Brad Pitt Maddox backpack1

One of the most well-known celebrity kids is no stranger to the paparazzi. Living in Prague for a short time, the Jolie-Pitt’s having little Maddox enrolled in a Czech school there. On his way with hunky dad, Brad Pitt, Maddox garnered some paparazzi attention while sporting his typical laid back style and large backpack. Not that this is a designer bag, but it brings me back to the days of carrying a huge bag on my back with lots of books, notebooks, trapper keepers, etc to go learn and play ‘flush the toilet’ game at recess. Reminisce to the days of wearing a backpack, can you Name that Bag?!

Hunky Brad with Maddox below!

Brad Pitt Maddox backpack

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • tina

    i’m going to go with…jansport. and only because i think i had that backpack in pink at some point in my life.

  • Lisa Pinto

    Does anyone else think Maddox looks like a turtle in that backpack, LOL?

  • itsgood2beme

    I will have to say Kelty but my other guess would be North Face….it’s certainly a BIG back for a little kid!!

  • 3degree

    :mrgreen: hehe. “he looks kinda like a turtle” i agree. lol. my guess is ROOTS

  • jennifer

    I would have to go with Jansport as well. I think that is the blue jansport label on the big front pocket. :razz:

  • Annabelle

    who cares about a stupid backpack

  • zena

    aww, he only comes up to brad’s hip!

  • marysella

    cute dad/son/school pix

  • c

    dont forget pax and zahara’s giant bags :)

  • mujju

    i enjoy reading articles like this. i hope you will find good educational baby toys
    for your child.

  • daffy

    I like the little lizard that’s hanging on his backpack :grin:

  • dbananas

    awe, they’re so cute together. :)
    i’m guessing northface?

  • Katie

    Those kids always have such big bags… they always look like mommy and daddy have them prepared to up and leave at any point in time… everything they need must be in those bags…

    I’m going to go with Northface also :lol:

  • ibis42

    I like Brad’s watch. Who makes it?

  • paitimme

    MADDOX NICE BOY :razz:

  • Angie

    It’s North Face

  • Naggy

    It’s huge. (ipad)