacky for owning a yorkie. I speak for all the yorkie owners, we bought this breed because we just simply love them the same reason why everyone else pick the dog that they have.

  • Angela

    chihuahuas are the best. dont get me wrong i like pugs to. but then again i love all dogs . so dont say chihuahuas are bitsy dogs but there far from it . my chihuahuas are the best bitchhhhhhh hahahaha

  • songbird

    I think that all of you who had something negative to say are just haters! Get a damn life and learn to be happy for others. You are just mad cuz you ain’t got that kinda money to spend on your dog and to be honest if you did have it, you WOULD spend it. And the reason why you probably haven’t been blessed with anything is because you are such negative, evil, haters! It really ain’t none of your damn business how much someone spends on their dog or for their dog or what kind of dog. It ain’t your money or your dog so why are you wasting your energy being concerned about. All of you on here who are happy with your dog and want to splurge on it. Go for it! You ain’t hurting nobody and smile doing it while these jealous bitches are wasting there energy being mad at you when they could be channeling that into being a more positive person. I have a yorkie, a teacup poodle, and a pitbull and my dogs get whatever the hell I want them to have. I treat them with love just as I do everyone I come across. If you have a problem with that…..sounds like a personal problem to me!

  • angel

    i agree with songbird and ok yes these carriers are expensive, but they are much better quality than others. they are made better, have large extra compartments so you dont have to carry a purse and are stable so your dog wont be flopping all over the place. plus, theyre much nicer looking than normal dog carriers. i havent bought one yet, but ive seen them and am saving my money for one because i really need it. i bought a cheap one from target bc i thought it didnt really matter, but its horrible my dog is comfortable in it and the straps hurt, plus i have to carry another bag with it, and its tacky. so stop saying theyre too expensive and that its stupid to spend this much money on a dog bag, because its not. theyre are worth the money if you travel with your dog a lot. geez

  • angel

    correction, my dog is *uncomfortable* in the target one. oops :)

  • angel

    oh and in regards to the pug owners comment earlier, yes pugs are cute, but only get one if you are willing to deal with its breathing problems, heavy snoring, and picking up snot.

  • wtf!?

    Just so those of you who were bickering about the Coach carrier know, they do make one. You can go to their site right now and see it. They’re just not often seen in stores. So, way to call someone a liar when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Ashley

    Seriously, how can there be debate about carrier expenses. If you have enough $$ to supply the carrier with an adequately sized “baby” then you probably aren’t hurting in the finance dept. Carriers are a must if you have a small dog, because they are not only more comfortable than carrying (for both parties) but they are a SAFE choice, first and foremost. Actually, that depends on the quality, but for the most part, they’re the SAFE route. Gucci makes a nice carrier…Pucci makes a very sturdy one as well. My personal favorite is a brand that I don’t see often, EMRE NY. They are classy and EXTREMELY sturdy/comfy, but aren’t the cheapest things (around $400+).

    • NERSEL

      i agree best carriers are EMRE NY. They are very classy….They have been around for 7 years. i only buy from their on line store. They also make custom bags now.
      they sell in many stores though.

  • Destiny

    As for coach they made one YEARS ago and had stopped selling them for at least 6….recently for this season they came out with a new khaki colored carrier for $400 along with new colars and leashes , sweater ,and jacket!…so that girl was a liar unless she had a 7 plus year old carrier (doubt it) and she posted it many months ago and like i said THEY JUST CAME OUT WITH A CARRIER!! this season …..Im 24yrs old and if u little girls would stop acting like immature online gangsters and got into fashion and stlye like rest of the world u would know these things…

  • Destiny

    i also have a 2&1/2 yr old 4lb yorkie they are such a great breed and i have no regrets.. live in NJ VERY close to NY around here any small dogs cost top dollar i paid $2000 in NY for him and he was worth every penny he’s beautiful, smart and most of all HEALTHY!! …

  • Janie614

    Juicy Couture Dog Carrier – $125

    Your barking baby is sure to win the puppy pageant when arriving in this brilliantly beautiful dog carrier! This is pink on pink with JUICY written on it. Featuring rich leather trim and gold hardware, this collectible dog carrier is highlighted with a zip-back top opening, side roll-down chin rest, inside safety harness and removable shoulder straps along with a separate inner pocket with cell phone and lipstick holders. She’ll feel pretty, oh so pretty! In flight approved. PayPal only.
    13″ long, 8 “wide and 10′ tall…

  • no name

    You are all idiots. Yeah this bag is cute, and juicy as a brand is cute, except some of the stuff, but you people fighting over which dog is cutter, and who’s spending what for their dog is rediculous. Stop braging about how much you spent. It’s your money, you spent it how you wanted and that’s your business. If you are saying crap like my dog deserves this bags, your full of shit. B/c a dog is a dog, it doesn’t care if it gets a juicy bag or a brown paper bag, to them it’s all the same. Dogs live their lives based on how YOU raised them. They’re not like people in the sense that they are good all year so santa will buy them a juicy couture bag. And you all sound like pressy preps, with your small teacup chihuahuas in a bright pink and green bag, parading down the street. If i saw you i’d laugh. No offense to juicy couture bc i really like their clothes, bags, and ascessories. Don’t take my judgemental comment personal, bc i am only basing you on stero type, and based on your comment, so im not saying i hate anyone. Thanks for reading my long, boring, pointless comment.

  • Laura

    Some of you have really bad grammar and spelling. Geez. How old are you guys, 12? Dogs have all sorts of price tags. It depends on where the dog comes from and from what part of the country. What is wrong with spending a lot on a dog? Plus, once you fall in love with “the one”, the price tag should not matter! P.S. If you are unable to afford a dog carrier, you should not get a purebred dog. DUH.

  • kimberely

    lmao. oh my god, why on earth are you all talking about how much your dogs cost? like anyone cares? you’re all talking about your dogs like they’re handbags. “mine was $4,000.. it’s beautiful and classier and better than your cheapo $350 one! haha!” ..yeah um. i kinda agree with laura^^; you don’t buy dogs because they’re cheap or because they’re expensive. you buy them because once you fall in love with them, nothing matters. and people can choose to buy juicy couture dog carriers or louis vuitton carriers for their dogs.

    personally, i think anyone who would buy that juicy couture dog carrier is someone who likes to buy things because of the brand. psch, i bet if the carrier wasn’t screaming “JUICY” not so many people would buy it. i’d rather spend alot on a louis vuitton dog carrier that is far better quality. louis vuitton is a brand that is famous for its quality. you know the reason it got all known is because they found a louis vuitton luggage in the titanic after it sank, and not one drop of sea water got into it and everything inside the luggage was safe.

    bleh. overall i just really don’t love juicy couture that much. i don’t see the point in buying the stuff they make, because it’s all just a bunch of overpriced average stuff that has like “royal princess juicy couture preppy rich girl” printed all over it. you might as well carry around a sign that says “i’m a rich royal princess that buys couture and stuff bye”.

  • Shayna

    I really don’t believe how you can all bash one another because one of your dogs is smaller or more expensive than the other. I have a german shepherd/american pit bull terrier mix who is great. She was free and is a mix oh my goodness you people are so going to have a field day on that one. She can actually run around and walk on her own. I’m so proud. Unfortunately I came upon this site because I’m looking for a bag/purse for a family member who has a small dog who has a hurt leg. But seriously, a dog is supposed to be your best friend not your fasion statement. I spoil mine, you can spoil yours, but don’t go saying that you bought your dog at such an expensive price just because you wanted to spoil it. The only reason these small “designer/teacup” dogs (which arnt even represented by the AKC, UKC, or any other clubs are so expensive because they are a status symbol. Most people who are paying outrageous prices for a puppy are stuck up and nothing you say on a message board is going to change it. Hope some of you give up trying.

  • Allison

    I cant believe you guys have nothing better to do but to bash on one another.I came upon this site because my sister has a chihuahua and im looking for a bag for her for christmas.i happen to have an australian cattle dog corgi that i got from the pound and only paid 12 dollars.uh oh what are you all going to say about that? well have fun bashing and you guys should really get a life!its not about the amount you spend its the fact that they’re your best friend and you should love them not treat them like some trophy

  • Diane

    Wow, First of all you can find a cheap sick teacup or Standard Yorkie anywhere, even have them shipped across the country. Good luck with the heartbreak and 3000+ you are going to spend when he/she takes ill for a while and then dies. Unless you go to a reputable breeder and pay a fair amount for a Yorkshire Terrier, you will be doomed. Trust me I have been there and back a few times. Learn by my misfortune’s please. It really really hurts. Finally I found a reputatble AKC certified Yorkshire Terrier breeder and paid big bucks but 18 years later me and my best friend in the whole world are still healthy happy and live life to it;s fullest together. THINK OF LONG TERM BEFORE YOU BUY !!! Go to Breeders.net or the AKC website and find a breeder. These dogs will come with a health warranty plus you can enter them in the AKC shows, agility competions and meet wonderful people and you furry friend can meet wonderful furry friends. It’s all good but again GO TO A REPUTABLE AKC BREEDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 IF YOU DON;T YOU WILL PAY NOT ONLY WITH YOUR MONEY BUT WITH YOUR HEART

  • We write about the latest dog carriers!

    Luxury dog carriers Reviews of small dog clothes, rhinestone collars, luxury pet carriers and in-depth features on how to photograph your dog, how to throw a birthday party for your dog, or how to make your dog a star. For the pet owner who loves to spoil their dog.

  • Diva Dog

    We love Juicy Couture dog carriers and other items. At first we didn’t really much care for them until we walked into London Canine Couture (www.londoncaninecouture.com) and found them. They are awesome! So many pockets, plush cushion, zippers, and just plain gorgeous. My boyfriend and I fell in love with the Juicy dog line completely. I don’t have to carry a purse now when carrying my dog because of all the compartments the Juicy carrier has. The chocolate leather is deep and rich as well. Not to mention, my dog loves sitting in the carrier! We bought the “love me love my dog” carrier and couldn’t resist the matching pink and rhinestone embellished tee. Way too cute!

  • lisa webber

    I don’t know why u guys are making this such a big deal. what’s the big deal about buying ur dog a name brand carrier, im in the process of buying my dog a carrier from louis vuitton from eluxury.com, my dog means the world to me and nothing is to expensive for him.

  • Stacie

    I have a Juicy carrier, it’s not like the shape above, it’s the tote. I liked it at first but then after a bit it began to lose its shape. It was also a very obvious dog carrier which is a negative for me. I want to get my dog the one that is shaped like the one above, she does have nicer carriers, but the Juicy above looks more like a purse which I prefer (I’ll find one in all black). I love taking her with me, but I want to be as discreet as possible. But at the same time, I like pretty things. The price of my dog, the quality of her breeding, and the adoration I have for her has nothing at all to do with label she is carried in. It all comes down to me liking pretty things and I can afford it.

  • Debbie

    Yes, the dog is quite a bit more! I have 5 yorkies and the least expensive one was $1500. So do the math with the amount I have spent on my puppies they deserve the best and that is what they get!!

    But, we all love our little ones so they need to be spoiled!!

  • Debbie

    Hey Lisa Webber!

    You go girl!! I just got back from LA where my yorkies are proud owners of the Louis Vuitton bag!! I love it!! I purchased two juicy bags to carry them in before we went and they just were not what I really wanted!! Needless to say, I have them on Ebay for sale now and they are so content with the LV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Hey. Well I have like 5 Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton carriers. And they are great! My 2 Chihuahua tea cup puppies love them! :eek:

    • Bonnie

      or you mean YOU love them, cuz your dogs will never be able to tell the difference between LV or a $20 bag.

  • Tasha

    Hmm… I thought this is a purse blog not a hundred dollar puppy blog :) I got Kiko who is chihuahua and he suppose to be big but since he is the runt, he stays small. Weigh 3.9#! Anyways, we have juicy store in San Fran now! It was cool!

  • Tasha

    I got this quilted pattern carrier from Kwigy Boo and its like $149 its like chanel pattern. So what I did is replacing the 2 straps, bought a chain and put ribbon in chain whole and voila.. i have Chanel pet carrier.. one of a kind :)

  • QeenBee

    Hello funny people, is anyone freaking out that others spend 500,000 on a mercedes? Different things for different people, I am definitely buying a Juicy for my baby, my 3lb Yorkie who cost me $2,000 US dollars and my friend just bought hers for $3,400 US, so good for us and whatever we want to do for ourselves and our lil puppies and her Louis Vuitton carrier I bought for her for the fall. Ce la vie and just be happy people! We are!!!

  • Angela



      OH YA YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! :!: :lol:

  • juicy couture lover

    hey people i bought my puppy for 1000 she’s a t-cup and 2 spend $250 o a dog bag is crazy i saw one why cheaper at another website

  • Deedee

    Ok, so you are all spending a lot of money on your dogs, carriers and “clothes”. I think that’s great,my daughter and I love our pets and we do spend lots of $ on frivolous items for them, but I hope you are also spending $ to help the homeless and the starving children around the world who don’t have any clothes much less food…”Let’s try to keep our priorities straight”.


    Best dog carriers are made by EMRE NEW YORK- http://www.EMRENY.com. They are sleek designs and lasts forever. Made to address the diversity needs of travellers with a classy touch. I don’ mind spending money for my dogs and cats.

  • kayla

    :roll: i wish :lol: but yeah my dog has luis vuitton and coach dog carriers only 45$ and 100$ much less then juicy :!: :grin:


      OH SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ALL ARE LUCKY !!! :twisted:

  • kayla

    enyone eva herd of http://www.ebay.com :?: DUH go ther :wink:

  • Chloee

    My dog Is a Teacup Pomeranian he was 3500

    • HANNAH


  • SM

    Geez people, come on. I must love my dog more than anyone here, because she came from the pound and I still shower her with expensive gifts. It’s about the dog, not the amount of money you paid for the dog. My parents have 3 expensive purebred dogs (2 poodles and a shepherd) that cost just as much as anyone else’s, and I’m ALWAYS asking them to quit buying these and to start adopting. If you little girls only knew of the pain these poor dogs at the pounds here in the US go through! Over 6 million each year sit and cry in small cages while waiting to be executed! Small dogs are there too! Pure and mixed. Mixed breeds have virtually NO genetic screw-ups that many of these $3000 dogs have (my dad paid $6000 for a shepherd that had hip dysplasia!)

    When I went to get mine, she was next in line to be put to sleep. She was just sitting there with the saddest face. There was the teenist little chihuahua across from her that was scared to death of being in there. He was also due to be put down. He was like a little mouse! I can’t save them all. Shame on those heartless people who are more concerned about papers than they are about the living dogs that are out in this world.

    My mother-in-law has a pure YORKIE that is SO annoying, I truely hate him. On the other hand, my aunt and cousin each have a yorkie who I like. It’s not about the breed, people!

    My dog is a poodle/lhasa mix, and she is absolutely the cutest dog I have ever seen. Sure, dumb people are buying lhasapoos as “designer” dogs right now, but mine was almost free and if she doesn’t have the most gorgeous face, no dog does. She’s perfect and you can’t top perfect. Period.

    And yes, I like this bag. Just because my dog was saved from MISERY and DEATH, doesn’t mean I can’t give her a beautiful bag!

    Girls, stop comparing what you have to each other and really imagine your sweet dogs being forced to live on their own poop and pee in a dark cage about to be killed. It’s hard to place your pampered babies there, but millions of sweet dogs who deserve to be pampered are living in these conditions right now.

    Please, next time you want a dog, think about contacting a breed rescue group. They rescue pure breeds from death row and connect them to people who want to do something good for a dog and adopt. If you think your dogs love you because you buy them nice bags, imagine how much your dog would love you if it knows you saved it’s life! Trust me, they know more than you think.

    And this isn’t a rant about people with money. I agree that if you like something, you should go out and get it no matter the cost. I was raised just as much a spoiled child as any of you, but it turns out that you CAN grow up to be MATURE about things that matter.

    Don’t be mean to others for loving their pets who may have cost less than you paid for yours. Whether you know this or not, many wealthy people adopt dogs out of the love they have for them. Once you’ve connected to an animal and you become attached, you shouldn’t back out just because the girl next door might laugh at you behind your back. Those kinds of people who discriminate certain dogs are what you call a$$holes, and they really don’t like dogs at all.

    I could have paid a lot for mine, but I chose to find one that really needed me. I SPOIL the hell out of her, and I will do the same for the NEXT pound poodle I rescue after she’s gone.

    So, I’m off my soapbox. Cute bag. Good for you if you managed to read this.

    • HANNAH


  • Treck

    I agree with Sarah….I love Yorkies!!
    I got my yorkie for $2800 and my maltese for $1900 and both of my girls have the LV carrier. I bought this carrier in the pink and brown one but they still prefer the LV ones, maybe because theres more space for them to move around. Anyways, I ended up giving my JC carrier to my vet and the other one to the groomers. And yes, a lot of people would think that spending too much money on dogs are silly, but for us who are willing to, its because we don’t think of them as just DOGS, they are our BABIES and we want the BEST for them.

  • Angela

    if anyone is looking for a chihuahua puppy i have 6 puppies for sale.3 boys and 3 girls the boys are 650 and the girls are 800. i live in queens,ny .my email address is blondegrkbarbie@aol.com

    thanks guys.

  • Anne Marie

    I have been looking for a Juicy carrier since I brought home my 4 lb yorkie last month. I love all my juicy stuff! I have a juicy tote carrier, and yes, it is obvious that you’re carrying a dog when there’s a pic of a chihuahua’s face on the side! My pooch is very active with a big, healthy appetite, so I’m afraid she won’t fit into a bowler bag if she hits 5 or 6 lbs. What is the max weight for a juicy bowler?

    ** I think all dogs, big or small, designer or mutt, are lovable (to different people). What I don’t understand is why someone who defiantly dislikes designer dogs wastes her time ranting on the shallow purse blog…. just a thought. I’m indifferent to this argument.

    I’m so proud of my sweet, quiet, intelligent, loving yorkie! I’ll show her off and take her everywhere in a juicy carrier (or two or three…)

  • Stacy

    Personally I don’t care how much people spend to pamper their dogs. What I do care about is where you get your dogs. There are NO dogs that comes form responsible breeders that will cost less than $1500. If you got your dog from a pet store it was bred in a cramped cage in an Amish farmer’s barn or it was born from a backyard breeder who knows nothing about the breed nor do they care about genetic problems that will cost you big bucks. A responsible breeder requires spay/neuter of all puppies unless they have been purchased to be show dogs in order to win titles. Responsible breeders will not provide you with AKC papers until you spay or neuter your pet. Responsible breeders also do rescue. They will not breed their females more than once a year and will spay and place them after a few years of breeding. A responsible breeder never has any puppies left over in a litter and they are all spoken for before they leave their mom. Responsible breeders do genetic testing and careful temperament and health screening. They also will ALWAYS take the puppy back if something goes wrong. If the place you got your puppy doesn’t do ALL of these things you are supporting a puppy mill or backyard breeder and you got scammed because your dog isn’t worth any more money than if you adopted the dog from a shelter. In fact there are tons of purebred dogs in shelters because of irresponsible breeding. It’s not about finding a cheap dog people. There are only two acceptable sources for puppies… shelters / rescues and responsible breeders.

  • Kristi

    :???: If all of you idiots would realize this is a blog about purses not your frigin dogs we would all be better off. Know your role!!!!

  • Elaine

    My husband is a vet and one thing most vets are pretty clear about is that making or designing/breeding dogs to be fashion statements is not healthy. Not for the dog or the human. For the human, it is about being insecure and using everything from a certain breed or dog to designer wear for validation means you do not think very much of yourself so you are using fashion and money to connote class. For the dogs, very tiny often means a plethora of health problems, such as very brittle bones, poor teeth, and a number of diseases and sinus problems.

    Those little guys may be super cute to you–but along with the ‘cuteness’ and tiny size comes a nightmare of problems. Little bones can break just from jumping off a couch or anyone accidently stepping on a paw. Very small animals can become prey for predator birds or other animals. The teeth often loosen and fall out due to the inability for dentin to establish a stronger hold to the root in the gum, the hearts have problems and often there are numerous allergies…

    But if so many of you listed here really cared about the dogs as individuals and living things, the focus would be on their health–not on how small they are, how you can dress them or how much you paid or what you can buy for them. Sorry, but most of you sound like very insecure young ladies who treat your dogs like furry barbies you can play, dress up or show off.

    When you REALLY care about them, you will start looking for and buying them at the right size for their breed, not miniaturized. That way, they can not only be a bit of ‘bling’ in your life, but they can enjoy their little lives as much as you enjoy having them in your own.

    As for the Juicy bag or any pet carrier–why not? Like George Bush says–people spending keeps the economy together, if not on bags for dogs, then on something else so go for it.

  • Melissa

    amen sister.

  • janet

    Hi, I am picking up my new t-cup yorkie on monday and it took me years and years to try and find one for $500 or less. It was impossible!!! My fiance found someone selling yorkies near where I live and went to see those puppies. He tells me that those dogs were only touched by the owners with gloves on and would not let customers touch them at all. Because these dogs tend to be low glycemic they have to be fed every 4 hours and they hire someone to come every 4 hours to just feed them (I’m sure they tally all that in when figuring out a price for the dog). I really didn’t want him to spend that kind of mula on a dog, but my fiance for my 30th decided to just get me one. He had to talk me into getting it saying that it would ultimately be a family member for 15+ years and I shouldn’t think about the cost.

    I’ve gotten bit by a big chow before so I prefer the really small ones. I am guilty of shopping designer brands but never rub anyone’s face in it and it’s my hard earned money….damnit! I don’t think anyone should judge a person by how much they spend on things and hey if you got it, spend it! Who the hell cares? It’s only normal that people want quality items! That goes with everything you buy like laptops, jewelry, shoes and yada yada yada…. it just comes with a price! Good luck ladies!

  • janet

    By the way I’ve been calling pounds every week for 2 years and had no luck…..hence now having to fork up the big money……to have one now.

  • shayla

    :cry: I have a YORKIE …and I didnt care how much it cost I LOVE HIM//// Dogs are worth every penny….and pluss U can SELL THEIR CHILDREN LOL





  • Deeda

    You don’t have to pay a fortune. I have a family member that bought a Yorkie a few minths ago :roll: and she only paid $550. Personally I would pay more than that for any dog.