I feel like we know each other, so I’m just going to level with you guys about last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I didn’t get to watch it until 2 a.m., after an hour-and-a-half drive, which followed some birthday celebrations, because today is my birthday. Today is also Christmas Eve, which hopefully does not strike any of you as a surprise, but if it does, you probably had as good a time last night as I did.

What I’m getting at is that this is not a recap. I know, I know. It should be a recap. I had every intention of writing a recap! But really, you guys are clever. Easily clever enough to do this without me! So instead, I made you an open thread, where you’re invited to crack jokes about Camille’s general loathsomeness and her motorcycle romp with Nick, Lisa’s gender-bending jaunt to Taylor’s party with her gay houseboy in heels and Kim’s failure at life. Go, commenters! Fly free! Think of this as a recap without training wheels. Oh, and use a real e-mail address when you add your two cents, because I have a little gift for whoever does the best job in my place. So put your back into it!

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  • Melissa

    Happy Birthday, Amanda!
    I didn’t get to watch the episode until this morning while I was getting ready for work, so I missed some pieces and the entire 20’s party all together…not only because I was getting ready, but mainly due to the Easy Rider scene with Camille and Nick. WHAT WAS THAT?! I puked in my mouth a little bit and couldn’t continue watching lest I wreck on the drive in as flashes of Nick strapping on Camille’s helmet while she puckered her lips and look doe-eyed at him come to my eyes…eeeewwwwww…

    I think we need a truth-serum induced ‘talking head’ interview with Nick’s wife in a future episode or reunion to explain how she views this extra-curricular relationship…ick. gross.

  • qudz104

    first off, happy birthday amanda!! hope you have an amazing one! and merry christmas!!
    secondly, i havent watched the episode yet, so after i do, ill post another comment lol.

  • Handbag Lover

    First of all, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

    Last night episode was good. Here is my quick and dirty recap. Camille started off this episode as all the others, A Victim. She really needs to stop with the Kyle hurt me drama, It was getting on everyone’s nerves, sorry, especially mine. Looking at her storyline now is like looking at Lindsay Lohan on TMZ, enough already! Lisa was working to plan a fashion show charity event for a lady who was burned by her boyfriend and I thought that was AWESOME. During the event neither Kim nor Camille showed because they were just tired of the drama, that they cause and blame other people for, :/ Go figure. At the few fashions, Fashion show, we learned that even in Camille’s absence, she still can worry the HELL out of folks. She sent Kyle a text message letting her know that they won’t use the services of her husband any longer. Kyle was hurt but as a true Diva, she cried will still maintaining her well put together makeup. I had to commend Taylor because at the Few Fashions, Fashion show, she looked wonderful. Then Taylor decided to have a 50’s party. She also, along with Kim dedcided that they need to talk and get along. So they decided to go out for Mani’s and Pedi’s. While there, taylor asked Kim to come to her party and Kim asked, “if this was a last min offer” and Taylor said, yes. Kim thanked her for the offer but she had other plans. Kim had to spend time with her daughter before she left for the summer; so, she had to be home to act Co-Dependent around her young daughter. Right, Right, Kim we get it! While they were talking they decided to get on one accord but the looks Taylor gave Kim was that of, “okay, I will tolerate you for the show but you weird as hell”. Meanwhile, Adrienne attempted to sit down with Crying Complaining Camielle and just have a nice lunch and let her know to put all this New York Kyle Crazy stuff aside, sigh, good try chile. SMH, on to the party, The 50’s party was fun, everyone dressed up and had a good time. Lisa was dressed as the man while her little “french fry”of a penis permanent houseguest dressed up as the B he was. Of course they could not walk across the street to get Adreienne; so, they had a limo driver come over and pick them up and get them ready for the party. Taylor had an awesome costume and her hair was nice, her husband came as his self, a boring stick in the mud with an old hat and he was Ready! Kyle showed up with her assistant who looked like he was “Driving Miss Daisy” and her HAWT husband. Maurico was the first one, out of the two, to seak to Camille and have respect for their bank account. After a while at the party, Kyle hugged Crazy Camille and tried to mend fences. The girls went on with the party and tried to have fun that night as much as they could.

    Well that’s my recap, I know, I know wordy and long but I tried. lol

    • suz

      I think it was a “Roaring 20’s” party……clothes in the 50’s were definitely not that cool.

  • hermeslover

    Last night episode was like, transitory? weird? both. Anyway the whole episode. First of all just watching camilla’s intro with al that uuuh and oooh and look how stupid I am, just really drives me nuts. Well of course Camille’s having a ride with Nick, flirting like always telling him ”his motorbike is cooler than kelsey’s” (was that a methapor?maybe but i don’t think she even knows what metaphor means). Then the girls meet (except of course mrs. i’m so hurtbythesepeople Camille) at Villablanca for the charity event Lisa’s planned. Everything’s great fine and perfect, when (could u imagine it?) Kyle gets a text. You’re never going to believe who sent the text so i’m gonna tell u…..drumrolls……CAMILLE! of course since she is a spoiled brat she basically told her that she had fired mauricio as their realtor. But Kyle doesn’t cause draaaaama, she cries under her big sunglasses and tries not to ruin Lisa’s party. Then Kim and Julia roberts look-a-like aka Taylor meet for their mani and pedis to call a truce between them. This results into a series of awkard moments in which taylor’s faces are memorable, even though in the end they just laugh it off. We then watch Adrienne having lunch with our ”worshipped” Camille, who tries ,in vain, to get Adrienne to talk bad about Kyle. Then we have another scene with Kim that just makes her look more pathetic, as she begs her daughter, who’s leaving, to have a party and she tells her she won’t even go to Taylor’s 50’s party in orer to spend the last night in LA with her. Everybody’s ready for Julia, emm sorry Taylor’s party and we watch the exchange of roles between Lisa and Cedric. Lisa’s dressed as a gentleman and Cedric, as a trainwreck lady. They’re escorted with the limo to adrienne’s house which is what? 5 metres away? and then everybody’s at the party where Kyle out of nwhere approaches Camille like nothing happened. I think everybody who was watching this was like ”WTF?! WHAT’S SHE DOIN’?”. And Camille with that annoying voice of her is like fake-friendly and all that. So everybody’s happy in their fakeness and they can all go and eat a pink cake on top of the rainbow yaaaaay, but only if the cake’s worth more than 10k!

    • suz

      Ladies….Ladies….it was a “Roaring 20’s Party”. The dress code for a 50’s party is poodle skirts, saddle shoes and pony tails.

      • Adrienne C

        LOL!! Where the 50’s party come from? Wasn’t anyone paying attention?

  • Kiwishopper

    I really laughed out loud when I saw the trans-gender dressing!! AND I really think the fued between Camille and Kyle is fake lol It’s all for the show seriously but it makes good entertainment :p

  • Stacy

    HHH-AAA-PPP-PPP-YYY BBB-III-RRR-TTT-HHH-DDD-AAA-YYY AMANDA!! Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a great new year!!

  • Donna D

    Happy Birthday Amanda!
    Just wanted to add, Taylor’s party had a 20’s theme, not 50’s. Other than that, I agree with previous posters’ assessments of last night’s episode. Camille tried to pull Adrienne into her drama, but Adrienne handled herself and Camille brilliantly when she deflected Camille with her need to pick up her child at school. Kim, unfortunately, needs to find a hobby or interest as her children will all leave her home one day, and Kim is not helping them develop independence by begging them to stay with her.

  • JenG

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

  • casP

    for u style savy divas out there i need help what purse was taylor armstrong wearing when her and kim went to go get pedi’s?

    • Bee V

      A tan Hermes Birkin with gold hardware. I really tried to look away.

      • casP

        haha thanks!

  • suz

    Everytime I watch an episode where Camille is playing the “I’ve been assaulted” card, I wonder if I missed something. So far, I’ve only seen her passively-aggressively (or not) provoking Kyle into either defending herself or struggling to clarify her statements. Kyle’s only mistake is the one we all make from time to time…..trying to justify and make sense out of irrational behavior. Camille is so-o-o-o loathsome….a combination of my two least favorite traits all rolled into one…arrogance and stupidity, but with the added wonder of delusion. And on it goes. I don’t know anyone who has this ridulous kind of drama in their lives….but then, maybe that’s a choice. Maybe these people really do exist in some alternate universe? Fun to watch, however.

    Everyone, have a happy holiday!!
    Happy birthday, Amanda! Miss your recap, but you do have a fine excuse!

  • Handbag Lover

    Sorry about that guys, you were right it was the Roaring Twenties not 50’s. :) Also, I forgot to give a shout out to Kyle’s cute lil daughter Portia. This little girl is just a breath of fresh air! So cute!!!!

  • Mita

    1. why did Adrienne not interrupt and tell Camille that ‘she may be wrong’, that the psychic was rude and a bitch to boot, and that she as a hostess should have intervened?
    2. why did Taylor and Kim meet and not really talk about the fight? why did they meet at all? who arranged this mani-pedi fun date? them, but why?
    3. I still love Lisa (and not just coz I’m english), she showed honest irritation at boy toy.
    4 why oh why did Kyle just talk to Camille again?
    5 Mauricio, was being business savvy and mature

    • Manuela

      Mita…IMHO Adrienne did not tell Camille that she “might have been wrong/mistaken” because Adrienne knows, quite rightly, that even merely hinting to a person with a cluster B personality disorder that their reality may in fact be delusional is, well, suicide. I’m sure Adrienne knew that if she dared to even poke that bear, the rest of the season would have Camille swinging the full weight of her hostility in her direction. Ugh; can you imagine the remainder of episodes left in this season with Camille simpering into the camera, (breathy-toned),”Adrienne verbally assaulted me. It’s unacceptable”. Yeah, Adrienne gets the level of crazy she’s filming with: bless her heart.

      Y’know, my husband is English as well and he just freakin’ hates Lisa with a passion. I don’t get it. I’m digging on the dry British humor and its delivery (that he claims to love from other folks) and he just wants to fling a Blackberry at her head. I’d love to hang with this woman anytime, anywhere, and will continue to defend her! Keepin’ it classy with minimal plastic surgery, real hair and boobs and a family she obviously adores. And a resident housegay. Love ya, Lisa!

      • suz

        “Cluster B Personality Disorder” caught my eye, and, of course, I immediately had to Google it. So….1) I’m a little bit smarter today because RHOBH (hard to believe) …and 2) I’m wondering if that’s one of the requirements on the casting check list for all the Real Housewives shows.

  • aka55

    Congratulations on completing another trip around the sun, Amanda, and Many Happy Returns of the Day!

    Here’s what went down: there was far too much footage of Camille trying to justify her horrifying behavior, while commending herself for being “…kind, sweet, generous, a gracious host…” sorry, had one of Amanda’s rage blackouts. Where was I…oh yes…Mauricio looked hotter than the hinges of hell. I, for one, want more footage of him. I’m 54 & I’d buy a poster of Mauricio & tape it over my bed like I did w/ my Bobby Sherman poster in 1966. I’m serious, that man’s one sweet piece of eye candy. Kyle skillfully demonstrated the art of servicing your man w/o mussing your makeup “Honey, what’s that salad I like?” If I’d only been able to master the helpless, self-deprecating banter w/o choking on my tongue, I’d have married well, too. Miss Kyle is bringing it in so many ways…what’s not to love?

    Adrienne had more than her pro-rated share of sparkly hair extensions & joined her brothers to sit through one of the lamest music acts to come along since the Partridge Family. Taylor looked stunning in vintage clothing & head gear, although I’m still steaming from the fact that she has yet to own up to getting Camille riled up by spreading gossip…gossip in which she had participated. When Taylor looks @ Camille, dollar signs register in her eyes. Oh, yes…and Taylor’s husband is still a douche…One more thing, Taylor talks all the time about “empowering women” (shudder), but then either picks fights w/ or gets embroiled in a heated debate with Kim who is, incidentally, the 2010 poster child for women in need of empowerment. Way to share that spirit of comraderie with the rank & file, Taylor.

    And speaking of Kim, she may just be the most damaged of all the housewives combined…and that’s saying something! Lisa & Ken were as lovely as ever & I must say that Ken is not without his own appeal…so sweet & flexible. That’ll be one Mauricio poster & one Ken doll, please.

    Well, I believe it’s already Christmas Day & I need sleep, so I’ll leave you with one final piece of Christmas cheer…was it just me or did Camille’s Roaring 20s garb look like it began it’s tedious journey as a Kmart blue light special?

    …Merry, Merry one & all :)

    • Empress

      “hotter than the hinges of hell.” LOLOL!!!! I just about peed my pants. I love all these comments, but that sentence just about slayed me!! Does anyone else get the feeling from the other week’s Watch What Happens when Camille called to “apologize” that it was just because she’s EATING CROW RIGHT NOW???? Sooo much croooow! I think if Kesley wasn’t cheating, Camille wouldn’t be taking any kind of “high road” she thinks she’s on. Oh and “firing” someone’s husband through a text to his wife is NOT BUSINESS. It’s lame. Camille is appropriately named… anyone see the movie Camille? All about a whiny faker. Ugh……

  • NCGal

    The saddest moment in the show was when Kim’s daughter, trying her best to be kind and measured, was talking to her mother about growing up, eventually launching, and moving on. She (the daughter) was clearly the adult in the conversation differentiating in a kind and classy manner, from her needy, overly-involved mother. Kim on the other hand, with her sad-sack manipulative eyebrows/eyes was trying her best to guilt-trip her daughter and, to her credit, her daughter simply wouldn’t allow it. Oy! Kudos to the daughter.

  • NCGal

    aka55, that was awesome! Can we vote, too Amanda???

  • Carla

    The 45 seconds that hideous shrew of a psychic was on just in the “previously on” part made me want to punch her in the throat through the TV.

    “They can’t even *spell* friend.” Hilarious! She’d be the funniest girl in the elementary school cafeteria. Know that.

  • Kate M

    Anyone else love Grease 2? “I wanna coooooool rider, a cool, cool, cool, cool rider. If he’s cool enough he can burn me through and through…” that Camille is a piece of work.

    • ali

      I know that song by heart, and it is an awesome movie! Camille would never make it as a Pink Lady.

  • Sseabaa

    Happy Birtday Amanda!!!!

    I love me some housewives; don’t care where they live. All except Camille and maybe the criminal from New Jersey the one with weird boobs? (can’t remember her name). Anywho is it only me or do other people get the feeling Camille has features consistent with mongolism or Down Syndrome? Absolutely no offense to those with DS or Mongolism meant but she really has a strange look. And her look is not due to ridiculous eyeshadow choices like Phedra.

  • pursemonkey

    Just now finished watching the epi and immediately logged on to read Amanda’s recap. Happy belated, Amanda!
    This episode provided some much-needed relief from last week’s tension. We had the obligatory Camille-and-the-married-guy-she’s-obviously-sleeping-with scene, this time involving a comparison of Nick and Kelsey’s crotch rockets.
    We had a fundraiser coordinated by Lisa in which Kyle was (to use Camille’s favorite word) “assaulted” by a text informing her that Camille and Kelsey would no longer be doing business with Mauricio. So thoughtful of Camille to veer off the “high road” she claims her crazy train follows in order to ruin Kyle’s day.
    We then saw Kyle breaking the news of said text to Mauricio who was obviously upset but managed to keep his cool while remaining SMOKIN’ HAWT as always.
    Speaking of Camille, her lunch with Adrienne was painful to watch, as it essentially involved Camille attempting to draw Adrienne into the Camille-Kyle drama by proclaiming her innocence and talking smack on Kyle. Adrienne obviously wanted nothing to do with the direction the conversation was heading, so she bowed out graciously under the guise of needing to pick a child up from school. I do wish Adrienne would have expressed more of her feelings about the dinner party from hell (and Alison in particular) but I honestly can’t blame her for wanting to distance herself from that freak show.
    There was an uncomfortable mani-meetup between Kim and Taylor, during which Taylor offered up a halfass invitation to her Roaring 20’s party, leading Kim to ask if the last minute invite was because Taylor was debating about whether to invite her. Kudos to Taylor for her honest response.
    There was a cringe-worthy convo between Kim and her daughter in which the parent-child relationship was inverted and Kim made her sad/confused face repeatedly.
    Finally, Taylor’s party provided the perfect opportunity for Kyle and Camille to fake a reconciliation and do an awkward flapper dance together to consummate their new found truce.
    Did I mention that Lisa and Cedric surprised everyone at the party with a bit of gender-bending? I must say, he certainly has the legs to pull off a miniskirt, but I have to agree with Adrienne that Lisa is “too pretty” to pull off the masculine look.
    Winner of this week’s ultimate housewife competition? Giggy, of course.

  • S

    Happy belated birthday Amanda.
    I can’t recap, but I do want to say that if I were Camille, I would fire Mauricio. If my husband did business with someone who called me the things that Kyle called Camille, I’d be pissed. But overall Camille is just crazy.

  • S

    I just read what everyone had to say – I want to add that Mauricio went and talked to Camille at the party because he wants their business, not because he’s kind and lets everything roll of his shoulder like Kyle says. That looked just as phony as the Camille and Kyle reconciliation.

  • erica

    Happy Birthday Amanda! :)

  • Lisa in Oregon

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    I’m still baffled as to why Kyle allows Camille to set her up. At the 20’s party, when Kyle tapped Camille’s shoulder said she doesn’t understand what happens when they get together, I wanted to smack some sense into her. To me it’s obvious. Camille creates the scenario, and artfully so, and then Kyle walks right into it. (The dinner is a great example) As another commenter mentioned above, Kyle is left to defend herself or clarify her statements. She needs to get wise to Camille’s antics. Camille is not that smart. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

  • NCGal

    Sooooooooo????? Who won?

  • LP

    Can anybody ID the adorable dress Taylor had on while running around town with her gorg Barenia Birkin? I think I need to buy it, just to get me out of this snowstorm funk!

  • JessZ

    And here we thought we were through with the psycho, errr psychic. Luckily it was only a few seconds. So the main focus of this week’s episode was Lisa’s fundraiser and Taylor’s 20’s party. Believe it or not, Camille still attempted to ruin the day without even being there. But more on that later.

    During preparations for the fundraiser, Lisa actually admonished Cedric the freeloader. I was pretty surprised. This was the first time Lisa seemed really irritated at Cedric. Then came the obligatory air kisses once everyone started showing up. “We really need to put this behind us” blah blah blah. I’m still betting they draw this Vegas-New York thing out for another 8 episodes. Kyle chose to sit with her friends to try to lessen the drama in case Camille showed up. Thankfully Camille opted to cling onto her “buddy” Nick for the day. But during the fundraiser, Camille “took the high road” and sent Kyle a text saying they would no longer use Mauricio as their realtor. Very mature Camille. The only thing missing from that text was “I’m rubber and you’re glue”. Although Kyle never read the text out loud so who knows, maybe there was a bit of that. Kyle, for her part, tried to keep it to herself/just amongst her friends so as to not take away from the event. And I like her so much more for that.

    The next segment showed Camille going on a cozy little bike ride with Nick. Hmm. Yea…wonder if it’s in their contract that affairs aren’t allowed to be taped? On a side note, I think this is the first episode where Camille didn’t talk for 5 min about how she’s married to KELSEY GRAMMAR and how he’s SUCH and A lister.

    Brief snippet of Adrienne with the Maloof family before Camille started the whole I’m-such-an-angel-everyone-is-SO-jealous-of-me ordeal. Kim and Taylor had an awkward mani date where Taylor invited Kim last minute to the 20’s party. But at least she copped to it when Kim asked if she was a last min invite. And then back to the Camille delusions. Adrienne and Camille had a lunch date where Camille started up again about how she was justified and always picked on by Kyle. Ironically, Camille called Kyle immature. Right. Because lashing out by firing Mauricio is such a mature move. Adrienne had the good sense to “pick up her son” and cut the lunch early.

    Jiggy time!! Star of the show. Seriously. I was beginning to think Jiggy’s muscles had atrophied from being carried around all the time so I was quite excited to see him run around. Poor little balding dog. So adorable.

    Brief annoying clip of Kim trying to bribe, errr convince her daughter to stay and not leave her. The shock in her eyes when her daughter said probably wasn’t going to be living at home too much longer was just sad…please, just let your daughter grow up.

    Finally, the day of the 20’s party. Lisa easily stole the show by making Cedric dress as a woman while she wore the pants. And mustache. Most of the time was devoted to Camille avoiding Kyle “slings and arrows” (delusional…) but I just wanted to point out Mauricio. Not only did he look good but he was perfectly professional and chatted with Camille very cordially. Seriously, take some tips Camille. Of course after a bit of avoiding each other, Camille and Kyle “made up” and did their little dance together. We’ll see how long that lasts. But the most shocking moment of the party: Russell cracking a smile! Albeit a forced one. And he still gave off the chilly, serial-killer-in-the-making-vibe.

    Whew. Seems like so much more happened in this episode. Or perhaps Amanda is just much better at summarizing and editing out the useless info than I am…Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the next episode. Mostly because Ken talks! So far we’ve seen him pick up a turtle and sit with a bunch of dogs around him. So I’m quite looking forward to him trying to argue with Lisa.

  • Lorie

    Happy belated Birthday Amanda! Hope it was a great one!

  • CL

    this show ceases to amaze me. best housewives series, aside from my atlanta girls though! (ipad)

  • Hanh N

    Happy Birthday (ipad)

  • Chells

    As much as I love the Housewives series, BH is by far the best! I’m still reeling over the episode with Allison Dubois, and this episode seemed quite calm compared to that one. (ipad)

  • Smith

    lisa’s houseguest can come live with me anytime! hahaha (ipad)

  • Nicole

    Beverly Hills, what a thrill!


  • Lilac

    After a Camille filled episode, I think even the editors need a break from watching too much of the evil She-Monster that this week’s episode opens practically to a scene akin to watching baby kittens; interaction between Kyle, her adorable little munchkin, and her perfect husband. Granted they were talking about Camille but who cares when you’re looking at Maurcio. Every now and then, editors can stop pulling out their hair to bitch slap Camille a bit by playing recaps of her stirring up the pot and smiling when it all goes to hell.

    I suppose the Maloof need to fill a certain screen time quota other than promoting her impressive portfolio of businesses. Adrienne, ever so diplomatically, describes the drama to her husband. I’m actually all for her getting more screen time as long as she’s moving around in that house of hers because, come on, who hasn’t ever wondered what the interior looks like in a house mansion like that. Maybe she can film in a different room every time. Would she ever run out of locations? I can’t be bothered with Kim (like everyone else).

    For the first time, we get to see a stressed Lisa without time to make all her witty little jokes. Truth be told, I’d to scared to work for her as she is obviously an over-the-top perfectionist, but I’d like to be her Giggy in the next lifetime. That dog has a better life (and nicer wardrobe) than most people. Since the cause of the stress is for her charity, this only makes me love her a little more. The housegay got scolded like a naughty schoolboy. I’m surprised Lisa even noticed he’s been living in that mansion of hers. Has she even been to that corner of the house since she decorated it last? The charity goes off without a hitch until Camille decides to send Kyle a text firing Mauricio as her and Kelsey GRAMMER’s Realtor. Please, you know she wrote Kelsey Grammer. Camille was invited to the same luncheon so you can bet that she planned to send Kyle that text around that time to hopefully get the other girls to start talking about her and ruin their entire lunch without even being there. This is pretty much the theme of the show. Everyone is happy with their lives until Camille shows up. The same goes for Kelsey. Having done a hard day’s work, (when you have the IQ of a 5 year old, writing a long text is like writing a thesis) Camille treated herself to a safe motorcycle ride with her boy toy Rick. Since safety is a number 1 priority, Camille made sure she had a firm grip on boy toy’s crotch the entire ride. She has two kids that need her remember? Who cares about charity for burn wards when you’ve got a grueling afternoon of riding the boy toy?

    Back to Villa Blanca, (come on isn’t this why Lisa is on the show) Lisa, Adrienne, and Fish Lips are blissfully unaware of any further Camille) drama going on at Kyle’s table. Their conversation drifts back to the She-Monster and the only word they have is ridiculous. L & A are both too smart to be caught on camera saying SM is crazy so they called the drama ridiculous. Kyle, as always, can’t recognize when Camille is baiting her and gets teary eyed the rest of the luncheon. Is anything else a bit disappointed that between all those BH women, the tally raised was $25,000? I know it’s better than nothing but I guess I just expected more from BH women.

    Wow since this is has gotten too long, I’ll summarize quickly. Adrienne and Camille have lunch where Camille proceeds to pretend to be the victim and tries to get Adrienne to trash talk about Kyle. I guess these are times when Adrienne’s face lift comes in handy because her poker face is sublime. When Adrienne says that she wished both of them could be put in time-out, Camille gave her a glance and the wheels in that pool of crazy started turning. Knowing she made a mistake, Adrienne quickly gets rid of Camille by saying she had a kids thing to do.

    At Taylor’s party, Lisa and Cedric both dressed in drag and everyone had a good laugh. Kyle and Camille faked a make-up and started dancing together.

    Preview to next week: Camille gives Kyle a book on how to behave appropriately. Oh… the irony.


  • Nadia Segers

    such long comments ;o

    maybe I don’t speak english so well,

    but I like the articles as much as the others!

    I hope you don’t mind that my comments are shorter.

    x Nadia

  • hfxshopgirl

    happy birthday amanda! (ipad)

  • Shana

    Happy birthday!!

    Tis the season of irony
    And all through the house
    All the housewives were stirring
    And running their mouths

    Taylor and Kim
    Were down on the ropes
    But a mani and uneaten ice cream
    Restored relationship hope

    Adrienne, who has reason
    Was bemused by it all:
    By Camille’s dinner party
    Which was nearly a brawl

    By kids misbehaving
    Well, no, not quite that
    It was the grownup reactions
    That seemed a bit quack

    (She still went to lunch
    Salads only, of course
    With Camille the Crazy
    Who’s being DIVORCED)

    For Taylor’s big party
    The theme was the Twenties
    Cedric annoyed Lisa
    Who thought it was funny

    For him to go to the bash
    Dressed up as her moll
    With her as the mafioso
    At whose beck he must call

    Oh, whoops, there’s no Kyle
    But wait, there’s Camille
    This bugglegum flapper
    Says her feelings are real

    And that Kyle is mean
    And unfeeling toward her
    Sort of like Kelsey
    Who’s treating her like a cur

    Whine, whine, whine, Camille
    That’s just your whole shtick
    And when Kyle tapped you
    Like thieves, you were thick

    Talking about their assistants
    Behold, common ground
    Since both of them love
    Having those people around

    Camille asked for a hug
    And the Charleston they danced
    With thumb motions and knee knocks
    Together they pranced

    We end our tale now
    With Julie, big heads and packing
    And it’s almost New Year’s Eve
    So the champagne, let’s get cracking


  • ninjaninja

    Love the recaps because actually watching it makes me crings. (ipad)

  • Lara

    the series hasn’t made it to Canada yet (we always get things late!) but i can’t wait!

  • Ken Vien

    happy birthday amanda! (ipad)

  • Christine

    Happy birthday! (ipad)


    happy birthday (ipad)


    to aManda :) (ipad)

  • Jen

    Happy Belated Birthday!! (ipad)

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    I was sick to my stomach watching this episode. It showed how fake the relationship in BH. Just like Lisa said, in BH its who you know (and how not to make them/wifey upset)
    Nobody had Kyle’s back (even her hubby) because they know how powerful kelsey is. I can’t wait for the reunion show.
    Happy birthday Amanda, and wishing y’all a Happy and Healthy New Year (ipad)

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    I don’t know if any of the Real Housewives read purseblog.com, but i would love to ask Kyle directly: WHY on earth are you reading texts at dinner table / fundraiser in the first place? It is rude to one’s dinner companions to sit with your phone on the table checking it constantly – and if you had proper manners you wouldn’t have been blindsided in public and sat there with tears streaming down your face, you would have read it privately later. OR…. is the show really scripted somewhat after all and this was all a set-up? The bravo blogs by producers swear “they don’t make this stuff up”. Lesson learned: put the damn phones away and interact with the humans around you. (ipad)

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    I have to say that as a mom of two small children, I keep my phone with me at all times and check it frequently. Kyle wasn’t surfing the internet or typing long texts (or god forbid, chatting on her phone) during the fundraiser. I don’t see anything wrong with her sneaking a peek to make sure no one needed her.

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