Miu Miu Shine Colour Bowler Bag

While getting my hair done yesterday (I’m now a brunette once again!), I found myself thumbing through a slightly out-of-date British Vogue, and I learned two things: First, that I like foreign Vogues more than I like American Vogue (please don’t smite me, Anna Wintour! But seriously, check out French and British Vogue. And maybe even Italian, Russian, and Indian), and second, multi-color handbags are supposed to be big for fall and winter. After careful contemplation while my hair color was processing, I’m just not sure this trend is for me. Take the Miu Miu Shine Colour Bowler Bag, for instance. I can see why people would really like it – it’s understated, beautifully finished, and for some reason reminds me of equestrian activities (maybe it’s the color combination?). But it’s just not doing it for me, and neither are most of the bags like it. Perhaps it’s because most of them contain some sort of brown (and my distaste for brown is well-documented), or maybe it’s because matching one color to an outfit is hard enough, but finding an outfit that matches two or more colors is probably too much work for me in the morning. Or maybe it’s something else – I’m not exactly sure. Whatever it might be, though, I’ll leave these bags for girls with a different sense of style. Buy through Saks for $1240.

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  • patois

    I like this bag, and the whole Miu Miu fall line — the striped leather bags, the perforated ones, you name it. I actually like black and brown together in a bag, too. It gives you versatility in shoe, belt and outfit cordination to either play up the brown, play up the black or give them equal status. Now if only the market recovers, or a good sale comes along soon.

  • mette

    I´m not feeling this bag either. It looks soft and comfy,but there is something about it that just leaves me numb. Maybe the shape is odd and the way the two colors meet. It is the lock system on the chain which gives it also an equestrian touch.

  • lauren

    I like it, but I would prefer a different color combo. it’s cute to me. and I do love all of miu miu’s fall line too :)

  • tadpolenyc

    i’m not feeling miu miu’s fall 08 line at all. the shape of this bag is nice, but everything else fails to appeal to me.

  • momo

    seriously, i do not understand why miu miu make this bag. it looks like a high-end puma bag, in nice leather.

  • Weaslgrl

    It reminds me of bowling shoes — so “bowler bag” is appropos.

  • Anilu Magloire

    I really like this one. Great shade of brown to pair with black.

  • Grani

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  • MizzJ

    Hmm this bag does nothing for me. It does look like a glorified bowling ball and that color combo is way too stodgy for me. Pass.


  • hazel

    I love this! I like the colors, they work together and the shape is just so classy with out being over showy to me