I saw quite a few people in NYC rocking the Mulberry Suede Bayswater bag. And each time I saw it I fell in love with it more. Everyone was carrying the grey version (color officially is sludge). What I did not know is that Mulberry offers four glorious suede colors in their suede croc print Baywater. And the problem for me is that I love them all!

Mulberry Suede Bayswaters

Colors include sludge, emerald, chocolate, and violet for the Mulberry Suede Bayswaters. Each color is amazing in its own right and the price is still one that I find completely doable. I prefer this Bayswater over the leather version. The stamped croc gives such a nice touch to the suede and the bag comes to life with the croc pattern.

Mulberry Suede Bayswaters

Now we get to the colors. I actually think I am going to get one of these bags, not just talk about it. So the color is important. I am not much of a brown bag girl, but this is a chocolate suede that looks delicious. The green is rich and regal. The violet is not as much my style. And the grey plays it safe but will work with most outfits and looks. What do you think about the color? Buy via Mulberry online or through Net A Porter for $995.

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  • BLynnT

    Definitely the emerald! It’s so unique and can add a different shade to your collection. And wouldn’t it just be so fun to carry around the holiday season?
    Second choice: “sludge” (although I’m not a fan of that name).

    • Florencia Naum

      I have it, I love it!!!
      BEST BUY!!!!

  • Linda

    I second the green one…beautiful. And I bet when you carry it you will get loads of comments.

  • dierregi

    I checked their site and I cannot believe they actually produced a bag with bugs crawling all over it.. Pretty disgusting, but maybe t is a special edition for Halloween :-)

  • sndc99

    I love the bayswater I own it in black…I would go with the green for a pop of color. The grey is up my alley as well. I was no help huh?

  • Bagloveralways

    Emerald definately!

  • Rebecca

    I like the violet best.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm I dunno, I think it looks better in leather?

  • BeautyRoutine

    I would prolly go for gray (fall godness goes with everything) but I love everything chocolate :-)

    They look darling. Something you can dress up or down.



  • Merve

    Mulberry really has a way with colours! You have to apply logic here. If you are looking for a nice staple grey or lush brown for fall/winter then go for those colours. But if you are willing to dish out a lot more money for a staple grey and you just want a splash of fun colour then u go for the green or lilac. Personally I would hunt for a nice red. I have mentioned all the colours under the sun!!! I cant help it im a gemini, choice is a conundrum for me.

  • MissG

    This has been my debate for the last month!!grey or green?? This bag is a deffo on my wish list…when I decide which colour to get… PS: Mulberry makes alovely pair of high heel pumps in the emerald suade http://www.mulberry.com/#/storefront/c5508/3914/category/ ..would be nice to match but then again grey would look lovely with green too!Argh! And what about the coral of this clutch?? gorgeous.. http://www.mulberry.com/#/storefront/c5485/3788/category/ decisions decisions…

  • Mims

    Ive got the Flame one… its a lust bright orange, got it in London in July but it sold out pretty fast! ITS GAWJUS AND everywere I go people swoon over it

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice :) …..

  • Terri

    I’m a violet fan.

  • M

    The violet is beautiful, but the grey is so hard to pass up.

  • jus

    GREEN! Bright, perky but regal. Go for it!

  • dcblam

    I adore the Bays, but am NOT a fan of faux (embossed) reptile leathers. I think that IF you want the reptile….than get the REAL thing. Yes, cost is an issue. It’s just my opinion.

  • loren

    I like these bags but I do not like faux reptile leather prints on bags…Get a plain one better!


  • Jess

    Love the Green personally! Much more striking but not too much!

  • Cuckoo_Boo

    as you said all the colors on the suede bayswater are fabulous. I would suggest to go for grey to play it safe or green if you want to be a bit adventurous. Although, the emerald green is as versatile of a color as sludge gray is. Go for one of the 2 and I guarantee you will enjoy the handbag. Mulberry is an iconic brand of exceptional quality and a bayswater in your collection, a definite timeless classic.
    All the best!

  • hal amin

    i hate patterned suede….looks like its eaten by fungus……………..!!!!!!

  • Despi

    Does anyone know when the new Alexa bag is coming?

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i would love to feel these! (fb)