Louis Vuitton‘s Marc Jacobs commemorates the late fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse with this Tribute Collection, which is new for 2009 and will be sold shortly after a book on Sprouse’s life hits the bookshelves in January.

Who could forget the triumphant 2001 graffiti collection that shocked the runways and weeks later turned into cult collector’s items? Not only did this collaboration between Sprouse and LV’s artistic director Marc Jacobs turn into a fantastic, resounding success, it also paved the path for more celebrated collaborations for the near future. Takashi Murakami comes to mind.

Louis Vuitton celebrates Stephen’s life with a new line (and site) which is closely inspired by Jacobs’ previous collaboration. The pieces are colorful, they pop brightly and are guaranteed to sell out even quicker than the previous limited edition Louis Vuitton creations. I suggest you snatch up a graffiti Neverful before it’s too late.

I’ll get back to you about the release dates.

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  • wongy74

    I just called my local boutique and they are not doing presales or any type of list. You just have to go in on Jan. 9 and PRAY that you get what you want!

  • jelena

    hi, they told me at the store realise date is Jan 9th
    Do you know what they gonna cost?

  • Nee

    my SA in arizona told me the release date is Jan 2009. the Neverfull is $1100 and the Speedy is $1200 plus tax. There are no waiting lists, but she said you can go in and pre-pay and that’s the best way to get one.

  • Melody

    I cannot wait! From the pics I’ve seen this collection is very cool! :)

  • putri

    the roses line is beautiful. especially in alma and keepall

  • jelena

    do you guys what size Neverfull is gonna be?

  • Fabutopia

    I read about this in Harper Bazaar Mag while on my trip to NYC. It was a great article! There are also shoes in the collection that look absolutely to die for!


  • ShoeGal_1000

    Hi! I was just reading the posts and thought I could answer a couple of the questions. First, Yes, January 9th is launch date, however there are some conditions. On Jan. 9th the Rose collection will launch nation wide, however the Grafitti line will only be released in the Soho store. You must be present in the store to purchase it. The Grafitti will release to the rest of the world 3 weeks later. There was a question about the Neverful size. The Rose Neverful is an MM and the Grafitti Neverful is the GM. Someone above said they loved the Rose Alma. I have the very best PS and she said the only bags releasing are the Speedy and Neverful. Not sure about the Alma comment. Regarding cost, I have all this info written down at work but I think I can remember it. The Rose line is going to be more than the Grafitti. The Rose Pochette is $500, the Keepall is about $1800, the Speedy is something like $1280, I thought I remembered the Neverful being the same if not more than the Speedy and the zippy wallet is $800+. The Grafitti line is about $100 or so cheaper. Hope this info helps, this is my first post!

  • Jane

    The pieces are really colourful and catch the eye! Some spice during dull grey winter=)

  • sophia618

    my SA called me….

    Rose NF MM $1360
    Rose Speedy 30 $1310
    Rose Pochette $500

    i’m getting rose Neverfull!!! can’t wait~!! =D

  • kymee

    AMAZING, will be there on the 9th, a sick day from work may be in order!!

  • Michele

    Well Ladies, I am on two lists, and Friday, I will have the Rose Neverfull thank sto my fabulous husband. This is my 23rd bag not including luggage, and one of 10 limited edition bags. Life is greand, so is LV.

  • anabella

    i got my roses pochette today…its so lovely! i’m also on the waitlist for the neverfull. and i think i want to get the speedy too! i just love the roses on monogram. the scarf is also beautiful.

  • Belle

    Hey Michele,
    Well, just like you, I went to the LV boutique today and I’m the first on the waiting list for the Neverfull Rose … GREAT !!! I’ll have to wait till the 15th tough before to take it home… I went to the shop and could choose between Speedy and Neverfull, but I have to admit that Neverfull is nicer … well, that ‘s my opinion… ; )
    Greets from Europe, where LV is somewhat cheaper I think .. ; ) I payed 875 EUR for the Neverfull bag – how much did you pay in USD ?

  • Forint

    Picked up the Speedy 30 Roses at lunch today! It is so bright outside, I guess I should have bought my wife the sunglasses too!

  • Jade

    I just bought one online… today is Jan 9th!

  • va_couturegirl

    I just put the Grafitti Neverfull and Wallet on hold at my local store….Initially, I was told that I could do it over the ‘phone. Pooh, I actually had to drive and they had to swipe my card:( I am a recluse for the most part, so this was a stretch for me.

    But it’s mine….On the 2nd of February…Oh the waiting….

    Where’s the instant gratification of shopping? It’s just not right.

  • Alex

    The pink interior of the Neverfull totally sold me, I had to have it!

  • SBHouston

    I just purchased a rose Neverfull from eLuxury. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I think it is beautiful! I can’t wait to get it. I read some other comments about people worrying that in a few years people will know what year this bag came out in…all new bags are released at a certain time, and even plain monograms in new styles go on a wait (anyone remember the tivoli?) but no one is going to be like, “oh that bag came out in 2007, how late are you with time times?” They are all timeless! The whole collection is fabulous, but something about the roses grabbed me.

  • Samantha Lee kue LOVES CUPCAKE KUE

    I like the speedy and rose never full!


    i have been looking for rose neverfull and i was told it originally went for 1350.00 but on e-bay they are selling used ones and claiming they paid 1900.00

    • magenta

      Hi redsc! I am selling my rose NF. I am here in japan now, I can send thru EMS :) email me at iklobaton@gmail.com

    • ritch hippie

      My neverfull was over $1700 retail plus tax. so yes, $1900+ sounds right.

  • guci

    love Stephen Sprouse, bez its color and image,and last i want to buy one speedy in this site eonyes.com,it’s cheap and do u know it?

  • Priscizinha-Brazil

    Anyone of you bought a neverfull roses could pass me the serial number? There is more than a bag with the same number, since we are made in small series? I’m looking to buy one on ebay Brazilian number SP0049, but I want to ensureauthenticity. From what I read on the internet where the Latvian initials stand was made, SP would be in France and the numbers 04 months / year and 09 weeks, which closes this collection since it was launched in 2009 correct? thank you.