Jake Gyllenhaal Man Bag

It’s the attack of the killer man bag. Yikes. The controversial Jake Gyllenhaal, who has seemed to have the problem staying faithful, is completely secure in his fashion choice. If I’ve ever seen a man bag be worn so proudly, it is by Jake while he flirts- oops, I mean converses– with another woman (where you at for this one Dunst?). If anyone can be so comfortable with his masculinity and huge ego, it’s Jake- even with his messenger-style man bag/small backpack. Jake wears the bag well with. More power to him :-)

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  • chemlex

    Jake is quite hot, purse or no purse – and it’s good to see him not hanging around with that other bag he so frequents (her name is an anagram of Dr. Sunken Tits).

  • Lisa

    That man bag makes his feet look huge!

  • Tin-Chicken

    “Another woman” is in fact Amber Tamblin :-)

  • Superqueen

    He’s charming, and this bag makes him look like an ordinary boy (and this makes him even more charming!).

  • Odie

    I think it’s cool and it looks fine. Finally. Now maybe my boyfriends will stop asking me to put their stuff in MY bag when we go out.

  • billyjoe

    They look so cute together!…I mean the bag and the guy :D

  • LuxuryDuck

    men shouldn’t be afraid to carry a bag. bags don’t make people gay! im proud to say that im a male Louis Vuitton fanatic, and bags have been an indispensable part of my day-to-day living. hmm… i wonder if this is the bag he’s carrying: http://images.eluxury.com/assets_server/product/10550727/p10550727_ph_althero_Noir.jpg

  • Nancy

    His feet do look quite big… and you know what they say about big feet! ;)

  • DanniluvsJake

    I love Jake n i fink he looks well sxc wit hisman bag!!!! luv him 4eva!!

  • Lilly

    so what if men where bags? Girls where bags too. And it doesn’t mean that men are gay if the where one. I think it’s pretty cool if men where bags. Plus Jake is famous (and hot!) so he’s sort of a rolemodel for young men. Maybe they will now also where bags… =)
    But I wonder who that girl is he’s talking to. She’s looks a bit like Amber Tamblyn.

  • lucy and tash

    the bag jake has around him is a mandarina duck man bag!!

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  • JoAnna

    Well he doesn’t have his woman with him….who else is supposed to carry his stuff? lol He’s hot, a bag could never take away from that.

  • Dee

    bag or no bag hes still sexy :wink: atleast hes rockin da bag in a ‘manly’ way :wink: and who eva says man bags luk ‘gay’ well there wrong cos it aint!

  • Dee

    bag or no bag hes still sexy :wink: atleast hes rockin da bag in a ‘manly’ way :wink:

  • Naggy

    I love bags on men and I wish my bf would share Jake’s interest in bags. (ipad)

  • KY

    He looks good! (ipad)