WELL. Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City was really something, wasn’t it? It was almost entirely without plot or narrative, and instead of actually having a story, the housewives simply went from party to party, yelling at each other in various combinations and about various things.

So here’s where we stand: Alex and Bethenny still hate Jill, Jill hates Alex but misses Bethenny, Bethenny resolved her hatred of her father right before he died, Jill hates Ramona for not telling her about his death, and LuAnn desperately wants someone to hate her so that she can have a plot line again. Oh, yeah, and we got a new housewife. Another one.

Remember that charity cocktail party that LuAnn has been crowing about for a month, but that still no one really cares about? Well, that happened last night. It was at Sonja’s house and everyone was invited except Bethenny, which made for some immediate awkwardness between Alex and, well, everyone else. As soon as she got there, LuAnn scolded her for calling Jill out in public on last week’s episode. Somehow, LuAnn thinks all of this is her business and can’t help but act like the arbiter of manners for the group, despite her overwhelming dearth of class and decorum in basically every social interaction we’ve ever seen her undertake.

LuAnn wasn’t the only one to hop on the Alex-shaming bandwagon, however. Ramona, queen of the verbal diarrhea, also told Alex that she stepped over the line, and that was kind of surprising because I didn’t think Ramona was aware that there were lines. Bawbby, in a somewhat uncharacteristic move, also pulled Alex aside later to tell her that she needed to apologize. Sonja, to her credit, is perhaps too rich to even understand any of this drama. She can’t keep up. Whatever. And then she name-dropped Tinsley Mortimer, but she just called her “Tinsley.” First-name basis, you know.

When Jill arrived, LuAnn couldn’t help but tell her how to act about the whole situation, because LuAnn has no story of her own and has to try to make this one hers as much as possible. Which leads me to this question: who is more despicable, LuAnn or Jill? It’s really sort of a toss-up at this point. I mean, Jill is awful, but LuAnn aspires to her awfulness, she wants to be a part of it so very badly, and that might actually surpass Jill. Seeing how Jill acts and wanting to be like her is probably worse than just being Jill.

Eventually, Jill moved from talking strategy with LuAnn to nearly crying over Bethenny with Kelly, and it made me wonder why these people all manage to talk about their problems with everyone except the people that their problems involve. With all the energy Jill has expended talking about Bethenny with people that aren’t Bethenny, she probably could have already resolved this issue and saved her friendship. But then there would be less gossip, and we all know how Jill feels about the importance of having gossip.

The same goes for Jill’s issue with Alex, which I suppose she has every right to have, since Alex admits that she didn’t expect to be “friends” with Jill after dropping that epic Bethenny bomb in front of everyone. But if Jill is done with Alex, as she says she is, then why did an entire parade of Jill-insiders line up to tell Alex to apologize? I think it’s more likely that Jill decided she was done when everyone reported back that Alex did not fling herself to the floor and beg forgiveness for her sins from each of them. Instead, she kept calm, acted like an adult, and insisted she talk to Jill directly instead of having her message run through a bunch of different people with their own agendas. Alex, my friends, is an adult. A smart one! Jill stormed out of the party, per usual.

Anyway, from one party to the next: Gotham magazine threw a party for Kelly’s street style column (which I seriously doubt actually exists) and everyone was invited, including stealthy new cast member Jennifer Gilbert, and also both Jill and Alex. This time, Alex asked Simon to help run interference between her and Jill, which somehow ended up with Simon having his face circa Jill’s pelvis. Don’t ask how that happened, I have no idea, and I’d rather not revisit the scene in my head. This time it was Alex that stormed out – she said that she couldn’t take Jill fakey-fakey niceties, but I think she should have continued to be the bigger person and stuck it out. Not that it really matters.

While all of that was going on, LuAnn was pathetically flirting with some middle-aged guy who had a really embarrassing haircut and an equally terrible wide-lapel shirt. He says he’s interested in “scandalocity” and she told him that she had a “song” coming out, and it was all kind of gross and awkward, since you got the feeling that they probably sort of deserve each other. He asked her out and she said yes, so I guess we get to see that nasty train wreck next week.

While all of these fake issues were being worked out, one of the housewives was actually dealing with real problems: Bethenny. Her ill father called and requested to see her after refusing her visit only weeks before. The whole situation seems irredeemably sad and Bethenny made the ugly cry face while talking on the phone to a surprisingly sympathetic and sincere Ramona. I can relate, I make the ugly cry face as well. I just don’t have to do it on television, something for which last night’s episode made me eternally grateful. It seems as though Bethenny was able to get some closure with her father, though, so I’m sure that making the ugly cry face was worth it.

In slightly less serious news, Ramona insists on going through with the whole vow-renewal thing, despite the fact that her daughter Avery and most of the viewing public are not entirely impressed with the idea. Ramona got to pick out her dress last night, which was actually quite flattering on her until you got to the bottom and it was covered in marabou and sparkles. Avery was also not impressed with the dress, or with the fact that she was going to have a blue dress made for her. She wants a black dress. I feel like I would have been friends with Avery in high school.

But enough with this talk of things that didn’t happen at parties! On to the next party! Secret new housewife Jennifer invited Jill and Kelly over to her fantabulous apartment for a get-together for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Maybe just to show off her apartment on TV! But she also invited Alex. Oops. And LuAnn, but no one cares about LuAnn.

Ramona was also on the guest list and she game bearing news: Bethenny’s father had died the night before. Sad, right? Well, instead of being appropriately reverent that someone had just lost a parent, Jill somehow managed to make the whole thing about herself and why Ramona hadn’t told her earlier. It’s not like the news had been sitting there for weeks and no one thought to clue Jill in – the man had been gone for well under 24 hours and he was the relative of someone who she has publicly stated, over and over again, that she wants nothing to do with. I’m not sure why she thought that she should know before, say, LuAnn.

But obviously, Jill thinks she’s the most important person in any particular situation, so she threw a histrionic hissy fit and hid in the PANTRY, of all places. While Jill was hiding in the pantry with Kelly, LuAnn decided to fight the battle on Jill’s behalf because I suppose she thought that fighting someone else’s battle was better than no battle at all. Jill eventually reemerged to scream at Ramona some more, telling her that they were no longer friends if this is how she treated her friends, blah blah blah. Jill, sure of her own importance as she is, somehow managed to make everyone stop talking about someone’s death and switch to talking about her hurt feelings. I mean, at this point, that’s sort of a talent. You have to admit.

Thank God Alex arrived to set everyone straight. She had her claws out as soon as she walked in to the party after receiving a text from Jill, who was trying to get the gossip about Bethenny’s dead dad. She seemed surprised and horrified that Jill would do such a thing, which is kind of cute – Alex was actually holding out hope that Jill had any moral standards or manners of which to speak, which she clearly doesn’t. How optimistic of her.

And then, my friends, was the epic rant that we’ve all been waiting for. Jill is a mean girl, she is in high school, and Alex sees through her act! For her part, Jill just made a bunch of weird faces and tried to interrupt a lot, and I can’t really blame her for that. If someone was so thoroughly and epically owning me in front of my friends and a bunch of cameras, I would want to interrupt them as well. It was so great, though – I actually might have cheered a little bit during the scene, because who doesn’t love it when the quiet girl in the corner finally stands up to the bully? I know I do. And Alex is such a nice person that on her way to storm out of the party, she actually went to put her empty wine glass in the kitchen. Now THAT is classy, my friends.

Did anyone else think that this episode went by really, really quickly? With all the fighting, I looked up and it was suddenly 11:00 and I had to catch my breath a little bit. It was as if the producers knew that we had all mentally moved on a bit to the Jersey housewives and wanted to remind us that this season isn’t quite over. There are only a couple of episodes left, and from the looks of next week, they’re not going to let up until the finale.

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  • lolanyc

    I agree 100% with everything u just said. I love alex now. I wish she was like this day 1. She plays an awesome bitch. Is she really leaving the show?? I hope not. I think Jill deserved what she got. Its funny she can dish it but cant take it. All she does is walk away. This is a TV show stop hiding in the closet!! Who does that??LOL Soo bizzare! I think Caroline said it on the after show… None of these woman stick around and finish a fight. They all walk out and give the silent treatment. Thats very passive aggressive and gets you nowhere. Id love to see them all duke it out. I noticed on next weeks episode Kelly calls bethany a whore to some extent. WOW. Then she walks away! boring!

    Poor bethany.. she cant even get pregnant without all this woman bashing her making her miserable. Its funny they all have kids.. and this might be her last chance who knows.. u think they would be nicer? WOW they must be mad jealous she got her OWN show.

  • bf

    Fabulous recap again. I don’t know what I look more forward too….the show or your recap! Thanks for making me smile each week. :)

  • Relli

    Omg, I have not watched this episode yet but now that i know Alex owns her at the end I am just going to ff to the end.

    Unfortunately I have friend who like Jill can take the simplest sad moment and turn it into something about herself, I could list it all out but that would just bore you. In the end i realized i loved her, we had some good times but i cannot be friend with her because i have a job, a family and a life that does not include her. Because of those reason I have released her back into the wild. Does she still stomp around and tell people i don’t talk to her anymore and she doesn’t understand why. Yes. Because people like Jill do not comprehend other people’s feelings nor do they understand how to consider them. She will never change and neither with the Countless, they are is just boring woman who married into money. Jealousy is unbecoming on everyone.

  • Nancy

    Great recap, as usual! Please tell me that Alex (and Simon) leaving the show is just a rumor?? If the are leaving, please tell me they’ll be on Bethany’s show?? I don’t think I’d be mable to tolerate RHNY without them. They add flamboyance and stability somehow.

    • I haven’t been able to find any reports of their departure recently – it seems like the rumor went around the NYC gossip columns back in February, I doubt casting decisions for the next season have been finalized yet. I hope they stay, I really like both of them.

  • suz

    I agree with bf. At last….a witty and, yes, adult blog written in full sentences with capitals, commas and periods. I find reading it takes away the cringe worthy aftertaste of the actual show and makes me laugh out loud. Last night’s epidsode made me really start to wonder if Jill has a full blown case of narcassistic personality disorder. keep these recaps coming. Love ’em!

    • I’m glad you guys like the recaps! I’ve always been kind of grammarian and it ticks me off so badly when I read back through my recaps and find a missing comma or something. I try to get it right!

      • Matthew

        You have a “though” written as “thought.” DUCK! ;-)

      • I always miss something – nearly 1700 words is tough to do perfectly in the amount of time that I have!

      • Don’t make excuses… you blew it!!

        KIDDING. Amanda’s recaps are such an asset to PB, everyone loves them!!!

  • Handbag Lover

    Great Receap, Alex is my girl. I liked Jill but she has gotten on my last nerves this season and I hope that she has looked at this show and realized that this season she really has looked very badly and needy. I hate that Bethanny lost her father that was sad but I glad she was able to talk to him and clear the past before he died.

  • Matthew

    I wanted to shake Jill in the last scene and force her to listen to what Alex was screaming. She didn’t hear a word of it.

    The title of this blog entry is funny but when Alex said it, it kinda fell flat. Although I was so proud of Alex for standing up to Jill, I was holding my breath waiting for her to land the knock-out blow. She never did. I’m not sure she has it in her. It made me sad.

    We’re nearly up to eight housewives in NYC. Eight! Egad. Don’t leave us, Alex!

  • hannah

    spot on recap!! i never heard her namedrop tinsley, wow! did you guys catch her tv show on the cw “high society” it was like a train wreck, all these 20somethings with trust funds acting like they’re 12 without their parents in the city, wrecking havoc and drinking. they need to be in college with jobs!!

    i also found it awesome that alex stopped to put her wine glass in the kitchen!! that was hilarious and shows how genuine she is, TEAM ALEX!!

  • Pamela

    How much you wanna bet that the rumors of Alex and Simon leaving the show was overheard from Jill wanting them to leave. Jill shouldnt be hating alex for delivering a message from bethenny…she should hate herself for being the person she was, and u know the saying..what goes around comes around!

    Seriously – I couldn’t believe it when they said Jill texted everyone about her dad passing away.. and she got mad at Ramona cos she found out first. If she cared SO much about Bethenny, she’d have called her FIRST and not be texting everyone… that’s disgusting to be gossiping about someone’s death. I just couldn’t believe it…I guess some part of me didnt wanna believe she was stooping that low all the time.

    I can understand why Alex felt the need to say she’s in Brooklyn working…. You have to be from NYC to understand that, but how Jill laughed at her for saying that, I wanted to reach through the TV screen and smack her.

    Anyway – I LOVE YOUR RECAPS! And omg….did you see the sneak preview for next week?? Did you see that ugly man taking Luann out and that AWKWARD and NASTY kiss?? LOL – It was horrible but so funny!!

    • I. Though. I. Would. Vomit. That kiss was just so nasty! I actually felt kind of bad for LuAnn because he appeared to want to slobber all over her and she totally didn’t seem to be in to it. Awkward. But that’s what she gets for being an awful person.

      • Matthew

        And now I heart you for making up for the incorrect “thought” earlier.

      • Heh, wondered if anyone would notice ;-)

      • Pamela

        LOL – I think this guy has some serious issues especially with his sexuality … So much for Luann having so much class especially with the men she chooses to date. Maybe she should listen to her song sometimes… Money can’t buy you class!

  • qudsia

    you definitely write the best recaps ever!! i nearly spit up my soda on the phonetic ‘bawbyy’… LOL! i totally agree with you with the toss up between jill and juann being so awful.. jill i mean, is awful and all but the way luann sticks herself in EVERYONES business is so damn irritating. and go alex!! i hope she doesnt leave, shes the only sane-ish one! but bravo always cuts the sane ones, regardless of how ostentatious their lives are (im drawing a blank on the atlanta wife they replaced with kandi). and 8 housewives is overkill! granted bethenny is almost outta there, i figured 6 was more then enough.

  • amy

    The scene with Court, makes my stomach turn. He looks like a Sleezy Rod Stewart. And the clip of next weeks, when he actually attempts to kiss her, Im going to need a barf bag or something.
    As for this recap, great wonderful. But i have to admit watching all the drama filled show, and Jill is just getting my last nerve, im considering skipping the rest of the season and wait for the Reunion show.

  • jeannie

    kick jill off the show borrrrrinnnnngggggggg

  • Danieli

    Jill go away! you are not interesting, not intelligent and seem to build your life around what your friends interject into it. Alex was right, very right.

  • Jocelyn

    I don’t watch this show but I do want to win a Linea Pelle :D (fb)

  • S

    Love your recaps. I think Alex is my favorite. BUT I don’t think she would have had the guts to tell Jill off, unless she knew she had Bethany to back her up. Second, Alex did not behave like an adult when she left the new housewive’s cocktail party and Kelly’s party – Alex looked foolish. She doesn’t communicate well because she is very emotional and confrontation isn’t her thing. Jill is crazy, but I think she cared about Bethany’s dad’s death. What I find strange are all these new Alex fans now that she is on the side of Bethany. I always liked Alex, but didn’t like how she always needed someone (i.e. her husband) to be on her side or back her up.

    • JenG

      All season Jill has asked the other housewives to take sides ie. email message to Kelly. I don’t think Alex was wrong. Alex is the quiet one who all the housewives treated badly in the first season. It’s been three years and she has had enough! I get that, you can only take so much before you explode.

  • S

    And I get that Alex was so happy to deliver the Bethany news because of her own hurt feelings and annoyances with Jill. But please, if that isn’t passive aggressive, what is?
    I agree with Ramona (strangely) – it is rude to deliver such news in front of all those people. Alex really she shocked me there – I thought she was better than that.

  • Idealist

    Jill mks my skin crawl! I’m just waiting for the reunion just 2 c wat she has to say for herself….

  • Jane

    Great job summing up everything! I’ve alwasy liked Alex. Sure her hubby is extra quirky. It always seemed like they really cared for each other and had each other’s backs. Until Thursday’s episode…. what the heck Simon!! Here is your wife doing her best to stand up to all the mean girls and you go being all chummy chummy with Jill. NOT a good move Simon…

    Apparently, Jill has gone over the edge. Since when is Jill the center of the universe?
    I’m just so surprised that others are still supporting her when she treats others so poorly.
    Now, Bobby on the other hand is awesome. :-)

    Ramona? She needs to be on medication. lol

  • kemilia

    Bawbby made me snort my soda too! Great recap as usual.

    I had to rewind Mr. TiVo when they went into the pantry–the pantry??! That apartment was great though I thought the door was kinda crappy but it had a handmade paper pumpkin (made by a child?) on the outside so that was cute (I think I saw a pumpkin, at least). Great apartment for sure.

    I despised Jill, it was like a movie where the mean girl is finally getting hers and cannot believe it it is happening. Could this whole season just be the result of some clever editing and Jill is no worse than the others but that’s what is being shown? That’s what I keep on hoping because I liked Jill so much before this season.

    Alex has worn some amazing outfits this season, imo. That see-through coat she wore (some sort of netting) was perfect, and her hair is great too. I love seeing her wear those earrings Simon gave her last year too, so sweet. Hope they aren’t leaving the Real Housewives franchise (and we need to see more of Simon in action too).

    Cannot wait for next week and the smarmy guy/LuAnn date (he made my skin crawl–such fun!!) And I cannot wait for your recap too, it brings back the memories in high def almost.

  • JenG

    I was amazed at everyone telling Alex, it was none of her business. All season everyone has interfered in the Jill and Bethenny fight, but when Alex gives the message to Jill from Bethenny, Alex is interfering and should apologize. If anyone on this show should apologize to anyone it is Jill!!

  • Gingerstar

    Lu Ann’s date wrote a couple of books that I read and loved. Seeing him is so depressing…gross.

    • Sher77

      What did he write???

  • Gingerstar

    Word, The Shallow Man and The Millennium Girl. I liked them all.

  • Gingerstar

    Oh and I think the whole Scandalocity thing he was pimping at the party is his new book.

  • bygones

    I loathe Jill but I am not about to give Ramona a pass. Her behavior is equally as bad. Telling Bethenny she had no friends and screws up all her relationships, calling Kelly out in front of people for her breasts, screaming over the phone about Lu Ann’s habit of sleeping around before her divorce, leaving the Girls Night Out party because she could not stand Simon, congratulating herself nonstop about how smart, beautiful and what a great business woman she is while sitting around in the most age inappropriate outfits. Between the two of them, Ramona and Jill, they give the term “mean girls” a brand new meaning. Both women must be an embarrassment to their own daughters. They should just shut up already!

    The hypocrisy on this show is so overwhelming, with their double cheek kissing, to their “luvs” and “darlings” it is stomache turning. After Jill and Ramona have that fight at Jennifer’s over Bethenny’s father, the next scene shows Ramona inviting Jill on her cruise because she “couldn’t do it without her”. What is that all about?

    • Well, the invitation to the cruise happened before the fight (the fight was the final scene), so it’s likely that Ramona invited Jill before Jill freaked out on her. I guess we’ll find out if Jill actually goes or not, but I’m betting no.

      I’m more inclined to be sympathetic to Ramona because we know that she had an awful, abusive childhood – I think she’s a good egg under all of her flaws, but she has a whole host of issues from a very dark place that may be impacting her behavior at any given moment. That doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it at least makes it a little bit more understandable (to me).

      From what we know of Jill, she’s just an awful person for her own entertainment. She’s close with her mother and has never said anything to indicate that anything has ever happened to her to create the sort of malignant behavior that she exhibit. Also, Ramona seems to be willing to accept that she doesn’t always say the right thing and that she has hurt people, but Jill seems pretty steadfast in her belief that she’s never done anything wrong in her entire life.

      For me, at least, that’s where the distinction lies and that’s why I write differently about the two of them.

    • c.c.

      Wow, I do agree with you about Ramoner. She has her moments but she’s a crazy as a s*it house rat. Or however that saying goes.

      I’m remembering the first season. Remember the too funny Ramona-Jill fights around the pool?

      Jill’s thinks she’s the great puppet master. I think she was instrumental in getting them all on the show and consequently thinks she owns them all. Love how the cracks are showing. Ramona is truly mentally ill. But fun to watch.

  • NCGal

    I am telling y’all…Jill and Ramona are categorically mentally ill. I see this as a public service that sends a powerful message to all that mental illness takes no prisoners; that is cuts across all factions of society and that money, power, and privilege does not insulate one from its damaging effects. Sad that these people have all of this money and time and instead of using it to work on the issues that are making them mean, narcissistic, bullies, and insensitive twits,(which will surely rear up again when their children become young adults) they buy ridiculously grandiose second homes for their 1 child families, Burberry coats for their stupid little dogs, shoes that look like household appliances, and fricken Restiline injections for their aging pusses. Oy, indeed!

  • MiMi

    Hmmmm. Two things I’m remembering now, that didn’t click when they happened. In the first season, Jill walked out of a fashion show because she didnt’ have a seat on the front row. I think she was seated behind Ramona. Now it seems, we were seeing the real Jill. In the (I think) second season, I remember thinking Ramona was just being mean when she told Bethenney that Jill was only being her friend because Jill saw Bethenney as the underdog. Once Bethenney got her career going and love in her life, it appears that Jill wants to cause her misery.

    Oh, and how about Jill apologizing to Jennifer for Alex ruining her party. This is the same person who earlier had a screaming match with Ramona AND hid in the pantry!

    Love your recaps Amanda. I’ve started reading you first, THEN I watch the episode.

  • S

    You have to read Teresa’s blog on the NY houeswives. She’s pretty objective and I feel like in spite of her table flipping, she has some thoughtful remarks about the show.

  • aleia

    I missed the show, and have been waiting for a replay. You wrote this so beautifully, I felt like I did watch it lol. Btw, Jill was on Wendy Williams show the other da (you can prob find it on youtube), she was so fake about the whole thing. And said she said didn’t get invited to B’s wedding (haha), but she did send a gift (who cares!? Wendy did ask her though).

  • Cee

    As much as I loved this episode I was disgusted by both Jill and Alex’s behavior. Let me say that I do like Alex but I can’t stand people who can’t seem to fight their own battles but are the first in line to sign up for someone else s. Alex had a problem with Jill yet she used this opportunity to deliver a message in a very low blow way. She gave Jill that message in front of so many people (regardless of how you feel about Jill this was a cowardly way to do this) with such malice and it all stemmed from her own issues with the woman. Don’t ride Bethenny’s wave….stand up for yourself…who delivers a message like that anyway??!! Then Jill just disgusted me with her own personal lifetime mini drama she acted out. Good lord …who acts like that after finding out someone has died…i mean really! It would have been more impressive if Alex had went to Jill and confronted her about all her issues rather than using this opportunity to deliver a message that was fuels with her issues rather than Bethenny’s.

    Learn to play with the other bad bitches Alex….stop borrowing Bethenny’s balls and grow a pair of your own!

  • Mona

    I am glad Alex finally let Jill know what she was thinking. Jill didn’t hear a word because she was to busy trying to talk over her. But she does it to everyone even Bobby.
    Now I know why Ramona is the way she is. Kelly is just spacy,she needs to go.
    Luann is sickening and the new man is just a mirror version of her. Watch them they have the same smile and alot of the same mannerisms. Maybe they are a perfect match because they seem to be very much in love with themselves. The two new ladies have no idea what the are getting into. I wish Bethenny all the happiness in the world. It is time for things to go her way.

  • Pam Boc

    Jill, you are one nasty gal.

  • Linda Lombo

    Does anyone else find the New Jersey housewives as boring as I do after New York? All that sister and family crap and all the can do is talk about what’s her name. At least NY is exciting and you love to hate em.. well, Luann and Jill, that is.

    • khalilah

      yes i find them boreing also!yea mess with family mess with me!give me a break. speaking of luann she is so weak and nebby she wants to be friends with everyone she is the snake. they should watch out for her, bethanny was right with everything she said about her!!!!!

  • erica

    I don’t understand the Jill bashing. It makes no sense to me. She was obviously hurt by a terribly offensive voicemail from Bethenney and after-the-fact, impersonal flowers when from Bethenney when her husband took ill. Bethenney was wrong for all these things. I don’t think Jill is jealous at all. Bethenney a fame-crazed idiot. She is on minute 13 of ther 15. She used Alex to embrace Jill publicly, which was far worse than Jill playing the message from Bethenney. When being a mother is no longer a photo-op; when no one wants her Skinny Girl line; when her marriage hits a rough patch she will be disappointed that she had dismissed frienndships so easily. Shame on you Bethenney!!!!!

    • GAgal

      Erica: Whoa…you “don’t understand the Jill bashing”? Let’s start with how she has turned from a semi-useful charity event attendee to a harpie this season about everything…which, I truly believe is her way of showing anger that someone dared to make her face up to her less than stellar qualities. Saving a voice mail for several months with a relatively mild comment on it is not normal. Egomanical and self-involved as she is, Jill was still tolerable in previous seasons, but this go round – she is just plain core ugly to those that cross her. You claim that you “don’t think that Jill is jealous at all”, well, then what else would explain the one-up-manship she feels compelled to exhibit constantly? Classic example from previous seasons is the constant reference to her dress size. Who cares if she is a size 0? Just to clear up something that people keep overlooking is that while Jill’s husband was undergoing a “procedure” of an unspecified nature at the time of the Bethenny “offense”, do you truly believe that Jill was handling this all alone? That she didn’t have her daughter, sister, parents, her “fabulous circle of friends” all surrounding her for support? Is Bethenny’s crime so egregious? Also, with reference to the 15 minutes of fame that Bethenny is supposedly chasing…she works very hard, has a number of great brands and is using the program — AS MOST OF THE MEMBERS ARE — to promote those brands…why else would these ladies tolerate the camera instrusions into their lives? Finally your comment about Bethenny dismissing her friends so easily; first of all, with friends like Jill, who needs enemies? Secondly she has had long term friendships with a wide circle of people – none of who are on the program. You will probably see them on episodes of Bethenny Getting Married? Interestingly EVERYONE seems to like her husband Jason. That being the case, if he doesn’t like Jill and is in love with Bethenny, that should tell you something right there. I think the statement about Bethenny needing to feel shame was/is unjustified. She tries to work things out with Jill and is rebuffed three times because Jill wasn’t ready to “forgive” her yet. That’s pride and very cruel. I think it should be shame on you Jill!!!!

  • LA

    Jill is for REAL! Stay true JILL!!!

  • Explorer watch

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