What better way to start your afternoon than with some weird Chanel items? Chanel Sport has been around for a few years now, and every now and then, the brand adds some items to it to confuse and delight. The items are always in stark black and white, they’re always festooned prominently with the Chanel logo, and they always get plenty of press attention, assuring that Chanel gets exactly what it wanted out of the whole proposition.

And here we are, giving it to them again! I just can’t help it. The idea of a Chanel ping pong set, complete with black ping pong ball, simply amuses me too much not to share it with the group. Presumably, you’ll have to provide the black ping pong table yourself, although if you’re enough of a VIP, I bet you could convince someone at Chanel to make one for you. For a price. There’s always a price! Check out of the rest of the Sport items, after the jump.

I’m having trouble figuring out what this Chanel Stick is. It doesn’t have a name on Chanel.com, and because there is no sense of scale for the pictures, it could be anything from a pool cue to a…well, I don’t know what else it would be, but don’t most high-end pool cues disassemble for storage? Anyway, if it is, Chanel should also offer a Chanel branded set of pool balls, which would be amazing.

The Chanel Tennis Racket, complete with cover, will make you the envy of the country club crowd and maybe even catch the attention of that cute tennis pro. (But probably only if he’s gay.)

Of course, if you want the true Chanel Tennis user experience, you have to get the Chanel Ball Caddy as well, finished in signature Chanel quilted leather.

All images via Chanel. For purchasing information, please contact Chanel at 800-550-0005.

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  • Mariamini123


    The Chanel Tennis Racket, complete with Tennis handbags, which is awesome

  • It doesn’t look like a pool cue because don’t those taper a little bit? I first thought it looked like a wand. Haha. But I think even Chanel isn’t frivolous enough to make a wand.

  • Lizzy C-F

    The stick is a French Cane apparently! Interesting..

    • Interesting! I had never heard of a French cane before.

      • me too, but anyway, these products are very beautiful

    •  I googled it: Its a combat-weapon, LOL. Well: If youre going to hit me with a stick; I prefer that stick to be Chanel.

      • Jerri R

        Thought it was a chopstick. You need to buy two and carry two carrying cases :)

  • mybagspromo

    more and more interesting now.

  • Kaya

    what the price of the tennis set (the whole quilted case and the ball with the racket)? please answer! So i can start saving up! 

  • Eric

    I called the number the Chanel Ping Pong set is $2550. kisses!

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