There are a lot of reasons that Marc Jacobs’ shows are fun – the front-row celebrities, the unexpected set designs, the crazy tales that emerge from the after-parties – but from a style point of view, they’re fascinating because we never know where Marc will turn next, but wherever he goes, the majority of the fashion world will go with him in a few months’ time. Particularly for accessories enthusiasts, Jacobs’ handbag vision will play out far and wide across the industry, culminating in his Louis Vuitton show in Paris and starting last night with Marc Jacobs Fall 2011.

Not only did the tailored, constricted feel of the clothes represent a full 180 from the loose, flowing colors of Jacobs’ Spring 2011 presentation, but the two types of bags within the collection were almost diametrically opposed to each other. On one end, we had fluffy, shapeless, polka-dotted bags that looked like they had been made out of someone’s bathrobe, and on the other, uber-structured, ladylike handbags that felt both current and wearable. For such a strong, severe collection, the bathrobe bags seemed like something of a joke. Let’s hope that they were and we’ll only see the others in stores come fall.

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  • Candace

    I like #7 and #12 – very ladylike indeed.

    You’re so dead-on about the bathrobe bags looking like they’re made from bathrobes – old, smushed bathrobes. Or worse – from the mats that you use after you get out of the shower and step on the floor. :(

  • Vicky

    i’m a road warrior so I need one of those bathrobe bags to use as 1) pillow on the plane 2) bathroom rug in the hotel. LOL.

  • Blaine

    Even the cheetahs know it’s a fake Muppet decoy.

    • papertiger


  • Kim

    These are UGLY! :( I’m confused or maybe just too old. These are cuter.

  • Lulugurl

    The leather looking ones are ok, but what the heck with the fuzzy ones???!!! They look like something a 5 year old would maybe think about carrying!!! :-\

  • sue

    Has the mighty fallen? Not loving any of them and I love Marc…

  • Christine

    i am a big fan of marc jacobs, but what happened?

  • 19yearslater

    I love these, especially the shiny red ones. Drool!

  • Merve

    The bathroom toiletries bags are quite random but the rest are ok. This coming from a non fan of MJ.

  • bentos

    the bags are all so amazing, they definitely came from the mind of an artistic being. not any one of them derived from other deigners. they are all original designs and very nice and brilliant. i love them all very much, BUT, EXCEPT FOR THE BATHROBE-LIKE BAGS. NOT REALLY NICE, IT LOOK CHEAP, BUT ALL THE OTHER REST ARE AN ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS. IT’S OBVIOUSLY MARC JACOBS. VERY EXCELLENT.

    • papertiger

      Sorry, but these are just 1950s bags revisited, there is nothing there you can’t get from a quality vintage store the except the spots. I quite liked the collection over-all but MJ is not really a designer – more a clever stylist for me. A severe case of the Emperor’s new clothes – with spots on ;)

  • Mochababe73

    Numbers 11, 13, and 21 are the only ones that I would even think about purchasing.
    As a lover of all things Marc Jacobs, this is a HUGE disappointment. Let’s hope that these handbags are solely for the runway. I seriously doubt that they would sell very well in the marketplace.

  • Sil

    i’m not liking many of them. just the red shiny ones, those are gorgeous.
    and i don’t understand the bathrobe bags either. but maybe that was the point?

  • MizzJ

    Those bathrobe bags would make great pillows for travel!

  • babe

    I actually HAVE a five year old daughter and these bags absolutely match her style.I like papertigers comment!^^^

  • designer luggage

    Yeah! those bags are looking like they’re made from bathrobes