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  • xingxing520


  • Jennesia

    I was going to mention this last week on that recap but I forgot….but if Kris had an affair 25 years ago and Khloe is 27 how exactly is it plausible that she is not the biological daughter of Robert Kardashian? Did I miss something? Secondly in an episode of Kim and Kourtney take NYC they addressed the issue of Kourtney and Scott not sleeping in the same bed but in this episode we see Kourtney coming from another room discussing something with Scott and subsequently leaving to go to another room and bed I assume? Didn’t they rectify the fact that they do not sleep together!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so confused.

  • BigBangBaby

    Amanda-admittedly, I don’t watch this smut, but I check in every week for your updates b/c you are hilarious.  I dont think the issue for Kourtney is that she’s not married to Scott but the whole dishonesty issue that is attached to cheating.  I don’t think Kourtney would be mad at her mother if her mother had divorced her father and then started dating.  No, her mother went around sleeping with other men and this seems to have led to the breakdown of her marriage, rightfully so. I totally understand Kourtney’s resentment. In Kourtney’s case (even though she isn’t married to Scott) cheating is cheating and I don’t think she would cheat on Scott. I think Kourtney would handle the situation more maturely.  She would try to go to therapy with Scott and if it still didn’t work, they would seperate and move on, not sneak behind his back and sleep with every tom, dick, and harry.  I really think Kourtney’s issue with her mother stems from the obvious dishonesty and duplicity. I may be wrong but that ‘s how I read the situation from the recap.

    • Guest

      This wasn’t Amanda.

  • Jess

    If you are going to recap, you at least have to keep them straight. Kendall is the shy one, not Kylie.