Palmellato Dog Collar

I am realizing one thing today; I am leaving out any animal that does not bark (with the exception of barking parrots, cats, fish, snakes, mice, ants, etc). So for all of you non-doggie animal owners: send me anything you would like me to cover for your precious pet! Some dog owners are not big into glitz, glam and costumes. Take my family for example and the recent Dog Star Nitro. Nitro is just a regular black lab. He fits into that typical American family, which many say we are. My family would never turn Nitro into Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell, rather keep him simple. He can be simply stylin’ in a leather collar. The Barney’s New York Palmellato Dog Collar is designed from grained leather and is available in a variety of colors. This way your simple pup can still show off his or her different moods. For example wear light orange on a sunshiny summer day or black when trying to be low key ;-). The collar measures 55 cm in length and is 2 1/2 cm wide. Choose from a variety of colors via Barney’s New York for $35.

Pretty In Pink

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