Are Fabric Bags a Waste of Money?

Lately, I'm lusting after a printed silk bag, but is it worth it?

Last week I wrote about Saint Laurent’s latest logo bag, which is an ode to the Yves Saint Laurent of the past. Most of you were quite averse to the bag itself, and while I’m not exactly surprised, I’m also not ashamed to say that I really love it. It’s very me. Colorful, unique, and fun, it’s not a bag that everyone would have, and that’s one of the things I like about it.

While I’ve said I won’t be buying any other bags this year as I’m in the midst of furnishing my new apartment, this bag is screaming at me to run in the opposite direction of that promise. Aside from the fact that I really have no business purchasing the bag, what’s really causing me to give it some extra thought is the price. $2,550 for a printed silk bag seems excessive, even for someone who understands the ins and outs of luxury goods and costing.

Saint Laurent Printed Silk Jamie Bag

A Price Ceiling

Are fabric bags a waste of money? No, I personally don’t think so.

On the one hand, some would argue that a leather bag that costs upwards of four or even three figures is a waste and excessive. So really, what’s the difference in what the material is? If you love the bag and it suits you well, it will be an investment in your happiness. That is why many of us collect and purchase handbags in the first place — they bring us joy and add a little bit of sparkle to our day-to-day life.

While I don’t believe that a fabric bag is a waste of money if it’s a bag you can easily work into your wardrobe and will use, I do feel much more inclined to second guess a purchase or give myself a limit of what I would spend on a fabric bag.

Leather or coated canvas can be much more practical than fabric as it can withstand certain wear and tear that fabric can’t. So if you’re not a big fan of babying your bags, you’d probably rather skip a fabric bag, especially one in a light color.

I’m not exactly sure what that price ceiling is, though. What’s the most you would spend on a fabric bag?

Chanel Fabric Bag


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  1. Ed B. Avatar
    Ed B.

    Lucky me, in general I genuinely don’t like the look of fabric bags. We’re a vegan diet household and although the choice is not for ethical reasons chiefly, I do care about minimizing my animal consumption in general. Leather bags are where I can’t seem to budge. I buy very few thankfully, but I can’t like fabric bags. I wish I did. They could be free and I still don’t like the look. Either they look way too delicate (ex: Dior silk stuff, no thanks I don’t want to snag my bag day 1), OR they look like…I don’t know, curtain-y? They just don’t look good to me.

  2. Sexy Girl with an Eyepatch Avatar
    Sexy Girl with an Eyepatch

    Well that particular Saint Laurent bag is just ugly. But in general, I don’t mind fabric bags. Leather is not an expensive material either so I don’t think fabric is necessarily inferior per se. It all depends on the bag.

  3. 16/155 Avatar

    The sandals in the header pic 🤢

  4. guest Avatar

    I have seen this photo with that shoe before, that is in cover pic

  5. JPG Avatar

    My answer is yes. The reason why I buy higher-end leather goods is that the quality, finishing, colour, and design are quite significantly different from fast fashion and most indie brands. When indie brands offer anything close to that, so is the price tag (at least close to designer bags on sale/ in outlets). But with fabric bags, there is not much difference. And the price is no different from leather ones…

  6. Zoe Avatar

    if it costs more than $500 – it’s a waste of money..

    1. Yoyo Avatar

      But at $499 it’s a great deal!!

      1. Ζoe Avatar

        lol! i loved your comment <3

  7. psny15 Avatar

    I enjoy non leather bags in the summer – be it fabric or raffia or wicker

    1. QueerBoss Avatar

      Category is… Sophia Petrillo Extravaganza.

  8. FashionableLena Avatar

    I think that fabric bags have their purpose and function. I own a couple of old Prada nylons that I would carry to my kids’ sporting events. I used a Juicy Couture one as a daily bag when my kids were really young. I have a Dooney nylon tote for work and a Kate Spade nylon backpack for field trips. They’re worry free and easy to clean up.

    With that being said, I wouldn’t pay a whole lot for a fabric handbag especially for daily use.

  9. Platinumbabie Avatar

    I love fabric bags but my issues with them are that, depending on the bag of course, most are difficult to clean.