Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag
Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag

I have been a fan of this Mulberry bag from day one. It is small, practical, and cute. It is like the perfect tourist bag and the perfect bag if you do not have young children. Because while the dimensions of the Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag are decent (8″W x 10.5″H x 3″D), they are not quite large enough for the woman with young children who require hoards of carry-ons. This bag features black leather and golden hardware. The top has a flap closure with a clasp fastening, which is easy enough to get in and out of, and an adjustable canvas shoulder strap (18.5″ drop). When I say this is a great tourist bag, I mean for the tourist that is sensible. If you ever travel with me, you will notice, that I carry every single possible-possibility I may need. If you need Advil, an inhaler, Benadryl, 15 different lip glosses, three wallets, camera, batteries, map, water bottle, snack, etc. You can be assured that traveling with me means if there is a power outage and we are stuck in an elevator, we will be good for at least three days. So while this bag is not suitable for my travel needs (or daily needs for that matter), there are people out there much more practical when it comes to packing that this could work for. It is also great for the younger crowd that just does not need that big of a bag. Buy through NAP for $395.

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  • karry kasim

    actually this is a great bag if you have kids, depending on their age…my kids are older now so i dont need to cart around the kitchen sink and the hands free aspect is great…

    • Oh of course! I was referring to younger children. And really, I just need to join over-packers anonymous!

  • Elizabeth

    I have this bag and I ADORE it. Holds a lot more than you think. And, tres, tres chic!

  • mette

    I am so tired of the Mulberry brand. We have had it here in Europe for ages and nothing interesting has turned up. I have had so many of their bags and finally gotten rid of them all. What a relief. The bag in the pic.looks too masculine and lacks everything I want from my bags. The price is no surprise-could cost less.

  • tracy

    the hardware looks a bit like coach, i think.

  • Monica

    I agree with Mette. This totally looks like a guys messenger bag. Probabaly one out of two women on the street in France is carrying some kind of messenger bag, but I haven’t seen many that look as masculine as this, no offense though. And yes, Mulberry has been around forever and I can’t get too excited about their bags either. However, I saw the Liberty of London collection for Fall/Winter the other day in Paris and there were some sumptuous leathers and colors (emerald green, purple, midnight blue) being shown in such different and interesting. The prices are under 750 euros so they are competitive. I would for sure pick something more unique. Another brand I am so sick of seeing on every two women is Gerard Darel, the same bag over and over and over. Yuck!

  • Jo

    I have this bag and love it. I totally think it would look silly on a guy as it is too small. It’s a great size for carrying the essentials if you want to go shopping and so easy to wear. I second the tres chic comment!

  • Sarah

    I have it too in oak, and its definately too small and delicate for a man. I love it.

  • MaryCallas

    Love this messenger, its typically Mulberry functional and beautiful and extremely hard wearing. I’m after one!
    I know its not to everyone’s taste but i say thank god! Their bags are simple and understated and the only ones i collect.

  • donna

    i have the antony in oak and i love it as in all mulberry bags the leather is second to none and will last a lifetime.

  • Paul

    Would look silly on a man? Humph! Too small and delicate for a man? Humph.
    20 stone, gay with an Anthony bag. Designed for men and now used by one. Sorted.

  • Dee

    i love this bag

    • freesiabelle

      i just bought this bag and i love love love it too.  i think it looks great enjoying not having the kitchen sink with me as was my norm with other bags.  fits plenty; my purse the orla kiely zip one so quite big, small mac makeup bag, phone, plus few little bits and pieces.  love having hands free now to hold onto my kids hands, im delighted.

      • holly

        I have this bag in chocolate love it! Have 4 Mulberrys and this is my fav, would love in another colour too,
        More room than you think! Just looked and have Purse, Kindle 4, mobile, lippy, keys, sm hand bac, a comb, tissues,and some gum.
        Love love love my Ant :D