They should have just called last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey “In Which Everyone Watching at Home Tries to Set Ashley on Fire with Their Minds” and been done with it. Because that’s pretty much what happened, right? Ashley came, she acted like the inveterate brat we all knew she is and we all fumed.

Some other stuff happened, sure. Melissa tried to sing again, and surprise, it didn’t go very well. Kathy and Rich talked about the possibility of having a talk with their kids on an uncomfortable subject. Teresa’s brood acted like we expect them to act. But the real story? That was the Lauritas.

We started with Teresa and her brood of hellbeasts (which includes her husband), who were gathered together in the family home to take some happy family photos for Teresa’s upcoming cookbook. Because Teresa has no manners or basic social skills of her own, and therefore has nothing in the way of civil behavior to pass down to her children, all the of assistants and stylists and photographers looked ready to dropkick all of them after only a few minutes.

The entire scene was utter chaos, and it got me thinking about how annoying it must be to be a reality show camera man. You follow around spoiled brats who are masquerading as adults all day, and when they manage to stop being vapid and insufferable for five seconds, they’re usually endangering your personal safety by starting physical altercations with their friends and family. What a job.

Anyway, after that very brief run-in with Teresa, we visited with Kathy and Rich, who were talking about The Talk. You see, they have a 16-year-old daughter, and they’re scared that she might know about S-E-X, and might even eventually do it one day. Kathy thought that they should talk to Victoria about it, Richie thought that it’d be better to just pretend sex doesn’t exist because his daughter is surely not only of those girls, and I thought that they were both about five years too late. Neither of them seemed to consider that perhaps the time to make sure you’re not going to end up as very early grandparents is when your kid starts learning the facts of life, which is way before he or she gets a driver’s license.

We then transitioned quickly to a Laurita family outing…to a bar. The bar where Chris slings drinks in Hoboken, to be specific, which is almost enough to make me cross the Hudson and go see him. Chris, I’m your biggest fan! You’re the best person on the show! I know how to make sauce, but I’m not Italian! Is that a problem? If so, can I just come over and hang out with Gay Roommate Greg and listen to Mariah? Would that be ok? I’ll totally bring over a six pack of whatever you guys like to drink. I’m guessing Heineken…

Anyway, Jacqueline, Big Chris and Ashley went to visit Little Chris at work, where we again had the conversation about how Ashley is a lazy, shiftless, underage drunk with no direction in life and even less respect for the people who have given her everything. Ashley is about to turn 21, and as Albie correctly noted, she’s already been so drunken and useless in her underage years that it won’t even be any different. Don’t we all remember those girls from college? And at least those girls we remember were actually in college, you know?

Suddenly, Ashley’s biological dad and stepmom (he was very hot, she was very Texas) showed up at the bar to surprise everyone, and although she was obviously very happy to see him, Ashley also seemed to sense that perhaps his surprise appearance didn’t bode well for her. And it didn’t! But we’ll get to that later.

Next we stopped at Melissa’s house, who was sitting with two friends (Was one her sister? All of these women look the same to me, they all have the same haircut.) who were relaying some story that some psychic had told them about Melissa and how successful she was going to be. They also said that her dead dad made sure to say hi. Ya got that? Second-hand bullshit! Because it’s positive, though, Melissa was more than happy to take it as gospel truth and burst into tears at her good fortune. It’s all because she threw a birthday party for Jesus, you guys. This is what happens when you remember Jesus’s birthday and put on a short, sparkly dress for him. Maybe take a few body shots off a life-size crucifix for good measure.

In a stark turn of events, we went to Caroline’s house to talk with her and Lauren about weight. Lauren is not a tiny girl, and neither was Caroline for the first two seasons of the show. As most women, no matter our size, tend to do, Lauren has some body image issues. Saddest of all of them, though, was the fact that she didn’t think she’d be happy with her appearance even if she lost weight. What a hopeless feeling that must be. And kind of heavy for Real Housewives, right?

Anyway, on to topics of conversation that are not at all heavy: Ashley wants to move to California. In addition to that, she doesn’t see any reason that she should work in Jersey and save money in order to get ready to move. She also doesn’t have any education or relevant skills, not to mention that she’s in possession of little to no meaningful work experience, and the economy is in the toilet right now. Don’t be silly, Ashley has no idea what the economy is.

Naturally, Jacqueline told her that perhaps it would be better to work a little while and save some money and get some experience before moving across the country to a place where she has no friends or family, let alone the life skills necessary to get an apartment, a job and enroll in college. Naturally, Ashley huffed and puffed and rolled her eyes at all of Jacqueline’s concerns, just like we all knew she would. We’ve all seen this dance before, we know how it ends.

Back at Melissa’s house, the producers that Bravo got at Central Casting came back to work with Melissa in her new studio, and guess what? Singing is like totally hard, you guys. Totally way harder than Melissa thought it would be! And she’s not very good at it! So she and Nonjuicy made some awkward jokes about how the producers were black to cut the tension, and the entire world cringed. Not to mention, does it bother anyone else that we’re supposed to believe that Melissa wrote a song about the pressures of fame before she ever actually spent a moment of her life on television? I mean, obviously Melissa didn’t write the song, because not only is she illiterate, but Non Juicy also doesn’t allow her to have a pen, but still. That’s the storyline that Bravo’s selling us, and they’re selling it poorly.

Anyway, after that (Maybe somewhat later after that? I kind of glazed over.), the producers finally brought us the Main Event: All four of Ashley’s parental units were ready to stage their Ashtervention. I’m not willing to call it an intervention, because Ashley doesn’t actually have any sort of vice – drugs, alcohol, gambling – on which to blame her piss-poor behavior and lack of direction on life. They’re trying to save her from her own personality, which in addition to being a losing battle, is also somewhat different than having a disease that messes with the chemicals in your brain.

At this juncture, it’s probably worth noting that Ashley acts this way because she was raised to act this way, and all of you prospective parents out there should take note of that. I have no doubt that Jacqueline is a very nice person who raised Ashley with the best of intentions, but when you work out your guilt for divorcing your kid’s dad by never making said kid work for anything a day in her life, this is what happens. She grows up and thinks she’s Paris Hilton.

Ashley, it seems, has turned out even worse than one might expect – lazier, dumber and more entitled than the average spoiled brat. That certainly seemed to bear itself out once Ashley arrived to lunch with the group and was seated in the center of a curved booth so that she couldn’t bolt. (Smart.) After everyone ordered, the tough conversation started, and we learned a few things: Ashley demanded that her dad pay for her move to California, she thinks that having had an internship and a part-time job means that she’s endured (that was the word she used, wasn’t it?) plenty in her life, and she wants some sort of prize for not being pregnant at 20.

That last part, of course, was a swipe at her mom for having her when she was young. It was amazing that Jacqueline didn’t reach out and ring her neck immediately, or knock that stupid hat off her head, at the very least. I could feel women all over American trying to reach through the television to do it for her, and if ever there were a good argument for sealing up your vagina and never, ever having children, Ashley is it. I’m sure that there are ways that Ashley could be a worse and more useless person than she already is, but I certainly can’t think of any at the moment.

Looking back on the scene makes me almost too angry to even form words, let alone entire thoughts. Jacqueline, for all of her flaws, seems like a genuinely kind-hearted person who thought she was raising her daughter correctly, and isn’t the outcome every parent’s worst nightmare? You do your best and your kid turns into a giant vortex of entitlement and dim-wittedness. She sucks all the air out of the room, so much so that Jacqueline actually had to flee and sob elsewhere. Sweet baby Jesus you guys. Someone take one for the team and light Ashley on fire. Do the world a favor.

So, here’s my completely unsolicited (aren’t all of my opinions unsolicited?), entirely uninformed (I have no children) opinion: Send the thankless little twit to California. Buy her the plane ticket, even. Just to get rid of her. And then MOVE, Jacqueline. Or change the locks. Get new phone numbers so she can’t call you and ask for money. Unlink your bank accounts so she is completely financially separate. Cut her LOOSE. Pretty soon she’ll be pulling the skank shift on Tuesday afternoons at Private Eyes Gentleman’s Club, and she’ll probably still be blaming it all on her mother, but at least she’ll have the kind of life she deserves for the amount of effort and thought she’s put in to it. At least then, her results will match her method. “Day-shift stripper” sounds about right.

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  • CTA

    I have to say I recently started following your blog and I love all of your bags choices and insight you give on the handbag trends….but I LOVE your Real Housewives recaps!! They make me laugh every time and you seem to read my mind. Please keep them coming and don’t ever lose your sarcastic wit!! :)

  • gpc

    “Send the thankless little twit to California. Buy her the plane ticket, even. Just to get rid of her. And then MOVE, Jacqueline. Or change the locks. Get new phone numbers so she can’t call you and ask for money. Unlink your bank accounts so she is completely financially separate. Cut her LOOSE.”

    You know why this will never happen? Jacqueline, like many mothers, has her entire identity wrapped up in her daughter and because of that, can never let go.

    On another note, aren’t the Laurita’s having serious financial problems? Like, what’s new…

    • Pam

      Please. I live in California and the last thing we need is another lazy brat. But, I think Ashley might do well moving to Utah to one of those wilderness camps for little bitches just like her.

    • Ashley

      I don’t think that Jacqueline has her identity wrapped up in Ashley- she might have it wrapped up in the show or her extended family but not Ashley. It seems like all four adults are fed up with her, as they should be. However, they should start by refusing to give her any money, at all. No car money, no spending money, nothing. Sending her to Cali might not be a bad idea as long as they pay for nothing- see how long it is before she comes back.

  • Emily

    You forgot to mention what I thought was the best (worst) thing to come out of Ashley’s mouth during the Ashtervention – her whining that it was not her decision that her brothers be born therefore she should not have to spend time with them or babysit them.I couldn’t believe it. She was, as I understood it, complaining about the existence of her brothers. She is a hosebeast. I hope she looks back on this scene and is ashamed of herself. The things she said in this scene were deplorable.

    • Kate M

      I also liked her comment essentially saying that she doesn’t have any obligation to her mom because she’s the one who decided not to put Assley up for adoption.

      • Pam

        I think Jacqueline regrets not resorting to the other A-word solution to her unplanned pregnancy. Ashley could make even the most earnest pro-lifer see the reason in choosing abortion.

    • Manuela

      Emily, the comment Ashley made about how she didn’t choose for her brothers to be born wasn’t lost on me at all. Out of all the revolting things Ashley said this episode, that one made me gasp and wish her to trip into traffic. Just when I thought I could pretty much predict the crap she’d spew in any given situation, this was a new, unexpected low.

  • Lorie

    Hellbeasts made me LOL!

    I, personally, would be willing to contribute some money toward the “One Way Ticket to Cali for Ashley” fund. Anything to get her off my tv screen and out of Jacqueline’s life. I felt so sorry for Jacqueline when she was crying. It broke my heart. I honestly think she does have a kind heart and has tried with Ashley. Must be horrible to know what a selfish, narcissistic brat you have and the whole world sees it. “Day shift stripper.” Priceless!

    Felt bad for Lauren. She’s a beautiful girl. I feel her pain.

    Wonder what the recording studio will become after Melissa fails miserably at singing – which should be any day now.

  • Lorie

    And I’m sorry, but Melissa’s sister, Lysa, is a total hosebeast.

  • ottercat

    Please do not send her to Cali. We don’t need her. There are too may chicks like this out here already. We are pulling down the gates now. FULL!!!

  • lisa

    I wish Lauren would see that she is a beautiful and smart girl with a great personality to boot. I hope that her boyfriend Vito (thats his name, right) reinforces this. Considering she is around all that yummy Italian food all the time, I’d say she looks damn good!

    Ugh, Ashley.

    There was not enough Milania time this week.

  • Kim

    Your first sentence completely summed up my thoughts during this episode. It’s one thing to be unsure of what you want to do in life at age 20, but Ashley’s attitude is what bothers me. I am just thinking of all the opportunities she has been handed on a silver platter – to intern for Lizzie Grubman, to create a shirt for Lauren’s make-up studio (thus receiving free publicity for your graphic design/art work)…and all she can do is complain about how inconvenient they are. Not to mention the huge house that she lives in rent-free and a free, brand-new car, and all that is asked of her is to help out with her own brothers? I sincerely hope that the Lauritas make her move out and find a job on her own (one that is appropriate for her lack of skills and experience), so she can see what the real world is like.

  • jess

    You couldn’t have put it any better! This is amazing :D Even my husband chimed in on how stupid this brat Ashley is. Does she realize WHAT and HOW she looks like on camera in front of the whole world? UNBELIEVABLE! She needs to STFU, seriously and yes, her mother needs to cut her a** loose!!!

  • Ms. Z

    Amanda, what happened to the plan of shooting “her who will remain nameless”, into the sun. I have chosen not to speak or type her name again until it is to discuss her demise by sun!!!!!!! I am developing a suitable slingshot as we speak ;-)

  • GLOW

    “Day-shift stripper”

    Hahahahahaa …great recap as usual!

  • Carla

    No wonder they are all frustrated with Ashley, they seem to constantly have the same conversation with her over and over. And I hate to say it, but I kinda felt for her in this episode. They keep saying the same things over and over to her, and of course it’s clear she doesn’t get it, so she’s left tearing up like a learning disabled kid with calculus homework until she lashes out so her mother stomps off and the barrage ceases (if only for a little while).

    If she’s ever going to realize what they are saying about working 12 hours a week not being enough to pay rent, they are going to have to let her try it out! It’s clear nothing but her own experience is going to get the information into her skull.

    Some people are tactile learners. She’s gonna have to FEEL that stripper poll personally.

  • Amy

    Oh, Asshat, 10-2 5 days/week is not a job, it’s a hobby… and there’s no flipping way she can afford paying buyers to get her underage ass some booze (maybe she exchanges something else for the favor?) and make any sort of car payment (wasn’t that the original agreement?) with a hobby. Either Chris and Jacqueline need to kick her ass out on her own to figure it out or they need to accept it and stop trying to fix it… either way it’s gonna suck.

    I’ll be 40 in January and I’ve been working for about 27 years now… started off babysitting other people’s kids and just never quit working from then… she has no idea how good she has it! I kinda wanted to punch her in the face last night…

  • audeen

    Amanda, your recaps (as usual) are much more real and entertaining than the actual show. And I’ve stopped watching it altogether because of you. For that, I am truly grateful.

  • atty2de

    Milania is just around the corner from becoming Ashley except worse because Teresa is even more indulgent than Jacqueline. Maybe T and J can get a deal on 2 one-way tickets to California for the girls. Or Alaska or Hawaii…they are even farther away.

    • Pam

      Please don’t send either brat to California. Me thinks Somalia might be a great place for those girls.

  • Danielle

    Love your blogs about the housewives….very funny. Ashley is such a spoiled, ungrateful mean young women. They need to kick her out. I do agree that Teresa’s kids will be worse. They are so spoiled and out of control now. What are they going to do when they are teen-agers.? This show will end and so will their 15 minutes of fame. Teresa and Juciy better be saving some money from her “cookbooks, ‘ because they will not be able to live in that house if they don’t. I love how Teresa tries to pretend that they have learned their lesson about money, and then they show her and her daugthers wearing matching chinchilla fur coats…..?

  • Maryann

    I just wanted to knock that ridiculous hat off Ashley’s head. Then I wanted to *wipe* the smirk from her face. What a horrible child.

    And those hellbeasts. OMG!

    I am ready for RHoBH.

  • Manuela

    Anyone else notice how Gia seems to be gaining sense and perspective as she enters puberty? And these qualities are not those that are commonly gained in puberty.

    The kid who, in seasons past,was the pagent kid and aspiring model really doesn’t seem to have the stomach for making a show of herself anymore. She also seems mildly mortified by her mother’s antics but for good reason and she’s still respectful about it. Gia just clutches her pearls, looks aghast and leaves the room.

    Kinda loving me some Gia this season!

    • Mari

      I totally agree! I love Gia! As soon as that child turns 18 she needs to leave home, get a job or go to college, and never look back! lol

  • Ashley

    Gia is amazing. I think she’s hilarious plus totally done with Teresa’s bullshit! Ha- it seems like she’s the mature one of the family . . .

  • Pixiejenna

    I really feel like ashley needs tough love. I think that jacuqueline had good intensions raising her but for some reason feels the need to compensate for her not having her biological father raising her so she let’s her get away with acting the way she dose. Not to sound rude but at some point you have to get over it, shit happens and life goes on. Ashley is very lucky to have a step father like Chris because not all step parents are so nice and I can pretty much guarantee that most would not put up with a ounce of her BS and additude. The fact that she is upset because she didn’t have a say in her mom having more kids and the fact that she feels like she deserves a prize for making it to 20 with out being knocked up shows how much she has yet to learn. I have to agree with the other posters idea she wants to move to Cali ok send her there with a one way plane ticket, cut her off finically and let her see what the real world is Iike. Because I honestly do see any other way for her to snap out of her I’m “entitled” frame of mind. She’s an adult so let her live on her own like every other adult dose.

  • Ellz

    OK I’m definitely not a psychologist, but to me, it seems like the main reason for Ashley’s disrespect comes from Jacqueline trying too much to be Ashley’s friend instead of her mother. She talked about it in season 1, how she felt more like Ashley’s friend. I’m sorry, but when I was a kid, my mom and dad made sure they were not my friends. I’m only 22 now, but I have a fantastic relationship with my parents, because they were parents first. And I always knew that “Because I said so” was the final word on the subject.

    I totally understand not knowing what you want to do at 20. It was about that time that I realized I hated my major. BUT, I still finished my degree on time and with honors AND found a job in another career that I really like. Maybe it’s because the student loans are in my name and not mommy and daddy’s. I don’t know. Like I said, I’m not a therapist.

  • PhotoGirl

    I’ve thought a lot about Ashley, mainly because I have a stepdaughter who is just a couple of years younger than she. So far, so good as far as that goes, but as anyone who has made the journey to Parentville can tell you (if they’re being honest) there but for the grace of God go I…

    Ashley’s behavior is horrible and should not be tolerated. Full stop. That said, I also think the following:

    Ashley is absolutely right that she is not responsible for her mother’s decision not to terminate her pregnancy or choose adoption. I think that Jacqueline resents Ashley but Ashley does not own that problem. She did not ask to be born into a dysfunctional family.

    In S1, I felt that Jacqueline was spoiled and self-absorbed, and not really a great mom. My opinion hasn’t changed. I remember how much effort she put into running to fertility doctors and wearing special charms and bracelets in the hopes of conceiving a third child. Seriously? Perhaps she should have put that energy into being a mom to the kids she already had. But that might have cut into her precious camera time…

    Ashley seems depressed. I think a medical intervention instead of a televised sit-down in a BAR might have been more productive. Meds and therapy have helped millions. Perhaps they could help Ashley, too.
    And speaking of said televised intervention: WHO DOES THAT??? I fault all four of Ashleys parents AND Andy Cohen for that. Real concern for Ashley should have been manifested off camera, in the presence of trained professional. Neither the parents nor Bravo TV have any concern for this young woman, who is clearly sliding off the rails. This is despicable, IMO. Remember the underage drunk daughters of Lynn from RHOC? There again, the concern seemed to be for ratings, not for the troubled kids themselves. All of these people seem to think that giving a kid a car=being a great parent. Ridiculous!

    I think Ashley probably needs some combination of tough love and medical/mental health help, both administered off-camera. Unfortunately, I think the so-called adults in her life are too short-sighted, self-absorbed, and fame obsessed to see that she gets it.
    This makes me both sad and angry, and also serves as a personal wake-up call: I’m finished with Bravo and their “reality” shows. You can be part of the problem or part of the solution here. I don’t care to watch what happens anymore.

    • CacklingHens

      Photogirl, this response is late, but I agree with everything you said. That girl is clearly depressed, they better seek the right help before it is too late.

  • Barb

    I stumbled upon this blog while looking for purses. I loved the synopsis of the last episode of RHONJ. I think they should make Ashley go live with Aunt Caroline for a couple of years and give her free reign to do whatever she wants to the kid!!!!

    • adrienne z

      great idea!

  • mingherlina

    Hysterical summary, as usual. obviously, Ashley is a total loser. Its a wonder she doesn’t throw herself into the path rail upon seeing how ridiculous (and ugly! WTF was that hat?!) she appears on TV.

    Has anyone else read about her new tattoo?? I just read this morning that ASSley got a skull tattoo to commemorate her move to LA (I guess she really has decided to go West). Its deep symbolism derives from the skull-adorned interior of a nightclub she and her up-standing friends frequent.

    They should just whack her and get it over with.

  • Lisa in Oregon

    I agree with most of you in that Ashley’s parents need to cut off any further funding and let her see for herself. It’s really the only way she will learn.

    On another note…have you seen the news story about Taylor’s husband Russell? He committed suicide last night. Wow. I am not a fan of Taylor’s, but I feel horrible for her, her daughter and the rest of the family. So very sad.

    • Woke up to the TMZ press release about it this morning, actually. Reality TV is a slimy business, that’s for sure.

  • Matthew

    This entire posting makes me really feel like I need to stop watching this type of television. Between Ashley’s antics being played out on tv and the news of the suicide, it’s getting to be too real in a way that should not be glamorized. I know people have said this for years about reality tv, but I always scoffed and said it’s just good-natured fun. But maybe not.

    This is disturbing.

  • adrienne z

    I just read the article about Taylor’s husband. They are going to have to pull that show. There’s no way that Bravo can air any of these shows now – if they do, that’s an extreme travesty of decency.
    Very disturbing indeed – and to think that I was waiting with bated breath the demise of Ashley. I’m almost ashamed. (almost at this point, but I’m sure that will change throughout the day….)

  • S

    Russell’s lawyer said in an interview that Russell was dreading the show airing because of things that the housewives (his ex included) would spill about their financial situation. I’m sure Taylor and Russell made terrible financial decisions, just like Teresa and Joe, but from the start I was hesitant to hate on Joe and Russell because I felt they both showed signs of depression while being filmed. I especially feel that explains Joe laying on the sofa and videotaping his family as well as his resentment towards Teresa’s brother for not being there when they needed help. I understand that these people created their own problems – but I think the general public is capable of spewing way too much hate regarding people they don’t even really know. The suicide is such a tragedy and I hope it makes people mindful of their own shortcomings and mistakes before vilifying people they barely know. I feel terrible for their 4 year old girl. So sad.

    • Lisa in Oregon

      Yes – I’ve also seen some clips of Camille bashing Kelsey too. (On the upcoming season) Looks like she’s taking the low road and using the show to get her revenge. Some really nasty comments alluding to his “size” and “performance” etc. My guess is that Taylor did the same thing, and Russell knew about it. (Domestic abuse, financial, etc.) Very, very sad. I agree with Adrienne Z as well in that they really need to pull the show out of a sense of decency.

  • Carla

    My moral cheese slipped off my cracker years ago, so I’ll be the one who admits I’d watch this entire season of RHoBH, shoving popcorn in my face the whole way. I secretly hope they got the whole fall out on camera, too, but that’s just me. I hope Andy can handle the heat, because if he can, it would be the best ratings he’d ever have.

    Blame should be planted firmly at the feet of the WIVES that pushed their husbands onto tv against their wishes, not Bravo. JMO!

    Maybe Uncle Andy’s basement can start an “It Gets Better” campaign for middle aged men that have declared bankruptcy and whose wives decide reality fame is the best way to keep them in the way they’ve become accustomed.

    I’d be happy to give tours of my modest, and paid for, house. Point #1: Things you don’t need in gold… lets start with your bathroom sink….

    • Matthew

      Yum, popcorn.

      I guess in a way you’re right. It’s silly for us to complain about these things. We signed up for them when we started watching. On the other hand, I didn’t sign up to hear about Russel killing himself. I think it’s awful and if Bravo tries to milk it in any way, the FCC should obliterate the network.

      If I were taking a sociology class right now, I would love to explore the types of personalities who get themselves into the reality tv mess. I would do a research project on it. Some people, like Teresa, are so far off the deep end, I get a little schaudenfreude watching her screw up. But then there are people like Jacqueline, who I think wants the fame but may have a hard time dealing with the ramifications of it. And Caroline seems so down to earth (most of the time), I have a hard time understanding why she signed up for the show in the first place. And then again, I don’t.

      In the end, Bravo (and other some such networks) profits on the downfall others, yet they paint a concerned (gay uncle) face on all of it. It’s sick.

      And yet I keep watching it. FML.

    • adrienne z

      Your first two sentences are AWESOME! Kudos to you for being frank and honest about it. I watch all of the fallouts as well and count the minutes until the show airs, making sure my sons have their dinner on the table while I sneak out of the room plate in hand to Watch What Happens Next.
      I’ll admit I salivated waiting for Camille’s conceit and delusions of Godhood come back to bite her in the throat, couldn’t wait for Danielle Staub and Kim G scheme themselves into a court of public opinion and experience butterflies in the stomach in anticipation of the great smackdown of Ashley, but I feel SO BAD for Russell. Not necessarily for his haughty indulgent ex-wife/widow who can easily spend 60 GRAND for a kid’s 4th birthday (excuse me while I barf…..) and I guess for his daughter who appeared to be a mess and will probably need the most expensive shrink in town now.
      Russell was clearly in over his head in the spotlight on this show and couldn’t handle the exposure and the pressure. Whatever his “crimes” were, he should not have taken his life, but maybe disappeared into non-existence like Simon did on RHOC. It would have been a better outcome for his daughter. He wasn’t thinking about her future and that’s the biggest crime of all.

      • Carla

        I’m willing to carry the torch for the morally bankrupt, if only because millions can say they would never support such a show…and then we see the ratings and…hmmm…somebody isn’t telling the truth! It happens over and over (Actually there was an article about viewer outrage vs. actual viewership in Entertainment Weekly a couple weeks ago…hint..outrage didn’t mean the ratings went *down*).

        As for feeling bad, I actually did feel bad for Russell (AND Kennedy) as far back as the puppy incident. Now I think of her having to grow up without the only parent with a level head (expensive jewelry or a puppy for a 4 year old??) and it makes it so much sadder.

        But if more and more people are getting the overall message that it’s just money, why not get a modest apartment, enjoy your visitation with your kids (take them to a free park, go on the swings yourself for once, make home made pizza and watch old cartoons…), TREAT YOUR DEPRESSION…maybe someone out there will think about not making a permanent decision in a temporary situation. At least I hope so. I know I’m thinking a bit more about the BS I usually call stress and in the long run, nothing can’t be overcome.

  • adrienne z

    I haven’t seen any more promos for RHBH since this incident. Of course, I’m not on that channel 24/7 especially when we’ve seen the same reruns for the millionth time…
    Has anyone else seen any? They were airing commercials for the upcoming season but since Russell’s death – I haven’t seen a single one. Just wondering if they pulled them, or if I just missed it

    • Manuela

      You didn’t miss them, Adrienne; they were pulled after Russell’s death. Bravo had said that they would announce within 24 hours of the announcement of Russell’s passing whether or not RHOBH would proceed as scheduled or be postponed. Well, that means they should have let us know by last Wednesday and here it is Sunday and still not a word out of them.

      Of course, now Russell’s family is looking to sue the network so they’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment.

      I imagine there are film editors working overtime @ Bravo as we speak, removing each and every trace of Russell’s existence from every bit of footage.

  • adrienne z

    Thanks for the reply – I did find an article that Bravo WAS re-editing footage but the article did make it sound like they were editing the footage of the new shows. I don’t remember where exactly I saw that – it was while browsing for the latest information.
    Lawsuit. Yup. This is the first “casualty” from this show and hopefully the only one. It’s a shame alright. This may very well be the demise of this entire lineup of shows….