Ryan Reynolds Man Bag
Image via JJ

Looks like Ryan Reyonlds enjoys rockin’ out leather. He screams out, ‘Yea, I’m kool’ with his beanie and his chic leather messenger bag. This post is pretty pointless, other than to say Happy Friday from Ryan Reynolds and his man bag!

{Told you it was pointless :wink: }

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  • Bart

    Any idea what brand that bag is from?

  • Josh

    Okay…now I can’t have any other bag except this one. Does anyone have a clue who makes it? Thanks!

  • Dan

    I have a similar styled one, but it’s a vinyl, (or pleather) East German Map case, kinda worn, which I’ve used for the last 3.5 years, which I bought in the Army surplus section of my local thrift shopfor under $10.

    Wonder who makes Ryan’s pimped out confection?
    Wonder what he carries in there? Oh better not, that’s a pandora’s box I’d rather we bust open.
    the dude’s got style!
    Plus, hey we dudes need bags and purses just as much as women do!

  • emm


  • tom

    i love ryan retnols too!!! :)

  • Rik

    Its a Diesel bag

  • Briannaa

    Ryan Reynolds is in fact Gorgeous ! Even with that beard <3 Ive seen everyone one of his movies and he is just hilarious and soo hot .

  • mike

    hey guys
    check http://www.vagabondleather.com
    they have these kind of bags and jackets at decent price

  • Diana

    I stole a bag like this from my Dad, everyone asks where I bought it, it looks perfect the way old worn in leather only can. (ipad)

  • Naggy

    Why are manbags always so plain and ugly? (ipad)