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I’ll be blunt: Marc Jacobs is New York Fashion Week. It’s the show that everyone wants to go to and no one can stop talking about, and it may have produced more activity from the people I follow on Twitter than the Super Bowl. In a way, I suppose, it’s sort of the same thing, just for a vastly different group of people.

Marc had another right-on-time start this year, causing latecomer and heavyweight André Leon Talley to stand (the horror) to watch the show. And what a show it was – the reaction so far has been practically rhapsodic – fashion editors everywhere are panting and drooling like mere commoners! And why wouldn’t they be? It’s Marc Freakin’ Jacobs.

This collection may not have been particularly “innovative,” but it’s just like Jacobs to decide that innovation is passé and that he’ll do what he pleases, regardless of the buzzwords overtaking the rest of fashion. There were retro references to his own classics like the grunge collection for Perry Ellis and various other items from fashion gone by, like Peter Pan collars, classic trench coats and long casual skirts.

The entire collection was rendered in a palette of subdued neutrals, featuring heavily shades of beige and grey. To remind us all that this was still extremely expensive clothing, there were plenty of lush materials like sequins, fur and velvet (which seems to be the fabric of the week). I’m not salivating quite as hungrily over the collection as many of my compatriots, but it’s hard to look at these clothes and not acknowledge that Marc Jacobs is an utterly masterful designer and creative thinker. Ok, I lied. I’m totally salivating, in particular over all the sparkly gunmetal pieces. I bet I didn’t have anyone fooled for a second.


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  • sohoaccessories

    His line is just insanely gorgeous ! I can’t imagine that he had Andre standing…..I guess he is confident enough not to care…good for you Marc.

  • cge

    Ha…would have loved to have seen the look on Andre’s face when he realized the show had started without him and he had no seat (would that have happened if Anna Wintour was attending??). Got to love a designer who is true to himself, incredibly creative, and carries a Birkin to the beach!

  • papertiger

    A return to form, thank goodness :D

  • AA

    Jaw Dropping & MJ is a Genius!

  • 19yearslater

    Gorgeous show, perfect music, clothing I want to wear and would (you know, if someone were giving away designer goods to me). MJ knows he’s the king of fashion, good for him.

  • Steph @ Stiletto Jungle

    This is my favorite Marc Jacobs collection in ages. I’m so in love with the whole thing– colors, fabrics, shapes. Count me as one of the drooling commoners!

  • torrey

    i don’t get what everyone is talking about. i think the collection is rather bland and i don’t get why marc has such a huge following.
    he is a great stylist, but not a designer in any right. he has a knack for putting things together but has never really “designed” anything worth while. and with the exception of the stam bag, his accessories are questionable to say the least.
    i guess that is the difference between eurotrash and american trash.

    • 19yearslater

      How do you really feel? I love MJ DESIGNS. Yes, this collection is very American. He used Over The Rainbow, for Christ’s sake. His clothes and accessories are my favorite among any designer out there right now.

    • tadpolenyc

      “i guess that is the difference between eurotrash and american trash.”

      what does that even mean?! i don’t understand how does it fits in with the rest of your statements. are you inferring that you feel this collection was “american trash” to you? if so, i’ll take it over eurotrash any day, any year, any lifetime.

      i’m curious to know what a worthwhile design constitutes. any examples?

      to be honest, i’m baffled that you don’t feel he’s a designer “in any right.” it’s one thing to hate what he does, but you’re ready to strip him of any credit he does deserve. he is, in fact, a designer regardless of how you feel about his body of work. there is indeed skill there. i can’t force you to appreciate his aesthetic. your taste is yours, but please take a look at his perry ellis collection, f/w 05, f/w 06, f/w 07, and s/s 09. those are some of his stronger recent seasons discounting earlier shows from 2000 on during which he put out such memorable collections; look so connected to him, they are still reverentially referenced by the fashion press today. if this is not a designer (and a successful one at that). i am at a loss to figure out what or who qualifies as one by your standards.

      he doesn’t even style his own shows (most designers don’t). venetia scott has that honor. so, again, what is marc’s role in all this? i’m truly curious.

  • hannah

    omg his show was beyonddd! i guess talley got there the same time i did (figuratively ofcourse) because i tuned in precisely at 8pm and his show was almost halfway over. i gasped and squealed and stared in awe with the best of them, but my favorites of all were the last 4 pieces. especially the silver dress perfectly coifed with the black tie to accentuate her figured and the last piece, i died!!! the layering looked effortlessly thrown around her body but also looks insanely wrapped. he continues to wow me over and over! you go marc, you go!!

  • Jane

    Yes I will take one of everything. Wow, the coats are to die for.

  • Karin bag4bag

    LOVE IT !!! Thanks for showing us this collection. I am gasping in lust over those gorgeous coats…I can’t believe how the models are wearing suitably colored socks with their shoes (maybe I missed that movement), but it looks really really good. All Beautiful, except can’t warm to the grey striped pullover in picture five…

  • dierregi

    Wow!!! I love it. Finally clothes that are wearable (OMG), something which is getting harder and harder to find on runways. Not only wearable, but also tasteful – and this is definitely what makes this collection unique. Love the coats and the knits. Number 9 is my favourite: classic skirt with a sparky cardigan.


    Marc Jacobs, for autumn / winter 2010/11, offers us a collection with nothing too flashy, best to go for sober clothing. A woman more simple, with a style more easy. The eccentricity is banned from this collection. It is really very nice but however he is Marc Jacobs.

  • joce

    I have to say that I don’t understand why he gets so much attention! Sure he’s good but I don’t think this collection’s that great >.< sorry! Those skirt lengths are so awkward and those are 5'10 models wearing them too. And those fur coats look exactly like what i have in my closet.

  • Kendra

    I love all of them! (fb)

  • JJ

    the clothes for this season are just gorgeous. I think it’s the first time I’m looking more forward to the clothing than I am the accessories. The bag are a little too over the top and luxurious for me (I won’t be buying any Ostrich or Alligator or Mink bags!), but I plan on picking up more than a few pieces of clothing (fb)

  • Elyse

    good job Marc – you’ve done it again! (fb)

  • Eric

    wathched the show from you tube, pieces were clean and some were/looked simple but the details were Marc Jacobs own, women who will wear this becomes more feminine and very classy! cheers- (fb)

  • Joy

    i love marc jacobs
    never has his designs failed me :P
    love all his work
    i feel like i am never disappointed in his work
    nice blog purseblog!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    never been to a fashion show. Thanks to new shows like PR, we get to see them and all of the hard work involved. (fb)

  • Michelle

    Marc is so entertaining, he always gives a good show whether it’s on the runway or giving an interview.
    There is exclusive video footage on from his BANG perfume launch at Harvey Nichols in London and its amazing! Jesus Luz was djing, Mischa Barton turned up with Daisy Lowe among many others.
    Its here;,9705/

  • Nicole

    GASP!!! This is soooo lovely! There’s a reason I’ve been avoiding the PB temptation for so long, now!!!!