In almost any multi-part Real Housewives reunion, there’s an episode that ends up being completely useless. In three-parters, it’s the middle episode; Bravo uses the good footage in the first and third parts draw people in and then tease them into sticking around for the entire thing, which is what happened with last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. It wasn’t nearly as interesting as the first part, and all of the interview footage with Kim is going to wait until next week.

What we did get was a good bit of Brandi being Brandi, which I always enjoy, and some more of Kyle (and to a lesser extent, Adrienne) being incredibly ineffective Mean Girls. Ladies, you’re just not good at it. You’re not quick enough! That’s not necessarily your fault. It’s probably your parents’ fault. You’re adults, though, so let’s have a little self-awareness about that fact and move on to another way to attract camera time. Maybe you can get a 2-for-1 deal on plastic surgery or something?

1. Brandi is a good time. The montage of Brandi’s peeing children, braless dresses, microscopic bikinis, Xanax-and-booze stupors and unfortunate utterances of euphemisms for male genetalia was perhaps the finest tour through Housewives silliness that we’ve seen in a long time. Please, Bravo. Please make Brandi a full time Housewife next season! Kick Adrienne out and give us more Brandi.

2. Kyle is a mean girl. At least she admitted it, I guess. At the game night, remember how Kim hid Brandi’s crutch and told Kyle about it, and Kyle didn’t bother to give her the crutch so she could leave? Yeah. F*** Kyle. I am perhaps sicker of her particular variety of BS than I am of anyone else’s on the show. If Brandi had been in a wheelchair at that party, I bet Kyle would have gladly tipped her out of it and then acted surprised and dismayed when people thought that tipping the wheelchair-bound wasn’t a nice thing to do.

3. Kyle is suspicious of anyone who’s able to bury the hatchet. Because Kyle has to go out of her way to passive-aggressively torture anyone who has ever committed any kind of perceived slight against her ad infinitum, she seemed incredibly dubious of the fact that Lisa and Taylor were somehow both able to be adults and form a friendship. Apparently Kyle isn’t aware that adults are occasionally able to look at a conflict, realize it’s silly and decide that neither party is at fault. Kyle has never emotionally matured beyond the age of 14, and I’m halfway betting that she tries to get all the other cast members to sign her yearbook at the end of the season.

4. “Did you slit his tires?” “Well, I owned them too.” Brandi is still incapable of lying, which not only entertains all of us in the peanut gallery but fairly often works to shut down Kyle or Taylor when they’re trying to make some kind of point about how Brandi is mean or wrong or not telling the truth. The rest of the women haven’t quite seemed to grasp the fact that Brandi isn’t going to lie right along with them in order to save herself from embarrassment, and it foils some of their usual tactics. For example, when the other Housewives questioned her about who it was that talked behind Lisa’s back, Brandi went ahead and admitted it was Adrienne instead of shying away from naming names like you might expect. Adrienne seemed so shocked that Brandi actually said it that she didn’t even try to deny any wrongdoing. Instead, she merely told Brandi she was mean for telling the truth. Adrienne is not very good at this.

5. Kyle and Adrienne continued their parade of epic fail through the reunion. They both said so many things that were petty and immature and generally did not reflect well on them that it’s kind of difficult to even remember all of it. Adrienne tried to make Brandi look bad by claiming that they were friends and that Brandi had violated that friendship, but Brandi explained that they hadn’t actually seen or talked to each other since the end of filming. Adrienne, in her continued attempt to make any tiny, petty disagreement with Lisa into a grand offense, complained about Giggy drinking out of a glass at her house. I yawned and rolled my eyes a lot when one or both of these ladies were speaking.

6. Kyle put Kim up to being on the show. She claimed it was in an attempt to give Kim some responsibility, but that doesn’t entirely make sense. If that’s the goal, get her a part time job, don’t put her up to public humiliation on reality television when you know full well that she’s a spiraling alcoholic who’s just going to make a fool of herself. And if you decide to do it anyway, don’t then get indignant when the show’s audience thinks your sister is a cracked-out loon. What a sick way for Kyle to buy herself her own story line.

Also, when Andy asked Kyle why she had never sat down and talked with Kim about her problems in any sort of specifics on the show, she said that it would have been inappropriate to get into details in that setting, some things need to be done in private, her family would have been angry with her, blah blah blah. But didn’t Kyle get into exactly those details in a screaming match with Kim in the Season 1 finale? Didn’t she tell the world that Kim is an alcoholic way back then because she was pissed at Kim for embarrassing her? Did she think we all forgot? Deciding not to address it on the show after that is like closing the barn door after the horses have all escaped.

7. Season 2 Camille! Do you remember how much all of us hated Camille last year? We hated her so much! And now she’s funny and friendly and generally seems like a real person. Not only that, but her new boyfriend is eight years younger, looks like Mark Sanchez and has abs you could grate cheese on. Kelsey Grammer seems like such a slimy piece of crap that I wish Camille many years of happiness banging the young hot dude of her choice. Mazel tov.

8. Miscellaneous Taylor thoughts go here. I believe what she says about her abusive marriage, but I don’t necessarily believe anything she has to say in regard to her lack of knowledge about her husband’s fraudtastic business dealings or her theory that Russell’s death might have been a murder. Taylor seems to have been a willing participant in some of the tales of grifting that we’ve heard from the couple’s victims, and since she claims that the abuse started when she was pregnant, she can’t claim to have done all of it under duress from a violent man, if the timeline in my head is correct. Her little sermon about finding Russell with the briefcase seemed to have been rehearsed so that she could be on the record with her version of the story, and it wasn’t particularly compelling.

9. Brandi accidentally called Kyle a C-U-Next-Tuesday. In yet another act of aggressive (if accidental) honesty, Brandi sent Kyle a text calling her THAT WORD after politely declining an invitation from Kyle to attend a party. The C-word text was supposed to go to another friend, and I don’t find it all that unbelievable that Brandi occasionally isn’t that good at using her phone. When questioned about it, Brandi fully admitted that it happened but didn’t apologize, which is another move with which I agree. I haven’t seen any compelling evidence all season that Kyle isn’t a big, giant C-U-Next-Tuesday, so even bothering to apologize would have been the sort of dishonestly of which we now know Brandi to be incapable.

I feel like there were some other things that I wanted to address, but they’re not coming to mind at the moment, despite the fact that I watched the reunion three times last night. That’s just how the episode was, though: decently entertaining but mostly forgettable.

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  • Pg1908

    i too came to appreciate Brandi last night. she was able to own up to her actions (good and bad) and lay it all out there…like it or not. You just don’t see that on reality tv these days.

  • amym

    i was soo disappointed in adrienne attacking lisa on the reunion saying that she sold stories or talked behind peoples back. when brandy called her out on talking behind lisa’s back, adrienne couldnt stop stuttering. i actually think adrienne is perhaps jealous of lisa and the attention she has gotten from the show and that adrienne’s own ventures may have not fared as well as lisa’s.

    i love brandy! i think she deserves to be a full time cast member. i love how she is no holds and just says whatever is on her mind.

    • Nancy

      I’ve always liked Adrienne (not her style, but her), but like you, I was disappointed with her behavior.  On the other hand, I’ve never liked Lisa much – but I’m softening on that view.  I don’t think, though, that Adrienne is jealous of Lisa.  I believe the stories I read that Kyle called a meeting before the reunion to stage an attack on Lisa.  Why Adrianne participated is beyond me.

  • Cheryl Zimmermann

    I d

  • Reality Junkie

    “I am perhaps sicker of (Kyle’s) particular brand of BS than anyone else’s on the show”…what a perfect sentence. There is not one statement in this recap, Amanda, with which I do not agree 100%! Left couch good, right couch awful.

  • winterpenny

    I have to say that Brandi is the first “real” person on any of the Real Housewives shows!  While I don’t agree with her behavior some of the time, I really like her honesty and she has become one of my favorites.  This season also outed Kyle as a two-faced mean girl.  I liked Kyle in Season 1, but during Season 2 it became evident that she panders to whoever she is talking to at the moment.  I don’t know if that comes from arrogance or insecurity.  Finally, Camille is awesome this season.  Makes you realize how much she must have been going through last year!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with all this.

      Also my sister pointed out that when we (my sister and I) hated Camille, it was when we thought that Kyle was awesome.

      Now that Kyle has revealed her true colors, it’s making us both think that Camille might not have really changed as much as we all thought.

      In other words, Camille was probably always pretty awesome but until this season we were not aware of how Kyle rolls.

      • Anonymous

        You know, that’s a good point that I hadn’t really thought about. Last season, most people were on Team Kyle and were upset that Camille was being a jerk to her; it wasn’t the only reason people disliked her, but it was a big part of it and their conflict was the season’s main story. The other stuff that Camille did that bothered people – bragging, name-dropping her husband, etc. – can be easily explained as being the desperate insecurity of someone who’s losing the husband on which she had always based her identity. Suddenly, Camille’s dislike for Kyle makes a lot more sense.

      • Reality Junkie

        I hope you will be reacapping RH of Orange County???

      • Cat

        Kyle says that some things are too private to air on television.  She said she doesn’t shower on television.  But last season’s bikini wax – now THAT was entirely appropriate.

  • Kjon

    I thought it was weird when Taylor called out Brandi for slashing her ex’s tires… What the heck does that have to do with anything? I know Taylor wants to seem less crazy but, yeah, that didn’t work. Same with the “I will kill you” game night thing. I thought that was extremely weak. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since this is coming from a person who frequently calls herself weak and insecure. Is Taylor trying to paint Brandi as some sort of violent troll by using examples that are [while true] wildly exaggerated and taken out of context? Hmmm…
    Let me just say though that 100% believe Taylor was a DV victim and I would feel just as much sympathy for her if she had talked about being pushed or slapped. The stories of broken jaws and crushed eye sockets are not necessary if they are, as I suspect, embellishments or outright lies.  

    • AmandaMull

      I thought those two incidents you mentioned were really telling in particular – in both of them, I think most of the Housewives would have tried to explain away what they had done or pretend like they hadn’t really done it when confronted, making both incidents look worse than they were. Brandi totally owned up to both of them, and by doing that, they seemed trivial and silly. Moral of the story – more honesty, less bullshit, ladies!

    • Nancy

      Read the link below to the daily beast story…very interesting.  That black eye photo that everyone says is unequivocal evidence of a beating is actually post surgery…

    • Emily

       I totally agree with both of your Brandi comments. They were all making SUCH a big deal about the stupid slashing of the tires. Brandi really was screwed over by her husband and partner of thirteen years – can you really fault her for slashing his tires (especially if she called to let him know not to drive them)? Is what she did really that shocking and abhorrent to them? Were you really in fear for your lives when the 110 pound, one-legged model said she would kill you for speaking ill of her children? Like Amanda said, Kyle and Taylor just look ridiculous for even harping on those events.

  • Jess

    Am I the only one who thought of cow-tipping when Amanda referenced wheelchair-tipping??? 
    And yes, Kyle and Adrienne are just awful.  Kyle isn’t a very good actress considering she can never seem to keep a smirk off her face when she doesn’t agree with something, even when she doesn’t want the person to know she doesn’t agree.  I’ve said it her before and I’ll say it again…Adrienne is bor-ring!  I know a lot of the Housewives have tried to make money off of being on the show, but I feel the most dirty about it with Adrienne.  She is the worst at trying to act like she isn’t on the show just to promote the casino, b-ball team, and those god-awful shoes.  Honestly, I’ve seen far classier shoes on the strippers that have been at bachelor/bachelorette parties I’ve attended.  And who exactly is her stylist?  She is second only to Kim in looking completely dated.  I expect more from someone with that much moola.  It’s so bad it makes “money can’t buy you class” run through my head and that’s really saying something!

  • Kristen

    Hooray! America is finally seeing the true Kyle Richards for the umm… “person” she is. Brandi was hilarious last night taking full responsibility for anything she says or does. I love the rise she gets out of Kyle. Also, Brandi calling Taylor out on writing a book “a hot minute” after his passing was pretty ballsy. Taylor’s domestic violence defense (though I do believe she was abused) flopped by citing how it would help women and she couldn’t wait. She couldn’t wait to get a check…

  • Melis

    Can Kyle please cut her horsey hair already?

  • Suz

    Ok…my first question is….do they have a finger wagging school in BH…or did those ladies take lessons from our friends in Atlanta.  I honestly don’t know anyone who wags their fingers at people like those (awful) Richards ladies.  I tried doing it experimentally while watching the show, and it’s not easy.  At any rate…..let the Richards sisters be gone!
    ….And then, The Maloof has proven herself to be the most humorless, unselfaware, and, most importantly,  totally personality-less housewife….maybe of the entire franchise.  I can’t decide if she’s really not very smart….and maybe all the filler in her face just makes her look that way.  At any rate, she would not be missed (although maybe her husband a little bit).  And, what about that tacky shower curtain of a dress?
    Taylor is scary…lying and manipulative, probably a sciopath.  She needs to go away as well.  There is absolutely nothing good to be said for her presence on this show or in any public forum for that matter.
    Totally team Brandi!  How refreshing.  And, how idiotic of those women to knock her for her bathing suit.  Who wouldn’t wear a bathing suit like that if you have a body like that.  All that jealous chatter about not wearing it because of the husbands.  Please!  And, I loved her owning the tire slashing.  What “woman scorned” hasn’t wanted to do that!  I could hear the cheering ringing out in TV land. 
    Lisa is smart and witty, and kudos to her for holding her own…..although I’m not sure about the Giggy twitter business….slightly weird. 
    Somehow, I believe St. Camille’s season 2 persona, and I hope she stays on.

    Great recap.  I hardly ever watch the show before your recap, but I did last night, and obviously had to vent.  Cheerio! 

    • jomarie

      Total agreement. I’m not sure that Giggy is Lisa’s alter ego, it may be Ken. Lisa does know how to keep a secret though. Adrienne’s remark about “new money” probebly says a lot more about her problems with Lisa than anything else. Adrienne is much more the heiress than the business woman and these days a real selfmade success, such as Lisa, is greatly admired.

  • ellenbakes

    Great recap! Last nights episode was so ho hum I barely paid attention. Reunions were already too long with 2 parts and now 3? Ridiculous. I further agree that if you’re going to be a mean girl you had better be quick on your mental feet because flies damn near landed in Adrienne, Kyle and Taylor’s mouths a few times during the night. I guess they haven’t learned that Brandi won’t take their crap. I almost fell off my couch when she called Adrienne out for talking smack about Lisa! As for Taylor she needs to make up her mind…are you a weakling or are you a mean girl. Neither is building you any equity sweetheart…but pick one because you’re canceling yourself out, k? 

    Couch on the left…MUAH!
    Couch on the right…C U Next Tuesday!

  • Tuhreza

    Interesting article about Taylor’s book from the Daily Beast…….

    • Reality Junkie

      Very interesting article. I saw another today in which she said of Russell’s sister, who claims that Taylor is exagerrating her story, that “she was a meth addict for 5 of the 6 years Russell and I were together”. What a HORRIBLE woman Taylor Armstrong is. Her attempts to profit from Russell’s death are disgusting. Not only is she ignoring the effect this will have on her daughter, but her claims that her book will “save lives” are insane. She wasn’t worried about that as long as Russell was alive and the money was coming in. She was willing to be battered as long as she lived her Beverly Hills lifestyle. The MOMENT she was turned away from the White Party and outed from the Hawaii trip, she finally decided to leave her husband. How convenient.

      • Nancy

        I was miffed last night when Kyle said to Brandi that a person has died here – insinuating that Taylor is off limits because she’s suffering so much.  Yes, someone has died, and Taylor, for all her protests of the loss she has suffered, has not missed an opportunity to throw him under a bus.  Know one will ever know what happened in that relationship.  And this man is not able to respond.  Like you, I also found the timing of Taylor’s leaving Russell a little co-inky-dink-y. 

    • Adrienne Z

      Thanks for the share! Diane Dimond has that knack for calling people out on discrepancies and there are plenty!

      • Adrienne Z

        And the comments below the article also add to the fact that not many of the Daily Beast’s readers believe Taylor’s stories either. They are actually alot harsher there than we are here….

      • Tuhreza

        Taylor was on WWHL last night along with Gretchen from OC.  Andy asked her if she’d read the Daily Beast article and she just smirked and said, “no.”  She also tried to throw her sister-in-law under the bus again, but at least this time she didn’t bring up meth.  She’s so awful.  I really hope Bravo doesn’t bring her back next season! 

  • Angie Hullfish

    Bring back Brandi!  Bring back Brandi!  Bring back Brandi!…………

  • Lynnie

    The Left Couch are seriously my favorite Housewives on the whole show! And Kim isn’t that bad either. I want those 4 to be on the show next season, but it probably won’t happen considering Lisa might get a spin-off show and Camielle might be getting fired. (Although I read that on the Huffington Post, so the story might be less than credible) But even if all that happens I want Brandi to be on the show! Team Brandi!

  • JenG

    I thought the reunion show was very interesting. I can say that I finally like Lisa. I have never liked Kyle so nothing has changed. Lisa tried to step in and take up for Brandi. Camille also spoke up for Brandi, what a surprise that was. Someone needed to tell Taylor that she shouldn’t be writing a book, if she wanted to help women with domestic abuse, she can keep volunteering at the shelter or go on speaking tours at the shelter to help. I’m still not convinced that she was abused. After reading the article, her stories dont’ match. I have a sister who was beaten by her boyfriend. There was a lot of evidence because she had bruises and a black/swollen eye. She stayed with him and is still with him. Only God knows the truth when it comes to Taylor and Russell.

  • ingrid

    i hate how taylor started the thing with brandi. i mean, hello. taylor about the slashing of the tires? really? i’d rather have brandi tell me mean things straight to my face than kyle be nice to to me then say stuff behind my back. my god. kyle. what can i say about that girl? she makes up so many excuses and thinks she’s always right. she’s pure BS.

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  • Adrienne Z

    Taylor was supposedly a public advocate for DV and was on a pulpit preaching about it and did nothing about it herself which makes her out to be a false prophet (PROFIT) to the highest degree. She claims she comes from poverty and doesn’t want to go back to that lifestyle, but that very lifestyle and the experience of knowing how to live on a meager budget should have been able to get her out of her abusive situation. There are THOUSANDS of women (myself included) who have left abusive situations with FAR LESS than this fakir ever had out of NECESSITY. If this woman can spend $40,000-$60,000 on a 4-yr old’s Birthday Party, she would CERTAINLY have enough money to hire a mover to get her stuff and daughter out of the house while her “abuser” was away on his many business trips. Her primary goal is money and if she WAS abused, then she sacrificed her daughter to maintain her wealthy lifestyle instead of taking herself and her daughter out of harm’s way. 
    I think she’s claiming abuse in the hopes it will detract from all of the financial trouble she is in. She would have been better off if she HAD LEFT – now she’s left holding the proverbial briefcase. Funny how things work out …!

    • Reality Junkie

      Well said, Adrienne…in you I think I have found someone who is as thoroughly disgusted by Taylor as I am.

      • Adrienne Z

        We have another ally – NCGAL – where are you?  waiting for you valued input! 

      • NCGal

        Oh!!! I am here…thanks for the shout-out Adrienne! I always go to your comments, too as it can get kind of lonely out here on the Taylor-is-full-of sh**-front. Ok, my 2 cents: I think Taylor is seriously mentally ill and probably part of her illness is her inability to tell the truth, to validate herself with “stuff”, to go to ANY lengths to get her needs met (yes, including not giving a sh** about the effect any of her actions have on her daughter.) Russell??? A grifter and creepy and we may NEVER know how or why he died. I do have my opinions about that too…

  • tata

    If Taylor was just a women recovering from DV, I don’t think there will be so many people against her. What bothers everyone so much is her finanically profitting from her experience and instead of admitting to it, giving us some BS excuse about helping other women… that makes me angry. because there are women in similar shoes that leave their husband with far less than she has. making money off of her experience and her husband’s death is disgusting and disrepectful to Russel’s family and Kennedy. If she was just any other women who went through DM, i don’t think people will react this way. there is a reason why people are so offended by Taylor. i mean, she’s getting death threats??? that’s a little crazy but why does she think she triggered such response from public?

  • Webaj

    The most disturbing points last night were when Kyle admitted that she talked Kim into doing the show because she though it would give her raging alcoholic sister “some stability” and when Taylor said she thought being on the show would keep Russell from abusing her. Those women have some seriously warped thinking. The best way to deal with serious issues such as addiction and abuse is not to sign up for a reality tv show!

    • Reality Junkie

      Webaj: How true. I was so happy to see Amanda point out that “Kyle put Kim up to being on the show”. Anyone with half a brain would know how that would turn out, and even if we give Kyle the benefit of the doubt (that she wasn’t subconciously looking for a great storyline), a loyal and loving sister would have DISCOURAGED Kim from coming on the show (let alone signing up for a second season). I truly believe Kyle is the worst kind of MEAN GIRL. I’ve known a few…and they are the ones who manipulate others into believing that they love you and have your best interests at heart, then use another’s weaknesses to make themselves look like a saint and savior. I really used to like Kyle , but now she makes my skin crawl… almost as much as Taylor does.

      • Adrienne Z

        Is Kyle in charge of hiring housewives for this show? I think she said that she was the one that called Camille to be on the show too…
        I found it strange that Andy asked why Kim was on the show if she didn’t care about it. I took it to mean that maybe Kim DID prod Bravo to have her sister on the show. I’m alittle confused.
        I read an article in one of the many  blogs regarding this franchise and it said that Kyle had the least net worth out of the show with only (ONLY!!!) $4 million. Taylor’s worth $10 million incomparison….  hmmmm….she still couldn’t support herself on that somehow…  I must be a financial genius being able to support my teen sons in private high school on less than $15,000 annually as a single mom. I’d bet my last dollar that Taylor’s garage sales would bring in alot more revenue than do mine….

      • Reality Junkie

        I guess it depends where you look…I saw a similar figure for Kyle ($4m) but if memory serves it was less than $1m for Taylor. And of course we all now know that the couple’s financial status was mispreresented.

        Regarding Kyle bringing Kim to the show…from what I have read and seen, it seems that Kyle and Lisa were part of the initial core group approached by Bravo to audition for the show. I suppose the producers ask for recommendations as to friends who would be a possible fit. That would make sense, because in that case at least there is some thread of authenticity to the “friendships” among the ladies.

  • Adrienne Z

    @Reality Junkie – I found the original link I saw yesterday where they quote Taylor’s networth at $10million and I misquoted Kyle – she’s now at 20mil. I must have looked at Kim’s which was at 4 yesterday and now it’s 2 (unless I read wrong in the first place)- 
    Another article says she makes $100,000 but doesn’t mention how much her net worth is and I’m assuming it’s alot more since she’s supposedly the “Chief Creative Director of, President of Four Truffles, and President of EImplement, Inc a management consulting firm she also co-founded” according to: and she has been successful due to the support of many supportive women guiding her way, including her late grandmother. I’m sure these positions provide her an income in addition to RHBH.
    She’s on a whirlwind book-promoting tour and I have seen previews and clips of MANY interviews including The View with Barbara Walters and one coming up with Dr. Drew which I do not plan on watching. It’s apparent with all of her new-found sympathy publicity that she is going to profit greatly from her book and rather soon. It’s a shame that the majority of the people that are watching her on these talk-shows do NOT watch RHBH and are going to be sucked into believing every single drop of her story. She’s playing this for all its worth on the pretense of helping other battered victims and making a mockery of people who leave in fear on a daily basis.

    • Reality Junkie

      @Adrienne Z – Thanks for the links! It makes me more than a little sick to see Taylor profit from this. And what does it say about the other women who continue to befriend her? But I do believe in karma, and ultimately she’s bound to get exactly what she deserves. For better or for worse.
      One more thing that I have to comment on and haven’t seen mentioned here. With Adrienne’s massive fortune, why in the hell is she so concerned about the fact that she lost out on a little publicity for Pandora’s bachelorette party? In two seasons I remember at least three RHOBH trips to The Palms, and Paul Nassif has certainly benefitted from the many times we’ve visited his office! I know everything is relative, and I can’t even fathom the kind of money these people take for granted…but is enough ever ENOUGH???

      • Adrienne Z

        I agree and hope karma works its magic.  I’m sorry – I just CANNOT for the life of me sympathize with her no matter how hard I try. I’ve analyzed and re-analyzed this over and over in my head (had I graduated from college, it would have been in the field of psychology in some capacity….) and cannot wrap my head around her “dilemna”, not to mention the over-the-top behavior, the inconsistencies, the overblown theatrics and her penchant for complete unconditional acceptance from people in power.
        She claims to be SO Insecure, yet article #2 trumpets about how business-savvy, entrepreneurial and driven she is with an aptitude for corporate ladder-climbing ALL THE WHILE parading her modelesque plastic-surgeried body around on a REALITY SHOW, Magazine articles, Fashion Blogs and Talk Show circuits in top-notch designer apparel. How flippin’ insecure could she be? REALLY?!!!!??!!!  ~whew!  kinda glad I got that off of my chest!!~ Could a truly insecure basket-case really pull all of that off? It’s absolutely mind-boggling!

      • Adrienne Z

        And I also caught a snippet of an article somewhere that Adrienne’s fortune is somehow in some kind of trouble. I’m not a shopper by any means – haven’t been in a mall in years, but am thinking maybe they spend alittle too much? I would think that if I was in Taylor’s financial situation or anybody else’s, I’d have a big old estate sale and sell off some of their things, fire the limo drivers, lay off the help and they should have enough left over to live quite comfortably for a long time. I could live off of the sale of one pair of their shoes or a handbag for a year!

      • NCGal


  • I don’t like Brandi, and I hope that she doesn’t come back.  She doesn’t fit in with the show.  I am all for being matter-of-fact and being honest, but it’s in her delivery.  Trust me, even my 7 y/o can tell the truth and be insulting without you even knowing (probably gets it from me).  I find Brandi to be a horrible, vile, unlikable, ugly woman.  No one deserves to be cheated on, but I just don’t understand how Eddie even married her.  I’d rather see boring Dana.
    I like Adrienne and didn’t see anything egregious about her behavior.  I hardly noticed that she was there.
    I believe that Taylor didn’t know about his dealings because that is what abusive men do.  With that being said, I don’t think that she should be writing a book.
    I said it last season, and I’ll say it again-Lisa is the BH version of LuAnn.  Passive-agressive.  When she gets called on it, she says it’s a joke.  And just like LuAnn, I’m not buying it.
    I hated Camille last year as well, but I really liked her this year. 
    Kyle didn’t bother me either.  I saw this side of her last year, and I still had no problems with her.
    I am just glad that Kim is getting help.

  • Mirna

    On Perez Hilton he posts about the timing of Taylors events along with some tweets and her story not adding up. Very interesting. I think if you’re so damaged by these abusive events why keep bringing them up weekly? Why not go to therapy, work on the healing process and stop trashing a person who isn’t around to defend himself! Her daughter doesn’t need to grow up with access to all this info! Why right a book? Do an interveiw but do you have to put everything in writing? She’s a mess! I don’t like her and don’t believe all she says.

  • Jack Taylor

    Always some drama in RHOBH. But so great to watch

  • Jaybowann

    I am so glad I’ve found this page. You have succulently captured the housewives. I actually became so frustrated watching Brandi’s attack, I avoided watching the follow up episode as I do not have access to Valium or any other stress relieving drug (perhaps I could borrow some from Kim). This is a belated entry as we are only now watching this in the uk. I love, LOVE your delivery of the C word, worth reading your page for this alone.