Name that Bag!

name that celeb and bag

You all are way too quick at Name that Bag! So let me make it a tad harder, and have you try to Name that Celeb and Name that Bag!

The celeb will be revealed below!

britney spears fashion disaster

Just when we thought she was doing the slightest bit better, Britney Spears is at it again. At what you may ask, well at dressing herself in fashion disasters. There may have been a time in many of our lives where we wore tiny shorts and itsy-bitsy shirts that were popping open and thought we looked ok. Britney Spears does this too. Problem is that she is now 25, mother of two, and constantly in the spot light. Other major problem is that she *knows* she will be in the spotlight. Does she not check out a mirror? Does no one from her entourage try to subtly tell her, “hell no do not do that”? Guess not. If she would like, I will assist her in covering her body up and I will do it for free. Yes, I am that kind. At least she is sporting a new handbag. This bag I actually dig; it is funky with its brass stud detailing. While her fashion is a disaster, her bag is hip. So let’s stop making fun of her and just play Name that Bag!

Close up of the bag and Brit below!

victoria beckham handbag style1

Posh and her hunky hubby were snapped in London’s Heathrow Airport on their way to Singapore for vacation. The typically camera friendly but not as much smile friendly Victoria Beckham has hiding under her hat and let David lead the way. Victoria may frighten some people, but the skinny jean does her skinny body well. Always toting a gorgeous piece of arm candy, Posh was seen with a new handbag that will win over many with its practical shape and funky design. It’s Friday, so let’s play one more game of Name that Bag!


On the left we have the lady who wishes she was famous but is happy to be seen with Heidi, in the middle we have the stunning Heidi herself, and on the right we have the lady who wants to look like Nicole Richie. Ok that was mean, but Heidi is just so stunning that anyone with her will look horrid by default. Spotted shopping at Balenciaga in NYC, Heidi Klum fit her perfect body in skinny jeans, a flowing top, and a chic tan handbag.

Get a closer view of the handbag below and let’s play Name that Bag!

Kim Kardashian Style

Not really even sure what she is ‘famous’ for, but the sometimes-friend-of-Jail-Bird-Paris-Hilton makes her way into the spot light by sticking out her rear. Yes, her derrière. I personally would not be surprised if Kim Kardashian had some sort of accentuating pad in place or even buttock-augmentation surgery. Either way, she is not famous in my book and her whole butt-trick is nothing new to me, but I love her clutch. Love love love it. So let’s have a little Friday fun, can you Name that Bag!?

Check out her ‘signature’ derrière pose below!

name wallet

Ok you all are way too smart. You pick up on the bags and celebs carrying them as fast as I post. So for a little more of a challenge, although not much, can you name the celeb with this hand and the wallet? The hand is a total shot in the dark in my opinion- because I, myself, could not see this hand and name the celebrity whose body it belongs to. This lady was spotted walking outside of Nobu Berkeley, London. But the wallet I am sure many of you will get. So go to it! And if you need a hint of the gal, hop after the jump and check her out :grin: (more…)

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Seen roaming the streets with pizza in one arm and a chic pink designer handbag in the other, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in NYC last week. I have always loved SJP for her laid back style, and she shows off just that again when spotted in this picture. The pink handbag really sets her outfit apart, so can you Name that Bag!

lindsay lohan passed out

I am sure this is not really stylish or even worth playing Name that Bag, but Lindsay Lohan was spotted quite sleepy in a car the other night holding closely to her designer handbag. Granted, I have been really tired too when leaving a bar, but this could be a whole different reason just than being sleepy. I think it is time that LiLo join Paris for all 23 days in prison, they both need some help. Wonder if we can play with LiLo’s handbag collection while she is gone? Can you Name that Bag?

*Honestly though, this girl is crying out for help and is dangerous to anyone on the road*

beyonce handbag style

Globe trotting is a hobby that we all wish to indulge in a-la-rich-and-famous. Beyonce has been spending time gallivanting in Europe and was spotted shopping in the streets of Paris, France. Looking stunning, Beyonce paired a chic dress with tights, hot Louboutin heels, and brought it all together with a chic designer handbag. You know the drill!

Name that Bag!

bible and book

A ‘celebrity’ was spotted toting two books around Hollywood yesterday. Book number one is the New York Times best seller, The Power of Now, while book number two is the Holy Bible. Now book two really gives this person away in my eyes, but try not to peek and guess. Who is this silly celeb carrying these two books? (more…)

Hayden Panettiere handbag1

The gal many know as the Heroes star, who I merely remember as the rowdy little girl from Remember the Titans, has really grown up. Looking posh Hayden Panettiere and her mother celebrated Mothers Day in NYC this past Sunday. They did not make it into brunch without being snapped a few times first, of course. Hayden was sporting a cute outfit and a great black bag. Can you Name that Bag?!

Bigger pic

Brad Pitt Maddox backpack1

One of the most well-known celebrity kids is no stranger to the paparazzi. Living in Prague for a short time, the Jolie-Pitt’s having little Maddox enrolled in a Czech school there. On his way with hunky dad, Brad Pitt, Maddox garnered some paparazzi attention while sporting his typical laid back style and large backpack. Not that this is a designer bag, but it brings me back to the days of carrying a huge bag on my back with lots of books, notebooks, trapper keepers, etc to go learn and play ‘flush the toilet’ game at recess. Reminisce to the days of wearing a backpack, can you Name that Bag?!

Hunky Brad with Maddox below!