Everyone was drunk last night. Wastey-face, sorority-girl, spring-break-at-Panama-City-Beach, puke-on-your-own shoes drunk. Well, except Bethenny, because she’s pregnant. And Jill, because Jill wasn’t in the episode (at all!). But all of the other Real Housewives of New York City were tossing drinks back like they had just gotten done with finals.

They drank and ate, ate and drank, and then they yelled at each other and revealed some latent lesbian tendencies. Ramona danced her middle-aged white lady jig during what she called “turtle time,” and then there were some Hooters girls. As intensely alcoholic as the whole thing was, I would have picked their booze cruise over LuAnn’s awkward, slobbery date with a manchild any day. I mean, it looked like he had highlights.

Let’s just go ahead and get this unpleasantness out of the way: LuAnn fancies herself a singer just likes Kim from Atlanta does, and she found herself a producer with a mohawk that would actually go on record as thinking that she’s just great. He also wears his sunglasses inside, and I think that tendency tells you a lot about a person’s ability to make thoughtful, well-reasoned decisions. As for the actual recording, we all know how that part goes because we all watched Kim do it on and off for two season, but LuAnn went in, recorded, hit about a third of the notes and got auto-tuned within an inch of her life. The scenes where she sang were terrible but mercifully short, and I don’t think too much blood leaked out of my ears in the process.

In much more pleasant surroundings, Bethenny, Kelly, Alex and Sonja accompanied Ramona on her bachelorette trip to St. John, which they insisted on referring to as a “bachelorette” despite the fact that Ramona has been married for 17 years. The place looked gorgeous and Ramona rented a ginormous yacht for all of them, and when Kelly saw it, she took of in a dead sprint toward it like if she got to the boat first, she would get to keep it. Incidentally, Kelly doesn’t know what the phrase “eating crow” means or that gummy bears have fake sugar in them. Those are just a few things that we learned while the ladies were in the process of arriving at their vacation destination.

Ramona bought approximately 8,000 bathing suits and it was kind of adorable how excited she was about the whole thing, but the atmosphere got contentious pretty fast. Bethenny was straight off of a trip to her father’s funeral and understandably in a bit of a mood, and Kelly was…well, she was just Kelly. Bethenny made some joke about needing to crush the grapes in the fridge if the waiter didn’t get the intravenous drip of pinot to Ramona quickly enough, and Kelly got upset because she actually thought that Bethenny was going to mash up the grapes. Yep. I really can’t improve on that, beyond the sort of farcical idiocy that it already is.

Then Ramona and Alex mentioned the issue of the Death Text from last week’s episode and Kelly freaked out, demonstrated her profound misunderstanding of the concept of metaphors, told the group that Alex wasn’t a normal person, denied that she was a sorority girl, said that she was going to go do cartwheels and then almost smashed into a glass door while trying to storm out. Like, literally, all of that took place in the space of about a minute and a half last night. Sometimes I make stuff up because it’s more interesting than what actually happens on this show, but Kelly’s day-to-day life is stranger than any of the stuff that I have swimming around inside of my head. Kelly and Bethenny were not allowed to sit together at the next meal.

Sonja, for her part, just wanted to know when it was time for her pedicure and didn’t care to hear anything about Jill. Later, she refused to go snorkeling because she didn’t want to ruin her good hair day. I like Sonja. I could have drinks with Sonja.

Did someone say drinks? It’s time for our first bout of drunkenness for this episode! That embarrassing guy from a couple of weeks ago, Coerte (I used my journalism school powers and fact-checked that one, that’s actually how you spell his name), took LuAnn to the dingiest corner of Chinatown for dinner and she seemed a tad horrified, but when they sat down and he ordered a drink called the “deal closer” in a really gross attempt to flirt, she seemed kind of charmed, which only made the entire thing even more gross than it already was.

As if that wasn’t enough, in order to up the ante of groan-worthy date faux pas, HE GAVE HER A COPY OF HIS BOOK. He told her that he had a surprise for her…and the surprise was his book. If I had been LuAnn, I would have taken the book and used it to beat him about the face. For some reason, though, she didn’t seem nearly as disappointed by that “gesture” as I would have been. In fact, the book-giving lead to them talking about “playing tennis” on LuAnn’s “court,” but I’m pretty sure that’s not what they were actually talking about at all. Then there was a ball of fire that whipped through the place and it almost managed to burn the image of the two of them awkwardly making out from my retinas. Almost. But not quite. It was sort of like this:

Back on the yacht, the girls were taking shots of Café Patron (such beautiful, delicious booze that stuff is) and things got a little emotional and share-y when Bethenny mentioned her father’s recent death. Kelly took it upon herself to tell Bethenny that her feelings about her father were incorrect and that her situation wasn’t all that terrible, and even if that was true (which, by all accounts, it doesn’t seem to be), that’s still not appropriate to say to someone immediately following the death of their father. Luckily for all involved, Ramona showed up just in the nick of time, slurring her words and waving around a Hooters calendar. Soon after, the conversation moved on to whether or not Kelly fantasizes about women and if she should have a one-night stand (Sonja is voting yes, Kelly is dubious. Kelly’s from the Midwest, you see, where no one has ever had a one-night stand, ever.)

And then it became clear that Ramona wasn’t the only one who was a few sheets to the wind – they were ALL hammered. Sonja went from talking about having sex (which seems to be her default position) to admitting that she was insecure about her body and not entirely over her divorce. Bethenny and Sonja were both having lots of messy emotions and kumbaya-share-time and Kelly got mad at them for feeling things, which she thinks is a very 1979 thing to do. Literally, she said that. And then Kelly told Bethenny that she wasn’t a chef, that she was just a cook (which is somehow creepy), and that no one cared about her, and that she should get over the stuff that went on last year, and again that she was creepy. Oh, and also, she’s a “ho bag.” After laying that one down, Kelly stormed off, managing to not smash her face into a door that time.

Bethenny, for her part, stayed completely calm and then went over to the Hooters boat next door, where Ramona was hammered and flirting with some old man, yet somehow simultaneously talking about how she loves Mario. Ramona may or may not have grabbed Bethenny’s boobs while she was trying to tell Ramona about the spontaneous screaming match that just broke out between her and Kelly, and I’m not sure that the entirety of the story penetrated Ramona’s alcohol haze.

Eventually Kelly showed up on the Hooters boat and Ramona really tried to kick her off, but she was too drunk and got distracted by the idea that they should all go have “turtle time.” Turtle time, as it turns out, is what Ramona calls it when she gets to go do her white lady samba, which has no relationship to the actual beat of the music, at some tourist bar called the Fat Turtle. While Alex, Bethenny and Ramona had turtle time, Sonja and Kelly were having some time of their own that involved wrestling on a bed. Not that I mean to, you know, cast aspersions or anything…

An interesting tidbit to start this afternoon’s discussion: on Watch What Happens Live after the show last night, Andy Cohen said that Kelly hated the way that this episode was edited and felt like it was unfair to her. I say that she shouldn’t blame other people just because she forgot what a jerk she was when she was drunk – what do you say?

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  • Samantha F.

    Hysterical! You always hit the nail on the head when re-calling these episodes, and reading this I laugh hysterically every time…Thank you!!

  • Handbag Lover

    lol.. The cat in itself was enough, lol. The show was good last night. Kelly is a mess plain and simple. That chile got on my nerves so bad it wasn’t even funny. I am glad Bethenny is getting her own show and leaving RHONY because Jill and the others are spending to much time hatin on her. I really did like Jill but this season she has gotten on my last nerve. Luann’s singing was horrible and I don’t know who in da h*ll is going to buy that, talk about a waste of money. Luann please sit yo @ss down.

    Good blog! See ya next time. Too Funny.

  • Matthew

    The picture of the cat made me laugh almost as much as when Bethenny called Kelly “kook-a-doodle-doo.”

    I’m pretty sure I replayed that quote about 4 times. That made my week. I also enjoyed the explanation of Kelly’s *bzzzt* loose wires… *bzzt*

    Bethenny is hilarious.

    Kelly is “creepy” and way too stupid for words.

    P.S. After watching NJ on Monday and NYC last night, NYC absolutely killed NJ. So much more entertaining, hilarious, and drama-fun than NJ has been, except for the one table-throwing incident on one measly episode.

  • Pamela

    No typos this time, I’m surprised!!

    Good recap … I really like where bethenney’s friendship with Alex is heading, it seems really sweet and genuine for once. And have you seen the preview? It all revolves around Kelly being CRAZY and MORE CRAZY…did you see how Sonja was saying that all four of them is sane and that Kelly is crazy? Finally, some cattiness out of Sonja and she finally says something because she seems like she’s been taking a back seat so far and just enjoying & watching everyone.

    Oh and of course, I love how Jill in the previews made it seem like Kelly shoudn’t go anywhere without them to fight for her cos that’s what Jill wants and needs..more drama!

    • I read through this thing like EIGHT TIMES. I’m determined to win the typo game.

  • Relli

    Usually I read your recaps and then watch the show but last night was epic. I sincerely hope that Jill send Kelly a gift basket for shifting the crazy away from her this week. Also the best part of the entire show was that there was no Jill with her god awful tacky outfits and other secrets of her being a Jewish mother.

    I am really starting to like Sonja, she is exactly what I expected Honore Huntsberger (Gilmore girls) to grow up and become. I want to drink with her too. She is just fabulous, but Sonja please do not start hawking stuff on QVC, or get a “recording deal” or appear on that show with Tinsley, seriously awful. Stay you and your bad self. Love the pearls girl.

    side note: i know they are not filming or anything but did anyone else hear how Jill announced Bethanny’s baby being born before she did. Lady that is not helping your case, that you actually care and its not all about gaaaawssssssip.

    • Reese

      and it was the wrong sex. Double fail! haha!

    • Julie

      I know that was awful! Jill posted the announcement on facebook in a race to beat everyone else (including Bethenny) and was soooo wrong! How does it feel to be so selfish and stupid at the same time? Maybe Jill could ask Kelly? what a couple of knuckle heads..or Kook-a-doodle-dos! lol

  • JenG

    Wow! Ramona, Kelly and Sonja gave us something to talk about! Even though I think Ramona is a terrible dancer it is hilarious to watch. Ramona was getting down! LOL! Great show last night and you should be narrating the Housewives on Bravo!

  • Ivanna

    Kelly was insufferable last night, even more so than usual, her lack of intelligence and common sense is “creepy” and only in Kellyland is making lemonade out of lemons a bad thing. She’s so caught up in trying to make Bethenny look like this horrible person that she loses all sense of coherent focus and just picks up on the conversations she started in her head. I love how she tried to blame the “editing” for her behaviour, like it’s the producers fault she’s slow, and even that would be plausible if her one on one interviews weren’t just as bad.

    Anyway Ramona made my night, I wish I could go on a girls trip like that (without the drama) her akward dancing is hilarious and Alex continues to be one of my favorites out of all the franchises. I wonder why Sonja’s marriage ended, did her husband leave her for someone else, that could make anyone woman feel really insecure. I also didnt miss Jill one bit, we should have more episodes like this only take out LuAnn as well

    . . .Speaking of which her performance on Watch What Happens Live! was, well I think Rupaul does a better job, and is it me or does that song or whatever that was sound a lot like Money Can’t buy you class.

    • Kate M

      OMG! That performance on “Watch What Happens”. I had to watch it from between my fingers because I was so embarassed for LuLu. There are no words to describe the awfulness. But, yes, the music sounded exactly the same to my ears.

  • amy

    lol love the lolcat, it is truely the only way to describe that awkward kiss , us viewers had to watch. I love Bethenny though, during the show she mentioned how Kelly could not have graduate from Columbia, maybe Columbia Country College, or Mickey Mouse University, that was my favorite.. i love Bethenny-isms.!

  • NCGal

    Help me clarify something: Did I understand that Kelly graduate from freakin’ Columbia??? If so, there must be a parallel universe.

    • Kate W.

      From what I’ve read (yes, sadly, I’ve done extra reading about this show), it’s like, Columbia has a continuing-ed division and anybody is allowed to go, you don’t have to apply and the specific program that she attended is not on the level of prestige that one would normally associate with an Ivy League university.

      Also, Amanda, I fully support your typos as long as they allow you to get the recap to us as quickly as possible!

      • NCGal

        How incredibly like Kelly to claim Columbia when she isn’t really an alumnus. What a hack. No wonder she picks on Bethanny: much easier to deflect her own shortcomings. Kelly must be positively GREEN with envy that Bethanny is established herself in her own right, is an author, a TRUE business woman, and a beautiful mother-to-be in what looks to be a loving relationship. Kelly’s kids are clearly embarrassed by their mother and at least the little one can’t seem to stand her. Regardless…I have lost respect for the Ivies :)

  • Sarah

    hahaa, I was going to ask that. I love though how Betheny was wondering whether it was Columbia University or the country that she went to! “I don’t think too much blood leaked out of my ears in the process.” hahha, Luanne is a better singer than Kim but still awful. Last nights episode was one of the best Real Housewives episodes of any season or series of the show ever. Ramona should have more parties!

  • Nancy

    Another great recap! Wow – Kelly is a nutty imbecile… just wow… leaves me speechless, bzzztt….bzzztt. What a dramalicious episode. Loved it, and no Jill! I was really on the fence about Sonja, but she won me over last night. She’s funny, cute and has feelings. I just can’t get over how crazed Kelly was, it was absolutely hilarious. The yacht was fantastic and looked like so much decadent fun. Ramona was funny and cute too, with all her bathing suits and turtle dance. Best episode in a while and next week looks even better. Oh, and loved Luanne’s outfit on “Watch What Happens Live”. Even though Luanne is overboard on the Countess crap and can’t sing her way out of a paper sack, I do love some of her outfits. Her style can be great (sometimes), but I hate that ugly purple dress she wears ALOT with the huge, heavy indian necklace. I like indian jewlery, but that necklace DOES NOT go well with that purple dress. Sorry for rambling on.

    • Nancy

      Yes, I’m replying to myself. There’s something that’s driving me nuts, why does Kelly ALWAYS look so DIRTY. She must have terrible personal hygeine. She looks like she hasn’t had a bath in a month or so. EEEWWWEEEE PEEEEYOUUUU.

      • suz

        And, she has the worst taste in clothes……

  • Kim

    Kelly’s an odd bird. When she is with her buddies LuAnn and Jill, she seems somewhat normal. With Ramona and Bethenny, she seems completely certifiable. Which makes me wonder if she partakes of recreational drugs whilst in their company…sure, some of it could be editing, but these words did leave her mouth, you can’t dub that stuff in (well, you can, but it never looks good or sounds right). The way she bullied Bathenny about her childhood was just beyond. And by the way, did anyone catch the after show where a viewer asked why LuAnn is always butting into other people’s biz? And LuAnn retorts, “when do I butt in?” LOL. And while we’re on LuAnn, my gay-dar went full mast at the sight of her date. Me thinks he’s looking for publicity for his book.

  • BethAnn

    I won the quote game this week!!!! YAY!!!! Great recap again :)

  • Sweety

    Kelly looks like a man, and she’s soo jealous of Bethenny!!

  • mochababe73

    I guess that last night was Kelly’s turn to be the Mean Girl. I couldn’t believe that she said those things to Bethenny. I think that Kelly is just strange. She is BEYOND rainbows and unicorns.
    Ramona and Sonja were just trying to have fun. I can’t believe that Ramona went into the ocean with a noodle. Hilarious. This was the first time that I actually liked Sonja because so far, she’s shown me nothing.
    It was refreshing NOT to have Jill on the show stirring up trouble.
    By the way, am I the only one that thinks that Coerte (so made-up) may have homosexual tendencies?

  • Jo

    I love these recaps! I love Bethenny and I’m starting to like Sonja as well. I must say that I was really thankful for Jill not appearing in this episode because she’s really my least favorite this season. And I agree with Ramona when she said if things aren’t about her, she’s a no-show. But I think based on last night’s episode, Kelly became the least favorite of the bunch. Her lack of common sense (she doesn’t eat processed foods but she eats gummy bears?) and failure to use the right metaphors (make lemonade out of lemons?) made me just wanted to turn the TV off. I have to borrow a few words from Bethenny and say she’s “the most unintelligent human being” and she truly does have “the worst vocabulary”. I, too, highly doubt she went to Columbia.

    And LuAnn with her singing. “Money can’t buy you class” but it can buy you auto-tunes and “elegance is learned” but singing obviously can’t be learned. I can’t believe that producer compared her to Madonna and Fergie..

    Needless to say, I enjoy the drama and can’t wait for the next episode (and your recap)! I know the preview showed Jill say to Luann, “Kelly has been calling me”, but I bet JILL was the one who texted/contacted Kelly first because she was DYING to know what’s been going on.

    • BestRemyWigs

      Jo, I think you are sooooo wrong, because had she spent the money for a vocal coach, then , belting out a tune or singing, as we call it here in the north east , singing could be learned my friend…,singing could be learned.

      • BestRemyWigs

        I see that we are going to pretend that ,that Ramona conversation with Mr.Hooters didn’t happen…you know, the one in which she went right into the man’s tonsil while telling him that Mario is the love of her love…But, I will leave that topic alone, since I think that we will be making lemonade out of lemons..I sometimes feel sorry for Kelly’s ex husband.He’s a saint, if he stayed with her long enough to make two kids. Are they his kids?

  • Kim

    Sonja is by far becoming my favorite housewife on NYC. She is just too fabulous for the drama and catfights with the other girls. I love how in the middle of Bethenny and Kelly fighting she’s like,”When am I getting my pedicure?”. lol

    As for Kelly, she just really needs to think before words come out of her mouth. sigh.

  • Arlyne

    There is NO way that Kelly graduated or even attended Columbia University in NYC. Bravo needs to investigate her education background and see if she really has a degree and from where. Or maybe as life goes on she just keeps getting more stupid!
    Kelly also doesn’t have any emotional intelligence. She knows that Bethenny’s father just died and that she is pregnant and getting married but still decides to harangue her into the ground.
    Bethenny and Alex as well as Ramona are my heroes this season.

  • Vanessa

    I just want to say that I LIVE for your re-caps of the Real Housewives, they make me chuckle because it is so spot on! I watched last nights epi and Kelly is the most ignorant, classless, snooty woman ever *spits*

    Keep the commentary coming!

  • Camille

    First time to read this blog and I laughed til my sides hurt. Fabulous recap of a truly memorable episode. I’m hooked and will be checking back for more as you can sum up these ladies and their madness like no other.

    Kelly, what can you say about Kelly? She looks dirty because she has such a blotchy and uneven tan. She also looks mannish with those linebacker shoulders and no hips, but looks aside, it is her tiny brain that I can’t get over. She murders metaphors and doesn’t know where wine or gummy bears come from. What possessed her to attack Bethenny whose father just died??? Who does that? Midwestern trannys?? I’m from the deep south darlin and I don’t care how much you hate Bethenny, you don’t do that to someone who just lost a parent and you don’t show out like that out of respect for your hostess, even if she is mainlining Pino G. 24/7. Loved Ramona, crazy but the girl just wants to have fun. Alex and Bethenny are as close to normal as this show gets. Bethenney is sharp as a tack, even for someone reeling from death of a parent and impending birth of a child, and a marriage sandwiched somewhere in between. Not to mention being the only sober lady on this party boat. Sonja is growing on me. She seems a bit sex obsessed, maybe she needs to get some so she wouldn’t have to talk about it all the time. Can’t wait for the next episode of the Love Boat visits Crazytown and for the sure to be hilarious recap.

    Oh, is it just me, or could Coerte be Ramona’s long lost twin brother?? Same blonde hair, same CRAZY EYES, lol, same crazy expressions and awkward body movements. That whole date was painful to watch. Love the cat!!!

  • Jane

    Coerte was creepy to me. Slimey. But according to the “watch what happens live” episode, LuAnn says she likes him. OoooOkay.

    What really got to me was they had this huge arguement on the Hooters boat! They were ruining THEIR party. Such bad manners. I wonder what the Countess would have said! lol

  • ohmomma

    I was actually looking forward to reading your recap as I was watching the show. You’re an awesome writer.

    Ditto all the comments above and also couldn’t stop giggling at Bethenny’s “Bzzt…bzzt” comments. She’s my hero – she really is.

    On Coerte – I find his mouth disgusting. He would continually toss his head back in exaggerated laughter and this nasty little thin snake like tongue would just be hanging out of the mouth by about a centimeter. Then he’d writhe his body and enlarge his eyes to be seductive and (*bloh*) there – i just vomitted a bit in my mouth again thinking about him.
    Kelly, kelly, kelly… its great how she starts every argument with “to be honest”. It’s like her intro before she tries to school everyone with her smarts. To clear up the discussion on her education, wherever she went, she stopped absorbing data after about the tenth grade. When all arguments and persuasion start to short circuit, she defaults to simple name calling. “You’re gross! eww! sick! creepy! bleh! like…crazy!!” can’t wait to see her break down next week. that’s bad…but I can’t help myself.

  • Jean

    Didn’t Kelly say that she eats only natural foods that aren’t processed? But she was eating chicken wings and beer before her Playboy shoot? She really needs to start remembering her lies better. And she was married to a famous photographer…….That I don’t get?

  • otter

    I actually quite enjoy Kelly this season. Kinda like I enjoy a silly, two-year old’s antics on a long plane ride. A diversion from the mundane.

    Oh, and the Countess. “Money can’t buy you class –daaaaaling.” Bwaaaaaha ha ha!

  • suz

    Agh-h-h-h. It took 24 hours before Luanne’s God awful song (songs….can’t tell the difference) stopped creeping into my head. These recaps are so amusing, I no longer watch the show in full…..I Tivo and then fast forward to get the visuals and high lights….. thus avoiding the tedious kvetching and shouting. That Coerte (what’s with that pretentiousness?) fellow is so-o-o repulsive, he made me literally gag. What a relief not to have the nasty Jill energy on this episode. None of my friends watch this show, so I’m loving this RHONYC blog community. Thanks to all!

  • Mishelle

    Fully L-O-A-D-E-D and drunk as a skunk is the new groove

    not! drive safely

  • Redhead

    You are too funny and now I am as addicted to reading your reviews for the Housewives as I am watching their shows….what a great writer you are:-) Hysterical!

  • Cathy

    I have read several reviews of this episode, but this has to be the Pulitzer prize winner. I laughed so hard that I had to stop and catch my breath! That didn’t stop me from reading it again. What a hoot! I have always been a Bethenny fan because of her snarky comments. I think you would get along with her.

    I am going to find some more of your writing to enjoy. Keep up the great work.

  • Bagolicious

    Kelly is a hot mess and put the “S” in the word, “Stupid”.

  • Sher77

    On Watch What Happens after RHONY, Luanne said she sings show tunes, a lot, at parties!!! She said people are always wanting her to sing. I loved that . Andy looked kinda mystified. Great job Amanda.

  • Mona

    WHAT THE HELL! Was Kelly sent on the trip to ruin it for everyone else. That girl really has a few screws loose. Maybe she does need to put down the crack pipe.
    No Jill, No problem.
    Luann and creepy Courte! OMG If he is an “intellectulal” and she is a “countess” and this is how the elite act, I’m glad I am just a plain old southern girl.
    I hope Ramona, Bethenny, Alex and Sonja can still have some time to relax and enjoy themselves.

  • Doree

    What a joke….Jill is sullen until she sees the red light of the camera….then she’s ON…What an awful phony. good for Alex who quietly has more balls than most of them…Sonja is honest about who she is and what she wants…Does she really believe a physic has foresee the future. She needs to believe in herself not a physic – trust your gut girl.

    Going back to Jill, she has a very short memory..She thinks Bethany was mean..is she kidding? Did she not remember her meanness and the way she treated Bethany…

    Kelly is a complete nut. I feel sorry for her two kids. LuAnn is desperately trying to hold onto “fame”. Who told her she can sing? She continues to run after “Euro Trash”. Does she regret being out of that loop?

    Most of these women spend their time trying to be important…Alex and Ramona and Bethany
    have jobs to do and earn money…What does Jill know about earning anything. Kelly runs around pretending to “work”. and LuAnn spins in circles being a “countess”.. she knows squat
    about manners. Does she believe she has anything of value to say about living a decent life?

  • Mark

    I can’t believe “Lemons into lemonaide” doesn’t even get a mention…

    Kelly is as bright as a bag of hair…

    Girls love “Turtle Time”. I was happy for them.

    • Mark

      Apparently…it’s lemonade.

      SP -1


    • There was just too much to mention every last thing! Last week’s episode was the recapper’s gift that just kept on giving.

  • amy

    Next week Kelly looses it! I cant wait to read your recap for that.

  • MiMi

    I just got back from an out of town trip and watched from TiVo! (Read the recap first of course!) Wow! I don’t even have words for that episode. It was obvious that Kelly came with an axe to grind, “Don’t stomp on the grapes! I’m planning to eat them!” Huh?! Later she said something about Bethenney thinking she was better everyone else, or maybe just her– I was in shock. Anyway, someone ought to remind Kelly of the “I’m up here, you’re down there” comment. Great recap as always Amanda. Laughter IS the best medicine!

  • gertrude

    love, love, love the recaps, Amanda!!! looking forward to next week’s episode. I’m just wondering how Kelly was qualified to be one of the housewives, to begin. Wouldn’t even dream going to Kellyland even if it’s free! Something’s going on with this woman, either she’s on drugs or she’s just “unintelligent”/dumb.

  • Brie

    I love your recaps – still deciding my favorite part of your post…. white lady samba or the picture of the cat. So good!!!