Holy bridezillas, you guys. It seemed like the marriage equality march caused lots of drama last week on Real Housewives of New York, but it didn’t have anything on what happened last night. A few of our housewives (ahem, Sonja) were dearly in need of a reminder that just because they put on wedding dresses didn’t mean it was actually their special day.

There was a bit of other drama woven in, but mostly last night’s episode revolved around Sonja’s grand-marshalling of the equality march and whether or not she had forced organizers to bump Silex in order to get her to participate. If that sounds boring, it kind of was. But then it kind of wasn’t? I’m a little undecided. What I’m not undecided about, though, is that Stoned David Arquette should co-host Watch What Happens Live every week.

We started with Sonja, who was set to be the Grand Marshall of that marriage equality walk that everyone was hootin’ and hollerin’ about last week. She’s a gay icon, you see. Kelly and the Countess then showed up to remind us that the day would likely be full of drag queens, and then Alex also arrived to take her rightful spot as Board Member. I don’t know if “board member” is supposed to be capitalized, but based on how many times those words were said last week, it seems appropriate.

When Alex started talking about the importance of equality and marriages instead of civil unions, the Countess started to feel extremely inconvenienced over the reminder that the day was about something other than her getting to wear a pretty wedding dress for the cameras. Sonja was also less than thrilled to be reminded that it wasn’t “her day” (as she kept calling it for the entire hour of television), but a day about an issue that she was there to support, and apparently she had requested that no one else connected to Real Housewives would be allowed to address the crowd before the march. Since Simon had been originally scheduled to speak as well and got cut from the schedule because of her, he and Alex were understandably irritated.

Sonja, still resolute in her belief that the day was really about her and all of the other Housewives supporting her, wouldn’t allow Simon to be included as a speaker, because then people might spend five seconds thinking about something or someone other than her. They might think about Simon’s rainbow sequin jacket, for example. Or marriage equality, whatever that is. No, NO. People need to think about what’s important: Sonja’s updo, and how she was asked to have a fictional leadership position of the entire thing, and how she’s a gay icon. Remember the last person to call herself an icon on this show? Kim from Beverly Hills. I don’t think that requires further comment.

As if Andy Cohen had put up some sort of Real Housewives Catfight Bat Signal, Jill flew in on a broomstick from the Hamptons to make sure that she got her camera time out of the whole situation. She’s a Board Member, after all. When Alex made a rather pointed comment about how glad she was that Jill could attend, Jill saw her opportunity and spewed all kinds of talking points that she had clearly learned from Kelly about bullying. In case she forgot any of them, Kelly’s skeletal hands were there gripping her shoulder in support, and she was ready to whisper points into Jill’s ear at any moment.

Meanwhile, Sonja had gotten up to make her speech and and it became even more obvious that she had spent exponentially more time thinking about her outfit for the day than about what she might say to the crowd of gay and lesbian activists that she was there to lead. She never even managed to mention the legality of gay marriage and I’m not entirely super that she ever said the word “marriage.” She just rambled incoherently about equality and bullying (Kelly has gotten to Sonja as well, I see) and love, and even though she remembered to leave plenty of pauses for crowd reaction, she didn’t get any.

The whole group did manage to make it all the way to Brooklyn, though, and everyone congratulated themselves for helping the gays and doing something good for humanity that may, in some small way, negate some of the bad energy that they’ve all put out into the world. You ladies have a long way to go. Just sayin’.

Let’s leave that issue for a moment because, frankly, I’m sick of talking about it. Cindy and her brother were elsewhere in Manhattan talking about the incident last week with Ramona in the Hamptons where she was talking smack about Cindy’s brother and he was standing right behind her. I still don’t really understand what the whole dead friend/cigar incident was about, but Cindy didn’t seem to be too upset about it, which will probably change later. It always changes later. I was too distracted by her fabulous apartment to think too hard about a dead guy’s cigar collection. Perhaps that makes me shallow? I’m sort of okay with that.

Sonja then went to meet with her Jason Statham-looking boytoy, who is also an artist who she’s helping organize a show, and he continued to be my type. Does anyone remember his last name? I’d like to stalk him when I get to New York. Anyway, he unveiled an unfinished portrait of Sonja that he had painted for her, and it wasn’t nearly as good as the painting of the hot brunette that he had hanging elsewhere in his studio. Sonja, girl, don’t be a moron. (Ok, I know you’re kind of a moron and you can’t help that. But don’t be a moron about this. Tell the artist boy that you can’t help him with the show and see how long he sticks around.)

Because this is clearly the Sonja episode, we later saw her lunching with the Countess, who encouraged her to get drunk at lunch and talk about Alex. Nothing good will come of that.

Speaking of unfortunate outcomes, Ramona had bought a table at a Gucci charity event and invited a group of Housewives that did not include Kelly so that she would not embarrass everyone in front of Mr. Gucci, who was in attendance. When someone as utterly insane
as Ramona is scared that you’re going to embarrass her in public, you probably need to reevaluate your life decisions up to that point, particularly if any of those decisions have been made on television.

But just because Ramona didn’t invite her didn’t mean that Kelly stayed home – au contraire! She claimed that Mr. Gucci invited her himself, but I find that kind of difficult to believe. There are over 8 million people on the island of Manhattan, and you would think that the Gucci press office could think of at least a couple hundred other, more important people to invite before Kelly Bensimon. That’s just speculation, but mathematically, I think it’s probably true.

Kelly and Sonja arrived at the Gucci party arm-in-arm, making bad jokes about tequila and acting like they were really excited to be out in public. Once they got inside, Ramona panicked and made Kelly a makeshift place card. Luckily, Kelly can’t deign to stay at a single event for the entire evening, an annoying, self-important habit about which she’s bragged since she joined the show, and she mostly left without incident. Well, except for making a racist crack at Ramona’s friend straight to her face. But if that’s the only crazy thing that comes out of Kelly’s mouth on any given evening, I think we can all agree that one racist joke is a relatively successful night for her. A relative failure for humanity, but a success for Kelly nonetheless.

The episode ended with a trip to Sonja’s house, since this is the Sonja episode and all, to unveil Brian’s very mediocre painting of her. She appeared to be sitting in a ditch, swathed in some sort of dirt-colored towel, and the painting of that brunette in his studio was way better. Except I’m getting ahead of myself – we haven’t even talked about Alex getting kicked out yet! Yes, Sonja invited Alex to her little picture party, despite the fact that they currently hate each other.

When Alex arrived and Sonja told her to never allow Simon to speak that closely to her again (yes, proximity sounded like the main issue), things spun out of control quickly. Alex started off by trying to calmly explain why it seemed to her that Sonja had tried to make the entire marriage equality march about herself instead of about the issue at hand, including that she and Simon had been asked to speak but then kicked off the roster because Sonja demanded that she be the only cast member to speak.

When Sonja interrupted to tell her that she wasn’t making any sense, not only was that not true but it just made Sonja look like a genuine crazy person, ranting and raving and waving her tiny Hermes Kelly in the air, despite the fact that she was in her own home, hosting a cocktail party, which usually doesn’t require a handbag. She shouted some sort of explanation that she seemed to think exonerated her from Alex’s accusations of selfishness, but it mostly sounded like her version of events and Alex’s lined up pretty well, and she just didn’t think there was anything wrong with her excluding others from a charity event in order to make sure that the focus was on her above all else. But really, what was up with that handbag? I would much rather recklessly speculate about what was inside than keep talking about the particulars of event planning:

Her own, tiny mini bar, complete with mixers and salted nuts? Tiny ones?
Her crazy pills? Not to be confused with her anti-crazy pills; she clearly lost those.
A matching crocodile Hermes flask?
A taser?
Brian’s balls?
An even smaller Hermes bag?

See, this is way more interesting than trying to parse whether or not Alex and Sonja actually agree on the chain of events at the Bridezilla march. Although the more I watch the episode, the more it seems like excluding Alex and Simon was Sonja’s idea instead of the event planner’s – if it wasn’t hers, why did she stand so firm about Simon not speaking when Alex asked for her blessing? Curiouser and curiouser. If any of this stuff actually counts as “curious” in the first place.

And then, at the end of the party, Ramona strolled in toting a bottle of wine with her own name on it and all was right with the world again. Until next week, ladies.

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  • ninjaninja

    This is why I hate protests. It has become a platform to show off social standing, to have a party, to be seen/photograph, etc. You can argue that they’re giving more exposure to this issue, but at the same time, they’re really not doing anything to propel this cause in a more productive direction. So I can understand why Alex was so upset. But really, I hate feeling so jaded, so won’t somebody please tell me I’m wrong?

    • S

      I think Alex was using the platform to show off her social standing just as much as Sonja. So I guess I’m doubly cynical. I find the way Alex acted at Sonja’s party really annoying . She followed Sonja around and yelled in her face – sorry Amanda but I think proximity counts. No one is allowed to do that in my house. And when Simon was asked to say the speech he would have done at the event – what the heck was that? What did it have to do with anything? I’m with Sonja because I can understand why she would want to be part of events that aren’t so housewife centric -especially with Simon popping up everywhere. That would get on my nerves.

      • Lynn

        me too!!!

      • Bloshka

        Me three. I expect these women to be self-involved. Of course they’re self-involved.

        But I don’t like my marriage equality marches to be about Silex’s all-important right to speak as Board Members, nor do I appreciate the idea of marriage for a green card.

        When people start bickering, they take away from a cause. Silex just wanted their day in the sun. And maybe Simon was going to come out.

        I really do see why Sonja was upset. Simon is a foot taller and a hundred pounds heaver and wearing a glttery jacket, and he was yammering in Sonja’s ear. I would have been upset too.

        I don’t know, were it my cause, I don’t think I’d mind a self-involved real housewife, but I would definitely object to mindless (and loud) bickering.

        Finally, why didn’t Alex leave Sonja’s house? I couldn’t figure it out. Why did she follow Sonja around instead of leaving? I’ve never been asked to leave anywhere, but I guarantee that if I were, I’d do it immediately.

  • Mary

    Your recaps are the best, BEST, BESTEST! OMG, your saying that the picture of Sonja was her in a ditch covered in dirt, I hurt myself laughing. I honestly think Sonja had WAY to much to drink at HER party, at HER house, for HER picture party. You are so right about the boy toy. He is my type too, I don’t care if he paints bad sometimes. Also, Sonja’s outfits were hideous and carrying the purse at her own house reminded me of Queen Elizabeth.

  • Ms. Lovie

    I agree. Sonja should have given us a “What is my Hermes Kelly Handbag?” review. That would have been much more interesting.

    • Lulugurl


  • Ping

    I can’t get into this year’s RHNY as these girls are on the track to “create” their fake drama and making a total jackasses of themselves. From your recap, it sounds like you are having a hard time getting into this now as well. Each one of them are trying to hog for camera time. I’m all for expressing yourself, but Alex’s outfit is fit for a dungeon in NYC, not upper east side (she’s trying too hard), Jill needs to be quiet, Kelly has less than camera time, so she was tolerable (although i have giving up on trying to figure out what she actually do), Countess Luann is trying too hard to have “class” when the real classy thing to do is keep her mouth shut if she doesn’t have something nice to say about someone, sonja is trying to get more tv time (by the way, there are way hotter guys in NYC than brian:)) I think i’m starting to like ramona more and more since she is the only one that has not changed since the inception of this show. As for the gay marriage protest, while sonja should have let simon speak as well, alex as usual made too much of mountain out of mole hill, but i guess that ‘s what social climbers do.

  • bb

    Great recap! This episode was nuts….everyone had a moment of craziness last night. I’m really disappointed in Sonja. I really loved her last season but she is becoming a little to self serving. I agree with Ping, Romona is the only one that seems to have been able to retain her renewed self. I think Alex and Simon were so upset because they were the only ones that actually gave a crap about what the march was about. I too wondered……what the heck was up with the baby Kelly at Sonja’s own home. WHO DOES THAT? I bet nothing was is her bag she just wanted the world to know she had it so in crazy Sonja world she just hung it on her arm for display!

  • Marianna

    What a crew! Not a likeable one in the lot. Alex may be right in the points she was trying to make but she has become way too intense and just too much. If this is what it means to be a woman of means and social standing, I’ll take my simple life anyday! Amanda-you’re recaps are great. I laughed until I ached when I read your description of Sonja’s portrait. I wonder if she had her va jay jay bedazzled before she sat like that in the ditch? LOL

  • suz

    Once again, I did not sit down and actually watch this hot mess. But, I’m hear to tell you, the back ground roar of bickering, arguing and cross shouting has reached Atlanta proportions. I did cruise through the room at the moment when Kelly was disparaging Romana because Ramona is 8 years older than Kelly…the implication being Ramona is an old hag. F.Y.I. Kelly, you look way older than Ramona…..in fact years older (and stringier) than just about anyone gracing our living rooms these days.

    Sonja’s “jumped the shark” and become the most narcissistic, stupid and loathsome of the whole lot….who, incidently, are all becoming more and more unlikable. But, then that could be just because she had the most air time. Flumoxed, as well, by the handbag at her own party however cute

    Oh well, I only turn it on so I can have the background to read these highly amusing recaps. So, Amanda, thanks once again for making Fridays so much fun.

  • Straycat

    As if Andy Cohen had put up some sort of Real Housewives Catfight Bat Signal, Jill flew in on a broomstick from the Hamptons to make sure that she got her camera time out of the whole situation….Priceless!

    I’m waiting for Ramona to verbally smack someone, hopefully Luanne or Jill, with a 2X4 like she did Bethanney on the Brooklyn Bridge last season…

  • Kitty

    The best part was Simons speech. It seemed he plain proclaimed he came to America to fulfill his dream of marrying a guy named Alex, but at least he got his fiance visa by marrying a gal named Alex, or something like that. Sonia was annoying with this all about me attitude, but Alex is also getting annoying by acting like a pit bull. I was also worried some John was going to pick up Alex when she was standing alone on a dark New York street in her hooker outfit.

    • CacklingHens

      Sonja is so in need of attention, that she commandeered the Marriage Equality march with that horrible speech. Seriously though, after hearing what Simon planned on saying in his speech, I am glad he didn’t. Sounded like he wanted to come out of the closet as a bisexual man. That was so weird, what was that Alexandra/Alexander crap? Wow?

      There was too much things going on in this episode to carry on commenting. I already wrote an essay on another site this morning.

    • CacklingHens

      I forgot to say I was laughing like crazy about that comment Kitty. She did look like a street walker in that getup. I agree with everything you said, Alex was very annoying, she had good points but the way she expressed them and the places she chose to argue were horribly inappropriate.

    • Bloshka

      Pit bull! Perfect description. Thank you! I’ve been trying to think of something like this all week.

  • KaylaNiche

    All these girls are just tired and I’m tired of watching them. I do find myself rooting for Alex and Simon though. They are so upfront w/their eccentricities that I find it endearing.

  • Ruthie

    I am so happy to have found this site because I can’t convince anyone I know to watch Housewives (…can’t imagine why!). So, consequently, I have no one to talk to about the shows. Just LOVE the recaps and comments and having someone to “talk” to!! Thanks, everyone!

    • suz

      Ditto……it’s such a relief to have a little community of closet Housewives viewers to chat (vent) with.

      • suz

        …and I forgot to mention….you’ll go from housewives to obsessing about handbags in a nano-second.

  • Rachel

    Amanda, you are laugh out loud funny. I clearly cannot read your blogs at work any more, I am going to be fired :)

  • SuzieQ

    The Real Housewives franchise has officially jumped the shark.

  • SuzieQ

    WAIT!!! No one noticed that whackadoo Kelly was actually funny for three seconds on the promo for next week’s episode? When she mocked LuAnn about the appropriateness of discussing “the landscaping”. Seriously, Kelly isn’t even on my radar, but that was a good one. I don’t even care if it was prompted by Andy’s crew.

    • You’re right, her impression of LuAnn was quite funny! I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day, eh?

  • PhotoGirl

    LMAO, as usual, Amanda.

    You know that things have gone terribly wrong when Kelly Bensimmon begins to sound like the voice of reason.

    For me, Simon’s speech was the highlight of the evening. What, exactly did he mean by all of that? It almost sounded as if he was trying to come out. That would be a much more interesting “reality show” of course, so I’m sure Bravo won’t be revisiting that issue any time soon. Pity.

  • shallowgal

    I think Simon was attempting to make a torturous point of how he wouldn’t have been able to stay in the country if he had met a boy named Alex instead of a girl ~ but it came out rather garbled, right?
    And speaking of Alex, she’s found her voice. We get it. Now, STFU.

    Baby kelly (bag) was the star of the show. Who does that?! And speaking of a Kelly ~ what’s up with her chest? I swear they all decide to get augmented once they see themselves on TV. er. Gretchen?

    • Yeah, I sort of got Simon’s point after I listened to the speech a second time – if he had been gay and had come to America and fallen in love with a guy named Alex, he wouldn’t have been able to stay and marry him and start a family. It just didn’t come out clearly, and I certainly didn’t really catch his meaning the first time around.

      • Manuela

        Simon had no point at all. I’m sorry to say that because I like him, but it’s the truth. Since 9-11 it’s become almost impossible for a non-American to get a permanent greencard simply by marrying an American, even be that within a traditional marriage. As someone who’s gone through the process and the headaches of visas, temp greencards and must by this time have his 10-year greencard, Simon must know this. I was sorely irritated to hear the crux of Simon’s argument for gay marriage in his speech. Baloney streight through.

        And I had such high hopes when I saw that rainbow-sequined sportscoat. I was hoping for a little “Priscilla of the Desert” impromptu lip-synching.

      • Bloshka

        Gosh, I respectfully disagree. We have plenty of immigration problems as it is. Lots of deserving people don’t get to come here. Then Simon gets married for a green card? Oy!

  • Hope

    So funny to see Sonja talking about pecking order in Manhattan since she was a waitress before marrying a Morgan as in JP Morgan. How soon people forget who they are…

  • c.c.

    WoW! This is your absolute best recap yet!!

  • Matthew

    I officially went from being a Sonya fan to not being one in about an hour. By the way, Sonya trapped herself in a lie on WWHL when she first said she agreed to speak at the march before she agreed to do RHNY and then later said they asked her to do it after she joined the cast. Fail, Sonya. Fail.

    • Matthew

      BTW, I don’t understand this new Sonya. She was so much fun last year and didn’t play into the drama. Now it’s the second episode and she becomes a whack job. I think Bravo told her she needed to be more self-centered or they’d kick her off the show.

      • deejah

        I agree. She was much more likeable last season. The voice of ‘reason’. Now she’s playing into the old hags’ (Jill, Kelly & LuAnn) crazy whackadoo.

      • I don’t know exactly what happened either, except that the media attention perhaps went to her head. I loved her last season, and no she’s self-important and nearly nonsensical when she speaks.

  • Sue

    I hate looking a Sonja’s top lip when she speaks!. It looks injected with something (silicon) and it never moves. It bothers me..really

    • deejah

      It bothers me even more that she purses her lips constantly, doing her face porn star sultry face..

    • deejah

      It bothers me more that she purses her lips constantly!–her best attempt at porn star sultry face I suppose.

  • NCGal

    Isn’t Ramona’s friend at the Gucci party the same gal who, in a couple of Sex and the City episodes, when Samantha decided for a while she was gay, played Samantha’s lover?

  • Blaine

    Sonja started the kerfuffle at her own house so she has no excuse. She just gambled wrong. She gambled wrong that shouting “Get out of my house” with the magic wave of her batwing would dismiss Alex. But Alex hardly came out better trailing Sonja like a Glenn Close yipping puppydog “I will not be ignored!!” Have these chicks learned nothing from watching reality tv blow-ups?

    It would have been far better for Alex to have held her ground (and the camera) and tossed off “That’s it Sonja, walk away, that’s what you do best” or even better “Run run run little pig little pig.” It would have been very difficult for Sonja to have escaped with flourish.

  • stephanie

    Sorry but Alex is getting on my nerves this season. Sonja is self absorbed and conceited but is Alex really any better? They both were having a pissing match about it being their day instead of a cause. Sonja should not have brought it up at her party and Alex should have left when asked instead of chasing her around trying to get the last word in!! They act like they are in high school. Grow up ladies….and Simon. I’m loving Cindy. Love you recap Amanda!! You make these shows worth watching!

    • Nancy from SB

      Alex NEVER said anything like, “it’s my day”. She and Simon WERE listed as speakers on the official event flyer (see the link on Alex’s Bravo blog). They have gay friends and are politically active. Have you never had to make a speech? I have, and I practiced it for weeks. To care about a cause, take the time to prepare a speech, then be bumped at the last minute by a narcissistic Bride-zilla (Sonja) who DID say, repeatedly, “it’s MY day!!!” (re-read Amanda’s blog)– well who wouldn’t be upset?

      And as “Matthew” commented above, Sonja DID get caught lying on Watch What Happens – first she said she was asked to speak before ever being on RHONY, later she said when they asked her, she first wanted to know if any of her castmates were also asked to speak. I was surprised Andy Cohen let that by without calling her on it.

      I am disappointed in Sonja – she seemed so cool last season.

      This episode was borderline depressing – all this childish fighting. Thanks Amanda for giving us all a good laugh. You made so many good points!

      • Stephanie

        I read the recap AND watched the episode. I just have a different opinion than you. Sonja is a self absorbed, concieted person. It’s obvious watching her that in her mind it is her world and we just live here. My point is that Alex is just as bad if not worse. How many times did she talk about being on the commitee and “Simon and I have been suporting this cause since July”. Wow July!! Some people have supported gay and lesbian equality for years not just a few months. Alex is the epitomy of a social climber. Sorry but it’s true. Amanda- which housewife said that Alex and Simon would go to the opening of an envelope? Social climbers:)
        Yes I have given a speech in public before and yes I did prepare. Sonja was wrong in not preparing for it. Honestly you know they are both wrong when Crazy Kelly was being the voice of reason:)

      • I don’t know who said that about Alex and Simon (sounds like Jill, though), but it seems like everyone who’s on this show is of roughly the same social standing and more than willing to attend any event that might feature a camera. I think Alex and Simon get singled out because they talked about it pretty openly in the show’s first season, but all the Housewives display that sort of behavior in roughly equal measure. Sonja used to be married to someone important but is now bankrupt. Kelly used to be married to someone important but is now publicly insane. Jill used to be a shopgirl and married a guy who owns a fabric store. LuAnn used to be a fake countess. None of these women are turning down the opportunity to be treated like they’re relevant.

  • adrienne z

    If the argument was a debate, Alex clearly won. she held her ground, never wavered from her original points, but should have left instead of chasing Sonja around. Sonja clearly flaps off at the yap and doesn’t have a viable point. All of a sudden she’s bashing Simon left and right – did something happen between them off camera? I don’t blame Alex for coming to his defense. I feel bad for him. He’s in the middle and doesn’t deserve it.

    • Bloshka

      Respectfully, I disagree with you and agree with Stephanie. Silex are deplorable. Sonja is self-involved, but so is everyone else in reality television. I expect these people to be self-involved.

      Silex turned the march into a bickering festival. If they are so concerned with The Cause They’ve Supported Since July and of Which They Are Committee Members, why bicker instead of allowing the issue to be at the forefront?

      Oh, and, yeah… Marriage for a green card? Don’t get me started.

      Finally, if you’re asked to leave, leave already.

  • BirkinCoveter

    Did anyone else notice the look on Alex’s face when Sonja approached her, she looked mortified, I thought that was hysterical. Sonja completely contradicted herself on WWHL by first saying they asked her to be the grand marshall before she was started with RHoNY then later saying they only asked her because of her association with the show Andy Cohen should’ve called her on that and I would still like to know what makes her a gay icon? Although it’s great that Alex found her voice, I (hate to say it) agree with LuAnne now she needs to quiet down she might be one to annoy me this season and those spots are reserved for Kelly and LuAnn.

    Last week at the wedding wasnt it Cindy who walked up on Ramona talking about her brother, when he was telling her the story I thought wasnt she there? Either that story is missing something or the whole thing is really stupid.

  • Blaine

    Birkin, it’s missing AND stupid. First the creepy part: it was NOT Cindy who walked up on Ramona at the wedding and caught Ramona talking about her brother – it was Cindy’s brother’s girlfriend. They both look like Chrissie Hynde. Pleahkk.

    • Manuela

      Creepy-deepy that Cindy’s brother is dating a girl who is almost indistinguishable from his sister. And Blaine, yeah they do both look like Chrissie Hynde! LMOA, and at the same time, bleeearrg. If one of my brothers dated a girl who looked that much like me I’d…I’d…do something drastic I’m glad I’ve never had occasion to consider before. Again, bleeeargg….

  • ana campari

    Romona’s dark haired friend was not on Sex in the city That was Sonja Braga an actress but the friend does look like her.

  • bisbee

    Once again, fabulous job Amanda!

    Regarding Alex…her facial expressions just slay me – she must not watch herself on this show, or she would have made more of an effort to have a pleasant expression on her face – not very attractive, Alex! Also – whoever told her to become a blond should be shot – she’s much better as a redhead – I keep wanting to slather her hair with some type of deep conditioning treatment!

    To address the so-called “hooker dress” – again, not an attractive look for Alex – I think she desperately needs the services of a stylist who’s name is NOT Simon. All in all, IMHO she has never really been a pretty woman, but she sure has looked more attractive in past seasons! I can’t believe she is going to be modeling…

  • Mochababe73

    Loved your recap.
    Sonja deserved to be embarassed at her own party. She was a bridezilla and a piss poor excuse for a hostess. Attacking someone as they walk through the door was inexcusable. Like my dad says, “If you can’t stomp with the big dogs then get off of the porch.” Sonja could’t get off that porch because the big dog was chasing her.

    Alex was apalled because Sonja pretended not to know Simon’s name. By then, Alex probably just saw red and went after her. At first, I thought that she was going to smack her. And, Sonja says that they’re friends. Who doesn’t know the name of their friend’s husband? And the picture was not flattering at all.

    Ramona wasn’t obligated to save a space for Kelly. She doesn’t stay at events. Besides, I would have still been mad at her for almost ruining what was a very expensive trip. That Villa rents for $30,000/week.

    The “Contess” had no business passing judgement since she came in on the tail end of the argument. I read her blog, and she has definitely changed her tune after viewing the episode.

    I like this season’s Kelly. We don’t see much of her, and for that, I’m glad. I don’t really care for Cindy either. I think that we should stick with Jill, Ramona, Alex, LuAnn, and Sonja. The other two are just dead weight.

  • mkat

    So, what I got out of Simon’s speech-that-wasn’t was that he hooked up with Alex in order to get his green card. Not a flattering story.

    Speaking of social climbers, I have this mental image of Simon propelling Alex (after putting her into a pricey designer gown like he did for the opera opening in season one), towards a luxury box. They each get a leg over the edge, ready to climb right in where they are desperate to belong, and here comes Sonja. With a smug little smile, she smacks them back down. People who are insecure with their own social status resent anyone who looks like they’re going to horn in!

    • Bloshka

      LOL. I love this. It’s a very nice party in my head.

  • Sonja B

    Okay,…I am not “that Sonja”,….so maybe I should make up some faux name,…any way,….LOL!! @ Alex is really “finally” on a beard,..I mean board,…and she doesn’t even get to enjoy “her moment”…did anyone see how Sonja’s facial expression changed when Alex said she (Alex), was on the committee,..or board,..there is a big difference btw!,…Jill, just poor,.Jill,..pitiful,…has to show up for her camera time,…I do hope everyone has her figured out by now,….such a desperate narccy Nancy…..not mention worthy,…Sonja,..that one, is such a ….you are all delusional whatever’s are not Sex in the city’s anything esp…I’m Kerry,…no I am,…no, I am,…My day….Simon’s story,..although, I try to “get them”,..Just blew,…in every way,…..should have known how the green card thing would come across,…note to Simon: These are NOT sympathetic people,….and your words Only confirm what we know,…that’s a sad situation when you are a likable couple, and you are, but, only because every one else is Jerry Springer!!! Sonja’s beak,…does not move,….sultry beak,….even painted,…still is a beak,….with low flying boobs….

  • Sonja B

    Also,….that is the same dress,..Alex wore to Bethenney’s bd party,….and no one threw her out,……Countless,..snarky doesn’t become you,..or any of the other “one-liner” hopeful’s,…if you have no sense of humor,..well you just don’t. How well did that work for J,…I’m sorry,..what’s her name,…can’t remember.