I’m always a tad bit embarrassed when I can’t identify a bag. I spend 40-plus hours a week contemplating purses, and at a certain point, I feel like I’ve seen almost every handbag that the fashion world has to offer. Just when I get comfortable in that feeling, some handbag always comes along to knock me off my high horse. This time, that bag is being carried by Kelly Rowland.

A friend sent me this photo from La La Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony’s wedding over the weekend, at which Rowland was a guest. My first inclination was to say that the bag is yet-to-be-released Louis Vuitton, but then I thought better of it. My friend’s guess was Chloe, but that doesn’t seem quite right either. If you have information on this bag, please let us know in the comments. Click the picture above for a closer look.

Psst…if you like her shoes better than her bag, they’re Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoos.

Photo via TheYBF.com.

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  • mochababe73

    House of Dereon or Miss Tina Fashions

    It’s a cute bag, but I was thinking it was a little too ladylike for Chloe or Louis Vuitton. I was leaning toward Celine, but the tassel is throwing me off.

  • Fashion Critic

    It screams Louis Vuitton to me too

  • aidan

    its CHLOE :)

  • sally

    Miu Miu???

  • Sonya

    Hi ladies!! I agree with you Aidan, when I went to Chloe website and clicked on Fall 2010 look book, this bag is in section number nine. The only thing I see different is, it looks like Kelly has a tassel on hers and of course she took the long shoulder strap off. She looks stunning, and she is such a lady.

    This bag is stunning as well!!!

  • JJ

    Vuitton was my initial guess also. However, the closure looks different than the Vuitton closures I’ve seen both in stores and on the runway. I hope someone can figure this out because it’s beautiful! I would love to have it!

    • That’s why I went back on my initial LV guess – all of the LV closures that I’ve seen for F/W ’10 are different than that one, although it’s similar to closures from a couple of season ago. I’m going to research the Miu Miu guess that some people have been making.

  • Harry

    It is for sure miu miu

  • Adah

    This bag reminded me of Marc Jacobs New Fall bags too, but the closure and straps are a lil´bit different… :|
    But the LV clorsures are different than that one! It´s really beautigul

  • PerkyPeach

    Looks like Miu Miu to me…

  • Kadeam

    I don’t know why but that closure makes me think of prada ?
    Maybe, maybe not…

  • Bagolicious

    At first I thought it could possibly be Chloe due to the “shape” of it. I bought a red, buffalo leather, Elise shoulder bag just in April in Paris. But, I know that it’s not the Elise as the Elise closure is square with a cross-style dial that one turns to open and close it. But, again, it does have the shape of my Elise.

    Now, I’ll have to go into the Chloe boutique here in L.A. to see if it’s a new style Chloe or maybe retro. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and there was a shipment of new bags.

    I think that due to the style of the closure it might be either Vuitton. Or maybe Ferragamo as I think they have some bags with that type of closure although most are with the circular closure.

    Speaking of Ferragamo, http://www.hautelook.com, here in L.A., is having the Ferragamo handbag sale again. The prices are discounted 48%. The last sale was about 5 months ago and the selection was great.

  • CoutureCoco

    I found this Miu Miu on net a porter and the clasp is defintiely different:

  • Laura

    My first guess was Chloe but the closure makes it look like a Louis Vuitton but I think it’s a little too simple to be a LV. Somebody mentioned Marc Jacobs and it’s making me think it could be because of the tassel. Let us know as soon as you find out.

  • belgianyen

    just a wild guess, prolly GUCCI?

  • Lisa

    this is just a pure guess— bottegea veneta or tod’s???

  • jane

    I think it is Mulberry.

  • Lucy

    I think that bag might be derek Lam? that bag looks like the Derek Lam bags with the tassels?

  • emma

    Its a Miu Miu A/W 2010/2010.I checked it out on Styledrops.com

  • emma

    Or mayb not quite..d Miu Miu has got fringes..these r tassles..I GIV UP!Helpp..

  • gpc

    The Miu Miu hardware is similar, but the bags have tassles/fringe all around, not just one hanging. I just wish we could figure it out because I am loving this bag!

  • JJ

    My friend that works for LV said the bad is theirs, but will not go into production. I’m still having a hard time seeing that because the closure is completely different from any LV closures I’ve seen before.

  • JJ

    Opps, I meant bag*

  • kated

    i thought LV at first because of the closure, but the shape makes me think miu miu

  • nn

    Take a look at the photo in this website: http://www.bvonstyle.com/2010/07/12/la-la-and-carmelos-fashionable-wedding/
    The closure has 2 names…maybe it’s LV… but i’m not sure…

  • Sher77

    I think it could be a new Marc Jacobs. Maybe Gucci with that tassle?????

  • Pip

    Almost certain it’s Emilio Pucci from that clasp and the tassels.

  • sayda

    It looks like parda.

  • Dariel

    i thinks it’s miu miu.. love it..

  • nn
  • nn

    does anybody know the scarf’s brand? maybe it’s the same brand.

  • gpc

    It is Cesare Paciotti, Fall/Winter 2010.

  • nn

    gpc is right!! look: http://couture.zappos.com/n/p/dp/63828973/c/3.html
    and the best part, it’s only $600 (the black one)!

    • Diana

      Yeah, that definitely looks like it! Nice find – the black is pretty.

  • rufus

    I am going with Miu Miu, too!

  • Bantry

    I found that bag in Lane Crawford.. it’s Be&D

    • Bantry

      oops.. i meant similar

  • Suchi

    I say Miu Miu as well!

  • Lisa

    I think it maybe Derek Lam.

  • Bagolicious

    Yes, of course, Paciotti! What’s wrong with my brain these days? I really should have gotten that one!

  • Nouf

    MmMMmMM MIUMIU??!!