Name that Bag!

Cameron Diaz Style

Looks like Fiona, the terrible beautiful ogre from Shrek, is all smiles on her way to the Today Show. Sporting an itsy bitsy white shirt, tight jeans, a stunning designer handbag, and the Cameron Diaz infamous smile, Fiona made her way out and about the streets of Manhattan. If I were her I would probably be smiling too. Post-Timberlake break up, Cam has held herself together immaculately, including some chizzled arms, toned legs, killer abs, and great style (seriously did you see her pictures from the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala??! STUNNING). Chic and perfect, the shiny black bag Cameron is sporting has me drooling. Can you Name that Bag?!

Check out the beautiful bag and a pic of Diaz at the Costume Gala after the jump!

Paris Hilton Style

If you could see me now, you would see me chuckling or on the verge of cackling thinking about Paris Hilton going to jail for 45 days. Be that as it may, I do not wish jail on anyone that does not deserve it, but it makes me laugh that Paris Hilton truly believes the system failed her. I hate when I get a DUI and am not allowed to drive, but do it anyway, and then have to go to jail. Life is sooooo unfair, cry! And Paris, word of wisdom from little old me, step away from the motorized vehicle, NOW! Not trying to taunt her, but this may be one of the last times we can play Name that Bag with Paris Hilton for 45 whole days. So let’s do it, can you name that bag?

Close up of the soon-to-be-jail-bird after the jump!

Lindsay Lohan Style

The well-known party girl who was said to have calmed down is still playing the same antics. Give this gal some music, a bra, and testosterone surrounding her, and you have a full-fledge party girl. Again, there could be some other substances she uses to party, but I will refrain from assuming what they may be, since we all really just know. Late last week, the red head was spotted going to some other hip club, bar, restaurant, with some other paparazzi worthy people (not pal Paris, she is in big trouble! :wink: ) carrying yet another new designer handbag. Lindsay Lohan is queen of the handbag world, always getting the next new thing which somehow becomes the next ‘it bag’. While many of us do not want to be like her, we end up following in her foot steps. If this girl knows two things, it is how to party and how to buy new bags! Can you Name that Bag!

Close up after the jump!

britney spears bag style
Images via Celebrity Rumors

I am in shock! She is covered. Britney Spears actually put on a dress that goes half way down her thighs and paired it with knee high boots. Don’t get me wrong, Brit still needs a stylist if you ask little-old-me, but for the day this outfit got the job done. The job any outfit has is to cover up Britney Spears. If you are an outfit, SAVE BRITNEY! Obviously the other day Brit’s outfit failed miserably (hurt your eyes by clicking here) so today we are all quite happy. And even better is that Brit looks pretty. She does not look homely, trashy, or even nude; but pretty. A new bag is being toted by Brit, a simple brown leather handbag. Let’s play Name that Bag with this blue-eyed un-stylish, stylish-for-the-day, Britney Spears!

Close up of the designer handbag after the jump!

Kirsten Dunst Bag
Images via KirstenImages

With Spiderman 3 just around the spiderweb, Kirsten Dunst is surely being followed and snapped more than usual. She can go from looking like a plain Jane to a totally annoyed gal, but in both looks she is sporting a great bag. This morning I saw an email from a loyal reader asking for help identifying both of these bags. Seems Mary Jane Dunst has been enjoying the momogram-less styles on some long strapped bags. Don’t get caught in a spidey web, let’s help out and play Name those Bags! (Yes, I made a very corny joke… it’s early, you can’t blame me! :roll: )

Next pic of her brown leather bag after the jump!

julia roberts wallet

The posh mom of two is expecting her next baby. I have always loved this Pretty Woman. She sports her great lips, stunning hair, and huge smile everywhere she goes. While sporting her tiny baby bump, Julia Roberts was seen sporting a chic wallet. To be 100% honest with you, I merely have an inkling of an idea who the designer may be. So while I am asking you to play Name that Bag, it is also to see if any of you are on top of this wallet. This tan wallet features intricate designs and a push lock compartment. Help me out, let’s start Monday off with Name that Bag!