Majority of visitors to both PurseBlog and PurseForum are female. That doesn’t mean we do not have a great number of males who are fashion obsessed visiting our sites as well, and for that, I apologize for the lack of man bags featured here. That is why every Monday we will feature a different man bag, dubbing it Man Bag Monday.

Kicking off Man Bag Monday, I had to turn to Salvatore Ferragamo. The brand is brilliant for both its female and male oriented lines. The design aesthetic is purist and luxurious with every attention to detail and craftsmanship taken into account.

Right now I can’t stop loving the Salvatore Ferragamo Ostrich Messenger Bag. In fact, this is an ideal fashion forward man bag. The messenger style is laid back and casual but the exotic ostrich skin in the perfect tan hue amps up the style into a new realm of casual-cool. Of course this bag is not for every man. But for the right man, it will look nothing but amazing and will end up with me feeling man bag envy. Buy via Salvatore Ferragamo.

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  • Erik

    As a purse blog fan.. and daily reader and as a man… i am so glad about man bag monday!! thanks =D
    As for the bag… it is amazing, obviously Ferragamo’s classic aesthetic is present and the amazing ostrich skin… it’s somply WOW!

    • Erik – So glad to have a feature to add to your enjoyment!

      And yes, this bag is absolutely divine!

  • Renee

    I carry a LV Utah crossbody manbag…. love it so much!! carries the perfect amount of personal things…. camera, wallet, cosmetics, game. love it!

  • Kat

    Gorgeous! If my man had this bag, I would steal it from him.

  • sebastian Giam

    thank you for Maniac (manbag) monday! hahaha!

  • Madison C

    I’m a guy and I have to say, this bag is really chic.
    Hoping it will be discounted soon. Don’t ever pay full retail.

  • Gregory

    As a male fan of purseblog, I am so excited about Man Bag Monday… can’t wait for future posts!!

    I would love to see this bag on the blogger on

  • Gregory

    As a male fan of purseblog, I am so excited about Man Bag Monday… can’t wait for future posts!!

    I would love to see this bag on the blogger on

  • ygoaebook

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mizuri

    Here in Tokyo we haven’t used austriche material for handbag design so far.. but I think it’s cool!

  • Anja

    Austriche is cool! Ever seen a salmon-handbag?

  • XXAL

    reminds me of the cambridge satchel company.. but this is very cute! id carry it in a bright color(:

  • bentos

    nothing that i can say about this bag, it’s very perfect. but as of mee, i like this bag to be a bit slouchy, without rigid frames. but i really love this a lot and it’s really classic can be used for so many many years and still stay very wonderful.

  • dcblam

    Great enhancement to the blog! “Man Bags” are not just for men….there are plenty of designers who have a unisex aesthetic, as I have several “male” bags in my collection. Thanks.

  • edoardo

    The ostrich is an amzing material but here the color is a bit old and th egeneral appearance is not so “chic” and “glmaourous” like an ostrich bag shoul be!

  • edoardo

    I like ostrich leather bu here the color is too old and the appearance is not so chic and glamourous, luxury, like an ostrich bag should be!

  • Chris

    If my husband had this bag, I would totally get it and wear it myself. I actually like the colour, it has a somewhat “worn” look, like it has been travelling already a lot.

  • JW

    Yeah to Man bag Monday…finally we got recognize too…thank you so much!!!

  • Staci

    Megs, this is one fabulous man bag!

  • PhotoGirl

    Very nice! My man would not have his bag for very long because I would steal it from him.

  • Perry Phalla

    Man Bag Monday is a fabulous idea for your male readers. Me. My personal favourite bag is Proenza Schouler’s PS1. Although not a man bag, it is able to target to the male audience with its masculinity.

  • Isabella Rosso
  • Vitta

    Love this new feature! Megs, glad to see that you’re well tuned to your readers. Men’s fashion has been underestimated for ever and this new feature is timely and will attract more traffic to the blog. Great bag, too. Salvatore Ferragamo rarely disappoints.

  • Joyce

    Luxe, luxe, luxe bag!

    I’m glad that the guys get designated blog time now; it’s been a little while coming.

  • Shai

    I absolutely love this bag and also this idea for Man Bag Monday!!!!! :)

  • Shigeru

    Awesome new feature for us guys. While I don’t care for this bag, I look forward to seeing what else you post!

  • mcldrygoods.

    so loving this. i would use it for me. forget the man.

    • Jackson Veigel

      Nice bags mcldrygoods!

  • Dorian Gray

    Thank, I appreciate the men bags’post.

  • Jackson Veigel

    Thanks for thinking of the men who love bags… I’m sure it’s only a matter of time till we have a parade.