You guys, I forgot yesterday was Sunday. I forgot it was any day that normal people have off, because the endless parade of Fashion Week means that I’ve worked nine days straight and will work at least three more before I get a day off. Them’s the breaks. Not only did I not write a recap of last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, but I forgot it existed. And maybe it’s better that way?

At any rate, you guys still deserve a place to talk about it if you see fit, so that’s what we have right here. I’m going to make every effort to watch the episode on DVR tonight and add my thoughts in the comments when I do, but until then, feel free to discuss whatever it was that happened last night. I’ll try to do better for the Beverly Hills housewives tonight. Really, I will. I’m not saying the end result will be better, but I’ll at least remember that the show’s on. Swears.

I need a coffee the size of my head.

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  • Cookie

    Joe just needs to come out of Melissa’s closet already. I laughed so hard when Melissa said she is upset that Joe shares too much info about their bedroom life. Um, like we didn’t know that Joe wished Greg would join them in boudoir? (pronounce ‘boudoir” like Danielle for that extra special effect). Seriously, it’s great that you have a new gay friend, but he is not a pet, he is a person and I’m pretty sure your sexual orientation shouldn’t make people feel like they can rub their what not’s all over you.

    Just some friendly advice for Greg, keep sanitizer on you at all times around Melissa & Joe.

  • F

    Speaking of closets, there was a scene when Teresa was trying to dress Millenium for her birthday party. The highlights were Millenium’s tantrum and running off to hide under a cabinet, protesting what Teresa had chosen. They then went to her closet, where Teresa tried to reject a dress of Millenium’s choice, saying she couldn’t wear it because she had worn it before. There were so many clothes in her closet it looked like an entire designer’s collection from Fashion Week. The excess was stomach-churning.

    My kids are now adults and my memory is hazy, but I’m pretty sure that, when they were 5, they were perfectly capable of dressing themselves.

    • Amy

      With 4 girls you’d think there would be hand-me-downs but I doubt it… I’m betting Teresa wants new everything for every child.

      On a similar vein… her explanation for the pizza party. A pizza party is a perfectly appropriate party for a small child and actually is a bit of a right of passage. If you give huge elaborate parties every year what are you setting a child up for? And they have up to 4 weddings to pay for… you know Teresa will want that up done right… and sweet 16, and graduations, and 21, and, and, and… no wonder Juicy Joe’s cranky.

      And Juicy? If you want to run a successful dining establishment then get your fingers out of your nose at least in front of the camera! UGH!

  • Carla

    I usually don’t have much to say about a child’s behavior, since it’s a snippet of probably an over-tired moment of their day. But I was shocked that M. was turning 5. If I had to guess, I would have said maybe 3?

    And even WITH the drama in the family, something seems really wrong with Gia, she’s always crying! I’m so tired of seeing children implode on tv. Leave them out of it.

    And, I have to say it, the joke’s on Juicy….until he kills himself. Give the guy a break. He had to give up big money to show himself making pizza for a living, he’s had to jog on tv to the amusement of his family, his problem with alcohol has been made a joke…can we be done with this man now? Before we all have a reason to say, “oh damn, didn’t see that coming!!”. I see a hurt man trying his best to fit in (you can bring me sausage and wine at 7 am any time!). Seeing that they are now happy to show NJJ & Richie Rich now joking about him outside of his own pizza shop is pretty low.

    • Jamie

      I think that girl should be assessed for a developmental disorder/delay. Her out of control behavior I suppose could be due to poor parenting, but it looks like it could possibly be due to an underlying cause. What was telling to me was Teresa’s attempts to assuage Milania’s meltdown. This combined with her “off the wall” behavior in the supermarket is not typical of a 5 year old.

      At any rate, all of her children are suffering and should not be put on this show anymore. It’s one thing to mock and exploit adults who make adult decisions and consent to the ridicule. It is another thing to do this to non-consenting children.

    • Manuela

      Carla, I get the impression Gia’s heading into puberty and her emotions are out of whack. I have a niece that age and I watched her implode three times in two hours at her own birthday party last week. Hats off to any parent with pre-teen girsl!

      Not that the rest of Gia’s family and the filming of the show isn’t a stressor for the poor kid, though. Now that we’ve seen her melt down half a dozen times, it may be time for Bravo to avert the cameras…

  • Pixiejenna

    I am seriously beginning to dislike juicy & tree. Juicy has a drinking problem. For whatever reason he decided he doesn’t like non juicy and wants tree on his side. He’s just looking to pick a fight, his excuse of not liking non juicy because he stayed friends with trees ex which is disrespectful to him. Because god forbid non juicy have friends with people juicy doesn’t like. Ironically he doesn’t seem to think it’s disrespectful to tell his wife in front of all their “friends” that they are only together because she came crawling back to him. (I quoted friends because they kind of gave me the vibe that danielle’s “friends” did = paid actors) Tree is dumb enough to believe what he tells her like that he didn’t send threating texts to her brother, clearly she didn’t learn from

  • Pixiejenna

    Oops I hit submit by mistake. Continued. . .

    The current finical mess they are in that maybe she should take things into her own hands like checking the phone herself, rather than just believe everything that comes out of his mouth.

    I have to give Gia mad props for not accepting trees BS “everything is all kittens and sunshine between me and uncle Joe watch me kiss him” garbage and asked her why they don’t act like it. I’m kind of tired of seeing trees kids have breakdowns/act out of control it just makes me feel bad that they are getting exploited for entertainment.

    • beaucz

      i concur. maybe T should remove her girls from the show,

  • Californiahousewife

    Now that Danielle is gone–oh let’s all turn on someone else and make her the evil one. You’ve all seen that before–playground, 5th grade. At any rate, between Caroline doing her “Tre” impression and an entire car full with Melissa, Joe, et all making fun of her book titles—gee, what was last season’s darling is this season’s OMG. The same thing is happening with Lisa on RHBH I notice. Gee, don’t be toooo popular, gals! you’ll be next!