I suppose it is not entirely new, but this morning was the first time that I actually saw this Louis Vuitton commercial playing on TV while flipping through CNN’s Newsroom. You we can disagree over Vuitton’s luggage, I am fairly certain though that you, too, will think that it’s a beautiful piece. Soothing, captivating, fantastic mood and pictures. Best commercial I have seen in months.


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  • C

    if anything this discourages me from buying LV. this commercial seems to show the simplicities of life and those shots of the local poor people really do not make me want to go out and spend thousands on luggage.

  • Bobbi

    I have to agree with C. There is a big disconnect between people living in societies where five dollars a day is a good wage and dragging $1500 suitcase to go and observe the material deprivation up close.

  • coco

    Right on Bobbi! it’s shameful.

  • JLa

    I am just glad Vuitton is making effort to pay tribute to their heritage which is on travel. Honestly despite all the not-so-good publicities on the brand, LV is still among the best when it comes to luggage and trunks.

  • Marissa Cooper

    I totally agree with C, Bobbi and Coco…

    LV to me is wayyy overrated…TV ads kill the so-called heritage. All LVMH wants is ur money, and they never care about destroying the image LV was supposed to be. Sad.

  • Portsky

    I just have to say…
    I saw this commercial the other night. I thought it was one of the best commercials I had seen in a long time as well. I think that people take so much time taking things SO LITERALLY they ruin the art of the message.
    Look at all of the other arbitrary commercials we see everyday.
    This was thought provoking and somewhat inspiring, to the point where I didn’t even know it was Louis Vuitton.

  • swe3tbeb3

    i thought i was watching an inspiration message from Precious Moments at first. It rather seems contradicting between the simple and luxury world. Are they trying to send a message anyone can afford LV?

  • mytwocents

    I have always been torn about loving these luxury purses. I feel so wasteful but at the same time continue to love them.

    When I first heard the music from this commercial it literally make me stop what I was doing and watch. I thought it was beautiful and touching and visually amazing. I actually went onto the purse forum to see if there was a thread about it so I could comment but at that time there wasn’t one.
    Although I still agree with some of the others. I would feel ashamed to carry a $1000+ purse in a village/ country where that could feed the town. My birth country is a poor country and I go back every 2 years and it just brings me back to reality.

    A lot of the locations in this commercial the people probably haven’t even heard of Louis Vuitton.

    But I am honest about it, I have been suckered into believing that some how I am better if I carry this designer bag… but I am working on it.

  • Wierd

    LV is a total disatster!! My dad and my sister went into one of their stores and bought the bag that my mom wanted for Christmas. When my mom opened it, she was happy, but it was to big she said. So we went back to exchange for a smaller one but they didn’t let us!! They said that we used it! We didn’t even touch it! And in the end, lets just say, WE WILL NEVER GO THERE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AREyouSUREyouLIKElv?

    I totally agree with Weird and everyone else who disapproves of LV. The customer service is so abhorrent, not even this commercial could win over my opinion on LV. Actually, come to think of it, I thought the commercial was pointless because it had nothing to do with LV. I have also been told of consumers that could not return merchandise because of very moronic reasons such as: “there was a hair in it”, “the handle changed color”, “you trying 6 credit cards in the 6 card slots is called USING it”. I don’t see why people cherish LV so much, it’s just a store that sells supposedly “luxurious and French” purses. People in France don’t even prefer LV, only tourists come to France for their purses. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND LV TO ANYONE, unless you want to waste your money on bad customer service.

  • mihaku

    I totally agree! At the age of 22 and owning around 15 Vuitton bags now.. i feel so friggen ripped off! Yes it took me a bit of time to realize what a waste of money it is! I started liking Vuitton when i was 16! and was on a buying rampage up until now. All the bags I’ve bought are classic bags, since none of the new designs ever really made it onto my list! I think it’s honestly doing worst and worst! The customer service is TERRIBLE becuase i look young so they don’t give me good serivce because they don’t think i’ll actually buy anything. ARGH!

    I’ve already moved far far away from Vuitton and Coach (Another whole upsetting story).. i’m going to actually pour out the money and get BV and Chanel..

    • joanyramone

      dream on. LOL

  • joanyramone

    stop sourgraping, losers.