As far as reunions go, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills get-togethers won’t go down as the best in Housewives history, that’s for sure. These ladies are too diplomatic well-trained to call each other names and get in each others’ faces when not plied by copious amounts of alcohol, and although everyone had on cocktail dresses at the reunion, drinks weren’t served until the end. And even then, they weren’t served to Kim.

We touched on some sensitive topics last night including Cedric the grifter and Allison the crazy psychic with the electronic cigarette of insanity, but little fur flew and even fewer secrets were spilled. It was worth it just so see Lisa and Ken joke around with each other, though. Where do I apply to be the new Cedric?

1. Andy Cohen is sick of Camille not taking responsibility for anything. Whether it be her divorce, the show’s editing or Kyle’s bullying, Camille always had something to blame for how awful she looked on the show. Andy finally cornered her and forced her to admit a little responsibility over one mean remark in the entire scope of nasty thing she said throughout the series, and while the camera remained on her for a second or two afterward, it seemed as though something inside of Camille’s brain cracked a little bit.

2. When Cedric left, he packed his things in Ken’s suitcases. Also, Cedric has the most punchable face in the history of the planet, and yet I somehow didn’t realize that until now. How did I miss it? Bravo gave Cedric a little segment to talk shit about Lisa, her giant ego, the low wages he was being paid and what horrible people she and Ken are, and it couldn’t have backfired on him in a more obvious way if it had been planned. Just like everyone else, I adore Lisa, and seeing his smug, grifting face going to acting classes to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame made me feel slightly stabby. Finding out that he’s trying to extort Lisa for money made me feel even more stabby. Watch out, Cedric. You don’t want to run in to me in a dark parking lot any time soon.

3. Watching Taylor watch Russell act like a dick is absolutely fascinating. Whatever cracked in Camille’s head after she admitted responsibility for saying nasty things also cracked in Taylor’s head while Andy played a few clips of Russell’s creepy serial killer stare and Taylor crying over him. The picture-in-picture treatment that we got with those scenes was particularly excellent because the content was so incredibly negative; it was a lot different than watching Lisa watch herself poke Kim’s boobs, for example. I could do an entire reunion of just reaction shots; I think that would be far more telling than any of the talking points we heard last night.

4. Paul thinks bickering is fun. And he’s right, it is kind of fun if you know the other person isn’t taking it seriously! When talking to Adrienne and Paul about their relationship, the subject of pre-nuptial agreements came up, and Adrienne and Paul have one. Of course they do, they were both rich and successful before they got married! As for the rest of the cast members, they all denied having signed anything but a marriage license, which surprised me about Taylor in particular. Russell was rich when they got married, right? Is he a moron? Or did he forgo the pre-nup as a way to keep Taylor silent about his identity as the Beverly Hills Strangler?

5. Mauricio is Camille’s realtor again. Which is good, because if Kelsey gets to keep the house, she’s going to need one. Also, in unrelated news, female viewers love Mauricio so much that they’re sending him naughty pictures of themselves. I’m confident when I say that he is the only Housewives husband to ever have that effect on anyone. Although Ken is pretty awesome..

6. Ken has just as good of a sense of humor as Lisa does. He was shattered when Lisa said that they only have sex on Christmas and his birthday, because that’s a lie. They also have sex on Valentine’s Day. He got serious for a moment and spoke about Cedric, and I think it’s possible that she and Ken have the best, sanest and most enviable marriage not just on Real Housewives, but on television as a whole. When I’m old enough to have grown children, I hope I look half as good as Lisa does and have a man half as supportive and kind as Ken. I would be a happy girl.

7. Kyle and Kim actually seemed to have a pretty decent grasp on the dynamics in their relationship. Much has been said about whether or not Kyle is fair to Kim, but when Kyle and Kim were both asked to comment on it, they seemed to be largely on the same page about why Kyle seems mean sometimes. And after watching that back and forth for a few minutes, something occurred to me. Normally, the relationships we see take place on Real Housewives have developed over the space of a couple years, and sometimes even less. Kim and Kyle have been building an infinitely complex bond over decades, most of which we’ll never understand, let alone see. I think that might be why I’m instinctually slow to judge when Kyle seems mean or Kim seems spineless.

8. Watching Kyle and Kim’s fight still makes me massively uncomfortable. It still seems like something that the public doesn’t have any right to gawk at, but gawk we did for a second time while Kim and Kyle looked on uncomfortably. As far as the content of the argument goes, Kim says doesn’t regret being a child star and that she enjoyed her work, although that doesn’t mean it didn’t completely screw her up in the process. Also, Kim’s claims about her financial support of the family weren’t entirely accurate, according to Kyle, and Kim didn’t contradict that. Their dad bought the family’s home, and the other children in the family also worked.

9. Kim refused to confirm or deny that she has a drinking problem. Not a good indication, since it seems to be true and admitting you have a problem is the first step. Literally, it’s the first of 12. And although it’s her business if she talks about it or not, since we already know that she was in rehab for a week, being contrite and honest about whatever struggles she’s having would likely have been an indicator of an optimistic outlook. To me, refusing to comment is not a good sign.

10. Camille insists that she didn’t intentionally ply that crazy psychic with alcohol. Camille refused to say anything unkind about Allison, though, so Lisa went ahead and did it for her. She also insisted that the psychic’s presence wasn’t a setup but that, somehow, Faye Resnick’s presence was. And when Kyle accurately pointed out that Camille thinks everything is a setup, Camille got mad at her for using the word “setup.” At this point in the episode, I developed a very sharp pain in my head.

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  • c.c.

    Wow, I normally agree with you 99% of the time, but not this time.

    Maybe because I’m a little older than you and went through a divorce? Anyone that has- it’s terrible, so is knowing something is ‘off’ –the months sometimes years that lead up to it. It’s draining. Especially when you have kids, and probably even more so when your whole identity is tied up and you are overshadowed by the ‘famous one’.

    I guess I don’t think Camille is as bad as a lot of people do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love her and want to spend time with her. But I think she’s probably a pretty typical Hollywood wife.

    Kyle on the otherhand – I actively dislike her. She pretended to take a little responsibilty, but it didn’t strike me as sincere.

    I mean come on- she couldn’t even give her sister a little credit for being a child star and paying some bills. “I was a child star too!” Please. We all read your IMB page. Blank. You could tell Kim was hurt by that.

    She thinks it’s the Kyle show and they’re all along for the ride because she invited them. I can’t believe how much she’s like Jill Zarin except without the panda eye makeup.

    She never stuck up for her sister. Her sister did stick up for her.

    And I gotta side with Camille on the whole Fay Resnick thing. I do remember the OJ trial and Fay on all the talk shows. Her claim to fame was knowing a poor murdered woman that got her throat cut. And she trashed Nicole Simpson. She’s a horrible person.

    • Sorry, divorce doesn’t turn everyone in to Camille. I’ve never been divorced, but I know plenty of people who have (and recently, too), and they still manage to not be nasty human beings. She has financial stability, no need to work and plenty of time to go to therapy. I’m not giving her any kind of pass. We all choose our behavior.

      • PhotoGirl

        I’ve been thorough a divorce and I’m not giving Camille even the teeny-tiniest of passes. In fact, although I don’t condone cheating on one’s spouse or significant other, her behavior on the show makes me wonder what the hell took Kelsey so long.

      • Ashley

        Camille’s behavior definitely makes Kelsey look sympathetic, until he starts scheduling his new wedding before the divorce. I think the way Camille treated her mother is a good indication of what kind of person she is- and that was before the divorce.

      • suz

        I totally agree with you, Amanda. Many, many people go through a divorce, and although they might get angry and upset, it doesn’t turn them into a total creap…..and often they come out the other side a better person. I don’t see that happening here.

    • Leslie

      Amanda…I will totally miss these re-caps! I live for them! Thanks for your witty review of the show.

      I would like to stick up for Kyle…she remains one of my favorite ladies (although she doesn’t hold a candle to Lisa). As a sister of addict, I understand completely where she is coming from…and unless you go through it with someone, you have no idea how draining that type of relationship with a sibling can be. I literally could have said those same things she said to Kim in the limo to my brother at certian times in my life. And if that scene would have never taken place…everyone would still be in love with Kyle.

      Also…Camille takes NO responsiblity for anything she has done/said…I do not care if you are going through a divorce…you used words and phrases that were ridiculous…own up to it. Say you are embarassed by what you said…because you should have been. And if you don’t own up to it…you probably believe what you said.

      • bcuz

        Kyle was insensitive and mean. She had no reason to call Kim out on her addiction before millions. Then to top it off with a sentence that begins ” mother died worrying about you…..”. Did she invite Kim so that she could humiliate her?

    • Aj

      I think I agree with you, c.c. I don’t necessarily think that divorce should be used as a catch-all excuse for all of the things Camille said/did, BUT I think it was a culmination of her insecurity of being only known as Kelsey’s wife for the last 13 years, being virtually ignored by Kelsey as we saw from their footage together, being left for a twenty-something, etc. And while I believe that Kyle didn’t actually say the words, “Why would they care about you without Kelsey there,” Kyle strikes me as a very opinionated person who would ask very pointed questions. It was probably even more the way that she asked the questions about Hawaii than the actual wording of the questions that made Camille feel like she was being grilled about it. Also since this all went down in the beginning of the season, much of what Camille said during her sit-down interviews could be a result of her defensiveness about the situation.

      And yeah, I’m also guessing she is pretty typical for a Hollywood wife.

    • RedHead

      C.C. – I was going to add something to this week’s blog but read your’s and can only say DITTO on every word you wrote.

      Unless you have gone through a divorce yourself you cannot understand how it can turn your entire world upside down. Trust me: It looks different on the outside than it feels on the inside depending upon the individual circumstances of the divorce. And to have it played out in front of the whole world too…how awful.

      I have to wonder how many women who used to despise Camille now have the greatest of sympathy for her because the circumstances surrounding her divorce are just like their own. I’m guessing a lot. I myself know of one for sure.

      Lastly. Karma is not Kyle’s friend is it? When you read her tweets you can see she is really trying to repair her image -to no avail it seems.

      I saw the RHOBH on Ellen today – minus Kim. I wonder is they have banded together in their negotiations with Bravo for a second season…

      Thanks for your recap Amanda. I always so enjoy them.

    • kathy

      it was 3 years after the trial people. should she be in mourning for ever? i don’t think you people understand Camille at all. she is a horrible witch. watch her lil eyes get smaller and meaner when she looks at kyle. watch Camille’s face. she and her mother are so close that her mother has cancer and has to meet Camille at the nail salon to talk to her. how close is that?
      do you people think Kelsey just woke up and said i think i will get divorced today? remember he did say after 13 years of marriage one would hope one was married to a nice person. Camille has issues. Taylor has issues. Russell has issues. pay attention people.

  • c.c.

    Oh regarding Kyle’s father supporting the family. You really need to find that old Vanity Fair issue that did the profile of that family (Richardson family).

    Not that Vanity Fair is the bible of truth, but if even half of it is true- More issues than you can shake a stick at.

    And saying that Kyle is like her mother, is not a compliment. She was the ultimate stage mother. According to the VF writer, at the mother’s funeral, Kathy Hilton had huge posters of Paris hung up. He said it was so bizarre- but knowing what the mother was like, she probably would have approved. Very very odd, desperate to be famous family.

    • Tracy

      C.C. First of all, it is not the Richardson family, it is the Richards family. I think that before you pass judgment on an individual who is no longer here to defend herself, you should do your homework and not cite “facts” from one magazine article. Kathy Richards (mother to Kathy, Kim and Kyle) was one of the most dynamic, giving and loving people I have ever known. I grew up with this family and as a teenager lost my own mother. Kathy Sr. was a second “mom” to my sister and me, as well as to most of the girlfriends of her daughters. She was the person we all went to for advice and emotional support, as she was always there for each of us. Shame to those of you who criticize her and didn’t know her. She defined what a real friend is–that person whom you can call in the middle of the night and say, “I need your help” and who says to you, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

  • Lynn

    Does cc stand for Camille Camille? Just because she is going through a divorce, does not excuse her narcissistic, delusions of grandeur that she presented with during her taped interviews!

  • Ruthie

    Kyle is a SPOILED BRAT!!

    And, I caught a snipit somewhere that, at one time, Camille was considered “the other woman” in Kelsie’s life, but didn’t hear the entire story. Does anyone know anything about that? Amanda?

    Whew. Glad RHBH is over for now. I’m worn out!!

    • I did see something about that on TV. Apparently Camille and Kelsey started seeing each other when Kelsey was still engaged to someone else, but they interviewed the woman, who said that Kelsey was telling her he wasn’t still engaged or something. I’m not on the details, exactly.

      • c.c.

        Hahah! Apparently all bets are off when Kelsey leaves the state. He’s starting to sound like the guy in Momento. You have stick post-its all over so he doesn’t forget who he’s with.

  • c.c.

    I’m not giving her a pass because of the divorce. Don’t remember saying that? I can relate to not being yourself because of drama going on.

    I’m saying it might explain some of her behavior. But then again, maybe not. I don’t know her. For all I know she might be a bitch on wheels 24/7.

    • S

      I agree – I don’t excuse Camille’s behavior either, but I feel bad for her because she was betrayed by her husband of 13 years. No one deserves that. I can’t believe people feel for Kelsey on this one. Also I may be quick to judge (unlike Amanda) but the reason I take Kim’s side over Kyle is because Kyle is ALWAYS on the offense. She’s the one that is always gossiping about her sister, telling her friends about Kim’s alcohol intake and then finally exposing it to the world. I think Kim didn’t deny Kyle ‘s comment on their father supporting them, because she’s scared of Kyle.
      And I like Lisa, but she and Taylor should not feel its okay to hint at exposing Kim’s alcoholism. What’s up with that? Kyle taught them its okay to do that and she continues to do so by not reacting when they do it.

      • pumpkin874

        I agree with you about kyle being the one GOSSIPING ABOUT KIM and not the other way around I also think Kim didn’t disagree with Kyle about their father because she’s intimidated by Kyle and yes, some fear of kyle. Kyle clearly has an anger issue and I’ve been around that type of personality, it’s scary. May be why Kim dislikes confrontation and why she backed off when Kyle put her on the spot in N.Y., that and Kyle putting a spin on what she really said to Camille. I met Kim several times many years ago and she struck me as sweet and a little shy, or what I see now as uncomfortable in a social situation. Kim need not admit drinking problem on national T.V. Kyle did it for her and she knows the public is aware of rehab so why say anymore. Kyle strikes me as a media whore, looking for her 15 minutes of fame, and I think she’s willing to throw Kim under the bus to get what she wants. Think she may drive Mauricio away if she keeps it up.

      • JenG

        Thank you S! Exactly what I was thinking!

  • PhotoGirl

    The things I enjoyed sbout this iteration of the RH franchise are probably the exact things that make for poor reality TV: no table-flipping, no wig-pulling, no smart mouthed kids running into problems with the law or the school principal, no foreclosures, no auto-tuned iTunes releases. Just little slices of the day-to-day lives of women who, although much wealthier than most of us will ever be, are also infinitely easy to relate to. (Except, of course, for Camille.)

    I’ll be getting off the RH train before the NY, OC, and (God help us) NJ versions return, but this little ride was fun and made all the more enjoyable by Amanda’s recaps.

  • tata

    Cedric did make me sick! I used to think he was kind of cute and now, I can’t even look at him without feeling sick.
    but if any of his childhood stories are true, i know that people who have dealt with abandonment at a young age, will act up in a really strange irrational way when they feel like they are being again, abandoned. He may be 37 but when people experience trauma, a part of their brain will stop developing from the time of their traumatic experience and it takes years of therapy to reverse its effects. that anxiety and fear of being abandoned will make these people say and do some crazy nasty things. But then again, that does not make it OK for Cedric to do any of these things to Lisa and Ken and you can’t keep making excuses for these people’s behavior. I feel terrible for them but when you come across someone with a past as bad as Cedric (now, I don’t know how much therapy he’s had on addressing his past but…), as much as you want to help them, you kind of have to assume that there are some emotional and psychological demons that may or may not come out. It’s just all so sad cuz i really did enjoy watching Lisa and Cedric together…

    • Jo Marie

      I believe Lisa said that Cedric’s story of childhood abandonment was a lie. What ever repugnant character defects he displays must be the result of some other circumstance.

  • Elegance

    I am totally disappointed in Kyle. I believe that family always comes first and no person should come between that. Letting Taylor speak to Kim that way and not saying anything probably has her mother turning in her grave (I know my mom would). My younger sister and I have a troubled relationship (could never be in her presence without some type of huge blowup. My mom and dad set us down one day and basically said that when they are gone we are all we have. Husbands and friends can always go but the relationships of sisters will not. Both parents would cry every time we would fight. Kyle and Kim should probably go to therapy to resolve their issues.

    • c.c.

      Trust me, I can relate to that. I have 4 sisters.

      I soo look forward to these recaps! Amanda is such a talented writer, and the comments here are great. Gawker and TPB are a tie for a good laugh.

      • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the recaps, and I totally agree that Richard at Gawker does a fantastic job of it as well.

  • amy

    i totally agree with everything you said. As i watched those fights were so uncomfortable, and Cedric lame ass move made me want to throw something at him and I too, think we all need a Ken in our lives. The world would be a happier place.

  • Ladonna

    I’m surprised that no one asked Camille how she felt about talking shit about Kyles husband to Kyle and all along her husband was actively leaving her. And that business of Mauricio and Camille blowing kisses, and saying love you and all that mess, if I had been Kyle I would have really opened a can of whoop ass on her, shes got enough money to make bail. And furthermore, my sister would have been right there with me. She wouldn’t have gotten away with that crap if my family had been involved. And after all the bitchy things that Camille has done, who gives a flying flip if shes hurt or shes going thru a divorce or whatever, Karma is a bitch, this should have been the time that she had all of her real girlfriends rally around, and that wierdo Allyson or whatever that fake ass psychics name is-Camille said “I believe that she was getting a read off of me” re she and Kelseys marital problems-Puhleeze! Read this-Allyson is a fake, always has been and always will be, but she is no more fake than Fay Resnick is, Fay was probably screwing OJ somewhere during his marriage to her friend, and if Kyle isn’t careful Camille will buy Mauricio like she does all her other friends. If I were a man, no man or woman would have talked to my wife like Camille did to Kyle, and still been talking about it, so I am really wondering about his loyalty to his wife and marriage. Taylor and Russell, I can’t really get a handle on, I do think that Russell has convinced Taylor that shes not quite good enough or smart enough for him and thats what makes her so desperate to hold on to him. Makes me sick.

    • pumpkin874


  • Kjon

    I think that Kyle should have apologized to Kim on air about the limo incident during the reunion. She spilled the family’s private business (Kim’s alleged alcoholism) and said something like “now everybody knows!” That’s really catty. Kyle seems like the type of person to really get on her high horse when she knows she’s right. Love her but she really needs to know that just because you’re right doesn’t give you a free pass to be a b*tch. Sometimes karma is punishment enough and that applies to the Camille situation, too. I was really hoping to see Kyle take the high road and stop getting crazy angry about meaningless shiz.
    I wish Andy would have called out Taylor more for acting so innocent! Her loyalties are questionable and I don’t know why Kyle thinks she’s the bee’s knees. I hate how she insinuated that Kim was too drunk to have a nice conversation that night but I wanted to be like “then why did you even start shiz with her in the first place?!” NO ONE wants to have that type of convo during a party anyway.
    Lisa and Maloof are lovely as always but that goes without saying.

  • suz

    There was a lot of “Real” in last nights reunion show. Kim & Kyle …what a sad mess. With or without the presence of alcoholism, that family would be great subject matter for a Tennesee Williams play….dysfunctional to the core. Anyone who has had anything to do with alcoholism knows two things have to happen for recovery….no more enabling from friends and family and the alcoholic’s total submission to sobriety. So, that said, I cut both those ladies a whole lot of slack.I think they’re each trying in their own way. They looked so sad and vulnerable when they were sitting there side by side. I can’t help thinking/hoping they’ll
    work things out. And, Lisa, our wonderful Lisa, and her amazing Ken. I can only hope that grifter Cedric doesn’t get any more of his 15 minutes at their expense (although I noticed he is going to be on E! News tonight.) Ken and LIsa never falter from being a totally class act. I think one thing that has been really apparent this season…no matter what you say, actions speak louder than words. I’m going to miss these ladies.

    Thanks, Amanda, for steering a steady (and amusing)course. Look forward to the next round…

  • Aj

    Camille is one thing, but Taylor…ugh…it’s like everything she does and says is carefully planned out. And please, I guarantee that Russell made her sign a pre-nup.

    I thought Andy did a good job of calling her out on her crap, but I hate the way she laughs everything off, just like when Lisa tried talking to her about her marriage. What bothered me the most was that she said to Kyle (on the first part of the reunion) about Kim, “Should I talk about her state of mind at the dinner in New York or were we going to bring that up later?” She has no business bringing that up – it is not her place.

    • Sue

      “What bothered me the most was that she said to Kyle (on the first part of the reunion) about Kim, “Should I talk about her state of mind at the dinner in New York or were we going to bring that up later?” She has no business bringing that up – it is not her place.”

      That made me so angry last week! Kyle was suppose to tell her shut her mouth at that point!

      • Lisa in Oregon

        I completely agree. It was most certainly not her place. Really wanted to slap Taylor at that point.

  • tata

    OMG, me too! i wanted to punch taylor when she whispered that to Kyle… it’ one thing for kyle to fight with kim… they have history, they have family. but taylor… she shouldn’t talk to Kim like that, at least out of respect for Kyle. i would never talk like that to my friend’s sister. And maybe Kyle should have stepped in and protected Kim too.

    • JenG

      The reason that Kyle’s friends feel they have a right to treat Kim terrible is because Kyle treats her that way. I would bet a million if I had a million that Kyle talks crap about her sister to Taylor and Lisa. Kyle wasn’t going to take up for Kim when she talks about her with them. When she went to sit beside Kim she didn’t remove the pillow that was separating them. Kyle is a mean girl regardless! Her friends on the show will always protect her to make sure she continues to look good in everyone’s eyes.

  • Amy

    I actually teared up a bit for Kim and Kyle last night while watching the show. There seems to be so many issues to work through in that relationship but the one that stood out for me, which may or may not have something to do with Kim’s alcoholism, is that they’re both obviously still having a hard time dealing with the loss of their mother. And as someone who lost her mom entirely too young, and my mom was a strong guiding influence in my life, albeit much different than Kim & Kyle’s mom, I think, I know firsthand how extremely difficult it is finding your footing after such a loss. I’m assuming that they turned to their mother for advice or even straight-up decision making and they’re a little lost without her. I mean Kyle took her ashes to a psychic, right? They’re trying to figure things out but they’re obviously struggling and I so hope they get help. My brother and I had a huge blow up shortly after we lost Mom and it was an ugly, nasty, awful fight – the worst I’ve ever had in my life. And I was absolutely terrified that I would lose him, too. But we worked through it and now I would never do anything to put that relationship in jeopardy and I don’t think he would either. But we’re also fortunate to not be dealing with a chemical dependency which probably makes it easier. Again, I just wish them the best and their argument and struggle to work through it touched my heart. And that’s the first time any RHW series has done that… it’s kind of a weird feeling!

  • ali

    I thought it was really interesting how Lisa made the point several times that the video shows the truth about what really happened between these people. Whereas Camille kept insisting she was being baited and set-up. Obviously there are set-ups and creative editing in reality TV, but you can’t deny that there were a lot of base emotions being brought out during the season. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I call that a duck. (Only a coincidental reference to Taylor’s poor face).

  • Matthew

    Who here has never had a fight with a family member that they’d be embarrassed about if it were shown to a national TV audience?Come on. Family members can push our buttons, and it’s clear that Kim and Kyle can do that to each other. I’m more sympathetic to their regrets towards each other than towards their acquaintances. I think we need to give them somewhat of a pass in terms of their fights with each other.

    Yes, family comes first. But family can also make us fighting mad, and whether or not cameras are around, you can sometimes lose your cool.

    • Matthew

      I also realize it’s Andy’s job to push and ask questions, but when both sisters asked him to drop it when discussing the limo scene, I wish he would have listened. I felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing and felt like it was none of our business. Some things are too personal even for a reality show, and at some point Bravo needs to respect that.

  • Matthew

    Love Lisa. Love. Lisa. LOVE her.

    Did I mention I love Lisa?

  • S
  • Priscilla

    Am I the only person who thought Camille ended up not being so bad? I know she made mistakes, but saying karma is a B and all of that is a little harsh to say- nobody deserves a cheating husband just because of some catty ways. I felt like she was sorry and she did back down a lot even when people continued to say rude things about her. I also think Kyle is a B because she was shaking her stupid head the whole time Camille was talking about her divorce. Umm, I would understand if she were doing that while Camille was talking about their argument, but she was talking about how hurt she was over Kelsey being a total douche! I have to say how awful I think Kelsey is. I never liked that Frasier show anyway, hmmph! Another topic I want to touch, I feel like E News is just stupid and they feature alot of stuff that really nobody should even care about. When they had Cedric on there, I just wanted to ban E News for the rest of my life. I mean, he didn’t make any sense when he was on there and this is also coming from a news show that can’t stop featuring Kim Kardashian. Kim is a slut, we know! Anyway, I love Lisa, Ken, and Adrienne and that’s it. I felt bad for Taylor with the abuse and her crappy husband, but let’s admit it- she only wants to stay with that creep to have the money! Her husband is just a psycho. Taylor on the other hand might be as catty and annoying as she is because of the abuse she went though. Sometimes abuse makes people develop weird characteristics! I felt Adrienne didn’t add much to the show even though I really like her and I hope Camille can find happiness.

  • quds

    amanda.. im also applying to be the new cedric :-P… if i get the position i shall make a request that all further bravo sponsored show recaps are from you!!!

  • Mochababe73

    Like I said last week, for better or worse, Kelsey was Camille’s husband. Just for that, and being the mother of his children, he should have shown her more respect. I am not a Camille fan. She stirs the pot and watches it boil over with a sh*t eating grin on her face. She can blame divorce all that she wants, but I have not witnessed anyone going through a divorce being as vile and mean as Camille.
    Kyle is still a favorite of mine. I think that what she and Kim said was true. It was a cumulation of things that happened behind the scenes.
    I have a feeling that Kim would feel alot better about herself if she would stop drinking and get a job. However, she probably thinks that Kyle owes her and should be paying her bills.
    Lisa was duped. She seems to be a nice person that fell for Cedric’s con. When you are the actual one being conned, you don’t see it for what it is. I am sure that Cedric has run this game on many. He finds another sucker as soon as the bribe money runs out.
    Taylor and her husband need intensive couple’s therapy. Even then, they will still have a distant, loveless marriage. Taylor wanted the Beverly Hills lifestyle. She wanted a rich man to support her. She wanted out of Oklahoma. Sounds like Alexis from the OC.
    Adrienne is a hoot, and I hope that they keep her and her husband around. They remind me of my husband and me. Except without the money.
    Like I say every week. Get rid of Camille and bring on Faye Resnick.

    • Ladonna

      ooh, I agree, Camille still needs to be brought up short because of her using her husband to get at Kyle, oh, btw, my husband and I won’t be using your husbands realtor services any longer-don’t we all remember how smug and pleased she was with herself when she was able to make that statement and then talk about it on the show?? I am telling you all know, Kyle better keep that slut away from Mauricio or she’ll be using him for more than a realtor!

  • Empress

    I don’t have an issue with Kyle and Kim’s relationship. Anyone who has an addict in their family gets my sympathy. When a younger sister becomes the dominant older sister, it gets tiring. I can only imagine/speculate some of the resentment Kyle must have: taking care of her sister, nieces/nephews on top of managing her own family. This has probably gone on for YEARS. Kim may be “that” person who can manipulate others into seeing her side and ALWAYS playing the poor pitiful victim, vilifying the family to the public, but leaving out the fact that she’s an addict and refuses to take ANY responsibility for her life. That’s frustrating to deal with. Kyle rocks IMO.

  • suz

    OMG….is it true? Instead of Real Housewives of NYC in two weeks….we’re going ot get Real Housewives of Miami? I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I want my NYC girls back.

    • Carla

      What now? Why???? Someone tell me this isn’t true!

  • suz

    …and, Amanda, will you be recapping? Please…please….please……

  • Californiahousewife

    My favorite show and my favorite blog, by far. You have to say “bravo” (sorry) to all the ladies to open up their lives like this when really they have no financial motive to do so–just for “the experience” I guess. Very generous. This show in particular has every element that theater goers love: drama, tension, story arch and all the riches to gawk at to boot. Who doesn’t like a little peek into a life that 99.9% of us will only view on TV? of course it’s must see. For the shoes alone. Lisa is a favorite, and so is Kyle…but hey, I also love they are all strong women in their own way. Got to say, they all nail that look into the camera holding the huge diamond. Attitude plus! Love love love this show…because in the end, what’s it all about? money? don’t think so…it’s all about family, relationships, friends–all the things that are free. That’s the twist. Mz. Blogger: keep up the fantastic work, you are fabulous!

  • Carolina_Cutie

    Hey Amanda! I’m not into the high end purses but enjoy your blog.

    I must speak up on this finale and season. While we do not see everything that transpires amongst the HWs, what I have seen is some MIGHTY cringe worthy ish.

    Kyle (Denial) Richards put together this entire fiasco according to Andy and Denial. It appalled me to see her frequent angry outbursts. She has issues that need to be resolved. While famewh*re is too harsh, I think she intended this to be a vehicle to her becoming relevant. Instead it polarized viewers to side with her sister because she was so awful and b|tchy.

    Kim was her whipping girl on this and I tend to believe this has been their dynamic for much of their lives. I hope that Kim, while keeping a relationship with her sister should keep her at arm’s length. It appears that Denial told her friends her side of things regarding her sister and they banded together against her.

    While I believe Kim has an anxiety disorder ( and who wouldn’t dealing with an unpredictable and potentially violent siblings), I don not believe she is an alcoholic. All of these women imbibe on camera and seem to like their a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

    Best regards to Kim. I like her more than anyone on this series. Get the help and medication you need and stay away from negative folks as much as you can.

    Peace to all!

  • Lisa in Oregon

    I still can’t give Camille a pass. I know I’m heartless, but I just can’t do it. She was horrible and I don’t buy her new nice-girl personality. It’s the work of some well-paid PR executives. In my opinion, if she really felt bad for the way she acted, she would have just apologized and owned it. Instead, she parceled out the blame to Bravo for editing, Kelsey for the divorce, Kyle for her bullying, etc.

    I don’t believe Taylor is as horrible as Camille. Instead, she is just a stupid greedy girl that has buyer’s remorse.

  • Matthew

    Real Housewives of Miami. Discuss.

    • suz

      All I want to know is if Amanda is going to recap!

  • Lorie

    It has bothered me since day one how Kyle treats Kim. I’m sure it’s difficult IF Kim really does have a drinking problem, but Kyle pushes buttons and treats Kim like she’s dumb.

    I thought Taylor was seriously out of line with all her little veiled threats of exposing Kim’s alleged problem. She needs to just STHU already. I really do not like Taylor at all. And I don’t feel sorry for her unhappy marriage because she picked Russell herself. You make your bed – either sleep in it or get out.

    The one thing I don’t like about Adrienne is when she says every married couple bickers like they do. Uh, no they don’t. Some don’t even ever have a fight. I’m one of those. I was married almost 20 years to the most wonderful man ever. We never fought ever – not one time. He was my best friend in the whole world. He was truly the most amazing person I ever met. It was as easy as breathing to be married to him. He passed away almost three years ago from a massive heart attack. So please, Adrienne, you should know that not all couples bicker or fight.

    I do feel sorry for Camille that Kelsey handled their separation and divorce the way he did. That’s pretty low. He is no prize at all, and Camille is probably going to be better off in the long run without him. BUT… She really can’t use that as an excuse for dragging this meaningless argument out for months and months. So what? Kyle may or may not actually think that Camille is insecure and uninteresting without Kelsey. BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL. It’s a ridiculous argument in the first place. Let it go, please, let it go. And true, Faye Resnick is no prize, but you don’t bring up her nudie photos during dinner when she’s your guest. That’s just rude. Camille should be embarrassed by 99.9% of what she said and did. Most of it was very catty and childish. And she needs to come clean once and for all about Nick. I wasn’t the only one who saw various looks she gave him and all that kissing on the lips – and how he shows up everywhere she is. Please.

  • Lorie

    One more thing, I hope we never see that so-called “psychic” EVER again.

  • Blaine

    Sooo much to comment on. I’ll reduce it to a few things. First Kim, yes, admitting you have a problem is step number one but unavoidable fact number one? BRAVO NEVER SHOWED US KIM DRUNK. Nope. Not compared with shudder-down Ramona. Not compared with prostitution-whoreah!. Not compared with Nene or Kim Z or that woo-hoo insurance agent from RHOOC. Drinking appears to be a chronic problem with all the housewives, but to use Kim as their posterchild with no footage? It’s a reach.
    Secondly, admitting you have a problem is the first step. But before even that? Zero sum? The name of the organization. Alcoholics ANONYMOUS. ANONYMOUS. That’s the baseline. Before you can admit it to others? You have to be safe admitting it to yourself. That only happens with anonymity.
    Third – how is Kim a bigger social pariah than Taylor?! I’ve never seen a more unhappy-looking child than Taylor’s. When you’re rich – it’s easy to throw diamonds at a problem. That doesn’t make you mother-of-the-year.
    Last Adrienne and Paul. No, not all successful couples bicker. Not all failed marriages bickered constantly either. Bottom-line? Security. At the end of the day, whether you bicker or abstain from bickering, if you feel secure and safe with your partner, you’ll stay together. The minute you don’t? You got trouble. Adrienne and Paul? I’m not worried. Not yet.