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Are ‘Teen’-Sized Bags Just the Right Size?

Goldie locks and the 3...bags?

When Bottega Veneta released its now-iconic Pouch bag, it became an overnight sensation, finding its way into the hearts (and closets) of bag lovers everywhere. But, the size of the Pouch Bag was pretty niche, and its oversized appeal did not appeal to everyone. So, when the brand released its new Teen Pouch, we took note.

Bottega Veneta has taken its iconic billowy leather, oversized Pouch and condensed it to create the perfect everyday size with the Teen Pouch. The Teen size, which is smaller than the original but sits above the mini, is a welcome addition for many who need to carry more than what fits in a mini bag but still crave a purse that’s not incredibly oversized. The addition of this new size means that an otherwise impractical silhouette (to some) may now spark some intrigue.

It turns out that Bottega Veneta has added a few new Teen sizes to its lineup, like its beloved Jodie and the Double Knot, which is notable given that mini and micro bags have been reigning supreme for the last couple of years. But does this mean that the mini bag movement is on its way out, and are teen-sized bags “just right,” in the words of Goldie locks? Let’s discuss.

Are Teen-Sized Bags the It Size?

Bottega Veneta isn’t the only brand to release teen versions of some of its popular bags. Celine has long since used this terminology as well. Currently, the brand has teen versions of some of its most popular bags. Most notably, the Celine Teen Bucket 16 which has found popularity amongst a few big-name fashion bloggers in recent weeks.

While the actual dimensions of ‘teen’-sized bags can vary from shape to shape and brand to brand, I like the idea behind it. It’s not too big, but not small. It’s a just-right size that is large enough to carry the essentials but not too small that your bag is a hassle to actually use. It’s perfect to wear all day and can even take you through into nighttime as well.

Personally, after months of using my Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie, I find the bag itself a bit small and cumbersome to get in and out of. Even though I adore its look, and I can quite honestly say that I am happy with my bag, I wonder what choice I would have made if the teen was around when I decided to hit purchase.

Is a teen-sized bag just right for you, or are you more on either extreme?


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