I’m still having a bit of a hard time figuring out exactly what happened on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not on the first 40 minutes of it – that part, I understood. Even the part with Kim in it, if you use the term “understood” loosely. Naturally, I’m referring to Taylor’s meltdown. I’m not even sure where to start.

We’ll start at the beginning, though, as we always do. Maybe by the time I get to the unpleasantness, I’ll have figured out what to say about it. Sometimes, bad things happen to people you dislike and maybe don’t trust, and finding a cogent thought about those instances is probably even harder than when the victim is someone likable. And it goes without saying, of course, that trying to deal with any of this stuff is a thousand times harder than just trying to figure out what to say about it in a silly blog. With that in mind, onward.

We started with Lisa, who had gotten together with Pandora and her fiance’s mom to choose a tablescape (Sandra Lee! Everybody drink!) for the impending wedding. The Wedding Planner Who Should Have Been Fired Long Ago had set up three different options on the tennis court out back, and while Lisa had her complaints about all of them, I’m sure she let Pandy have whatever she wanted. That’s how all the wedding preparations have gone thus far – Lisa hems and haws about the budget and the details and the over-the-topness of it all, and then she writes a blank check. I bet next week’s wedding scene is going to be about the flowers.

Our next stop was Paul’s office with Kyle and Mauricio’s mother-in-law, where we saw the end result of her facelift. Although I am generally anti-plastic surgery, I will give credit where credit is due; that was a relatively tasteful and natural-looking facelift. Since Adrienne is the queen of the obvious nip and tuck (as much as I love her, it’s true), my expectations of Paul’s skill level had been far lower. Clearly, he wasn’t the person who did any of her surgeries.

We then moved on to lunch with Brandi and Adrienne, the entire purpose of which was to set the stage for the fact that Brandi would be having a party at her friend’s Malibu beach house later in the episode. Duly noted.

Our next gathering was a Cinco de Mayo party at Kyle’s house, at which point we learned that Kyle doesn’t exactly know how to make a margarita. I mean, it’s just Hawaiian Punch and Cuervo, right? Yeah? If I learned anything in college, it’s the recipe to a margarita! After some criticism over Mauricio’s pants (how dare anyone every criticize how Mauricio looks?!?!), everyone went outside to high-five his mom over her new facelift. Only in Beverly Hills.

I then briefly thought I had switched over to HGTV (it happens sometimes, it’s like an involuntary tic) while Lisa surveyed her new restaurant space and decided she hated everything. I mean, there wasn’t all that much there yet to hate, but what was there, she hated. The contractor tried to distract her by telling her how nice she looked, and in grand Lisa fashion, she was not impressed. She already knew she looked fabulous, she didn’t need some dude in a plaid shirt to kiss her ass about it.

In less self-assured territory, we then visited Kim, who was talking to her laundry and eating a tiny plate of cheetos on the good china in her laundry room. Well. If you ever needed thirty seconds of television to completely explain Kim to someone who had never seen the show before, that would be it.

Things then moved swiftly to everyone preparing for Brandi’s party, with Kyle and Taylor in particular plotting to “have each others’ backs” in the limo on the way to Malibu, as though a tag team rasslin’ match were about to break out. Camille, in a separate limo with her payroll friends, complained that Taylor wouldn’t return any of her texts; at this point, it seems as though losing Taylor as a friend wouldn’t be that big of an issue to cry over.

Taylor and Kyle were the last people to arrive at the party, and meanwhile, everyone was already there to drink wine and eat canapés and enjoy the party before the drama started. Taylor and Camille gave each other an awkwardly long hug, and then Taylor wandered away without saying anything, shrugging and stroking her hair. Elsewhere, the rest of the cast members tried not to make eye contact with Brandi’s nipples.

The nipples didn’t look all that bad or all that obvious on my screen, but I’ll take it from the ladies with larger and clearer pictures – looking at someone’s nips in a sheer white maxi dress all night would be a little awkward and distracting. This is a bit of an awkward group, though, so I have a hard time getting outraged over anyone’s lack of bra. I am a regular viewer of Real Housewives of Atlanta, after all, and those ladies all have giant titties and not a bra among them. (Nene and Kim, I’M LOOKING AT YOU GUYS.) Considering that, I’m far from scandalized over Brandi’s outfit.

Speaking of awkwardness, one of Camille’s payroll friends had gotten roped into (or maybe she started it? I don’t remember) a side conversation with Taylor about Camille’s public comments and how her daughter’s in danger, and let’s talk about all of that for a second, ok? I don’t doubt for a second that Taylor was abused. I know that some of you do, but I think that the evidence (including medical records, which Taylor is not smart enough to effectively fake) is more than compelling that Russell struck her on at least a couple of occasions (and it never just happens “a couple of times”). Between that and Russell’s history of restraining orders and domestic violence allegations, I think it takes a lot of willful ignorance to suggest that nothing happened to Taylor.

That doesn’t mean Taylor is a perfect person, though. Shitty things happen to shitty people sometimes, and suggesting that Camille somehow put her daughter in further danger by refusing to keep quiet about what Taylor had already told everyone who would listen is pretty awful. The only people endangering Kennedy were Russell, who was actually perpetrating the violence, and Taylor, who was too codependent to take her daughter out of harm’s way. It’s unconscionable to try and pass that blame to Camille. In grand Taylor fashion, though, she had to continue to blame Camille so that she can transfer the attention to something other than why she’s still sticking around in an abusive relationship and expecting everyone to sit back and say nothing about it.

Naturally, Taylor flipped out on Camille’s friend for even speaking to her (which seemed fine as long as Taylor was the one doing all the talking, as she was at the beginning of the conversation), but as soon as DiDi (or however you spell her name) tried to explain that Camille had also been through a lot in her relationship and wanted to smooth things over, all hell broke loose. How dare anyone try to apologize to Taylor? And how dare any third party even bring up a conversation that had happened in front of a half dozen other people and a full reality TV camera crew?

Taylor then demanded that the fight be taken outside, which didn’t entirely make sense because the whole group just moved out onto the deck instead of watching them argue in the living room. What, did she think the cameras couldn’t go out there? That the extension cords weren’t that long? Once outside, Taylor dissolved into a genuinely sad heap of screaming and pointing, spit and hair flying everywhere. Someone in the peanut gallery tried to chime in with something deep about the ocean and the finality of life, but Real Housewives generally don’t do all that well with abstract thought, so the fight continued apace.

Obviously, this whole episode had stopped being about Camille and DiDi a long time ago, if it ever really was. Brandi said that she thought it would be best if Taylor left, which made me actually utter the phrase “no duh” for the first time since middle school. Pretty soon everyone was scattering to their respective limos to talk about the ridiculous spectacle they had all witnessed. Except for Taylor, of course, who was still shrieking about things, including how much she needed a lighter so that she could have a cigarette. She even had the limo driver pull over so that she could smoke it out of the window. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Taylor smoke on the show before and it’s something she probably hides from the cameras for image reasons, which should indicate to anyone who’s wondering that Taylor actually did come unraveled last night.

Even now, the morning after, I’m left not knowing exactly what to think of the end of the episode. On the one hand, that breakdown sure did look like the genuine article, and I don’t doubt for a second that the abuse actually happened and that it drove Taylor to the end of her rope. On the other hand, though, I can’t shake the suspicion that Taylor’s also perhaps a bit of a sociopath – charming, manipulative, sympathetic, down on her luck and in need of a helping hand. In last night’s Watch What Happens Live, she came off as incredibly self-aware and forthright, although perhaps a little bit too self-aware for someone dealing with everything that’s on her plate so soon after her estranged husband’s suicide? On the third hand (I don’t actually have a third hand), far be it from me to criticize how anyone else grieves that sort of loss. But then again, Taylor’s history of grifting and fraud certainly line up with a textbook sociopath.

Like I said, I don’t know. Maybe if I hadn’t just read an article about sociopaths yesterday, I wouldn’t be contemplating any of this, but Taylor has seemed a little “off” to me for a while now, and I’m not the only one who’s sensing it. It’s not just perfect people who find themselves the victims of abuse, after all. Even though I believe that she’s been through some horrific things, I can’t help but think that I should be wary of everything else she says. You know what I do believe, though? That Bravo should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting any of this for entertainment purposes. If there’s anything we know by now, though, it’s that the people who run Bravo are incapable of feeling shame.

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  • kjon

    Loved the recap, Amanda! I have to say that I really did not like Kyle’s reaction to Brandi asking them to leave the party. Kyle has been incredibly aggressive this season – and to Kim during S1. I noticed that she really gets rough with the hand-slapping, shoving, pointing and grabbing (not to mention the constant vicious comments, eye rolls and eventual screaming tirades). It’s not right. And all that for Taylor?! Not going to be worth it in the end for Kyle.
    I felt bad for Camille this episode. Even though Didi should’ve have backed off as soon as Taylor went from “she is not cool” to “You! Outside!”, I can see why she felt like she needed to say something when Taylor randomly started talking crap.
    Oh and Taylor: the I’m-going-outside-so-someone-will-tell-me-to-come-back-inside move is kinda lame. And nice job getting caught in that lie on WWHL.

  • Ruthie

    When the screaming match started, I put my television on mute! It was INSANE. Please. Let Taylor be GONE.

  • suz

    Amanda, I agree with you about Taylor. I, too, think she might be a sociaopath…..a disorder many therapists don’t even want to treat them because, for the most part, is incurable by the very nature of the disorder. At any rate, people who stay in abusive relationsips have, almost by definition, serious problems of their own…or they would leave. Of all the “crazy” housewives, I’m coming to feel Taylor is the most alarming. Only time will tell.

  • suz

    oh yes….I think I saw that Bravo has issued an ultimatum to Kim….rehab or off the show. So, I think she’s going to rehab.

  • NCGal

    Amanda, I hope you are feeling better! You’re right on target as usual (meaning we agree on almost everything) so I am assuming your nasty case of typhoid has passed. I am one who does NOT believe for one second that Taylor was beaten by Russell. Not for a moment. Now, I DO believe she was beat up, but just not by Russell. I can’t stand the woman and of course, wish no one hurt or terrorized, AND it is so terribly hard for me to sympathize with her because she so self-destructive and generally offensive. Watching Taylor is, for me, much like watching the alcoholic/crack/cocaine/heroin/oxy-whatever addict in their dark days denying that they have a problem and refusing treatment. They want everyone to sign up for their bullshit and they don’t care who’s integrity they compromise. They are violent, hateful, and totally self-centered. As far as the sociopath stuff, I would agree that she’s a least borderline personality disordered. Taylor picked the perfect side-kick: Kyle! God, she is the perfect wounded drama-seeking-junkie-co-dependent who gets to, if she doesn’t bail on the friendship, continue her pattern of cleaning up after people who are sick and addicted. Makes sense as Kim’s distracted now by her grunged-out Mr. Bean look-alike boyfriend and doesn’t “need” Kyle as much. Ugh. Makes me grateful for my own box of rocks I carry around…

    • adrienne z

      nice assessment.! I’m on your page!

  • Chicky

    I pray that nobody buys Taylor’s book which is due out after the first of the year. Please people DO NOT FEED THE BEAST. Sociopath no doubt. I just want her off my TV.

    p.s. Kim sitting in her laundry room eating cheetos with a tumbler of vodka was the perfect glimpse into Kimness.

    • Reality Junkie

      @Chicky…vodka in the tumbler? I hadn’t thought of that, but given that she just checked herself into rehab, who knows? She certainly has been M.I.A. since she moved in with Ken. Can’t say that I blame her for that!

    • adrienne z

      Not planning on buying OR reading Taylor’s book. She’s been stealthily planning her chance for the BIg FAme paycheck and after the demise of her husband (who could blame him? She’s too much for anyone to handle rationally) – this, shethinks, is her ticket to it. It’s another self-serving ego-boost for her and unfortunately she thrives on pity and negative attention and invents chaos and drama in order for her to be the center of attention and the recipient of consoling remarks from friends and strangers.

  • Reality Junkie

    @kjon, I agree 100% with everything you said. Spot on.
    Amanda, thanks for another great recap, and I also agree with your opinions on this whole episode EXCEPT for one thing: that the execs at Bravo should be ashamed of themselves for “exploiting this for entertainment purposes”. Yes, it is tragic and hard to watch…but we’re all watchin, aren’t we? The whole premise of the Housewives franchise is to entertain the viewers with outrageous and dramatic behavior of (supposedly) wealthy people who are willing to subject their lives to public scrutiny in order to futher their personal agenda. Bravo and their production companies spend countless hours and hundeds of thousands of dollars following these women around- women who sign ironclad contracts agreeing that they have no editorial rights. This particular storyline has created a lot of public interest and that translates to advertising revenue, which, unfortunately, is what it’s all about. With all due respect, Amanda, you’re still recapping, right?
    I believe that if anyone should be ashamed of themselves about the exploitation, it is Mrs. Taylor Armstrong, who has benefitted financially from the sale of photos of her blackened face, numerous interviews, appearances, and now a book (which I personally would not spend one cent to purchase).
    I hope you won’t be upset with me for my comments….I’ve pondered this issue all season and just want to offer a different perspective. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to post our comments without deleting them, as a lot of other websites (including Bravo) do.

  • mochababe73

    Adrienne said at the reunion show last year that her husband doesn’t do her plastic surgery.
    I knew something was up with Taylor when she said that Taylor wasn’t her real name. She also made an appearance on the Dr. Phil show, and it appears that she’s running from her past. And, I think that she’s had more than one name change. The woman has hit rock bottom. I find it apalling that she has written a book (out in Feb) about her abuse from a man who isn’t alive to defend himself.
    Kim is in rehab which probably would explain why she’s eating Cheetohs on a plate instead of a bowl like normal people.
    I don’t know if I agreed with Brandi asking Taylor to leave. It sounded a bit cold-hearted. Maybe she should have just told her to go to another room or restroom to compose herself. I am no sap, but I thought that was just wrong.
    I was a social worker for four years, and I believe that she had been abused a couple of times. However, some of the signs of a controlling, abusive man were just not there in my opinioin. Taylor was allowed to come and go as she pleased. She spent money freely. She had a car and money. Too bad we will never hear things from Russell’s perspective. Or the truth.
    The Beverly Hills ladies were so much fun last year. Taylor just sucks all of the life and air out of a room. It’s time for her and Kim to be replaced.
    I think Vicki from the OC was right. It used to be fun, and it’s not fun anymore.
    Well, except for the ATL. They are always fun even with the drama.

    • lucy

      What’s that suppose to mean? I eat chips, cookies, and yes cheetos off a plate. She’s a grown woman who can do whatever the freak she wants…I wish people would look at their own crap and realizing that maybe judging someone isn’t the way to go in some situations. Pray for Kim, encourage her, don’t kick anyone like that down when they’re already there.

      My 2 cents.

      • mochababe73

        I wasn’t judging Kim. I’m not kicking her when she’s down. The woman has problems, and all of these problems began waaaay before RHOBH.
        But it certainly appears that you are judging me.
        And getting a little bent out of shape about a comment that was made tongue-in-cheek just like most of Amanda’s comments. Maybe you should look at your “own crap”.

      • deejah

        Hahah I laughed when I read that too? WHATS WRONG WITH CHEETOS ON A PLATE? What if its the only thing clean?

    • Melissa H

      I laughed so hard at the line:
      Kim is in rehab which probably would explain why she’s eating Cheetohs on a plate instead of a bowl like normal people.

      I honestly didn’t even consider that, yes, I do normally eat chips and such out of a bowl. I just thought it was a weird choice of food and location for her introspection. Thanks for the laugh :)

  • Jennifer

    I don’t usually post comments, but after watching this episode, I just had to. Taylor is the most vile person I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch on TV. I dont know WHAT is wrong with the other women that they buy into her stories, her lies, her shenanigans! Thank God for Camille calling her out on it, but we see what happens she does. I honestly feel there might have been ‘minimal’ abuse -pushing, shoving, emotional ( & I, too, have been a victim of domestic violence & there are different levels), but I find it hard to believe that she feared for her DAUGHTER’S safety. If she did, 1) she would not be on a reality show & 2) she would get help herself at her charity. But she is too enamoured with the lifestyle of the rich & famous, totally has her priorities screwed up & is a total fraud. I’d have b*tchslapped her into the ocean if she’d ordered me outside! DeeDee was spot on for making Taylor accountable & she didn’t like it one bit. Glad to see people who are little farther removed from the situation can see that Taylor is a certifiable nut!

  • Sandra Rowley

    Let me start by stating that I really enjoy your blogs with information on bags. In my few months of reading your blog I often wondered why you would chose to recap the idiot and more than ridiculous reality shows about the housewives of whatever city it is that night. I guess now that I have actually clicked on the recap, I see how many people respond, I find it incredible to say the least. I cannot figure out why anyone would watch that crap once let alone want a recap and to discuss.

    • Nancy from SB

      Some of us find it “idiot (sic) and more than ridiculous” to waste time reading about something so mundane as handbags, especially in a country already drowning in materialism.

      To each his (or HER) own!

      • Nancy

        Here, here!

      • deejah


  • Kitty

    Amanda, I cannot believe you didn’t comment on DiDi. She totally started it. It seems painfully obvious to me that this woman has a crush on Camille. She is a lovestruck sad puppy looking for a way to win Camille’s good grace. She almost begs for it with her: I love you Camille, I cannot let her treat you this way. What a pathetic display. DIDI had no right to plow into Taylor the way she did. At least she should have backed off when Taylor flew into the crazy, boozed out rage. Taylor is a complete mess and a totally unlikable person. There is something truly awful about her, maybe she is a sociopath and a master manipulator. One thing for sure there is too much drinking going on there. It is all just so sad, dark and sad. Too bad these awful broads are too self absorbed to see it. So freaking sad.

    • susan

      I felt exactly the same way about Didi.

  • ls33

    I just wanted to say that Kyle is beyond a bully – you can tell she does not come from a family of class. She reminded me of a hyena pointing her fingers at Brandi and then threaten her. Also constantly talking about her breasts – I just wanted to yell enough already. Also, to be honest, I think Taylor has anger management issues herself and think that her and Russel were both violent to each other. Often times in domestic abuse we think that it is usually the man that is the doing all the physical abuse – I don’t deny that he might have hit her but she really seems like a violent person and might have went at it with him.

    • Nancy from SB

      I totally agree with you, ls33 – Kyle is really quick to slap, grab, drop the f-bomb, etc. And her childish remarks about Brandi’s nipples were sad…. So what? What kind of messages does she give her daughters about their bodies? Of course, this is a woman who claims to not know what crystal meth is….

      No one mentioned how funny (but awful really) it was that Adrienne kept sticking her face in towards Taylor and YELLING (in that hoarse voice) “CALM DOWN!!” It reminded me of something Andy Cohen said that had me laughing hysterically – he was commenting on the NJ hair pulling incident where Kim G. was SCREAMING at Daniel “calm down!! calm down!!” – yeah, THAT’S the best way to calm a hysterical person….works every time.

      • Nancy

        Agree with both you you. Kyle seems down to earth and fun and then “snap,” she’s white trash from the wrong side of the tracks. She was awful to Camille last year (I know most people hated Camille, but I felt she was bullied), and now she looks to do the same to Brandi. One minute she’s being a great friend to Taylor and the next minute she’s doing the high school mean girl trip and pointing lasers at Brandi’s breasts.

  • Kris

    Glad a couple of you pointed out what a ridiculous bully Kyle was yet AGAIN. I cannot stand her acting like a high school brat making fun of people at every other party and this finger pointing crap she does. Also, how strange and over the top DiDi was as someone else pointed out. Camille was calm and this woman just lost it (well, not as much as Taylor) over something that didn’t directly involve her. She did seem intoxicated but who knows. And what about Adrienne covering Taylor’s mouth during her tirade. It was all just a lot. Not fun to watch. Sad.

    • I totally agree that Kyle was a bully in this ep, as usual, and Didi may have been over-the-top. Neither of them really penetrated my consciousness, though, I was mostly trying to finally figure Taylor out. Didn’t work.

    • Nancy

      Now that you mention it, the whole thing kinda reminded me of an old black and white movie called “The Snake Pit.”

    • Alena

      you can tell that Kyle and Kim don’t come from a family with good manners and class. I’ve already mentioned that finger pointing trashy gestures after the game party episode.

  • tuhreza

    When Taylor finally did get her cigarette in the limo, she lit the wrong end. Girl was completely trashed!

    • NCGal

      I saw that, too!!! Thought I was seeing things…Jeesh!

  • Purse Mommy

    I know I have a LV problem because I caught a glimpse of Camille’s wedge and knew it was the ones I drooled over from like 2 or 3 yrs ago. And Kyle’s splits are just obnoxious. I knew a woman who did that and we all thought it was just a pathetic way of getting attention. We get it your limber.

  • Purse Mommy

    Oh and Taylor’s bat sh*t crazy

  • RC

    On a lighter note, did anyone else notice Brandi’s awful extensions??! Homegirl needs to find a new hairstylist, it IS Beverly Hills after all.

  • Twinkly

    i love lisa. she’s just so always well composed and classy and just always well mannered and calm. i like kyle too coz she looks like demi moore and seems like AT HOME, she’s really well grounded and is very sweet to her husband. however, i do notice that she can be a bit of a bully. i don’t know why she always picks on brandi even though they’re supposed to be in good terms already. if it’s insecurity, i really don’t get it. she’s beautiful herself so i don’t know why she should be insecure of someone else. i like brandi too. her voice is a bit pitchy but i find her really sweet and just really wanna fit in. i think kyle can be a little over the top with her showing off at parties how she can do splits and spins. i think she has to stop being a bully and acting like a high school girl at parties, preying on young people. perhaps she’s insecure that brandi is still super duper hot despite having kids. well kyle is pretty too but you know.

  • Webaj

    Just a quick add…the person in “the peanut gallery” who was rambling on and on about the ocean was reality tv fame whore Linda Thompson. Her first husband was Elvis, second was Bruce Jenner (before he married Kris) and she is the mother of Brody Jenner, step brother of the Kardashians and former star of The Hills….and so it goes.

  • Calgal

    Did anyone notice Brandi’s friend who was on the show Sober House? Odd, no one was sober in her house in Malibu.

    • Charles

      Yes! i noticed that, how funny! i wonder if she got paid to be an extra or something? i mean, she didn’t seem to be sober there

  • Nancy

    Couple of things: in the limo when Taylor was going on and on that she wasn’t ready to forgive Camille, I couldn’t help but wonder then, “Why is she going to the party?” If you’re not ready – don’t go. In her interview she said she thought the house would be bigger (I guess she was thinking they wouldn’t run into one another), but anyone who has lived in LA for 5 minutes knows that big houses on PCH far a few in between (most of the lots are very narrow and unless you buy two and tie them together). So, I’m thinking she just really wanted her camera time.

    Second – Providing one believes Taylor was abused, I find it odd that Taylor has written a book about rising above and surviving abuse when she didn’t actually rise above the situation – her husband committed suicide. Would that be her advice people? I doubt she’s qualified to give advice to a cat stuck on a roof, let along to victims of abuse.

  • JenG

    I don’t like Kyle never have, never will. Why didn’t she defend Kim like she has Taylor (season 1). Taylor is off her rocker and is in need of help just like Kim. DiDi started the fight and with alcohol involved it didn’t take much to push Taylor over the edge. I don’t know if Russell abused her or not, I wasn’t there. He is not here to defend himself and to me it is wrong because it will hurt his family and eventually their daughter. Great recap Amanda, keep up the good work!

  • adrienne z

    I’m finding it hard to believe that Russell would abuse his wife knowing she was filmed on a daily basis on a reality show. The risk to be discovered would be too great. Most people that are abused are not vivacious and ready to jump onto the camera lens, not to mention going shopping, restaurants and parties the day after being hit.

    • Abuse isn’t a logical thing, by it’s very nature, and Taylor wasn’t filmed year-round for the show. She has the medical records, x-rays and doctor’s word to back up her story on that, which is why I believe it.

      • NCGal

        Amanda…I believe she was abused, too. Just not by Russell. It just doesn’t jibe.

      • adrienne z

        Please divulge a few links to your sources. I would love to be a believer, but from my few observances (albeit a faithful watcher of all episodes and subsequent re-runs) – I (and many others) are not privy to info that those of the press are aware of- I must concede that i do not believe that she was abused by Russell through no fault of her own.
        I do not discount my own observances of behaviours of peoples of varying backgrounds and circumstances – that said; I do not believ for one minute that Taylor is not wihout fault. If you have proof (?) of discord from someone other than her own shortcomings,….pleease~~!! put your readers at ease and divulge some info – we WANT to believe that she is/was being abused but only have what is at hand to constitute judgment and not all of us have the time to investigate truth from fiction. Please give us the real story if you in fact have it…
        (and thanks for the reply — this is obviously an important issure for so many to comment/worry about it) – !

  • Jill

    “Well. If you ever needed thirty seconds of television to completely explain Kim to someone who had never seen the show before, that would be it.”

  • chloebagfreak

    Great recap!! I actually watched most of it, but with the sound turned off! I was studying for my Abnormal Psych class( how appropriate) and found it interesting to say the least. Taylor is a completely unlikeable victim.While I watched her cry, she would smile every few minutes before the next fight. I think watching it with the sound off you can see how manipulative her tears were. She seemed to recover so quickly from moment to moment. She definitely has a personality disorder. I feel so bad for her daughter. We will be reading about her in a few years….
    Kyle is ridiculous about the nipple showing. In Malibu it is common for people to be a bit freer with their bodies showing. I’d rather see Brandi’s nipples through her shirt than watch Kyle’s crotch dragging on the carpet every time she does the splits!

    • JenG

      crotch dragging LOL!

    • adrienne z

      Taylor has been her own saboteur for many years prior to her even being in the public eye. It’s surprising that she got this far – she indeed is much more intelligent than she gets credit for – although I think she is entirely too far in over her head that even she anticipated – but she now has no recourse other than to continue her “saga” and see how many people pay attention to it….
      I have no intention to feed into any more of it.

  • Michelle

    I felt sorry for Brandi this episode. She was trying so hard to throw a nice party for the ladies, and, like she said to her friend, she just wanted to fit in. I would like to see more of her and less of Taylor.

  • Charles

    did anyone else notice Brandi’s friend at the party, who she cried to at the end about “just wanting to fit in” (that was a pretty great moment). if i’m not mistaken, and i could be, that looked like the exact same woman who hosted “sober house” a year or two ago? isn’t she supposed to be like… sober, now? why was she drinking wine?

    • JenG

      that was her

  • mkat

    Chloebagfreak — I’m glad I’m not the only one who watches with the sound turned off — textbook! That being said, my teenage daughter and I decided we liked it that Kim preferred hanging out by herself in her laundry room, eating cheetos, to being around women who were just going to be mean to her. Instructive terribleness …

  • Sandra Rowley

    I just have to ask…sooo…Nancy from SB and Nancy, you are reading the “purseblog” for the recaps on the reality shows and it has nothing to do with the information on the bags because it is materialistic? Very interesting indeed.

    • Nancy

      I have no idea what you are trying to say here: “it has nothing to do with the information on the bags because it is materialistic” doesn’t make sense. What is the “it.” The subject of the sentence?

      But if you are asking if I read the Purseblogs blogs on purses, the answer is, “no.” It’s amazing that companies pump enough high-end purses to support daily posts on this and several other blogs dedicated to handbags. Talk about conspicuous consumption. I have plenty and don’t need more to feel better about myself.

  • bisbee

    I find myself disliking Kyle more and more. She is the original mean girl – how immature and despicable! The mean comments “whispered” in full hearing of the victim, shining the laser at Brandi, her constant “look at me” antics – if she was my sister, I would be embarassed to be seen with her.

    Kim is certainly not the only person in that family with major problems, Kyle has her own – they are just different! What kind of a family dynamic that must have been when they were growing up!

  • tata

    I was terrified watching Taylor. That was beyond a meltdown. Plus, letting it out on Camille, who is vulnerable herself from her own divorce problems, is so selfish. What makes Taylor think that she can just act however she wants? I can’t stand her!

    • Lisie610

      I totally agree with you Tata.

  • adrienne z

    Hold the PHONE! I just realized something that I have not seen mentioned here.
    I watched the rerun again and it occurred to me that Taylor has absolutely NO ARGUMENT about being mad at Camille for her FEAR of Russell’s retaliation if he found out the girls knew of his “abuse”. Taylor, Kim, Russell and Mauricio were DISCUSSING it in the limo on the way to Adrienne’s runway event!!! Russell KNEW that Camille said something and Taylor was upset with her about it! If Taylor was so afraid that Russell would find out, why in the world would they be discussing it in the limo?
    Not only that,….. she HAD to tell him exactly what Camille had said – otherwise if she had told Russell something completely different, the conversation in the limo would not have made any sense to anyone! 3 people would have been thinking and commenting about what actually happened and Russell would have thought Camille said something else and none of the back and forth comments would have made sense!
    So- how can she be continue to be mad at Camille for fear of retaliation when is isn’t any since he already knows?! Her argument is INVALID!

    • adrienne z

      NOt only that – she continued her “fear of retaliation against her and her daughter” BS at Brandi’s house which was way after the limo ride and the shoe event.
      This chick is a conniving Bullshitter that only wants sympathy and pity from extremely wealthy women for whatever warped reason. I can’t believe that she is still on TV soaking up more airtime. Bravo must have some reason for keeping her on. She looked rather sedated, but still putting on her fake charm for WWHL with Andy after the episode aired garnering more pathetic attention.
      I also checked Bravo website and noticed that while all other housewives (including KIM) have blogged their experiences and opinions after each episode with the exception of Taylor who hasn’t blogged since February. Apparently Taylor is not ready to risk getting any negative feedback and criticism from the public (or anyone else) by writing any blogs about her explanations for her actions. She’s a total waste and quite frankly, I only wait for episodes for her in it in anticipation of her self-induced destruction. It’s almost fun to watch her bury herself.

  • Mirna

    ^^^ totally agree. I think Taylor does all that stuff for attention. She may have been abused but how often do you talk about the abuse with the abuser and your friends at the same time on several different occasions? I think taylor needs to go. This show and it’s exposure isn’t good for her at all. Kyle…money can’t buy you class obviously! These 2 belong together!

  • Elise

    What a cunning observation, Adrienne! I think Taylor is batsh!t crazy. Everything about her seems too contrived and self-serving. They should really fire her, she doesn’t deserve to be on tv showcasing and bragging about how ‘glamorous’ life when she is using stolen money.

    Kyle is starting to annoy me as well, a little kindness goes a long way. She doesn’t have to like Brandi but she could reserve her criticism to herself. This is so elementary I dont know why see vacant understand the concept of tactfulness.

    • Elise

      How glamorous her life is*


      She can’t understand*

      Sorry, I blame my iPad lol.

  • Shirley J

    this show is such a guilty pleasure….everyone has a bit of cuckoo in them…some more than others lol

  • Bagolicious

    ” Couple of things: in the limo when Taylor was going on and on that she wasn’t ready to forgive Camille, I couldn’t help but wonder then, “Why is she going to the party?” If you’re not ready – don’t go. In her interview she said she thought the house would be bigger (I guess she was thinking they wouldn’t run into one another), but anyone who has lived in LA for 5 minutes knows that big houses on PCH far a few in between (most of the lots are very narrow and unless you buy two and tie them together). So, I’m thinking she just really wanted her camera time.”

    Exactly. I’m from L.A. and have been to places on PCH for many decades and the houses aren’t that big as the lots aren’t that big. So, to me that sent up a red flag that she just wanted camera time and to start up a bunch of drama.

  • ccc

    There isn’t a sane or normal one in the bunch. If they were, they wouldn’t be on a reality show.

  • camilla

    I laughed so much…