Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine of 'Star Trek'And now for something completely different. It’s kind of a dreary Monday in my neck of the woods, and even if it wasn’t dreary, it’s still Monday, right? As a result, I thought we might do something a little different today and have a special non-handbag post to perk everyone up. So ladies and gentlemen, have you seen Stark Trek yet?

Because if you haven’t, you really, really should. Even if you don’t like science fiction – I personally hate it. And in this case? Doesn’t matter. At all. I couldn’t even tell you what happened during the movie. Why? Because of those two lovely gentlemen right over there. On the right, we have Chris Pine, who plays the brooding, sexy Captain James T. Kirk. On the left, we have Zach Quinto, who plays the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock. And those two, my friends, are why I have no idea what happened in the entire film. Pine is blond, blue-eyed and unreasonably, distractingly gorgeous. Spock is more of a dark, intellectual, thinking-girl’s heartthrob, particularly when he wears the space-aged movie garb. I’m usually one for the dark and quiet men, but I found myself a bit mesmerized by Captain Kirk and his perfect blue eyes. He’s not my type, but he’s so cartoonishly attractive that it doesn’t even matter. So I find myself torn – Kirk or Spock, Spock or Kirk? Megs and Shannon both vote Kirk. Tell us who you’d rather cuddle with in the comments.

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  • miko

    basically both.

    Kirk first, but I have to admit, Zach Quinto is a surprisingly handsome man without all the makeup and Sylar facial expressions!

  • KathyB

    Wow…..Zach Quinto looks like my 2nd husband did 30 years ago!!!

  • beeniechika

    KIRK!!!! Hes the next brad pitt ;)

  • @beeniechika That’s what I was thinking the entire time. Chris Pine is the second coming of Brad Pitt, but with better eyes. True confession time: I spent like an hour staring at pictures of these guys in order to find one for this post. My job doesn’t suck :-)

  • renee

    As I say when I can’t deside between two totally different handbags…why not BOTH!?

  • Annie Q

    Spock. To my surprise.

  • Frank

    That’s really a tough decision. I actually paid attention to the movie *cough Amanda cough* and really enjoyed it. As great as Quinto was in this movie, I couldn’t help but feel that Pine was just extraordinary. In my honest opinion, I’d take Kirk over Spock.

    +Green girls ;)

  • 19yearslater

    As a geeky girl I’d go for Spock. Um- the plot of the movie’s pretty good, too, for those of you who- er- like plots. Much funnier than I expected it to be.

  • 19yearslater

    P.S. I love this idea, Amanda- nothing like a couple of hot guys to start the week.

  • Amanda R


    But IRL Zachary Quinto is gay, I believe. DAMN! There goes my dream. :(

  • ~bastet

    I’d have to pick both! If I had to go with just one, I think I’d go with Spock, I like Zachary Quinto’s voice. *drool*

  • Empress

    ZACHARY QUINTO as Spock. Vulcan.Death.Grip.

  • 19yearslater

    I think Zach is bisexual, not gay.

  • @19yearslater Sign me up for Spock too, then. And just for the record, I actually did think the movie was pretty good. And quite a bit funnier than I expected. Chris Pine is a pretty decent comedic actor, not to mention gorgeous in ways that I don’t even know how to describe.

  • Kimberley

    Chris Pine is awfully creepy, and does not seem as bright as Zach. Spock is far more refined and handsome!

  • 19yearslater

    @Amanda, I know you’re joking, the movie was good with the added bonus of beautiful people.

  • missy


  • Kira

    SPOCK. Heck yes.

  • Tammy

    Spock = yummy.

  • Cat

    LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! Loved both guys! Can’t decide!

  • Cat

    Forgot to add….thanks for an awesome post Amanda! Nice surprise!

  • Adele

    As a long time Star trek fan I never found Leonard Nimoy’s Spock attractive – I’m a Klingon gal myself. however – Zach Quintov – OMG!!! I was so taken by him. He’s lovely.

  • Jenzbie

    Chris Pine 100%! I’ve been a fan of his for about five years now and how everyone thinks he’s a “newcomer” are all just idiots. Chris has been working his cute butt off for a long time and has had good supporting roles and a couple nice “heartthrob” roles early in his career. He’s worked toward his sudden stardom in Star Trek role. He’s more than just looks, he’s an actor who CAN act.

    I love Zach Quinto too though, Sylar’s a great character and it’s nice to see him doing a role that’s a total 180 from Sylar.

  • MizzJ

    OMG Zach Quinto ALL THE WAY!! I’m such a sucker for a smart, dark and hot man :) I really hope you’re not serious that he’s gay though!! How am I going to have his love child then?!

    Btw I’m having a contest featuring designer fashion site ChickDowntown! Check it out:

  • Korx Morrison

    Haha!! Its all about Goodwill!!

  • Amanda R

    The whole intelligence thing about Spock is so attractive! Not to mention that he is HOT.
    Chris Pine is totally gorgeous too, but Spock’s character sealed the deal for me.

  • Ali

    Oh. Chris Pine without a doubt. He’s not usually my type, but like Amanda writes, he is just so cartoonishly attractive that I can’t stop looking at him and drooling. Blond, perfect blue eyes, and just the most amazing face…

  • Merve

    Kirk is way too much of a pretty boy and Zach is just too creepy in a sylaresque way. Can i just keep Brad Pitt?

  • black bacarra

    Spock! There is something about an aloof guy in love. When he does fall it’s intense and he will love only you. Kirk is such a player!

  • Kas

    KIRK IS GORGEOUS. I would see the movie 20 times over for him :)

  • rysch

    I’ve been a total Pine fan eversince he was in Princess Diary 2. That’s how long it’s been :D

  • Leah

    Absolutely Spock, but I prefer to think of him as Sylar. He’s evil, but hot…ok, I’m weird.

  • Sinful Dresses

    A lot of issue is going on with this, hope it will stop when they see the movie or are they just raising for the movie?

  • april

    McCoy!!!!!sexy, loyal, funny and he’s a doctor so he knows his way around uh… this a PG blog?

  • Jessica

    Kirk. It is his eyes and his lips. mmmmm.

  • Jamie Lynn

    I’ve been lusting after Chris Pine since the Princess Diaries 2! He’s such a cutie. <3

  • Adele

    Spock. Oh, the words that come out of his Vulcan-Human mouth. And that hair cut…