Okay. We see what you did there.

The Opening Ceremony Lele Hand-Bag Satchel, brand new for Fall 2014, isn’t trying to beat around the proverbial bush. Those are hands. On a handbag. A HANDbag. In case you missed that, the brand went ahead and hyphenated “handbag” in the piece’s name for you, to make it extra obvious. Do you get it yet? Are we all up to speed? Opening Ceremony wants to be sure we’re all up to speed.

Opening Ceremony occupies a spot in the fashion landscape that they’ve managed to fill with high-style irony and irreverence, but the HAND-le attachments on the Lele line stepped over the line into eye-roll-inducing territory. They look cheap, but not intentionally cheap, especially on this streamlined, sublimely textured grey faux crocodile version.

If the bag had regular, shiny silver hardware without any hands, I’d adore this bag and, in all likelihood, have it on my fall shopping list. The price point – $775 – is compelling, and it has the potential to look much more expensive than it is without the hands. Alas.

For customers who pride themselves on their witty sensibilities, though, this bag will likely be popular. Which side of the divide are you on – do you love it, or will you leave it?

If you love it, pick up one of your own for $795 via Barneys.

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  • BrianG

    Hate is a strong word, yet accurate. Sorry this is not cute at all….And on to the bigger issue is that Opening Ceremony does NOT have a design point of view. The brand basically takes other designers designs and modifies them slightly. Like this bag reminds me too much of a mixture of Givenchy lucrezia/antigonia only with ‘hand’ hardware. OC had another bag that was just a knock off of the Celine trapeze bag remember? Opening Ceremony should just stick to selling bags, not ‘designing’ them.


    • erindours

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  • Jen

    Uh, no. I don’t find the appeal at all.

  • Stephanie

    I love everything about it expect the hands, makes the bag look cheap

  • AshleyG

    it’s kind of creepy looking- like something a “zombie fashionista” would carry on Halloween as part of her costume…

    • KathyBTurner


  • julia-1985

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  • Jerri R

    OMG I love the hands!!!!!