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  • missarewa

    lovely bags!! the Lady Dior is a classy bag like no other. I loved seeing the vintage Guccis. Tory Burch’s Robinson Tote is a sad Prada wannabe. I hope it’s at least well made.

    • Completely agree. I saw them at the TB store when they first came out, and was completely taken aback by how there were an exact copy of the Prada saffiano totes. The leather on the TB ones is more rigid, though and feels a little plasticky.

      • ” how there were”

        ” leather on the TB ones is more rigid,”

        That leather is called “Saffiano” leather. Hence, it is more stiff, rigidy, and plasticky feeling. But this leather is very durable and can withstand more wear and tear than soft, buttery, lambskin leather. Many designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors use this leather, not just Tory. Prada was the first designer brand to use “Saffiano” leather. After this leather became super popular, other designers began using that same leather too.

        You’d be surprised at how well Saffiano leather holds up with use, you can scratch it, wet it, and stain it, and the leather will still look good. I personally prefer Saffiano leather myself over soft leather anyday.

  • Anne Agoh

    Great bags, as usual lovely Chanel bags!

  • FashionableLena

    The Hermes Lindy is my dream bag. Very excited to see it featured.

  • anon

    Loved the vintage one.

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  • rigidmink

    You should’ve captioned that last Céline as “Fake Céline Luggage Tote” :P

    • AustinBlythefca

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    • Susie

      Lol…I was thinking the same.

  • Anita Hyzy
  • Luvette77

    Slide 48 is a Balenciaga part time, not a city. Gorgeous bag regardless :)

  • #27 is a gorgeous photo, but it is giving me anxiety. I keep thinking that it will only take a particularly strong gust of wind for that bag to go a-tumblin’ down that cliff.

    And also, Givenchy Antigona knock-off alert with the Kate Spade in photo #58.

  • uggstivali

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  • LeOrangeBliss

    Some really gorgeous bags and gorgeous pics here!! Thank you for the eye candy!!

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    She copies from other bloggers like ExtraPetite and claims it as her own. That woman has no originality. I’m genuinely shocked that she would get this kind of attention from anyone. She should be shut down.