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The Tank Top Is Back: The Best Bag and Tank Top Pairs

The tank has nothing to do with bags, but will match every bag

This is a highly random post, you know it, and of course, I know it, but nevertheless, I wanted to share my neverending hunt for the perfect tank top. Because if you have staples in your closet, you know the right tank top is always that unspoken garment that you look for, to pair with something or wear by itself, and the one that fits right makes all the difference. It seems the designer brands are all in this as well because the designer tank top is having a moment.

Being a Florida gal (ok, a nearly 40-year-old woman, but I’d like to pretend I’m still young at heart), tank tops are part of our daily repertoire. The problem is, many times, they don’t feel very dressy, and as you get older, it seems that the tank top is less accepted as a top of its own. Until now that is, as many of my favorite designer brands are pushing the seemingly simple wardrobe staple.

A great tank top needs to be thick enough to provide some control without being so thick that it’s uncomfortable, it needs to be long enough to cover your entire torso without being so long that the extra material just bunches, and needs to scoop low enough on your chest to look feminine without being too revealing.

Without further ado, here are the designer tank tops that are having their moment right now, and I’m oddly drawn to them. And since this is a bag site, I’m pairing each tank top with a corresponding bag because the beauty of a tank top is that every single bag will match it.


Prada White Logo Tank

Prada Triangle Bag


Loewe Anagram White Tank Top

Loewe Puzzle Mini Bag


Chloe Scalloped Tank

Chloe Woody Tote

The Row

The Row Tank

The Row Gabriel Tote


Celine Triompe Tank

Celine 16 Top Handle


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