Mulberry Postman’s Lock Satchel, $1000 via Net-a-Porter

To me, the Kelly shape – a simple, arm-carried bag with a front flap closure and a top handle – is a classic shape that doesn’t really belong to Hermes so much as it belongs to handbag design in general. Much like the Louis Vuitton Speedy, the shape has reached such a classic level that attributing it to only one company no longer seems fair. And when the reinterpretations yield bags as different from the original as the Mulberry Postman’s Lock Satchel, I think it’s easy to see why I take that opinion.

Mulberry has experienced a ton of success with bags like this after the past few seasons, starting off with the widely loved Mulberry Alexa. This Postman’s Lock satchel cleans things up a bit from those young-skewing designs by way of the removal of the school bag-inspired fron straps, which gives this bag a nearly minimal look that will work for a huge variety of women. With its generous size and convenient crossbody strap, this would make a perfect office bag for a woman who works in a conservative office or who doesn’t want to look too flashy in front of her coworkers. Needless to say, this bag would make a wonderful gift as well. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1000.

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  • Musette

    this is very nice, though I still prefer a tad more structure. Overall, I love what Mulberry does with their bags!


  • Nadia

    I love Mulberry but I would definitely prefer this is a more bright color!

  • Ashleyg

    I never much cared for the Kelly or this style but I actually love this bag! I think I was just always turned off because these sort of bags look hard to get into when you’re on the go to me…

  • marinaharbour

    I will consider this bag when I when I buy a black one! I think the price is not too bad!

  • rose60610

    I like it.

  • Hanelisi

    Love love love Mulberry, this is on my wishlist!

  • mochababe73

    I don’t see the Kelly influence, but the bag is borderline boring. I’m not a fan of the Mulberry Alexa, but what I like about the handbag was that the straps made it a little more interesting. To be honest, the bag looks generic.

  • J Umm

    there have been other bags which were almost identical to the kelly, this isn’t

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Hermes!

  • katia

    I like it! simpel and chique! And has its own twist on the kelly bag

  • susan

    This is perfection. I own a Bayswater, I thought I wanted a Alexa but this is really what I want. I love this.

  • anna

    That’s the Edie. They just stuck a new strap on it and upped the price.

  • AW

    It’s lovely and minimalist but at that price and simplicity level, I would prefer a Mulberry with a bit of a splash – either in a different texture or colour.

  • Mari

    Perfection! As always

  • Jennie

    Prefer this over the Kelly, to be honest.

  • Sil

    i like it a lot, and i think it would look great in some bright colors too

  • Shereen

    I’ve never been a fan of Mulberry bags. I always found that others did the same silhouettes better: Proenza, Hermes, etc.

  • 19yearslater

    Beautiful. I like this slightly more urban take on the Kelly shape.

  • Caroline_London

    I love, but it’s going to sag something horrid if you hold it by the handle…
    Same as the Alexas do if you don’t connect the straps properly, and this doesn’t even have the straps to give it that bit of structure.
    Strictly shoulder/cross-body only but this is totally going on my wish list.

  • Joy

    Love bags love monster Lamborghini

  • Antonia

    Love it. Would buy it in an heartbit!

  • JenG

    What a beautiful handbag!!!!

  • Dirk

    Christmas time, my fiancé needs a new purse (absolutely no hinting…honest!) and I know nothing. A few keywords later and I land here. THANK YOU!
    We currently live in Amsterdam, I went out on the streets armed with great information and leaning towards the Mulberry Alexa Oversized…when I stumbled upon SMAAK. They’re a company from Amsterdam, great leather, gorgeous bag, good price…She’ll love it! and something fun to remember our stay here. Don’t know if you knew about their bags, maybe a new tip :) Keep up the good work!

  • Pinkfeet

    I like it, it’s simple classic – to some boring when those words are used but sometimes overly trendy is a waste of $$. I still prefer the Alexa but wouldn’t mind having this one in my collection!

  • Alana

    I prefer this over the Kelly! I like classically designed bags that won’t go out of style.

  • sara

    mulberry’s leather always looks sooooooooo soft, i want this bag! :)

  • Dyjann

    Yup, it’s am edie with a different strap….mine looks exactly like that

  • Kathryn

    I love it, but it looks too much like the knockoff/imitation mulberry bags going around. walking down the school hallways, the bag in this style is the most prominent one

  • Alice

    You cannot have a “version” of Kelly. Hermes is unique I’m sorry, better to create your own style and not copy anyone else…


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  • lisa

    I’m trying to sell one of these bags looks exactly like this one above contact